Plain View Farm wants to SOCK IT TO YOU in a good way for the Holidays!

In 2010, Massachusetts residents Keith and Debbie Tatro packed up their worldly goods for their upcoming life on their newly purchased 7 acre farm at 130 Gardner Road in Hubbardston. Their 36 Alpacas are too numerous to name individually here, but we can tell you that their two Llamas are Nova and Julia. There’s also some chickens, a rooster, and two dogs. I didn’t ask Julia if she has an alarm clock, but I have a feeling she might not need one.

During the year Plain View Farm has various events including Yoga with Alpacas in Spring and Summer as well as Llama walks. 8 years ago, the Tatros started their gift shop on the property, from which they ship their wooly goods by selling online. Every May, their 36 alpacas are sheered for their wooly fleece. Processing is done at a mill in Fall River. The survival socks they sell online are made from the Alpaca fleece from their own herd of three dozen Alpacas. Additional items are imported from Peru from suppliers the Tatros have personally visited to ascertain quality specifications.


Support this Small Business

If you want to purchase an extraordinary gift for anyone this Holiday season, you can’t get any more local than Plain View Farm. Visit their website, CLICK HERE.