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  • Wednesday Afternoon (5/19/2022)
    Park Downtown Gardner MA

    Simultaneous events in Gardner MA, the Chair City are chronicled for one Wednesday afternoon.

    DPW at Gardner Dog Park
    Sports at Gardner MA High School

    It was a Great Wednesday Afternoon in Gardner MA

    On the afternoon of Wednesday, May 18, 2022 in Gardner Massachusetts, Gardner was quietly being a Great place to Live, Work, Play, and Visit.   People were going about their business on City Hall Avenue.   Shoppers were enjoying stores on Main Street.  The Lion made it to a new location on Parker Street.  The Downtown Garage was being used for vehicles, but there were plenty of easy spaces for more Downtown Shoppers to enjoy.

    The DPW was sprucing up the Dog Park and the dogs were having a good time.  A Downtown park was green with life.  Senior Center Director Mike Ellis met people at the job fair. Priscilla’s Candy Shop looked inviting from outside.  Across the City at the Uptown Rotary, the flowers were blooming.  People were shopping at Walmart, Timpany Plaza, and the Gardner Plaza.  People were enjoying food at their favorite eating places.   The construction site at the new Gardner Elementary School was quiet, with the outhouses resting after a long day of use and construction had completed for the day.   Gardner High School was active with many students enjoying the outdoors.

    It was an ordinary afternoon, but there wasn’t really anything ordinary about it.  It was actually pretty great.  People just weren’t thinking about how awesome it was!  Enjoy Gardner, the Chair City.      All Wednesday afternoon photos in the Chair City, click here.

  • GHS Concert (5/15/2022)
    Gardner High School MA Spring Concert

    Gardner MA High School Spring Concert Thursday May 19, 2022

    Come enjoy an evening of music in the newly reupholstered, carpeted, and painted Landry Auditorium at Gardner High School. The concert will include the Jazz Band, 8th Grade Chorus, 8th Grade Band, Select Choir, HS Chorus, & HS Band.  Admission is $4 adults, $3 students at the door.

    GHS Music on Facebook, CLICK HERE. – GMS on Facebook, CLICK HERE.

    Publisher’s note: We searched for a Music page on the Gardner School District website and couldn’t find one. We apologize if we missed it. Otherwise, time to add one.

  • School Committee 05-09-22 (5/12/2022)

    Watch the meeting on the City of Gardner’s Youtube page or on our School Committee page. CLICK HERE.

    Great Students Focus of Hour-long Gardner MA School Committee Meeting on May 9, 2022

    During the meeting, a number of students from the Elm Street Student Council were recognized by Superintendent Mark Pellegrino. There’s was even a quick recess for a photo op with the students.

    Various reports were heard including from Robert Swartz of the Facilities Subcommittee: “Work on high school athletic fields continues, vendor is working very hard trying to bring them back to life again.  I’m getting reports that they’re looking better and better.” Mayor Nicholson noted that the painting in the Landry auditorium began on 5-9-22, hope is it will be done in time for concert next week. John Lafrieniere reported from the Finance Subcommittee,”We discussed student/staff meal pricing.   Will wait for more info to vote on possible price increase at June meeting.” Superintendent Pellegrino spoke about his goals including District improvement, increasing school and family partnerships, and creating a culture of dignity in the schools.

    School Committee Member Comments

    anne hurst

    Anne Hurst during meeting stated, “As a disability advocate for more than 30 years, these are the types of things with special education and inclusion of students, the social-emotional learning, has been stuff than I and many other parents have been advocating for many, many years, and I am thrilled to see this coming to fruition, finally, and everybody has really done a lot of work to make this happen.  And I just think people ;need to know the history too, that this has been a long time coming.  … There are a lot of districts who don’t have anything like this.  We are lucky to have the dedicated people that we have.”

