Historical Audio

This page features the actual audio of the Newsmakers themselves. Simply click the play button and hear history in the voices of the newsmakers!

Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison 1918

Winston Churchill – The Finest Hour
Senator Joseph McCarthy – The Fight Goes On
President Harry Truman – Hiroshima
1st announcement of Hitler’s Death
Amelia Earhardt – The Pilot
Big Ben – Tolling in the 20th Century
Casey at the Bat – Dewolf Hopper
Douglas MacArthur – Old Soldiers
From Tranquility Base – The Eagle Has Landed
George M. Cohan – My Father Thanks You
H.G. Wells – On Economics/ Politics
Howard Carter – On Opening King Tut’s Tomb
Japan Surrenders – December 2, 1945
Lee Harvey Oswald – Did You Kill the President?
London Air Raid – 1940
Mayor Richard Daly – Preserve Disorder
Astronaut Neil Armstrong – On the Moon 1969
President Bush – Desert Storm
President Clinton – My Natural Impulses
President Ford – President of All the People
President Warren G. Harding – Disarmament Conference
President John F. Kennedy – Pay Any Price
President Richard M. Nixon – Talks to the Moon
President Ronald W. Reagan – We Begin Bombing in 5 Minutes
President Theodore Roosevelt – Hit the Line Hard
President Harry Truman – A Just Lasting Peace
President Woodrow Wilson – The Business of Politics
Rudyard Kipling – On Words
Thomas Edison – 1891 – Tells a joke
Vice President Spiro Agnew – On Intellectuals
Will Rogers – Plan to End War
President Richard M. Nixon – Better Angels of Our Nature
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein on the Bomb
William Jennings Bryan – Cross of Gold Speech
Rudyard Kipling – On Words
President William Howard Taft – on the Right to Strike
1st Service at Belsen Concentration Camp
Babe Ruth – On Reporters
Billy Sunday – Temperance Sermon
Charles Lindbergh Returns to U.S.A.
Eleanor Roosevelt – December 7, 1941
Gandhi – Denying Pro- Violence Statement
Goebbels – October 2, 1934
Hirsohima News Bulletin November 6, 1945
Hughs – We Were Slaves
John Barrymore – His First Role
Lee Harvey Oswald in Hallway
Lou Gehrig Farewell Speech at Yankee Stadium
Malcolm X – Problems
Neville Chamberlain – 1938/39
President Jimmy Carter – Inauguration
President Calvin Coolidge – Free Enterprise
President Franklin D. Roosevelt – Day of Infamy
President Herbert Hoover – Moratorium on War Debts
President William McKinley – 1896
President Ronald W. Reagan – Tear Down That Wall
President William Howard Taft – On Humor
President Theodore Roosevelt – The Progressive Party
President Harry Truman – Korea
Princess Elizabeth Margaret – 1940 to Children
Ravensbruck Concentration Camp 1945
Thomas Edison – 1918 – On the Great War
VIce President Richard M. Nixon – American Can’t Stand Pat
Winston Churchill – June 17, 1940 – The Fall of France
First Pearl Harbor Bulletin
W.C. Handy – The St. Louis Blues
President Woodrow Wilson – The Business of Politics
President Reagan – Tear Down That Wall
Albert Einstein on Gandhi
Bala Clava Bugle – Charge of the Light Brigade
Black Jack Pershing – 1918
Commander Peary – On the Polar Expedition
Florence Nightingale – God Bless My Old Comrades
George Bernard Shaw – on the Pacifist Movement
Hank Aaron – Speech to Congress
Hitler Opens the Olympics 1936
Japanese Ambassador Nomura – November 1943
King Edward VIII – Abdication Speech December 11, 1936
Lenin Radio Speech (translated) 1919

Marconi in Italian
Mussolini _ Fascist Speech in Rome 1934
Orson Welles – War Bond Plea 1943
President Grover Cleveland – 1892
President Dwight D. Eisenhower – 1960
President Franklin D. Roosevelt – Fear Itself
President John F. Kennedy – Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You
President Richard Nixon – Not a Crook
President Ronald W. Reagan – The Sacrifice of Americans
President William Howard Taft – On the Right to Strike
President Harry Truman – Hiroshima
President Woodrow Wilson – Speech to American Indians
P.T. Barnum – Says Hello
Senator Joseph McCarthy -1954 – The Fight Will Go On
Tokyo Rose – Describes Her Show
W.C. Handy – the St. Louis Blues
Winston Churchill – 1940 – Their Finest Hour
President Warren G. Harding – 1920 – America’s Present Needs