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  • Hardwick 5-6-22

    Hardwick MA News of Interest

    Memorial Day Schedule for Sunday, May 29, 2022:  CLICK HERE. Town of Hardwick Annual Election results from April 11, 2022 CLICK HERE.

    Other Hardwick MA news from the Town of Hardwick website;

  • School Closings

    Greater Gardner MA School Closings

    The three network TV affiliates in Boston each publish updated school closing information for our area: Here are the links: ABCNBCCBS

  • Saturday Blizzard
    Saturday Blizzard

    Is Greater Gardner MA in for a Saturday Blizzard?

    We’re ready at the Greater Gardner Weather Center. CLICK HERE We have several forecast services plus Interactive Maps which show you the various forecast models.

    PARKING BANS: Many communities will have parking bans in various areas. Times will vary, but the intent is the same, KEEP CARS OFF THE ROAD so plows can clear the snow.


  • Hardwick Parking Ban
    winter parking ban

    From Hardwick “Winter Parking Ban Nov. 15 – April 15: No on-street parking from 10 pm – 6 am OR anytime if it’s snowing or during snow removal (includes municipal parking lots/parks) Exceptions: High St. – side with the houses; Bridge St. – side along Bridge Ct.; Taylor St. – side along the houses. Convent St. – along the right side as you pull down; Mechanic St. – Cumberland Farms side of the street. To report power outages, call National Grid: 800-465-1212
    Verizon: 800-837-4966 Comcast Storm Center: 800-934-6489″

  • Test Reimbursement

    UPDATE: Free Covid-19 Test Kits and Reimbursement for Greater Gardner MA

    The Federal Government has a website in effect NOW from which Americans can order free COVID-19 tests. This began on January 19th. For the site CLICK HERE. These kits are absolutely free (limited to 4 tests per address) and don’t require any payment upfront.

    In addition, private insurers must cover the cost of up to eight at-home Covid-19 tests per month. (This started   January 15, 2022.) Consumers pay for the tests up front and get reimbursed by insurance. Previous purchases don’t count and tests must be on approved government list: Rapid Antigen —- Molecular (PCR).

    The Biden Administration has also announced that FREE masks will soon be available through your local pharmacy. Ask your pharmacy for details.

    Additional suggestion: With many venues requiring proof of vaccination, we suggest the purchase of an inexpensive all-in-one printer (less than $70 from any major retailer) so you can scan your vax card. Back up any documents and keep a file on your phone. Now an even easier suggestion: Get a digital Vax Card through the State of Massachusetts. To visit the portal, CLICK HERE.


  • Hardwick Elections

    Hardwick MA 2022 Town Election – Monday April 11, 2022

    Last day to obtain and submit nomination papers is February 18th. Various offices are being decided. For details, CLICK HERE

  • Covid Cases
    Massachusetts Covid Cases by Age – CLICK IMAGE for larger view
    Percent of Covid Cases by Age – CLICK IMAGE for larger view

    Covid reaching every age group in Greater Gardner MA

    Gardner Magazine has charted the State data in graphic form (just click on either image at left for large view) to illustrate the wide-ranging impact of Covid 19 among all age groups. Here’s the problem: Covid continues to spread because of unvaccinated people AND because vaccines are not 100% effective. While most younger people do survive, the average age of death is still 75. Conclusion: Getting the vaccine could save the life of your older relative, friend, or neighbor. Think about it.

  • Cold Weather
    Department of fire services

    Avoid Fire and Carbon Monoxide Hazards during Greater Gardner MA Cold Snap

    Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms are effective defense strategies. Space Heaters, Fireplaces, and woodstoves need to be used safely. We have the complete article. CLICK HERE

  • Dog Licensing

    UPDATE January 7, 2022 from City of Gardner: ” Dog Licenses Are Not Currently Available Due To Production Delay. Please be advised that 2022 dog licenses are not available at this time due to a production delay with our tag manufacturer. If you have mailed in your license request, your check will not be cashed until we receive the new tags, which could be as late as some time in February. We will periodically update the website or you can feel free to contact the City Clerk’s office at 978-630-4058. The time frame for late fees will be adjusted accordingly.”

    Dog with license Gardner MA

    Greater Gardner MA Dog Licensing 2022

    Dog licensing in the Greater Gardner MA area needs to be done every year. In Gardner MA, Fees are: Males/Females not fixed – $15, and neutered/spayed $11 Due dates, fees, and late penalties vary by community. All communities require proof of rabies. Wearing a dog license tag protects your dog, as your pet can be traced back to you in the event your dog gets loose. Here are the dates and dog licensing web links by community:


    Ashburnham  – by 5/31/22, — Ashby – by 1/1/22, — Athol  – by 2/28/22, — Barre – by 3/31/22,Gardner by 3/31/22, — Hardwick- by 4/1/22, — Hubbardston – by 5/1/22, — New Salem -date not listed , —Oakham  – 4/1 to 3/31, late after 6/1, — Orange  – by 3/31/22, — Petersham – by 1/1/22  (website as of 12/31/21 only listed 2020 info), — Phillipston  – by 3/31/22, —Princeton  by 4/28/22 (last business day in April), — Royalston – date not listed, — Rutland   by 3/31/22, — Templeton  by 3/31/22, — Warwick  by 6/1/22  a new town website is in progress  Old town website Fees were at this link, — Westminster by 4/15/22, —  Winchendon  by 3/31/22 

  • Accidents

    PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY! – Numerous accidents have been reported throughout the area January 5, 2022 as rain apparently froze on area roads this morning.


Around the Community of Hardwick MA

Community Facts

Hardwick is a town in Worcester County Massachusetts with a population of around 3 thousand people. It is about 20 miles west of the city of Worcester and includes the villages of Hardwick, Gilbertville, Wheelright, and Old Furnace.


Superintendent of Schools: (413) 355-4668


Town Clerk (413) 477-6700

Police Dept. (413) 477-6708

Fire Dept. (413) 477-6706


Senior Center Hardwick/Barre (978) 355-5004

Paige Memorial Library (413) 477-6704

Gilbertville Public Library (413) 477-6312

Hardwick Youth Center (413) 477-8207

Historical Commission: (413) 967-4002

Interactive Map of Hardwick MA

Town of Hardwick MA Photos

Covered Bridge
Lazy Mary's Pizzeria
Hardwick Municipal BUilding
Paige Library

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