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  • Mayor gets Chair (5/28/2022)
    Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson and Gardner Wood
    Gardner Chair painting
    Artist Gardner Wood’s painting of the Big Chair
    Gardner MA Big Chair August 2021
    Gardner Big Chair August 2021
    The Gardner Big Chair
    The Gardner Big Chair

    Local Artist Gardner Wood presents Gardner MA Mayor Nicholson with Big Chair painting – Has another Patriotic painting hidden underneath!

    The Mayor stated, “This was a great surprise today!  Thank you to local artist Gardner Wood for stopping by today to donate this painting of the Big Chair to hang in the Mayor’s Office!” Gardner Magazine was able to interview artist Gardner Wood.

    About the Artist

    Artist Gardner Wood randomly donates his work to area businesses including a local diner in Winchendon.  He earns a living by working at Mount Wachusett Community College which is where he says he met Mayor Nicholson while adding a cowboy to another work for the VetTech class at MWCC. 

    Story of the Big Chair Painting

    He utilized various online photos in composing the painting, which is a 16×20 acrylic and took him about 4 hours on a Saturday to complete.   But, there’s even a more interesting story behind the painting, it’s not the only one on the canvas.  Gardner Wood took an existing painting featuring a nature scene and an eagle and painted over it.   So what the Mayor just hung in his office prior to the Memorial Day holiday also  honors those who have given their lives for our country, a painting with an American Eagle hidden under a painting of Gardner’s iconic Big Chair.   Gardner Wood also states that he usually signs his paintings “G. Wood”, but in this case had to use his full name since it was for the City of Gardner and that’s his first name.    Thank you to Gardner Wood.

    The Inspiration of the Work

    We asked, What inspired you to paint the Big Chair and Gardner Wood responded, ““I work in Gardner, I live in Winchendon, I do have my artwork in a local diner….  I started a personal project…  My main goal is I want to randomly donate a painting to local businesses.  I’ve already started in Winchendon.  That led me to be inspired to do the Chair for the Mayor.  I met him and he’s very friendly, very nice.  We basically talked about it. …It’s just my personal thing that I’ve taken upon myself  to do….He seemed very excited about it.”

    First Time’s a Charm

    Gardner says this is the first time he’s ever painted the Chair.   “I went on the computer and pulled up various different pictures, so I got all the pictures of the Chair. I did it in a Saturday morning for the most part.” “I paint for the people. I don’t paint to make money.” In the diner, I will listen and see what people are looking for. I will randomly give them to children. I enjoy doing it.” Gardner went on to say, “The chair, that painting is very unique for me because of course my name is Gardner Wood and I sign all of my paintings, G. Wood, basically because it’s a long name.  But this one I felt I had to, so the bottom of that chair, the painting, I wrote Gardner Wood, my full name.

    Hidden Painting

    “Actually I can tell you a little bit more about it too.  I am a little on the impatient side, maybe that comes with being an artist.  I was at my house and I was looking and I didn’t have any 16 by 20s, I didn’t want to do a small one, I wanted to do a big one.  So basically I grabbed one of my old paintings. The  original painting was basically trees on both sides, and basically an eagle flying.  In the painting, the eagle was too small…it was one of my first types of paintings, so I said, ok here’s a 16 by 20, so I painted over it.  So if you were to actually xray through that, you’d actually see another painting under it.  …That’s what happens when you don’t have a whole pile of good canvas….The painting was ok, but the eagle was too small, then it just worked out good.”

    Let us note the historic Gardner Big Chair painting was placed in the Gardner MA Mayor’s office in May 2022. Thank you Gardner Wood for your generosity of time and of spirit.

  • WGAW Broadcast (5/24/2022)

    WGAW to broadcast LIVE from Hubbardston MA Memorial Day Parade

    Gardner MA Radio Station will be broadcasting live on Monday, May 30, 2022 from 11am to noon from the Hubbardston Memorial Day Parade. Starts at the Curtis Recreational Field and will end up at the Town Square for the unveiling of the new Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial Monument. Hosts for the broadcast will be Steve Wendell of WGAW and the Hubbardston Town Clerk. It has been described as potentially the biggest parade in Hubbardston history. WGAW is heard on AM 1340, 98.1 FM, and live on the internet, CLICK HERE

    The Town of Hubbardston unveils not only the new Vietnam Veterans’ monument, but also the restored Civil War monument and the freshly cleaned memorials that honor those who fought in the Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. The Lions Club, The Golden Agers, Friends of the Hubbardston Senior Center and the Council on Aging invite you afterwards to join them at the Senior Center across the street for a complimentary American Patriotic Celebration where hot dogs and ice cream will be served.


