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Geography Greater Gardner MA

  • Gardner City-Wide Yard Sale (5/21/2022)

    The City of Gardner welcomed many to its Spring 2022 Yard Sale. We’ll advise you of Fall 2022 plans as they are announced.

    Yard Sales Gardner MA Panorama

    It Happened and people came!  Gardner MA City-Wide Yard Sale had 133 participating homes May 21, 2022 from 8am to 2pm

    On some roads in Gardner Saturday May 21, 2022, a parade of cars could be seen traveling to Yard Sales in the Chair City. With a total of at least 133 participating homes who appeared on the map, many items were up for sale. As of the end of the sale, the online map showed 4,240 views. The City-wide Yard Sale took place this Saturday May 21, 2022 from 8am to 2pm. Cars could be seen with out-of-town and even out-of-state license plates.  

    Ways to view the list: Complete map on Google.

    Gardner Spring Yard Sale 2022 PSA
    yard sale 5-21-22
    Yard Sale Gardner MA
    Yard Sale Gardner MA

    Click any image for larger view.

    Yard Sale Gardner MA
    Yard Sale Gardner MA
    Yard Sale Gardner MA
    Yard Sale Gardner MA

    Super Computer Utilized to Plot Route to all Gardner MA Yard Sale Stops

    With 133 Homes having Yard Sales in Gardner on Saturday May 21, 2022 from 8am to 2pm, we needed to find a way for you to see them all.

    The route plotted by computer starts at the Blue Moon Diner (thought you might like breakfast before shopping) and then plots out all the stops which are completed in less than 4 hours. Printable in pdf format, Directions only. 41 pages of Turn by turn maps.

  • Wednesday Afternoon (5/19/2022)
    Park Downtown Gardner MA

    Simultaneous events in Gardner MA, the Chair City are chronicled for one Wednesday afternoon.

    DPW at Gardner Dog Park
    Sports at Gardner MA High School

    It was a Great Wednesday Afternoon in Gardner MA

    On the afternoon of Wednesday, May 18, 2022 in Gardner Massachusetts, Gardner was quietly being a Great place to Live, Work, Play, and Visit.   People were going about their business on City Hall Avenue.   Shoppers were enjoying stores on Main Street.  The Lion made it to a new location on Parker Street.  The Downtown Garage was being used for vehicles, but there were plenty of easy spaces for more Downtown Shoppers to enjoy.

    The DPW was sprucing up the Dog Park and the dogs were having a good time.  A Downtown park was green with life.  Senior Center Director Mike Ellis met people at the job fair. Priscilla’s Candy Shop looked inviting from outside.  Across the City at the Uptown Rotary, the flowers were blooming.  People were shopping at Walmart, Timpany Plaza, and the Gardner Plaza.  People were enjoying food at their favorite eating places.   The construction site at the new Gardner Elementary School was quiet, with the outhouses resting after a long day of use and construction had completed for the day.   Gardner High School was active with many students enjoying the outdoors.

    It was an ordinary afternoon, but there wasn’t really anything ordinary about it.  It was actually pretty great.  People just weren’t thinking about how awesome it was!  Enjoy Gardner, the Chair City.      All Wednesday afternoon photos in the Chair City, click here.

  • Ward Map (4/19/2022)
    City of Gardner 2022 Ward Map

    City of Gardner MA Ward Map

    The City of Gardner is divided into 5 wards. One City Councilor is elected from each ward with the remainder being councilors at large. View zoomable pdf of the Ward Map. CLICK HERE.

  • 4th of July (4/14/2022)
    4th of July Independence Day Initiative

    Gardner Magazine launches 4th of July Independence Day Initiative for Greater Gardner MA

    In anticipation of more community celebrations, functions, activities, and events this year, we have created a page called The Independence Day Initiative with listings from 19 different communities. We’re seeking info from communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals.  You tell us, we’ll tell the region. For the 4th of July page, CLICK HERE.

  • Rietta Opening 2022 (4/4/2022)
    Jay Greene booth Rietta Flea Market

    Rietta Flea Market opens for another season

    Rietta Flea Market of Hubbardston MA opened for the 2022 season on 4-3-22. Even around noon time the parking lot was busy. Admission to the flea market is FREE. Vendors pay $35 for a space. Rietta celebrated its official 50 year anniversary in 2016. It started as a small music venue in 1966. Later, the flea market was added and has operated for well over 5 decades.