    Anne Hurst in comments stated “ I just want to congratulate the guidance counselors and all the students who were here tonight.  It is just, it makes me feel so good to see kids being involved in taking initiative, and you know, they’re gonna be our future leaders, and that’s, it’s very impressive what’s been going on.  I also did want to mention that May is Mental Health Month, you know, don’t ever think that it can’t happen to you or someone you know…people kinda suffer in silence.  I lost my brother about 7  years ago now to suicide, and don’t be one of those people who says, I never saw it coming, ‘cause there’s things you can do, there’s resources out there, and people are not going to reach out to you. Thank  you.”

    ward leighton

    Shannon Ward Leighton stated “Echoing the same thing.  Just really happy to see all the positive things that are happening and I did want to mention: last week the Gardner Elementary School PTO put on at Art Show and it was huge, it was busy for the full 3 hours that I was there, and I know that there was a lot of funds raised to kind of pad the account next year, so when we open the new Elementary School, we have some resources available to do fun events for the kids, and just a big shout out to Missy Torez and Kelley Perkins, who it was kinda like, their baby to put this together and it was really cool. It was very cool, there was a lot of good raffle baskets.  There were bikes and a lot of parents donated a lot of money for their kids artwork which is very cool.  And the photo booth was a really big hit… “

    Jennifer Pelavin” I also want to thank the Elm Street School student council.  My daughter was a part of it, so obviously I know what little projects they did.  It was amazing how much they got to do.  I think they met for like an hour, maybe, I think it was every other week, and it was amazing what they accomplished in that short time period.  And also I did attend the art gallery last week and it was amazing to see how many parents, were there, I mean, it was packed.  For the people walking around purchasing the art, and I think it was a great idea and hopefully we can do it, hopefully yearly, would be nice, because I think it’s something that you know it’s neat for the kids to go and see somebody pay for something they created too.  It really gave them a sense of worth that way, so, that is all, thank you.”

    Robert Swartz

    Robert Swartz “I’m looking forward to… when I’ll be attending the Special Olympics on Watkins Field, I’m looking forward to that.  Special Olympics of May,… well the 26th.  I hope those kids don’t lose their ambition to volunteer.  As they’ll get older, they’ll be interested in other things, but I just hope the momentum keeps going. And it’s great for them to do all that volunteering.  Thanks for Seaman Paper and Garlock Industries for donating $5500 each to Junior/Senior Prom.  We haven’t had a prom for a couple of years, so it’s great to see the train rolling down the track again. That’s all I have.”

    John LaFrieniere, “Just thank the Elm Street School Student Council, that was really nice to see, and motivating I think, you know. To see that young and all they’re doing, is great.  Hopefully it does continue. And I know Rachael didn’t make it here tonight, but just let her know if she’s watching, she’s got some homework….a stack of things to sign.

    Mayor Nicholson

    Mayor Nicholson, “On my end I also want to thank the Elm Street School Student Council for coming tonight.  It was great to have that pizza lunch with them the other day too.  They went through a list of 22 questions that they have previously prepared beforehand, and they were very thoughtful in those questions too, I’ll say that.  It’s nice to see them getting involved.

    Just to give people an update as they are planning their commutes to and from school.: We did have to adjust our paving schedule to a more condensed season this year due to gas prices and our contract expiring at the end of June, which would cause the prices to go up further.  For us, we were locked in at a lower rate, but where that ends at the end of the fiscal year, ….work on Pearl Street will be completed by May 19th, Central Street, West Lynde, West and Monadnock will have work done between May23rd and May31st. Parker Street, West, and Monadnock will be paved on June 1st. And Woodlawn Avenue will have work done between June 13th and June 17th, so that’s a lot more condensed than we normally have our paving season. Our price of asphalt is going up 40% on July 1st.

    Nicholson continued, “Congratulations to all of our alum who are graduating from college over the next couple of weeks here…You can come home to Gardner after you graduate college, we have a lot waiting for you here. I want to thank the 30 to 40 volunteers from Gardner High School who helped in the citywide litter cleanup this past weekend. It was great to see so many of our students out, not only just around the schools but also on Rear Main Street and several other places around the City. it was really nice to see the younger generation of our city to be getting involved like that and having that be the example of other people to follow in the community.”

    Nicholson continued, “I did go to Boston today for the governor’s new Forward Bill…In the 3.5 billion dollars in ARPA funding…. there’s also increased funding for innovative pathways and early college programs that we’ll be looking at. I also plan to put up the money for the Snack Shack bathrooms, or at least a substantial portion at the June City Council meeting. And the City Budget will also be presented for that first June meeting as well.”


  • Gardner Fields (4/29/2022)
    photo at athletic fields

    City of Gardner MA Athletic Fields

    Gardner is investing over $600,000 to improve School Athletic Fields. Press Release has details. CLICK HERE

    CLICK PHOTO at left for larger view.