  • Gardner City-Wide Yard Sale (5/21/2022)

    The City of Gardner welcomed many to its Spring 2022 Yard Sale. We’ll advise you of Fall 2022 plans as they are announced.

    Yard Sales Gardner MA Panorama

    It Happened and people came!  Gardner MA City-Wide Yard Sale had 133 participating homes May 21, 2022 from 8am to 2pm

    On some roads in Gardner Saturday May 21, 2022, a parade of cars could be seen traveling to Yard Sales in the Chair City. With a total of at least 133 participating homes who appeared on the map, many items were up for sale. As of the end of the sale, the online map showed 4,240 views. The City-wide Yard Sale took place this Saturday May 21, 2022 from 8am to 2pm. Cars could be seen with out-of-town and even out-of-state license plates.  

    Ways to view the list: Complete map on Google.

    Gardner Spring Yard Sale 2022 PSA
    yard sale 5-21-22
    Yard Sale Gardner MA
    Yard Sale Gardner MA

    Click any image for larger view.

    Yard Sale Gardner MA
    Yard Sale Gardner MA
    Yard Sale Gardner MA
    Yard Sale Gardner MA

    Super Computer Utilized to Plot Route to all Gardner MA Yard Sale Stops

    With 133 Homes having Yard Sales in Gardner on Saturday May 21, 2022 from 8am to 2pm, we needed to find a way for you to see them all.

    The route plotted by computer starts at the Blue Moon Diner (thought you might like breakfast before shopping) and then plots out all the stops which are completed in less than 4 hours. Printable in pdf format, Directions only. 41 pages of Turn by turn maps.

  • City Council 5-16-22 (5/19/2022)
    Gardner City Council
    Gardner City Council Meeting May 16, 2022

    Gardner MA Councilors Debate Scooters and Approve Outdoor Dining Space.

    The first item was according to Councilor Craig Cormier, ““a very simple ordinance, just a move from 9am to 8am, brings into line with how yard sales actually work and brings into line with the City-Wide Yard Sale that’s already been advertised.” City Council approved for first printing.

    Bird Scooters
    Bird Scooters is a company mentioned by Mayor Nicholson

    Watch the Gardner City Council meetings on the City of Gardner YouTube page or on our City Council page.

    The complete City Council and packet is available. CLICK HERE

    The Fiscal Year 2023 School Budget Presentation is available. CLICK HERE.

    Gardner Magazine reached out to Councilor Ron Cormier’s telephone number to ask whether he plans to resign from the Council following his objection to the free speech discussion over the scooters. We are awaiting a reply.

    Scooter Stirs Debate and Discussion, and even an attempt by one Councilor to silence free speech.

    Mayor Nicholson has proposed bringing shareable dockless mobility devices to the Chair City, otherwise known as “scooters”. There was considerable discussion. Councilor George Tyros had concerns., opposing the use of the devices for respect and safety reasons in the cemeteries. 

    Councilor Boone was asked by Tyros about his concerns and Boone stated “there was some question on fees…one of the things is that our DPW is gonna have to pick up these things if they are left, and there was no fee structure for that, ….I think as a City we need more time to absorb what’s going on.  I know these things are coming, do I think it’s gonna be a little chaotic, maybe, maybe not, so I just think we need more time to make a proper decision on the matter.”

    Councilor Nick Boudreau, “ to speak to Councilor Boone’s thought, when I worked in the City of Marlborough, we implemented this during my tenure there, and there was a big  ooh and aah phase at the very beginning, but then it did die down, almost to the point where it was just second nature to these people.  So I don’t think necessarily people are going to be leaving them out for an extended period of time, maybe it may happen a couple of times towards the beginning, and you can find out exactly who it was based off of different apps and different ways of payment and that kind of stuff which would differ based on the vendor that we would use, but I don’t think it’s going to be, we’re not Nashville, so they’re not going to be throwing these scooters everywhere all year, or bikes, of whatever we were to get.”

    Councilor Heath, ”I’ve rented a number of these, when I was out in Baltimore, when I was out in Los Angeles, you do have to be licensed, you’re supposed to be over 18 to go ahead and ride these, so it depends on which ones, my kids rode them with me.  I signed off on all of them.  However, they couldn’t do it themselves, I had to go ahead and do it as an adult. So have they been left around and things and such,  yes, but you’re supposed to go ahead and take a photo of where you leave it, when you get off of it. “

    Councilor Mack, “ I was wondering, seeing he’s present, if the Mayor could just address, he did send us documentation this afternoon addressing Councilor Boone’s concerns, …I would just like to give the Mayor the opportunity to present what’s he’s giving to us in regards to those concerns.”