    Thousands of people visit Rietta Flea Market every week. There are usually hundreds of dealers offering a wide range of merchandise. People go to Rietta for “pleasure or treasure.” Rietta is also known for the quality food at its concession stand where you can get Fried Dough, Hot dogs, Burgers, French fries, and more.

    ALERT 4-4-22: Rietta Flea Market management has reached out to us to report that online crooks are attempting to sell Online Rietta Gift Cards. Please do not purchase as this is a SCAM. Rietta does not honor online gift cards. If you encounter any of these scams, please report to POLICE. Thank you.

    For the official Rietta Flea Market website, CLICK HERE


  • Blue Moon (3/17/2022)
    Blue Moon Diner Gardner MA

    Meals are still being served every day at this Gardner MA Historic Landmark.

    Blue Moon Diner News in Gardner MA

    Blue Moon under agreement: The Blue Moon Diner property was listed for sale at a price of $300,000 in October 2021 by owner Jamie Brouillet who has owned it since buying it on July 13, 2000 from Dennis P. Scipione for $100,000.

    In an announcement of the sale of two other properties, Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson related that the Blue Moon was “under agreement.” It was also stated that it was expected the diner would continue operations. This is especially likely considering the Blue Moon’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places as “Miss Toy Town Diner.”

    Blue Moon interior from public real estate listing.

    Blue Moon Facts

    The Blue Moon Diner was built in 1949 by the Worcester Lunch Car Company.   Originally located in Winchendon and called the Miss Toy Town Diner, it was moved to Gardner in 1954 and became known as the Blue Moon.  

    The Blue Moon Diner has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2003, with the historic names of Miss Toy Town Diner – Blue Moon Diner and the common names of Bernier’s Diner – Skip’s Blue Moon Diner.    Map to Diner.  Here is the link to the historical building detail from the Massachusetts Historical Commission. CLICK HERE. Gardner Property Record Card. CLICK HERE. Wikipedia Article, CLICK HERE. Google search including customer reviews, CLICK HERE.

    Historic Places in Gardner MA and the Nation

    Historic Places listed in Gardner include: Miss Toy Town Diner, First Minister’s House, Gardner News Building, Levi Heywood Memorial Library Building, Jabez Partridge Homestead, F.W. Smith Silver Company, Lake Street Fire Station, Elm Street Fire Station, Garbose Building, Heywood-Wakefield Company Complex, West Gardner Square Historic District, and Gardner Uptown Historic District. We have obtained a complete list of the almost 100,000 historic places on the list in the entire country and you can download it. CLICK HERE


  • Spring Projects (3/3/2022)

    Spring’s Coming for Projects in Greater Gardner MA

    With Spring just a couple weeks away on Sunday March 20, 2022, construction companies are once again getting ready to work on Chair City projects.   Just what are those upcoming projects?  The City of Gardner’s interactive Map of City Projects (which won a Municipal Award recently, CLICK HERE)  is very helpful in this regard. 

    A Number of Interactive Maps  

    Gardner has a number of highly useful map resources including the Assessor Parcel Viewer, Map of City Projects; Parks, Open Space & Trails, Playgrounds & Recreation, and Zoning Map.

    Assessor Parcel Viewer
    Assessor Parcel Viewer, CLICK HERE

    Assessor Parcels

    Zoom in or out, look up a particular address. Explore advanced functions. CLICK HERE.

    City Hall Parcel
    City Hall Parcel
    Parks, Open Space & Trails, CLICK HERE

    Parks, Open Space, & Trails

    This section welcomes you to an overview of the City of Gardner’s open space areas including hiking trails and scenic picnic areas.

    Described in detail are the Alisauskas Conservaton Area off Howard Street, Baily Brook Conservation Area & Park, Cowee Pond Open Space, Crystal Lake Park, Dunn Pond State Park, High Ridge Wildlife Area, Lake Wampanoag Wildlife Sanctuary, Monument Park, North Central Pathway, Perley Brook Reservoir, and Rome Conservation Area. CLICK HERE

    Playgrounds & Recreation, CLICK HERE

    Playgrounds and Recreation

    This section welcomes you to an overview of the City of Gardner’s playground features and recreation area.

