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Weather Around Greater Gardner MA

  • Drought (7/17/2022)

    Greater Gardner MA in a Significant Drought

    The Greater Gardner Area is experiencing a LEVEL 2 – Significant Drought.  According to the State of MA, this means that rain has been well below normal for over 2 months, streams are low, nearing extreme low flows in some areas, the Fire Danger is steadily increasing, and the Strain on some water supplies is greater. 

    In this instance, Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Bethany Card made an announcement after lower than normal rainfall for the past 4 months. According to the State, “Stream flow is severely impacted with dry stream beds and ponding visible in many locations.  Fire Danger especially in the northern half of the state is steadily on the rise, with noticeable drought stress in shrubs and grasses.  Also drought conditions are starting to impact our farms, with losses in soil moisture, more heavy irrigation needed in some areas due to lack of precipitations, and some initial signs of crop loss.”

    Massachusetts Drought Status
    U.S. Drought Map

    Massachusetts Drought Status Map and U.S. Drought Map – locally Level 2 – Significant

    Maps Show  the level of drought in Massachusetts and the National Map shows other sections of the United States are in worse shape.   More from the state of MA, Drought Plan CLICK HERE.  MA Drought Status History, CLICK HERE Printable U.S. Drought Map (with legend) pdf, CLICK HERE.    U.S. Drought Monitor website link, CLICK HERE.

    How you can help:  Minimize overall water use.  Limit outdoor watering from 5pm to 9am, and temporarily stop installing new landscapes and plants.  To minimize fire hazard, exercise caution when using charcoal grills, backyard fire pits, and other open frame outdoor activities.


  • Snow Removal – CLICK on any image for larger view (1/31/2022)
    Snow well-cleared on Parker Street
    Theme in Window “Shop Local”

    Gardner MA Accessibility 2 Days After Snow

    Most areas accessible, However Bullnose Park not cleared – Entrance to Dog Park not open

    Gardner Fire Department
    Gardner Fire Department
    Happy 2022 at Velvet Goose
    Gardner Post Office and City Hall on the side
    Post Office and City Hall
    Priscilla Candy Shop Gardner MA
    Priscilla Candy Shop
    Gardner MA Bullnose Park
    Bullnose Park
    Gardner MA Dog Park
    Gardner Dog Park – Wright St. side
  • Winter Weather (1/14/2022)

    Each individual community under “AROUND THE TOWNS” has an individual forecast and there’s in-depth coverage at the Greater Gardner Weather Center.

    Winter Weather Forecasts Greater Gardner MA

    Gardner Magazine’s Greater Gardner Weather Center has forecasts from 4 different services which include not only the 7 day forecast, but also wind, humidity, barometric pressure, sunrise/sunset times, and precipitation. There’s also conditions at a number of area airports. For the best weather, CLICK HERE

  • Cold Weather (1/11/2022)
    Department of fire services

    Avoid Fire and Carbon Monoxide Hazards during Greater Gardner MA Cold Snap

    Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms are effective defense strategies. Space Heaters, Fireplaces, and woodstoves need to be used safely. We have the complete article. CLICK HERE

  • Freezing Rain (1/6/2022)

    Freezing Rain Morning

    Wednesday, January 5, 2022 was a busy morning for Gardner MA first responders as freezing rain caused extremely icy conditions leading to numerous accidents. As Gardner MA Fire Department reported, “As they came upon the first accident scene, they could look further down Rt 2 into Templeton and see multiple accidents and cars off the road.”

    “Gardner Fire Shift Commander Lt. Meagher advised they would be tied up with Multiple accidents on Rt. 2 and requested a group recall for station coverage. At this point, Gardner 911 dispatch began receiving multiple 911 calls for numerous motor vehicle accidents and pedestrians slipping and falling on the icy streets across the City….During an hour long period, Gardner 911 Dispatchers received and professionally handled over 100, 911 storm related calls while guiding Fire and EMS units to the scenes”


  • Road Ice (1/5/2022)
    Ice on the Road 1-5-22

    Ice on Greater Gardner MA Roads

    At around 9am on Wednesday January 5, 2022, Gardner DPW issued the following, “Please stay off the roads this morning. The DPW is asking residents to limit travel to necessary travel. The conditions are extremely dangerous. Pedestrians should be aware that sidewalks are also extremely dangerous.”

    Numerous reports of accidents were posted on Facebook including one report of a multi-vehicle accident on Route 101 in East Templeton. Other posts refer to several accidents in Gardner and bad conditions on Route 140. More details as they become available.

  • Winter Weather (12/4/2021)

    Gardner Magazine has a Complete Weather Center for the Greater Gardner area.

    Greater Gardner MA Winter Weather Outlook

    Will Greater Gardner MA be colder or warmer this winter? Will we get more snow or less? And how do we know. We have the answers including NOAA maps and an informational video in our complete article. CLICK HERE