    In a somewhat bizarre outburst, Councilor Ronald Cormier actually objected to the City Council discussing the matter and had to be reminded by the City Council President that Councilor had an right to discuss it. Councilor Ronald Cormier stated, “this is inappropriate., the conversations.”

    Council President Kazinskas stated, “this is on the motion.  Councilors can speak before the motion is seconded. …  Councilors asked whether the motion had been seconded and Kazinskas responded no, “we’re going to continue with the motion.”

    The motion was seconded to refer to the Public Safety Committee. 

    Councilor Cormier, “To Councilor Tyros, we do intend to have a meeting on this week, and hope to have it back before the Council at our next meeting.

    Councilor Walsh, “I’m going to support the motion to refer.  This is a lengthy amendment …a lot to absorb, when it’s on our agenda for the very first time….I think a little more time to do it right as best we can in advance of these vehicles becoming part of the city’s landscape is a good idea.”

    rendering of outdoor dining
    Outdoor dining rendering

    Motion was approved to temporarily close a portion of Pleasant Street for outdoor dining.

    Craig Cormier  “We did have a chance to discuss this…would give a 3 month closure to Pleasant Street to try out some outdoor dining on the streets for the summer months. If we don’t like it, we can obviously let it expire and not keep doing that.   Businesses involved signed a letter in favor of the motion.”

    The Gardner Police Department indicated the dates of closure would be June 20, 2022 from 7am through October 1, 2022 at 7am.

    letter from Gardner pd

    Councilor Comments

    Councilor James Boone Gardner MA
    Councilor James Boone holds up 100 year old Yearbook he found in attic.
    Judy A. Mack
    Councilor Judy A. Mack suggested Handicapped Parking

    Dana Heath, “ I just want to say thank you to the DPW.  I sent a request today at 12:40 …Ovila Case playground…the bottom floor was busted open, so kids could fall through it.  It was fixed within an hour. So I just want to say thank you” George Tyros, “Nothing this evening.” Alek Dernalowicz, “ I have nothing this evening.” Judy A. Mack, “I just want to mention.  With the planned improvements to the Downtown area including areas of outside seating, I would like to suggest that the traffic commission and the disabilities commission look into creating some handicapped accessible parking spots on Parker, Central, Main, or Pleasant Street for disabled people.  With the recent roadwork downtown there are curb cuts to allow for accessibility for the sidewalks, but we have not made parking accessible., other than what I can see in parking lots. So, I would just like to see this considered for those people who need the accessibility to our downtown businesses.” Craig Cormier, “ I have no Council business this evening.” James S. Boone, “I saw several of the committee members and I discovered this Argus Yearbook, 1922, it was on 76 Osgood Street in an attic we were currently clearing out…” Nathan Boudreau, “Can’t wait till my yearbook is brought to a City Council meeting as a historic relic, I have no new City Council business this evening.” Karen G. Hardern “Nothing new this evening.” James M. Walsh, “Two items.  Councilor Boone might want to consider if he wants it in a safe place to put it back in the attic where he found it.  …The other thing I wanted to mention is a follow up to these National Grid petitions.  It used to be the practice of the City Engineer to review these petitions in advance of their being presented to the City Council so that the kind of errors that occurred in the petitions we just considered would not occur….and I’m happy to say that newly appointed and confirmed City Engineer Mr. Oliver is going to be doing that as we go forward, …” Ronald F. Cormier, “I have nothing this evening.” Elizabeth Kazinskas, “ I have no new Council business.”

  • Ash-West (5/16/2022)
    Ashburnham Westminster Community Media

    Ash-West MA Community Media has Informative Website

    Visit the Ash-West Community Media website for more information on Programming, Podcasts, and Live Streams. CLICK HERE

  • GHS Concert (5/15/2022)
    Gardner High School MA Spring Concert

    Gardner MA High School Spring Concert Thursday May 19, 2022

    Come enjoy an evening of music in the newly reupholstered, carpeted, and painted Landry Auditorium at Gardner High School. The concert will include the Jazz Band, 8th Grade Chorus, 8th Grade Band, Select Choir, HS Chorus, & HS Band.  Admission is $4 adults, $3 students at the door.

    GHS Music on Facebook, CLICK HERE. – GMS on Facebook, CLICK HERE.

    Publisher’s note: We searched for a Music page on the Gardner School District website and couldn’t find one. We apologize if we missed it. Otherwise, time to add one.