  • School Committee 4-11-22 (4/12/2022)
    school committee 4-11-22
    Gardner MA School Committee 4-11-22 Watch the meeting on the City of Gardner YouTube channel or on our School Committee page. CLICK HERE.
    Reading Success

    Busy Gardner MA School Committee Meeting on April 11, 2022

    As is often the case, the School Committee opened the meeting with recognitions. It was noted that out of 10 School districts participating in the Winter Reading Challenge, Gardner students read 1/3 of all the books. Students were awarded gifts. And, older students who took the MCAS Exam found success, with several students winning scholarships for tuition.

    Robert Swartz

    The Finance sub-committee’s report was made by Robert Swartz who reported that the athletic director was pleased that the athletic field work was underway. The locker contract has been signed. During the next school year, 5 pre k classes are anticipated. The School Committee unanimously voted to raise the rates from $220 to $260 per month for full day, and from $110 to $130 for half day.

    Anne Hurst

    The Policy sub-committee’s report was made by Anne Hurst. The school district will be changing policy to include a provision that regardless of age, if a child has completed kindergarten in another school district, the child can attend first grade. Previously, an age requirement applied.

    Gino Divito reported for the Student Advisory Board. He commented on the success of the music programs and the start of spring sports.

    Dr. Goguen

    Dr. Goguen had a Covid update and referred to the bi-weekly dashboard of covid cases in the district and noted that the number of positive cases had dropped in the past week.

    Gardner Bi-weekly dashboard
    Gardner Public Schools Dashboard – CLICK IMAGE for larger view

    Dr. Goguen also remarked on Kindergarten registration: As of today 88 students are registered and we try to plan for 200. There are 176 students in current kindergarten.

    There was a special education update and member Shannon-Ward Leighton praised the proactive approach to in-class behavior issues, rather than waiting for things to happen.

    School Committee Member Comments

    Shannon War Leighton

    Shannon Ward-Leighton  regarding Diversity event in March, “I walked in and didn’t realize it was going to be as big as it was…it was wonderful though.  The musical was great, all the concerts were great. It was just good to see the kids faces.”

    Anne Hurst

    Anne Hurst “went to the cultural events and the school play and I saw one of the concerts…it was so much fun…it’s good to see everybody out and doing things….it feels a little more normalcy.  Very proud of the students who won the awards for reading and the students with the scholarships. There are a lot of good things that happen in this district.”

    Gino Divito

    Gino Divito “ So, I wanna say, parents for the graduating class this year, we are putting on baccalaureate again.  I was told to formally invite everyone here including everyone who’s not here….It will be May31st at Annunciation Parish….NHS is also trying to bring back recycling at the high school.”

    Robert Swartz

    Robert Swartz, “Like Mrs. Hurst I saw the high school play.  It was great. To see the students do their theatrical skills, it was really wonderful, to see that again.  This Thursday the facilities committee will meet at the Helen Mae Sauter School, hopefully for the last time.”

    Rachael Cormier

    Rachael Cormier, “I want to recognize all the students that were honored…it’s no coincidence we have so many high school students honored when we have the great reading programs for the younger grades.  It’s starts there.  We can’t expect them to succeed in high school if we’re not starting in kindergarten and first grade.”  

    Jennifer Pelavin

    Jennifer Pelavin, “…I did attend the Elm Street School play which was adorable.  The kids did such a great job… I’m so glad that everybody is getting to do this all again.”


  • Budget Approved (3/15/2022)

    Gardner MA School Committee Approves Budget

    We have all the details on the meeting. For the complete article, CLICK HERE.

  • Mayor- Chair (3/12/2022)
    Mayor Nicholson brought the “Magic Mike” to Landry Auditorium at Gardner High School for his 3-11-22 Weekly Update. He is showing one of the chairs now made at Gardner High School.

    Watch the Mayor’s Updates on YouTube or on our Mayor’s Update page. CLICK HERE.

    Gardner MA Mayor Michael Nicholson Shares the Chair, Highlights Gardner Manufacturing, Focuses on Improvements, and Channels Gardner Culture.

    Mayor Nicholson reported on a visit to Vivitide in the Suffolk Industrial Park on the Gardner/Ashburnham line. (previous name: New England Peptide).

    Vivitide – Gardner MA Website: CLICK HERE

    Notable Gardner Industry

    The Mayor reports that the company is notably currently working on  targeted chemotherapy for cancer treatments.    Gardner might do a manufacturing month during the month of May to highlight Gardner manufacturers.


