Aliens at the Gardner MA Dog Park

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Aliens at the Dog Park starring Finnegan
Treat People with Kindness - World Kindness Day November 13, 2021

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The Making of Aliens at the Dog Park

On Veterans Day 2021, I went to the dog park with my own dog Jasper. It was a beautiful day and a number of dog owners were there. However, one dog stood out. His name is Finnegan. (pictured in the foreground at left). It was almost as if Finnegan wrote the script. He sat there, waiting for something.

I somehow got the idea of doing an alien video as I remembered a stock footage provider I use had some alien ships on green screen. (It’s similar to how the weathercaster stands in front of a green screen which is replaced by the weather graphics we see on TV.) What I needed was a cast. So I simply asked the group of people if they would participate and would point to the sky on cue. And they did! So I thank them very much.

In this fictional sci-fi short, Finnegan the dog communicates in “dog”, (turns out aliens speak it) and saves the earth by communicating kindness to the potential alien invaders. He makes friends with them and one beams down and dances with Finnegan. As the aliens leave the planet, Finnegan is presented with a new challenge, it seems a giant giraffe has somehow come to the dog park. No worries, I’m sure Finnegan will “stick his neck out” once again.

This video celebrates World Kindness Day which is Saturday, November 13, 2021