    Described in detail are Jackson Playground and Skatepark, Bickford Playground, Pulaski Playground and Dog Park, Greenwood Park and Playground, Ovila Case Playground, Greenwood Outdoor Pool & Spray Park, Muncipal Golf Course and Driving Range, DCR Gardner Veterans Skating Rink, North Central Pathway, Dunn Pond State Park, and Monument Park. CLICK HERE

    Zoning Map
    Zoning Map, CLICK HERE

    Zoning Map

    The Zoning Map shows the various Commercial, Industrial, and Residential areas in the City of Gardner MA.

    The Map is Interactive and has a number of overlay options. CLICK HERE

  • School Vacation (2/20/2022)
    February Vacation Week

    What to do during Greater Gardner MA School Vacation Week of February 21-25, 2022

    Take a trip to the Movie Theater and see a flick. Use or get a library card at your local library. Buy some stuff at a local store. Stay home and stream something. Or go on an adventure like below:

    ecotarium worcester

    Ecotarium, Worcester  Tues. 2/22 to Fri. 2/25

    Their education team cooks up creative ways to learn and have fun — all designed especially for school-age kids and their families. Visit Site.

    wachusett mountain

    Wachusett Winterfest Science on the Slopes – February Vacation week Mon 2/21 to Friday 2/25

    This is NOT the week to sit at home! Come enjoy a full list of activities with your friends and family here at Wachusett! In addition to skiing, enjoy a fun week of programming at the mountain. Visit Site.

    dcr massachusetts

    Massachusetts State Park Programs

    There are February Vacation Week programs at Massachusetts State Parks. Visit Site.

    Most all programs are free unless noted. Parking fees may apply. Dress for the weather, carry water and snacks, and cell phones.

    Enchanted Forest at Fruitlands, Harvard through Sun. February 27, 2022

    The Frost King has come to spend the winter at the Fruitlands Fairy Forest and he has brought all sorts of new enchantment. Visit Site.

    Ice Castles

    Ice Castles, New Hampshire

    Ice Castles is an award-winning frozen attraction built using hundreds of thousands of icicles hand-placed by professional ice artists to create breathtaking LED-lit sculptures, frozen thrones, ice-carved tunnels, slides, and fountains. Visit site

  • Poem – Presidents (2/13/2022)

    We have a love of everything history including that of the Greater Gardner MA area. For more on Presidents of the United States, please visit our special page for the holiday. CLICK HERE.

    Poem of the Presidents released in Templeton MA

    Gardner Magazine publisher Werner Poegel has released an original 50 Stanza poem entitled “Poem of the Presidents” as a tribute to the service of our nation’s Chief Executives on the occasion of Presidents’ Day 2022. For the complete poetic work, CLICK HERE

  • Weather (1/27/2022)
    Gardner ma temperature map

    Gardner MA Weather, Weather Maps, and Climate Change

    For Weather enthusiasts and for those who just want a good forecast, we have some Comprehensive Reports for you.  Our Weather Center has 5 services, Info from 4 airports, a new Meteo Blue Interactive Weather Map, and detailed National Weather Service Map and Forecast.  CLICK HERE.  

    And, our Weather Outlook shows the Meteo Blue seasonal outlook for January to March 2022, NOAA Winter Outlook, and a comprehensive CLIMATE CHANGE section showing Gardner temperatures and precipitation from 1979 to now, AND 12 separate charts with monthly temperatures in detail for 40+ years.  CLICK HERE.

  • Municipal Innovation Award (1/21/2022)
    Map of the City of Gardner MA Projects

    All About the Maps from Gardner MA which got the Award

    Central to Gardner MA winning the Massachusetts Municipal Association Pickard Innovation Award is the Map of City Projects.  We’re showing a static screenshot at left, but the actual map is interactive where  you can zoom in or out. CLICK HERE. Gardner was one of only 3 communities in the State of MA to win the award in 2022. For more info from MMA, CLICK HERE.

    CLICK on any of the small images in this article for a large view.