  • Mural at Rotary (5/10/2022)

    From a grid of letters and symbols, sprouts a beautiful Mural in Gardner MA

    On April 29, 2022 Mayor Nicholson posted this on Facebook, “If you were driving by the rotary behind Hannaford today you may have seen Christopher Luke starting on his new mural as part of our new art initiative. While I believe the artist should be the one to reveal what they’re working on, I can tell you it’s going to look great and is a tribute to our old chair manufacturing past. (The letters and symbols are his version of grid painting to help correlate the wall to the preliminary sketch)”   Now, here is what this beautiful mural looks like today.

    Mural at underpass Gardner MA
  • Cupcake Fundraiser (5/9/2022)
    Cupcake Wars Orange MA

    Bakers to Battle for a good cause in Orange MA

    Cupcake Wars is slated to take place Sunday, May 22, 2022 at the Orange American Legion. The event benefits the Mahar After Prom Party which is run to keep students safe.  Professional and amateur bakers can compete. And the public enjoys cupcakes!  For the complete article click here:

  • Cupcake Wars (5/8/2022)
    Cupcake Wars Orange American Legion

    How Event Started

    Back in the late 1990’s, a parent almost lost a child due to alcohol poisoning. This provided the thought that maybe running an event to prevent kids from getting hurt would be a good idea. And thus, the MAPP was born. The Mahar After Prom Party has now been around for about 20 years, far longer than this particular fundraiser.

    Many businesses and individuals love to simply donate to the cause, and doing so is easy. Simply make out a check payable to MAPP and mail to: Helene Holmes, 350 Holtshire Road, Orange, MA 01364.

    Have questions? You can reach Helene Holmes via email at or via phone at (978) 544-6377

    There is also a Facebook page, CLICK HERE.

    Cupcake Wars Back in Orange MA

    Cupcake Wars is slated to take place Sunday, May 22, 2022 at the Orange American Legion. The event benefits the Mahar After Prom Party. Directions, click here

    This year will be the 5th annual event as the 4th annual event was held in 2019 and no event was held in either 2020 or 2021. In 2019 there were 17 entries total in 3 divisions: professional, amateur, and youth. Abby Holmes co-organizes the contest with her mother Helene Holmes. This year there will be up to 30 Bakers participating.

    The goal of the event is to raise money for the Ralph C. Mahar Regional School’s after prom party which is run to keep students safe after the all night prom. Helene Holmes has been on the organizing committee for the after party since it started in the late 1990’s. This is just one fundraiser for a party that reportedly costs up to around $15,000 or so to put on. The after promo party is a drug and alcohol-free event intended to keep Mahar high school seniors and guests safe on prom night. All are locked in until 5am with fun games, food, entertainment, and activities such as swimming. This year’s proceeds will go towards the 2023 After Prom Party.

    The 5th Annual Cupcake Wars has public voting for the best cupcakes from 1:30 to 3:30 at the Orange American Legion. Entrance levels are $5, $10, or $15 depending on how many full size cupcakes you want to take home in addition to trying all of the available samples.

    The event will take up to 30 different bakers from 4 different categories: Professional, Amateur, Adult with child under 7, and Youth under 18. Entry fee is $20 per flavor, except Youth under 18 which is $10 per flavor. Contestant Participants are asked to bring a minimum of 3 dozen cupcakes plus samples. Theme this year is Celebrations. There are 3 judges per division who remain completely unknown to the contestants.

  • Petersham Art (5/6/2022)
    Art Council Show and Sale

    2022 Petersham MA Art Council Show & Sale

    2022 Petersham Art Council Show & Sale
    All welcome to the annual Art Council exhibit
    featuring the work of regional artists.
    Fri-Sun., May 20-22 at Petersham Town Hall.
    Opening reception with live music on Friday May 20, 7-9 PM.
    Free & open to all – For more information, CLICK HERE:

  • Barre 5-6-22 (5/6/2022)
    Barre MA Concerts and Events

    Barre MA Publicizes 2022 Summer Concerts and Events

    Nornay Park, Main Street, South Barre will hold concerts and events for 2022 including a New Life Assembly Fun Day taking place Saturday May  7, 2022 from noon to 4pm and various concerts taking place from June to August.

    You can connect with Barre on Facebook: CLICK HERE. 

  • Crossword Puzzles (4/18/2022)

    Gardner Magazine Announces NEW Daily Crossword Puzzle Feature!

    For the Daily Crossword Puzzle page, CLICK HERE.

  • Noise Complaints (4/16/2022)
    When Noise is Too Loud
    Sound Meter
    No Noise graphic

    Be Kind. Have fun, but limit noise to appropriate hours. You will keep your neighbors happy.

