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  • Nate Boudreau
    Councilor Nate Boudreau 9 29 22
    Gardner MA City Councilor Nate Boudreau (Ward 3)

    Go Forward with Gardner Interview with Councilor Nate Boudreau

    This is another of what we hope will be a similar interview with each of Gardner’s City Councilors.

    Gardner Magazine Publisher Werner Poegel is conducting “Go Forward with Gardner” Interviews with various individuals in the Chair City. Our plan is to interview as many City Councilors as possible and various Community Leaders to get a complete picture of the Forward Vision of Gardner MA. It is a picture we want to share with residents, visitors, and those contemplating bringing business and industry. Gardner MA is a welcoming and cooperative City and we hope these interviews will show that.

    This time, our interview is with Ward 3 Councilor Nate Boudreau. Councilor Boudreau gave us his perspective on a variety of issues, clearly loves Gardner, wanting the best for its future, and was willing to answer all of our questions. Listen on any device. CLICK Play.

    Interview with Councilor Nate Boudreau

    Go Forward with Gardner page, CLICK HERE

  • STEM Grant
    STEM Grant
    STEM Grant

    Gardner MA Gets Share of $14.6 million in Workforce Development and STEM Grants

    The State of Massachusetts announced the list of recipients of the Workforce Development Capital Grants and the STEM Equipment and Teacher Professional Development Grants. Gardner Public Schools is receiving $80,528 to be used by GHS and GMS and is the only community in the Greater Gardner area to receive a grant from this round of the program. We have the full list, CLICK HERE

  • Community Center
    Gardner Community Center
    Gardner Community Center
    Waterford Street School Gardner MA 8
    Site of new Community Center Gardner MA

    Gardner Community Center Moves Closer to Reality in Gardner MA

    From a Press Release from Gardner City Hall, we learned that “Gardner Mayor Mike Nicholson, City Council President Elizabeth Kazinskas, State Representative Jonathan Zlotnik, and the leaders of community organizations will meet at the front doors of Waterford Street School to announce the future plans for the building on MONDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2022, at 10:00am. The City will be converting the school into a new Community Center to house different service organizations that currently serve the City’s residents. This new move will allow all organizations to grow their services they provide to the City and collaborate in new ways among each other.”

    The building became available because students who would have gone there this year are going to the new Gardner Elementary School. Approval of the Gardner City Council is still required.

    Complete Press Release, CLICK HERE

  • Dana Heath
    Councilor Dana Heath 9 29 22
    Gardner MA City Councilor Dana Heath (Ward 2)

    Go Forward with Gardner MA Interview with Councilor Dana Heath

    This is the first of what we hope will be a similar interview with each of Gardner’s City Councilors.

    Gardner Magazine Publisher Werner Poegel is conducting “Go Forward with Gardner” Interviews with various individuals in the Chair City. Our plan is to interview as many City Councilors as possible and various Community Leaders to get a complete picture of the Forward Vision of Gardner MA. It is a picture we want to share with residents, visitors, and those contemplating bringing business and industry. Gardner MA is a welcoming and cooperative City and we hope these interviews will show that.

    This time, our interview is with Ward 2 Councilor Dana Heath. Councilor Heath gave us a very honest, open, uplifting, positive and interesting interview and was willing to answer all of our questions. Listen on any device. CLICK Play.

    Interview with Councilor Dana Heath

    Go Forward with Gardner page, CLICK HERE

  • Appointments
    Appointments Committee 9 28 22
    Appointments Committee 9-28-22

    Gardner MA Appointments Committee Meets

    Focus of the September 28, 2022 meeting was on appointments to the Cultural Committee. Mayor Nicholson advised that he expects an appointment coming their way for Deputy Chief of Police at the next meeting. Watch on YouTube or listen here on any device. Click Play.

    Appointments Committee 9-28-22
  • School Committee
    School Committee 9 12 22
    School Committee 9-12-22

    School Committee Meeting Mixed Bag of Enthusiasm for School Opening and Mystery of What’s “in the Packet

    In a meeting released to the public more then 2 weeks after it occurred, the Gardner School Committee officially approved the previously released amended School Calendar, elected Robert Swartz as delegate to the Association of School Committees, stated it hoped a student member would be there for the next meeting, and focused on the new Gardner Elementary School with Superintendent Pellegrino and members expressing thanks.