    Property viewer Gardner MA

    Public Property Viewer

    Other Gardner maps include the Public Property Viewer.    For example, we show the City Hall Avenue area at left and then a zoom in view at right.  You can look at the property card for any property in the Chair City. CLICK HERE

    Parcel info Gardner MA
    Map of Gardner MA Parks, open spaces, and trails

    Map of Parks, Open Space, and Trails

    The Map of Gardner Parks, Open Space and Trails is very useful, with detail about each area.   CLICK HERE

    Gardner MA Playgrounds and Recreation Map

    Playgrounds and Recreation

    The Playgrounds & Recreation Map is an overview of the City of Gardner’s Playground and Recreation sites, with details about each area: CLICK HERE

    City of Gardner Zoning Map

    Zoning Map

    The Gardner MA Zoning Map comes with a disclaimer that it “is for general information purposes. In the event of any discrepancy, the vote of the City Council establishing or amending boundaries and the text of the City Code governs.”  The map is highly detailed and allows you to zoom in on whatever area you desire. CLICK HERE


    City of Gardner Property Cards can be viewed at: CLICK HERE. The City of Gardner Fiscal Year 2022 tax rate is explained at: CLICK HERE. The City of Gardner Assessor’s office advises “To get the most up to date and complete property card, please contact the City Assessor at (978) 630-4004 or at

  • Moving Here (1/18/2022)
    Moving to the Area Gardner MA

    Moving to the Greater Gardner MA area

    If you’re relocating to the Greater Gardner MA area, you’ll likely want to know about the availability of various needs in your community. Our Moving to the Area Guide covers utilities, housing and home, transportation and taxes, municipal services, financial services, education, vices, medical, outdoor activity and exercise, shopping, entertainment and social, and attractions.

    Moving to Area Guide page, CLICK HERE

  • The Gardner Vortex (1/15/2022)
    Gardner MA - Route 2 Corridor
    Gardner MA – Route 2 Corridor CLICK for larger image.
    People Gardner MA
    Massachusetts map with Gardner
    Massachusetts Map with Gardner. CLICK for larger image.

    Gardner MA – Positioned for Success

    Wonder why the City of Gardner MA draws so much attention?   Much of it is meritorious, based on many successes.  And, there is another contributing factor.  We call it the Gardner Geographic Vortex, reflecting Gardner’s location on the Massachusetts Route 2 Corridor.  When Gardner is singled out on the map, its importance is revealed.   It is the beating heart of the region.  Positioned for being noticed.  Poised for excellence.  On its way to success in 2022 and beyond!

  • Community Park (1/12/2022)
    Winchendon  MA Community Park lgo

    Winchendon MA Community Park Performing Arts Center Closer to Reality

    Winchendon MA is inviting sealed bids from contractors for the $2 million Arts Center slated to be built at 86 Ingleside Road in Winchendon. Along with site work, the project consists of the construction of an outdoor amphitheater with covered stage.

    Winchendon Amphitheater

    A pre-bid conference and site visit is taking place Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 10am in front of the existing barn at 86 Ingleside Road, Winchendon.

    The Winchendon Community Park has a website. CLICK HERE View the complete plans for the project. (12mb) CLICK HERE.

  • Alternate Universe (1/8/2022)

    Gardner MA in Alternate Universe

    What would Gardner MA look like in an alternate universe?   If such a city exists, could we actually see it, make comparisons, and learn from it?  Complete Article, CLICK HERE. 

    Gardner Magazine has uncovered such a City right here in the United States, a city by the same name in another state with some interesting parallels to our reality.   For details, CLICK HERE.


  • $5,000,000 Bike Bridge (1/6/2022)

    Gardner $5,000,000 Bike Bridge

    Now in the design phase, the more than $5 million bike bridge to go over Route 140 for the North Central Pathway is slated to begin construction in 2026. We have all the details. For the complete article, CLICK HERE.

  • Land and Water (1/6/2022)
    CLICK IMAGE for larger view

    Learn more about the towns in the region. Using the Around the Towns menu, browse to the community of your choice for helpful information. We also have a page listing Greater Gardner MA community organizations.

    Greater Gardner MA – Land and Water Area

    Gardner MA makes up about 3 percent of the land area and 2 percent of the water area we cover. Much of the water in Petersham and New Salem is due to the Quabbin Reservoir. Ashburnham MA is known for Lake Wampanoag, Sunset Lake, Lake Watatic, Wallace Pond, and the Upper & Lower Naukeag Lakes. Westminster has Crocker Pond. Winchendon has Lake Dennison.

  • Community Spotlight (1/5/2022)
    Spotllight on Communities

    Gardner Magazine has a dedicated page for each community we cover including LOCAL NEWS and COMMUNITY INFORMATION, Community Facts, Government, Schools, Organizations, Interactive Map, Town Photos, Service pages, and Outside Links.

