Recycling Greater Gardner MA area

Greater Gardner MA Trash Talk

So you buy all this stuff to support Small Business and your Consumption Addition Problem (CAP).  What do you do with the old computer monitor, tv, electronic device, mattress, furniture, or tires?   In Gardner, you can get rid of bulk items for a reasonable fee by paying the disposal fees online and then bringing a confirmation page to the Transfer Station.  When you buy a transfer station sticker it’ll come in the mail and then  you can just bring your recyclables for free.  Here’s details on the City of Gardner website.

The Town of Winchendon operates a transfer station that is open to all town residents for their disposal of household waste and recyclables.  The annual sticker fee for fiscal year 22 is $70 and valid through June 30, 2022.    The Winchendon transfer station is open to both Winchendon and Templeton residents.    For more details here’s the link to the Winchendon website:

In Athol the Transfer and Recycling Center has a $65 residential annual fee and a $130 commercial annual fee for 2021.    For more details here’s a link to the Athol website.

In Orange the Recyling Center/Transfer station accepts yard waste and recyclables for free with the purchase of a yearly Transfer Station Permit which is currently $32 for residential and $63 for commercial/landlord.  For more details here’s a link to the Orange website

Some area communities offer curbside service while others leave it to residents to contract with private companies to haul away their trash.    If you have any questions, just check with  your local Town Hall and talk trash. Links to all of the other official community websites are listed on Around the Towns. CLICK HERE. Your local town hall can also provide you information about private trash companies in your community.