Central Street, Gardner
Central Street, Gardner
Gardner Historical photo, Central Street
Central Street, Gardner About 100 Years AgoBuilding purchased was built circa 1850

Shirley Company Purchases Two Downtown Gardner Buildings – Tied to over a Dozen LLCs

Two Buildings almost side by side on Central Street in Gardner (280-302 and 310-320) have been sold to a real estate holding and development company for a reported $2.3 million. It was not announced what plans, if any, the company has for the property.

Door Fund Central Street, LLC was formed on August 18, 2022 for the purpose of acquiring two Downtown Gardner Buildings located at 280-302 and 310-320 Central Street. It is listed as a real estate holding and development company. Under different LLCs, the same individuals own other buildings in Gardner including 101-105 Baker Street, Gardner and 68 Graham Street, Gardner, and did own 45 Greenwood Street, Gardner until selling it to Gardner Real Estate Holding Group, LLC managed by Jonathan Bombaci of Candor Realty.

Managers of the company include Michael Marchetti and Damon Amato, both of 6 Oakes Landing, Shirley, MA. Other parties to the company include Realtor Yun Rhee of Shirley and Ryan Corcoran of Warren, Rhode Island. Resident agent is Attorney Jay R. Peabody of Boston.

Other Companies Owned by the Principals

This is not the first venture for these individuals in real estate. According to the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office, there are a number of LLC’s involving Michael Marchetti of Shirley MA. 1002-1008A Main St LLC (for an apartment building complex in Worcester) formed May 2021 -Marchetti and Amato, 101-105 Baker Avenue LLC (5 unit building 101-105 Baker St., Gardner) – formed August 2019 – Marchetti and Rhee, 147 Oak Street LLC – formed October 2018 – Marchetti only , 16 Harvard Road Shirley LLC – (5 unit building in Shirley) formed September 2019- Michael and Samantha Marchetti , 21-23-25 Cottage Street LLC, (multi-unit Leominster property) – formed May 2018 -Michael and Samantha Marchetti, 45 Greenwood Street LLC – formed May 2019 – Samantha Marchetti, Michael Marchetti, Yun Rhee and Matthew Swierk , 46-48 E Main Street Ayer LLC – formed June 2020 – Michael and Samantha Marchetti, – Frontier Property Management LLC – Formed December 2017 -Marchetti, Anthony Lavalley , Hilltop Estate Door Fund Manager LLC – formed March 2022 – Marchetti and Rhee, Lakes Region MSR Management, LLC – formed February 2022 – Marchetti, Rhee, and Swierk, Marchetti Industries LLC – formed February 2019 – Marchetti, Marchetti PG Gardner 1 LLC – formed April 2020 – Marchetti, Marchetti Property Group, LLC – formed August 2017, MSR 3 Main Shirley LLC – formed March 2020 – Marchetti, MSR Monadnock Street LLC – formed August 2019 – Marchetti, MSRC Gardner Portfolio LLC (68 Graham St. Gardner)– formed October 2021 – Marchetti, New England Property Acquisitions Inc. -formed May 2020, See You Ayer LLC – formed April 2018 – Samantha and Michael Marchetti, Transcend Wellness Inc. – formed December 2019 – Samantha and Michael Marchetti, dissolved December 31, 2021.

According to a listing on the Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce, one of their companies defines exactly what they do “Frontier Property Management, LLC is a professional property management company based in the small town of Shirley, Massachusetts. It was started by a couple of best friends who call this area home, and are truly determined to improve not only the residents experience, but also the landlords. We service mostly central Massachusetts, with locations ranging from Gardner to Chelmsford, and everywhere in-between. With professional maintenance, apartment renovation, reliable resident-relations, or helping you find your next investment property, Frontier is your local gold-standard management team. “