National Compliment Day

National Compliment Day is January 24

Feel free to download the large version of any image and send the compliment to someone you know.

You're One of a kind
I'm inspired by you
Wanted more great people like you
You're a Great Leader
You're so thoughtful
there's ordinary and then there's you
you make us all smile
you do a great job
You are so easy to love because you are so loving
you are really good at this - customer service - thank you
you always seem to put things in motion
You're like a beautiful butterfly.
you do a great job balancing priorities
you deserve a medal
you are so technically inclined
best of luck
you are really something special
you are aweseome, smart, strong, kind, wonderful
you did great
you inspire
you're a great coach
you're as honest as abe
you are really courageous
enjoy the little things
human actions
be active be healthy be  happy
today learner is tomorrow leader
the beginning is the most important part of the work