    Spotlight on Communities Greater Gardner MA

    Gardner MA is known as the Chair City, and the other communities covered by Gardner Magazine all have something special: Ashburnham– Town of Lakes, Ashby – smallest town, Athol-the Tool Town, Barre – Town of Patriots, Gardner – The Chair City, Hardwick – Oldest Fair, Hubbardston -1015 above sea level, New Salem – Home of Quabbin Reservoir, Oakham – Coldbrook Springs, Orange – Home of Peace Statue, Petersham – Conservation, Phillipston – Historic Town Center, Princeton – Mt. Wachusett, Royalston – Forests and Falls, Rutland – Geographic Center of MA, Templeton – Town of 4 Villages, Warwick – Mt. Grace & Forest, Westminster – Historic Places, Winchendon – the Toy Town.

  • Visit Downtown Gardner (12/13/2021)
  • Great Place to Live – Work – Play (12/13/2021)
  • Premium Quality (12/11/2021)

    Are you aware of the increasing number of awesome products being made in Gardner MA and the surrounding area by some very talented people?

    Gardner MA Premium Quality

    Since 1785, Gardner MA has stood for premium quality. Premium quality products. Premium quality, caring people. And in the years ahead, premium quality potential. It is a 5 star City, on the way up, towards a new trajectory of unparalleled success. It is a welcoming Chair City and a generous “Share City.” As we celebrate the Holiday season, let us reflect on what is GOOD all around us. And let us make it even BETTER together. Want to print a HIGH RES image. CLICK HERE

  • Gardner Tops 21K (12/8/2021)
    Complete Gardner Census Data from 2020.

    Gardner MA Population Statistics

    According to the U.S. Census, Gardner has a population of 21,287.    Median Household Income is about $50,000.   Those with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher is close to 1 in 5.   More than half of the population is employed.  98% have health care coverage.   There’s 9,411 total housing units with 691 vacant according to the Census Bureau.  Gardner’s median estimated age of 41 is slightly above the median age in Massachusetts.  One statistic to note: Average Gardner commute time is just under ½ hr. so there’s room for more local employers.  For the complete census data, click here.

  • Visit Gardner (12/2/2021)

    Visit Downtown Gardner Video Released

    To celebrate a great place to shop, Gardner Magazine has released a Downtown Gardner MA video. Watch it in full HD. CLICK HERE.

  • Gardner MA History (11/25/2021)

    An Historical Find!

    You don’t want to miss this! We’ve discovered some bargain Christmas gifts at the Gardner Museum on Pearl Street. One-of-a-kind history gifts for the holidays at affordable prices for everyone starting at $1.  

      Anyone Polish in your family? Get them a silver polish bottle from the 1930s.  It’s 5 bucks.  Remember Goodnow Pearson’s with a Christmas pin.   It’s 10 bucks.   How about a Gardner Historical Landmarks mug? All for the giant price of… 5 bucks.  Now, for a great stocking stuffer: Pick up a Gardner News water bottle for just 1 dollar.   How about an Argus yearbook, there’s hundreds to choose from at just 5 bucks each.   For history buffs, an 1880 Gardner map for just 5 bucks.    There’s so much more, and it’s all affordable.  

    Don’t miss the Holiday history deals at the Gardner Museum on Pearl Street in Gardner. Website link, CLICK HERE

    The best of both worlds! Support a great local non-profit which preserves Gardner’s history and pick up some great holiday gifts. Wow!

  • Aliens at Dog Park (11/11/2021)
    Aliens at Gardner MA Dog Park
    Aliens at the Gardner Dog Park – Finnegan Saves the World with Kindness.
    World Kindness Day is Saturday, Nov. 13th. Save the World. Be Kind!

    Aliens at the Gardner Massachusetts Dog Park

    Dogs show us so much love and as the Dog Park shows, much love for fellow dogs. This fictional sci-fi movie short produced by our own 101.3 Studios explores what happens when aliens visit planet Earth at the Dog Park and hero dog Finnegan saves the World with Kindness. Visit video page to play video.

  • Live – Work – Play -Visit (10/4/2021)
    Gardner Massachusetts
    Share the Chair City, Gardner MA
    Gardner Massachusetts - Live, Work, Play

    Spread the word by printing a poster and displaying it. Thank you for living or visiting Gardner MA!

    Gardner Magazine will soon be releasing an HD video produced at our Route 101.3 Studios from footage gathered over the last few months. Come back for details.