    However, Gardner Magazine has reached out to Mayor Nicholson as to why the posted School Committee Agendas do not contain the complete packets as the City Council does in practice. Many references were made to “in the packet” during the meeting, leaving viewers and listeners confused by the mystery. We were assured a few months back by Superintendent Pellegrino that the agenda would contain the full packet come fall, but this has not occurred. Watch the meeting on our School Committee page or listen here on any device. CLICK play.

    School Committee 9-12-22

    View Meeting Agenda, CLICK HERE

  • Paving Update
    Road Paving Robillard Street Gardner MA
    Robillard Street, Gardner prior to paving

    Gardner MA DPW Updates City on Paving on September 28, 2022

    Base Coat to be completed in the Robillard Area. Berm is to be completed on Crestwood Drive. Kendall St/Warwick Rd to be pulverized. Thursday/Friday: Raising catch basins in the Robillard Area. Friday: – Base coat of asphalt Kendall Street and Warwick Road. Saturday: – Top/Finish Coat Crestwood Drive.

    Paving has been an expensive undertaking for the City of Gardner in 2022 as the cost of asphalt has risen substantially.

  • Pumps Update
    Pump House at Transfer Station 744 West Street Gardner MA 9 28 22
    Pump House at Transfer Station Gardner MA

    The Gardner MA Transfer Station is located at 744 West Street, Gardner. A Landfill Expansion Plan favored by DPW and Mayor Nicholson is currently under review by the Conservation Commission. Article on Recent Meeting

    Board of Health Director Lauren Saunders Diligently on top of Pumps Issue at Gardner MA Landfill.

    Saunders had discovered that prior to her tenure, a previous vendor handling maintenance of the pumps did a poor job, leaving the City of Gardner with a potentially huge upcoming bill. Director Saunders responded to our inquiry for more information with the following message indicating she’ll have more to say in a week or so. Listen on any device. Click Play.

    Saunders Statement Re Landfill
    Transfer Station Fees and Hours Gardner MA 9 28 22
    Hours at Transfer Station
    Transfer Station Mound Gardner MA 9 28 22
    Mound at Transfer Station

    City of Gardner Transfer Station for Gardner Residents is open various hours Weds. thru Sat. Click on any image for larger view.

    Transfer Prohibted Disposal Sign Gardner MA 9 28 22
    List of Prohibited Items
  • Tidy Up Gardner

    Keep Gardner Beautiful Nip Hunt & Clean-Up

    Homeowners Tidy Up Weekend
    Homeowners Tidy Up Weekend

    It’s Going to be Tidy Up Gardner MA This Weekend

    City-Wide Yard Sale – On Saturday October 1, 2022 Gardner has its Fall City Wide Yard Sale with dozens of homes participating. 8AM TO 2PM Visit

    Update: Organizer Julie Mazza indicates event will be held on Sunday October 2, 2022 instead. However, you may find individuals still having their Gardner Yard Sales on Saturday. It will depend on weather.

    Gardner Clean-up: Also on Saturday, October 1, 2022 Gardner has the Keep Gardner Beautiful Nip Hunt & Clean-Up with participants gathering at Gardner Plaza Check-in for pre-registered volunteers is 8:30AM. The clean-up takes place from 9AM to 12NOON. Any member of the public may participate. Volunteers each receive a FREE MATINEE movie ticket to the Gardner Cinemas. Register here.

    Tidy Up: It’s also the unofficial Homeowners Tidy Up Weekend in Gardner. The reason is Yard Waste Pickup is October 4-7 for Gardner residents on their regular trash pickup day.

    Tips and reminders from the City: “Grass clippings and leaves may be placed in paper yard waste bags or loose in open barrels with no lid. EL Harvey has asked that residents no longer use cardboard boxes. There is no limit to how many containers or bags of yard waste you can put out. Sticks less than 2 inches thick and up to 3 feet long may be place out in bundles. Yard waste may not include rocks, gravel, sod or dirt. All bundles and containers must weigh less than 50 pounds each.”

    So with all that in mind, here’s the suggested plan:

    1. Go to so you can sell some of your stuff. Links to resources, permitting, getting on the map for Saturday etc. are provided.

    2. Get the young adults in your house to volunteer for the Keep Gardner Nip Hunt & Clean Up. Or volunteer yourself if you’re not having a Yard Sale. Register.