    Mayor Nicholson reminded the Chair City that soon construction will be underway again in Gardner. Map of Gardner projects, CLICK HERE.

    There’s various roadway improvements, development starting at Parker and Connors Street, the rear Main Street corridor, and other existing buildings. There will be contractor bids requested for 14 Leamy Street, and a City-owned land sale on April 13th. Should be a busy Spring in Gardner MA.

    Gardner Massachusetts Live, Work, Visit, and Play

    Ordinances of Note

    Mayor Nicholson reviewed the various ordinances passed by the Gardner City Council at its last meeting including an increase in fees for the Fire and Building Departments, updates to Animal Control, options for Blighted Buildings, Restaurant Outdoor seating, and getting rid of an archaic arcades code.

    He reminded citizens that ordinances are only FINAL after the second printing, which is simply the term for a second vote. The Mayor thanked Acting Chief Alfano, says the investigation is wrapping up, “should have public resolution to everything that’s happening at the Police Department by the end of next week.”

    Channeling Gardner MA Culture

    Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson channeled Gardner culture, remarking that the first musical will be held at Gardner High School in 3 years. He mentioned the Community and Culture Festival coming up on March 16th and other events. To view the complete Gardner High School Calendar with details of upcoming events, CLICK HERE.

    You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

    The Gardner High School Spring Musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” will be held Thurs. March 17, Fri. March 18, and Saturday March 19, all shows start at 7pm at Landry Auditorium. Tickets at the door: Adults $10, Students and Seniors $8. Advanced tickets: Adults $8, Students and Seniors $5.

  • Mask Mandate Gone (2/18/2022)

    Read 2/28/22 letter from Gardner Superintendent of Schools Mark Pellegino. CLICK HERE.

    Not so Fast! Greater Gardner Mask Mandate only Partially Rescinded.

    While on February, 28, 2022, masks will no longer be required in Gardner Public Schools and other schools in area communities, all students and staff must still wear masks on school buses. There are other requirements and recommendations, and changing circumstances could bring the masks back.

  • Concept to Reality (2/18/2022)
    Artist’s Drawing
    February 2022

    From Concept to Reality – Real new Gardner MA Elementary School getting closer to Artist’s drawing.

    We have a progress photos page using screenshots from publicly provided drone video. To view the exciting page of photos of the school slated to open to students in Fall 2022, CLICK HERE

  • Schools 2-14-22 (2/15/2022)
    Gardner MA School Committee 2-14-22
    Teacher Alison Lombardi honored.

    The Gardner MA School Committee meetings can be watched on YouTube or on our School Committee page. CLICK HERE.

    The meeting ended with positive comments by School Committee members:

    Shannon Ward-Leighton thanked the Central office staff for getting her up to speed. Impressed with school improvement plans.

    Anne Hurst – stated that there was a lot to be proud of in this district and she was proud to be part of it. “The people who think so negatively about things are not informed, and don’t realize what is actually happening. I appreciate everybody and all they do.”

    Gardner MA School Committee meets for Valentine’s Day session

    The tone of the Valentine’s Day School Committee meeting was overwhelmingly positive as a successful teacher was recognized and the various school principals chronicled the successes of the various programs which have been put in place to improve learning in the Schools. The common theme was one of stressing continual evaluation through constant data gathering to improve academic performance, attendance, and discipline. It was stated that when students feel supported, they come to school more.

    Next year’s Junior class will be the first class where financial literacy will be a graduation requirement. Goal: Students can balance a checkbook, cook a meal, and sew a button. Superintendent Pellegrino added, “No credit cards, don’t be in debt.” Other discussions focused on the positive aspects and development and increased parental involvement including the PTO.

    Robert Swartz reported that the School District had ordered 90 tons of salt for the winter and had already used 65 tons due to the type of winter we’ve had.

    Student Representative Gino Divito announced that the High School had begun practice for the yearly Musical which this year will be “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” to be performed March 17-19. Also, the National Honor Society inducted 24 new members.

    Supt. Pellegrino indicated he’ll be making a decision on masks on Friday after the Safety Committee Meeting, noting the masking mandate is done as of February 28, 2022.