    Solutions to Excess Noise in Greater Gardner MA

    A situation which occurs often is the NOISE COMPLAINT. When is the line crossed from when someone is simply enjoying some music on their own property having a good time to when they are infringing on someone else’s rights. According to Massachusetts Environmental Protection Regulations, there is a clear line and it is measurable and also enforceable by local police under 310 CMR 7.52. In fact, there was a Virtual Seminar conducted on the subject and we have the 49 page pdf. Air Quality Nuisance Complaints Concerning Noise CLICK HERE. Here’s a link to sound level meters on Amazon. CLICK HERE.

    Measuring the Problem

    Utilizing the above regulations through sound measurement can be done at any time of day, irrespective of any other local ordinances limiting complaints to, for example, loud noise between the hours of 11pm and 7am such as some communities do with ordinances. Keep in mind you can’t complain about circumstances for which individuals have a valid permit such as a parade, public gathering, or sporting event, a licensed Fireworks Display, or Band Concert. You can’t complain about Emergency vehicles or national defense activities. And, you can’t complain about domestic equipment such as lawn mowers and power saws used between the hours of 7:00am and 9:00pm. – these uses are specifically permitted by statute.

    Local Ordinances

    Your local community may have a local ordinance establishing a quiet time between certain hours, such as 11pm and 7am. In those cases, common sense applies and Police officers can easily step in and get the music turned down without having to do specific measurements. The evidence is that you heard it and it bothers you. We advise the City of Gardner to either enact a simple local excess noise ordinance or have officers carry Sound level meters which would allow them to take action at any time of day when noise levels exceed the ambient noise present at the complainants property line by 10db.

  • 4th of July (4/14/2022)
    4th of July Independence Day Initiative

    Gardner Magazine launches 4th of July Independence Day Initiative for Greater Gardner MA

    In anticipation of more community celebrations, functions, activities, and events this year, we have created a page called The Independence Day Initiative with listings from 19 different communities. We’re seeking info from communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals.  You tell us, we’ll tell the region. For the 4th of July page, CLICK HERE.

  • Egg Hunt (4/7/2022)
    Templeton MA Easter Egg Hunt

    Templeton MA Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt

    The Templeton Lions Club spent an evening stuffing nearly 2000 eggs for their annual Easter Egg Hunt to be held April 16, 2022 at 10am (Weather permitting) Updates will be posted on their Facebook page. CLICK HERE

  • Food Truck (4/7/2022)

    Printable poster PDF format CLICK HERE

    Printable poster jpg format CLICK HERE

    Google Interactive Map

    Gardner MA 5th Annual Food Truck Festival to be Saturday, July 9, 2022

    According to Gardner City Hall, “Gardner MA will be hosting it’s 5th Annual Food Truck Festival on Saturday, July 9th from 1pm until 8:30pm in downtown Gardner. With over 20 trucks there is bound to be something for everyone in your family. Some of the trucks include The Dogfather, Minuteman Kettle Corn, Nom Nom Hut and Shishkaberry’s. Gardner Ale House will be on site to provide your favorite beverage. The trucks will be parked along the front of City Hall on Pleasant Street and will continue along City Hall Avenue. Live entertainment! Mark your calendar”

    Within 24 hours of posting the announcement on Facebook, there were about 150 Likes or Loves, dozens of positive comments, and 104 shares.   This is a popular Gardner MA event.  Last year there were 14 participating food trucks – an increase of 6 with 3 months to go suggests the event will be even bigger this  year.  The City of Gardner Food Truck Festival is handled through the Economic Development Coordinator Jessica DeRoy who can be reached at (978) 630-4074 ext. 1.

  • Rietta Opening 2022 (4/4/2022)
    Jay Greene booth Rietta Flea Market

    Rietta Flea Market opens for another season

    Rietta Flea Market of Hubbardston MA opened for the 2022 season on 4-3-22. Even around noon time the parking lot was busy. Admission to the flea market is FREE. Vendors pay $35 for a space. Rietta celebrated its official 50 year anniversary in 2016. It started as a small music venue in 1966. Later, the flea market was added and has operated for well over 5 decades.

    Thousands of people visit Rietta Flea Market every week. There are usually hundreds of dealers offering a wide range of merchandise. People go to Rietta for “pleasure or treasure.” Rietta is also known for the quality food at its concession stand where you can get Fried Dough, Hot dogs, Burgers, French fries, and more.

    ALERT 4-4-22: Rietta Flea Market management has reached out to us to report that online crooks are attempting to sell Online Rietta Gift Cards. Please do not purchase as this is a SCAM. Rietta does not honor online gift cards. If you encounter any of these scams, please report to POLICE. Thank you.