    3. Tidy up your own place Saturday or Sunday.

    4. Don’t forget to buy some of other people’s stuff at the Fall Gardner Yard Sale. Map.

    Blessing of Pets

    Don’t forget to take a little time for your pets to be blessed at the “Blessing of Pets!” taking place Sunday October 2, 2022 at St. Paul’s Church, 79 Cross Street, Gardner. All pets are welcome for a blessing in front of the church from 11am to 1pm. Website, CLICK HERE


  • Public Safety Committee 9-28-22
    Public Safety Committee 9 28 22
    Public Safety Committee 9-28-22

    Watch the meeting on YouTube or listen to it here, playable on any device.

    Public Safety Committee 9-28-22

    This is an important meeting to listen to as there are several issues discussed which concern Gardner Citizens.

    Gardner MA Public Safety Committee Hears From Building, Police, and Health Departments at September 28, 2022 Meeting

    In an information-packed session, the Gardner Public Safety Committee consisting of Councilors James Boone, Karen Hardern, and Chairman Craig Cormier heard from Building Commissioner Roland Jean, Police Chief McAvene, and Public Health Director Lauren Saunders.

    Chief McAvene and Commissioner Jean
    Gardner Police Chief Eric McAvene (left) and Building Commissioner Roland Jean (right)
    Lauren Saunders
    Lauren Saunders

    Building Commissioner Roland Jean: He stated that 841 building permits have been issued this year. He spoke of the threat of a recession and rising interest rates. Jean stated that the search to fill a local inspector’s job continues as first applicant was not deemed qualified and 2nd applicant withdrew upon hearing salary amount. The Building Department is also looking for a custodian. Jean reported that they were at School Street School again yesterday for another break-in and stated he hopes the bid goes out for that building soon. The Courts have sent the issue of Park Street Development back to the Zoning Board who will hear the matter on October 20, 2022.

    Police Chief Eric McAvene: The Chief spoke of staffing issues and about the training of new officers. Currently the Department has a shortage of 5 officers which will be up to 7 by February. With respect to donations for K-9 Rocky, “the generosity of the community has been flabbergasting, truthfully.” Animal Control also has staffing issues due to injury and illness. Councilor Karen Hardern spoke of speeders being a problem since the Pleasant Street Bridge has been open, stating that “Greenwood Street is like a racetrack.” .

    Public Health Director Lauren Saunders: The Director gave a Prevention update speaking of September being Recovery Month. A Prevention Conference will be held at City Hall this year on October 21, 2022. Saunders went on to discuss issues with the pumps at the landfill. A company was out there in the past week and looked at all the pumps. The inspector called it the cadillac of pump systems, however he concluded that the system has been neglected and the maintenance has been shoddy. According to Saunders, “It’s kind of a mess.” The Director stated she will be asking for a maintenance line in her budget which she says does not currently exist. Saunders will be asking for some free cash to take care of the problem as soon as possible and says she has already spoken of the problem with the Mayor. Cost: $100,000 to $200,000 to bring in to full compliance. “This is a big need….We can’t ignore it.” The Director spoke of housing issues, litter enforcement, and the upcoming textile ban. Keep Gardner Beautiful Cleanup is this Saturday, October 1st. Covid cases are up again, Gardner’s positivity rate is higher than the State average, and FREE test kits are still available.

    Hardern at Public Safety
    Councilor Karen Harden 9-28-22

    Councilor Karen Harden Comments Regarding Public’s reaction to first-day traffic at Elementary School.

    “You go on the internet and you see everybody complaining. …the first day…I just want to say you did a fabulous job, and a lot of times, people, if they’re not complaining, I’m so sorry, they’re not happy.”

    Listen to meeting on any device. Just click Play.

    Gardner Public Safety Committee 9-28-22


Time in Gardner:

Around the Community of Gardner MA

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Gardner is a city in Worcester County with a population of just over 21 thousand people. It is home to Mount Wachusett Community CollegeHeywood Hospital, and Dunn State Park. Gardner became a city in 1923.


School District Office: (978) 632-1000

Elm Street: (978) 632-1673

Waterford Street: (978) 632-1605

Gardner Middle: (978) 632-1603

Gardner High: (978) 632-1600

Gardner Academy (978) 632-1606


Mayor’s Office: (978) 632-1490

Police Department: (978) 632-5600

Fire Department: (978) 630-4051

City Clerk: (978) 630-4058


Gardner Animal Control (978) 630-4950

Council on Aging: (978) 630-4067

Gardner CAC (978) 632-8700

Golf Course: (978) 632-9703

Gardner Museum (978) 632-3277

P.A.C.C. (978) 632-8875

Gardner Chamber (978) 632-1780

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