    The School Committee voted unanimously to accept students for School Choice in the coming year and approved School Calendar 2022-23 Option 1 which features 4 full days of professional development up front and 4 1/2 days at other times in school year. A survey of parents and staff had been held with 59% desiring Option 1.

    Calendar option 1 excerpt

    Jennifer Pelavin -“Everything is starting to come together. It’s just all positive news and I’m glad to see it.”

    Gino Divito – “It’s a lot cooler to see how much things have changed over the years.”

    Robert Swartz – “Thanks for the nurses who are working very hard to keep us healthy.”

    John LaFreniere – “Thanks to the Principals and their staffs for putting together these programs and presenting to us. Looks great, proud of them.”

    Rachael Cormer – ” I have praise for Alison Lombardi.”

    Mayor Nicholson – “Rockwell committee committed just under 100 grand.”


  • Mask Mandate (2/12/2022)

    Gardner Public Schools is currently not making any data available as to the number of staff and students afflicted with Covid. No word as to why.

    Gardner MA Schools go DARK on Covid Data, Mum on Masks

    Gardner Public Schools Covid Dashboard hasn’t been updated in a month. The current DASHBOARD was checked on January 28, 2022 and again on February 12, 2022 – still states updating and has missing data. No word on why. With the statewide Mask Mandate expiring February 28, 2002 we are waiting for word on whether Gardner Public Schools will be requiring masks in March or not. As of this date, the official website has no information.

  • School Closings (2/3/2022)

    Greater Gardner MA School Closings

    The three network TV affiliates in Boston each publish updated school closing information for our area: Here are the links: ABCNBCCBS

  • Covid Dashboard (1/28/2022)
    CLICK on IMAGE for larger view

    Gardner MA Covid Dashboard Not Yet Updated

    As of 10pm on January 28, 2022, the Gardner Public School Covid 19 Bi-Weekly DASHBOARD shows “updating” instead of a number of cases. We’ll update this story if the information becomes available.

  • Gardner Cheerleaders (1/23/2022)
    Gardner MA Varsity Cheerleading Team
    Gardner MA Varsity Cheerleading Team

    Gardner MA Varsity Cheerleading Team Scores Huge 5th Place Showing

    NCA Championship LOGO

    Gardner Wildcat Athletics has announced that the Gardner MA Varsity Cheerleading Team has brought home a strong 5th place showing at the National Competition.  The top cheerleaders from across the entire United States converged on the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas during the weekend of January 22/23, 2022.  

  • Furniture – Fixtures (1/20/2022)
    Gardner Elementary School furniture fixtures equipment bid opening

    Bids opened for Gardner MA Elementary School Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

    Bid Opening relating to Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment for the Gardner Elementary School was held at noon at January 19, 2022. Watch the bid opening video, CLICK HERE

  • School Committee 1-4-22 (1/5/2022)
    Pledge of Allegiance during Gardner MA School Committee Meeting January 4, 2022
    Little Chair

    Mayor Nicholson announced that the little chairs Gardner often gives out will now be made by a woodworking class at Gardner High School, thanking teachers spearheading the effort, “teaching students to measure twice and cut once.”

    First Gardner MA School Committee Meeting of New Year

    Superintendent Mark Pellegrino praised the work of Rebecca McCaffrey, Director of Health Services for “work and dedication” on the 1-4-22 vaccine clinic.  The following officers were elected at the meeting: Elected Vice Chair – Attorney Jennifer Pelavin, Elected Finance Officer – John Lafreniere, Elected Alternate finance officers – Robert Swartz, Attorney Pelavin, Elected Secretary – Rachael Cormier. Per the City Charter, the Mayor serves as the Chairman of the School Committee. 

    The Superintendent reported a Covid 19 updated: 270 tests and thousands of KM 95 masks were received on New Year’s Day, 100 tests were distributed, and 4 staff members tested positive with the home tests.  75 cases in the district, 14 are staff and 61 students. — Building update was very brief: new Elementary School is proceeding on time and on budget. —    Watch the entire meeting on YouTube or on our Gardner MA School Committee page


  • Gardner Elementary (12/26/2021)
    Gardner Elementary School

    Gardner MA Elementary Building update

    Considerable progress is being made on the new Elementary School for Gardner MA.  The School Building Committee held a recent meeting in December. For more details, CLICK HERE

  • Gardner Schools (12/17/2021)
    Gardner MA School Covid Cases 12-16-21
    Gardner Covid 19 cases 12-3-21
    Gardner Covid 19 cases 11-19-21

    Gardner MA School Covid Cases

    Gardner Public School Covid Cases up again in 12/16/21 Bi-Weekly Dashboard to 52 positive cases after falling in the previous two weeks. See reports at left.