    Live, Work, Play, Visit

    Gardner Massachusetts

    Share the Chair City

    Gardner Massachusetts is a great place to live, work, play, and visit. Route 101.3 Studios is diligently working on several video releases including the full Live, Work, and Play video movie. Watch the 2 1/2 minute trailer here. We have released “Journey to the Future”, a fictional time travel short about what Gardner might look like in 3000 AD. To watch, Click for video.

    It’s time to “Share the Chair”. Downtown Gardner of the Chair City has much to offer you, your family, and your friends. Downtown Gardner has endeavored to extend a warm welcome mat to all who choose to visit. Check out Downtown Gardner MA for a delicious meal, a shopping experience, or your daily needs. Read our full article...

    Great Place to Live, Work, Play, and Visit!

    Gardner Massachusetts is a great place to live, work, and play, AND, a great place to visit. Gardner is a great place to live with a multitude of housing, shopping, and dining choices as well as a safe, nurturing learning environment with excellent medical care, city services, opportunity to participate in government, socialize, and worship as desired. Gardner is a great place to work with a growing and stable base of business and industry offering opportunity for diverse occupations. Gardner is a great place to play with the amenities to interact and connect with each other through activities, sports, parks, facilities, the arts, recreation, and nature. Download 300 dpi 8 1/2 x11 pdf poster to print. And, Gardner is a great place to visit. Go to Visiting Gardner MA page.

    The Gardner Museum is a great place to visit when you visit Gardner MA. Click here for the complete article on the Gardner Museum.

    Watch a video about the Gardner Magazine site. Click here.

  • Visiting Gardner? (9/15/2021)

    Visiting Gardner – Revealing Secrets

    If you’re visiting Gardner Massachusetts, you’ve probably already heard some good things about the “Chair City.” But, do you know the insider information which will make your visit a completely fulfilling one? Do you know the great places to eat? Are you aware of the superb places to shop or where to go for recreation? Do you know what great things you can bring home with you? We’re glad you stopped here. Click for complete article.

  • Live Work and Play, or Visit (9/9/2021)
    Gardner MA
    Great place to live, work, and play
    Gardner MA Live Work and Play

    Spread the word by printing a poster and displaying it. Thank you for living or visiting Gardner MA!

    Gardner Magazine will soon be releasing an HD video produced at our Route 101.3 Studios from footage gathered over the last few months. Come back for details.

    Gardner MA – Live, Work, and Play

    Gardner Massachusetts is a great place to live, work, and play, AND, a great place to visit. Gardner is a great place to live with a multitude of housing, shopping, and dining choices as well as a safe, nurturing learning environment with excellent medical care, city services, opportunity to participate in government, socialize, and worship as desired. Gardner is a great place to work with a growing and stable base of business and industry offering opportunity for diverse occupations. Gardner is a great place to play with the amenities to interact and connect with each other through activities, sports, parks, facilities, the arts, recreation, and nature. Download 300 dpi 8 1/2 x11 pdf poster to print.

    Thank you for living in or visiting Gardner MA!

  • The Biggest Chair (8/1/2021)

    Gardner’s First Big Chair

    Read the complete article

    History of the “Big Chair”

    The history of the big Gardner Chair dates back over a hundred years, before Gardner MA became a city. At one time Gardner was home to a dozen furniture companies making more than a million chairs a  year and employing almost one thousand workers. 

    The 20 foot iconic chair on Elm Street is testament to the “Chair City of the World.”  In 1977, the chair was designated as the largest in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records and the record was listed in the 1978 edition of the book. 

    It is said the very first “Big Chair” was created by George C. Goodale of the Philander Derby Company in 1905 and was intended to be the company’s float in that year’s Labor Day parade.   Read the complete article.

  • Play in Athol (7/4/2021)

    The Town of Athol and the North Quabbin Region attract visitors to various activities. There are trails for varied abilities and a nice collection of parks and open spaces in and around downtown Athol. For more information visit the Parks and Trails page on the town of Athol website.

  • Ashburnham Outdoors (7/1/2021)

    Ashburnham is noted for the beautiful outdoors as the starting point for the Wapack Trail and Massachusetts Midstate trail. Mount Watatic was named as one of the 1000 places to visit in Massachusetts by the Great Places in Massachusetts Commission. Ashburnham is home to lakes and Camp Winnekeag.