    For the official Rietta Flea Market website, CLICK HERE


  • WGAW (4/2/2022)
    WGAW Programs – CLICK for larger view

    WGAW Programs can be heard on 1340 AM, 98.1 FM, and through a LIVE STREAM

    Gardner MA Radio Station WGAW Now available Everywhere

    Pictured is popular local host Steve Wendell of the Weekday Morning News program and Hotline Radio which airs Saturdays noon to 2pm. WGAW is now in its 76th year of service and can be heard on 1340 AM, 98.1 FM, and through Live Streaming. Programming is News and Talk 24/7.

    For the website, CLICK HERE. To Listen Live, CLICK HERE.

  • April Fools (4/1/2022)
    Broccoli Harvest

    It’s April Fools Day in Greater Gardner MA

    Not to be outdone by their Southern Neighbors, Greater Gardner MA Consumers got together for the Great Broccoli Harvest held every year on April Fool’s Day. A few carrots took part as well.

    Cat Reading

    Greater Gardner MA Consumers have Smart cars, smart homes, and smart phones. But how many have taken the time to provide books for their cats? We advocate for Cat Literacy. What’s the problem? You don’t want your cat to read what’s in their daily cat food, or are you hiding something else from your feline friends?

    Giant coffee cup

    A giant coffee cup has taken over the water tower. There is no word on what this means for Gardner water and we certainly will not be spilling the beans. However, you might be interested in our real story on how Gardner MA Residents Love Their Coffee.

    Organic tomatoes have lined up outside Gardner City Hall. They won’t leave until City Employees promise to eat more salad.

    April Fool's Day
  • Time for Golf (3/31/2022)
    Greater Gardner MA Golf Courses

    Enjoy a round of Golf in the Greater Gardner Area!

    Golf swing

    Spring Brings Greater Gardner MA Golfers to the Greens

    There are more than 8 golf courses in the immediate area: Gardner Municipal Golf Course, 152 Eaton Street, Gardner    Website: Rates: FacebookTemplewood Golf Course, 160 Brooks Rd., Templeton, MA Website: Rates: Facebook:Westminster Golf & Country Club, 51 Ellis Rd., Westminster MA Website: Rates: Facebook:The Woods of Westminster, Woods of Westminster Course, 23 Rock Maple Lane., Westminster MA Website: Rates: Facebook: – Ellinwood Country Club, 1928 Pleasant St., Athol MA Website: Rates: Facebook: Camp Coldbrook RV Resort, Camp Coldbrook Course, 864 Old Coldbrook Rd., Barre MA Website: Facebook: – Quail Hollow Golf & Country Club, Quail Hollow Course, 1822 Old Turnpike Rd., Oakham MA Website: Rates: Facebook:Bedrock Golf Club, Bed Rock Course, 87 Barre Paxton Rd., Rutland MA Website: Rates: Facebook:

  • Spring Art Show (3/30/2022)

    33rd Annual Spring Art Show in Gardner MA April 22-23-24, 2022

    The Greater Gardner Artists Association holds its annual main event, an art exhibit at the Boland Room, located at Heywood Place at 65 Lake Street, Gardner.   The organization expects almost 200 pieces to be on display in oil, water, pastel, bookmaking, pencil, photography, and other art.  Special Awards, Live Music, and Refreshments.   Friday opening reception is 7-9pm, Saturday and Sunday noon to 4pm  Directions.

  • Monument Park 2022 (3/29/2022)
    Live Music Monument Park Summer 2022 Gardner MA

    Gardner MA Announces Monument Park Summer 2022 Music Schedule

    Monument Park 2022 band schedule
    More info on City website: CLICK HERE
  • Art and Music (3/27/2022)

    For more information, please visit the GALA website. CLICK HERE.

    Art and Music Festival Phillipston MA

    The Gardner Area League of Artists (GALA) has announced an Art & Music Festival to be held May 20-22, 2022 at Red Apple Farm, 455 Highland Avenue, Phillipston, MA.   It’s advertised as 3 Days of Peace, Love, Art, and Music!    Admission is FREE.   Art Activities, Art Vendors, Food, and Raffles will be offered.

  • FREE TV (3/26/2022)
    live stream now gardner ma

    FREE TV options in Greater Gardner MA

    Want to save on TV? Our article explores the varied options available to residents of the Greater Gardner MA area, including FREE! CLICK HERE

    If 5000 households just in Gardner MA saved $25-$40 per month, that would add up to $1.5 million to $2.4 million dollars per year.