    Other Covid Resources:

    City of Gardner Covid 19 page (not actively updated)

    Heywood Hospital YouTube update 12-8-21

    Gardner Magazine Vaccine News page

    State of MA Covid information page

    CDC Covid Information page including information on new variants.

  • Winchendon Schools (12/16/2021)
    Covid Data for Winchendon Schools. CLICK IMAGE for larger view.

    Winchendon High School Goes Remote

    The Winchendon MA School system cites the number of positive Covid 19 cases for the return to remote learning for Murdock High School students effective now through at least after the start of the new year.  Current Covid data as of 12/13/21 shown at left.  It is unknown whether similar steps are being considered for other schools in the system if those cases also rise.

  • School Improvement (12/14/2021)
    Elementary School Principal Earl Martin

    School Strategic Objectives

    School Strategic Objectives
    CLICK IMAGE for larger view

    “Create a School where all members experience JOY, ACHIEVEMENT and CARE”

    School Vision

    School Image
    CLICK IMAGE for larger view

    Gardner MA Students are getting Smarter!

    Principal Earl Martin Highly Praised in Gardner MA School System

    Affectionately called “The Earl of Martin” by one school committee member, the Waterford Street and Elm Street School principal discussed the Gardner Elementary School Improvement Plan which seeks to make learning engaging and thought provoking, allowing students to experience JOY and actually look forward to coming to school. The plan emphasizes academic, emotional, and social achievement. School Superintendent Mark Pellegrino indicated reading scores are already way up. Principal Martin is tasked with aiding in the transition to the new Gardner Elementary School which is slated to open in the Fall of 2022.

    It was noted at the meeting that next year 10 buses may be needed instead of the current 9. Governor Baker may come out to the next vaccine clinic in January (182 were vaccinated at last clinic). Mask policy in place through January 15, 2022 and most likely will continue. Mayor Nicholson indicated Gardner will get at home antigen kits, but is uncertain of the number as of yet.

    Learning Success

    In a telephone report, Dr. Goguen reported that the Learning Walks to all 5 schools revealed a 74% increase in higher order thinking and a 37% increase in student engagement since 2018. See Math.

    Teamwork creative vision connect motivation strategy
    Extraordinary Teamwork with creative vision, strategy, and motivation yielding success in Gardner MA Public Schools

  • School Committee (12/14/2021)

    School Committee Meets

    The City of Gardner School Committee met on December 13, 2021 for about 80 minutes. Watch the complete meeting on our Gardner School Committee page. CLICK HERE

  • Math (12/13/2021)
    Gardner MA Math

    Gardner MA Math in the News

    Why Does Gardner MA recommend Eureka Math?   According to the company website linked from Gardner’s official site it’s because “Eureka Math set a new standard for rigor, coherence, and focus in the classroom so students gain a deeper understanding of the why behind the numbers, all while making math more enjoyable to learn and teach.”

    Maybe Gardner teachers are actually creating smarter students in all subjects.  At a December 13, 2021 Gardner School Committee meeting, Dr. Goguen reported on “Learning Walk” results. From 2018 to 2021, she is reporting a 74% increase in higher order thinking and a 37% increase in student engagement with a 17% increase in all categories. And we thought you’d like to know the Why behind the math.  For more information on Eureka Math, CLICK HERE


  • Gardner MA School Calendars (9/12/2021)

    Gardner Massachusetts School Calendars

    Here are some helpful links to Gardner MA School and College Calendars: Gardner High SchoolGardner AcademyGardner Middle SchoolElm Street SchoolWaterford Street SchoolHoly Family AcademyMonty-Tech – Mount Wachusett Community College: Events and Academic

  • Back – to – School Festival Gardner (7/13/2021)

    Gardner Back-to-School Festival

    The Gardner Public Schools Back-to-School Festival 2021 takes place Thursday, August 26, 2021 from 5-7pm. Join the Staff and community partners at Watkins Field as students and their families come together to ring in the new school year with music, fun, and games!. Please call (978) 632-1000 for more information or visit the Gardner Public School official Facebook page.