  • Poem – Presidents (2/13/2022)

    We have a love of everything history including that of the Greater Gardner MA area. For more on Presidents of the United States, please visit our special page for the holiday. CLICK HERE.

    Poem of the Presidents released in Templeton MA

    Gardner Magazine publisher Werner Poegel has released an original 50 Stanza poem entitled “Poem of the Presidents” as a tribute to the service of our nation’s Chief Executives on the occasion of Presidents’ Day 2022. For the complete poetic work, CLICK HERE

  • Community Park (1/12/2022)
    Winchendon  MA Community Park lgo

    Winchendon MA Community Park Performing Arts Center Closer to Reality

    Winchendon MA is inviting sealed bids from contractors for the $2 million Arts Center slated to be built at 86 Ingleside Road in Winchendon. Along with site work, the project consists of the construction of an outdoor amphitheater with covered stage.

    Winchendon Amphitheater

    A pre-bid conference and site visit is taking place Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 10am in front of the existing barn at 86 Ingleside Road, Winchendon.

    The Winchendon Community Park has a website. CLICK HERE View the complete plans for the project. (12mb) CLICK HERE.

  • Art (1/8/2022)

    Links below go to relevant website or Facebook page.

    Thumbs Up for Art in Greater Gardner MA and the Chair City

    The area is replete with artists, galleries, and art-related businesses. Visual Arts, Music Arts, Performing Arts, Martial Arts….

    The Gardner Area League of Artists, known as GALA, is having a Juried Art Exhibit starting January 12, 2022. For website, CLICK HERE

    Art Studios/ Galleries

    Surroundings Gallery, 377 Main Street, Gardner

    School Street Art Studios

    Lori MacDonald Fine Art Acrylics, 205 School Street Rear, Gardner

    Chair City Community Workshop

    Studio 4 Potters & Gallery, 4 West Lynde Street, Gardner

    The Gardner Museum, 28 Pearl Street, Gardner

    Levi-Heywood Memorial Library, 55 West Lynde Street, Gardner

    Plant Art

    Last Minute Gifts and Flowers, 9 West Street, Gardner.

    Performing Arts

    Just Dance Performing Arts Center, 48 Parker Street, Gardner

    Gardner Danceworks, 213 School Street, Gardner.

    Theatre at the Mount, 444 Green Street, Gardner

    Graphic Arts

    Kamuda Photography Gallery, 400 Pleasant Street, Gardner

    Logo Artists Enterprise, Kelton Street, Gardner

    Paul Gaj Design, 40 Montvale Road, Gardner.

    Body Art

    The Exclusive Aesthetic (Make-up artist) 205 School Street, Gardner

    Main Street Tattoo Parlor, 94 Main Street, Gardner

    Martial Arts

    Gardner Martial Arts Academy, 104 East Broadway, Suite 2, Gardner

    Borgest Martial Arts, 122 West Street, Gardner

    Britt’s Tae Kwon Do, 205 School Street, Gardner.

    Cobra Self Defense Central MA, 122 West Street, Gardner.

    Music Arts

    City Music, 240 Main Street, Gardner

    Mark Connors, 54 Main Street, Gardner

    Troy Price Music, 90 Intervale Road, Gardner

    Gardner Bandstand Committee

  • Theater at Mount (12/28/2021)

    Little Shop of Horrors canceled, new Covid 2022 protocols in effect

    Gardner MA Theater at the Mount performance of Little Shop of Horrors performance scheduled for February 2022 has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. A notice on the website states, “We are working on plans for our next production and hope to make an announcement soon.”

    However, effective January 1, 2022  there are new Covid 19 protocols including a proof of full vaccination, negative PCR test within 72 hrs, or negative antigen test within 24 hrs. Details at link. CLICK HERE

  • Great Place to Live – Work – Play (12/13/2021)
  • Local Artist (12/2/2021)
    Local artist Carolyn Kamuda

    Local Artist featured at Library

    Carolyn A, Kamuda’s work will be on display for the Month of December at the Levi Heywood Memorial Library in Gardner MA during normal library hours. Kamuda is known for her beautiful photography and has on online portfolio. CLICK HERE

  • The Lost Murals (10/10/2021)

    The Lost Murals of Main Street

    Artists in the Greater Gardner MA area are amazing. And so are the Lost Murals of Main Street.

    View these amazing works of art on this special page.

  • Gardner Mural (10/8/2021)

    Have you seen this?

    Complete Details CLICK HERE.

  • Who’s on First? (8/3/2021)
    Bud Abbott and Lou Costello
    Who’s On First Abbott and Costello 3/24/1938

    Who’s on First Communication Follies

    Sometimes today’s news feels like the communication follies with many newsmakers seemingly not knowing “Who’s on First”. So, we found the classic routine of Abbott and Costello and have it available for you to enjoy at left.

    The routine reminds me of the rift in true idea exchange which is occurring today with Americans disconcerted over the repeated disparaging comments coming from all political circles. Just like this comedic routine of 83 years ago, people are not listening to one another, creating a frustrating atmosphere for them and the public they serve. Would it be so hard to really listen, learn, reflect, and then better problem solve?

    Listen to this classic sketch and you’ll understand what we mean.

    Maybe by listening to the genuine concerns of others we can better find common ground and then ultimately common solutions.

  • The Biggest Chair (8/1/2021)

    Gardner’s First Big Chair

    Read the complete article

    History of the “Big Chair”

    The history of the big Gardner Chair dates back over a hundred years, before Gardner MA became a city. At one time Gardner was home to a dozen furniture companies making more than a million chairs a  year and employing almost one thousand workers. 

    The 20 foot iconic chair on Elm Street is testament to the “Chair City of the World.”  In 1977, the chair was designated as the largest in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records and the record was listed in the 1978 edition of the book. 

    It is said the very first “Big Chair” was created by George C. Goodale of the Philander Derby Company in 1905 and was intended to be the company’s float in that year’s Labor Day parade.   Read the complete article.

  • Concerts on the Common – Princeton (7/12/2021)

    Princeton is featuring Concerts on the Common. Dates this summer include July 21 – 6-8pm Slograss, a relaxing, yet tight-as-they-come New England Bluegrass Band and August 11 – 6-8pm Jake McElvie and the Countetops, a unique indie rock, stream of consciousness band. For more details, click here.

  • Brew Barn Music – Phillipston (7/12/2021)

    The Brew Barn & Cidery at the Red Apple Farm in Phillipston has a series of music performances during the months of July and August. Click here for complete list of performances.

  • Christmas in July – Oakham (7/12/2021)

    The Town of Oakham is holding a new event on Saturday, July 24, 2021: Christmas in July. The event brings grandparents and grandchildren together offering professional colored hand-drawn caracatures. More details.

  • Hardwick Community Fair (7/12/2021)

    The 258th Hardwick Community Fair will be held August 20 & 21, 2021 on the common in Hardwick Massachusetts. Hardwick says the fair originated in 1762 and is the oldest fair in the United States. Visit the Hardwick Fair website. This is just one of several items in the 4 page Hardwick MA July Newsletter.

  • Monument Park Concerts (7/12/2021)

    Concerts at Gardner’s Monument Park:

    6/19/2021            6 pm      6/23/2021            Danny LeBlanc   Soft/Classic Rock

    6/26/2021            6 pm      6/30/2021            The Green Sisters            Folk

    7/3/2021              6 pm      None     Holdin’ Back        Patriotic

    7/10/2021            6 pm      None     The Remedy      Pop, Rock, Blues, Oldies & Country

    7/17/2021            6 pm      7/21/2021            Retro Stew         60’s/70’s/80’s

    7/24/2021            6 pm      7/28/2021            Mr. Strickland    —

    7/31/2021            6 pm      8/4/2021              Jumpin’ Juba      Blues

    8/7/2021              6 pm      8/11/2021            Maestro’s Men Polish

    8/14/2021            5 pm      8/18/2021            Beatles For Sale                Tribute

    8/21/2021            5 pm      None     Fellowship of the King   Elvis Tribute

    8/28/2021            5 pm      None     The Big Random               Classic Rock

  • Summer Concerts – Barre (7/12/2021)

    Nornay Park 2021 Summer Concert Series in Barre

    2021 Summer Concerts

    The Catnip Junkies – Saturday, June 5 – 6 to 8 p.m.

    Holdin’Back – Saturday, June 12 – 6 to 8 p.m.

    The Big Random – Saturday, June 26 – 6 to 8 p.m.

    Alley Kings – Saturday, July 10 – 6 to 8 p.m.

    Tequila Mockingbird – Saturday, July 24 – 6 to 8 p.m.

    The Otters – Saturday, August 7 – 6 to 8 p.m.

    Nashville Blues – Saturday, August 21 – 6 to 8 p.m.

    Nornay Park has a separate website.

  • Play in Athol (7/4/2021)

    The Town of Athol and the North Quabbin Region attract visitors to various activities. There are trails for varied abilities and a nice collection of parks and open spaces in and around downtown Athol. For more information visit the Parks and Trails page on the town of Athol website.