Gardner MA Brand Involves Elements of Proven Success


Audio of the Gardner Brand – Here are 4 different voices with the same Gardner Brand intro script.

Gardner Brand – Joe F
Gardner Brand – Bella B
Gardner Brand – Terra G
Gardner Brand – Marcus G

In order to attract Business, Industry, Organizations, and Residents, a City must first strive for, and then achieve, various elements of success.    As Gardner which was founded in 1785 reaches its 100th year as a City in January 2023, the Chair City of Gardner is emerging as a desirable brand.   Over time, the theories it has espoused and the marketing points it has made have evolved into concrete proof of success.

Elements of Success


Successful Projects

Successful Startups

Active Development

Infrastructure Improvements

Government Transparency

Sound Fiscal Management

Cooperative Relationships

Community Amenities

Quality Education

Quality Health Care

Resident Pride


Gardner Vision Audio

Gardner Vision – Paul B.
Gardner Vision – Sofia H.


Gardner MA has a forward-looking vision.

Gardner’s Mayor Nicholson says, “The City is willing to invest in you so it’s OK to invest in us.” and “We’re willing to work with whoever is willing to come here.”

Small Business Tools

A variety of Small Business Tools are available in Gardner MA. For our complete January 2022 article, CLICK HERE.

Gardner MA is all about Premium Quality products, caring people, and premium quality potential. Our article, CLICK HERE. Gardner Business Wish List. CLICK HERE.

The City of Gardner has a vision.   A vision of a dynamic, Central Massachusetts city, equipped to be a first choice in which to Live, Work, Play, and Visit.   A welcoming City, for new and exciting projects for business, industry, organizations, and residents.  A desire to have “active”  City employees, business owners, manufacturing leaders, involved citizens, all contributing to a “promising future” of inspiring growth fueled by Gardner’s unique and historic innovative spirit.   Leaders with excellent insight,  and the foresight to plan effectively.    A desire to have a profile of success for the long-term.    A plan to provide” high-quality” “community amenities”  for its citizens.   An objective of developing excellent student academic performance, starting with the early years of education.   A “goal” of delivering the highest quality community health care possible.   “Achieving” top benchmarks so resident pride is an inherent component of Gardner Massachusetts life.

Gardner MA Successful Construction Projects

Successful Projects

Gardner MA has documented successful projects meaning your vision can be more than a “Pipe-Dream” with the Chair City behind you.

Gardner’s Mayor Nicholson says on 4-28-22: “We’ve shown that we’re willing to invest in people, and that not only makes it so that there is an idea of growth, but we’ve got actual concrete examples of it.  We’ve got 7 new businesses that have opened in the Downtown in the past 6 months.  Added together with the other businesses that have opened in the past two years we’re closer to 20 or 30.” 

To look up current City projects, CLICK HERE

Start Up Gardner MA

Successful Startups

Gardner MA has successful startups. Companies who have chosen Gardner to start their businesses and have become successful.

Gardner’s Mayor Nicholson says, “We can show concrete examples of:  We worked with this business and now here they are 2  years later and they’ve grown and succeeded.  On top of that we have our larger companies who been here almost a decade or more.” 

Want to Open a Business in Gardner. Here’s our November 2021 article. CLICK HERE


Active Development

Gardner MA has an Active Development Department with City Employees who are engaged and proactive. Gardner’s Community Development and Planning page. CLICK HERE. Gardner’s Economic Development. CLICK HERE Helpful tips for starting a business in Gardner. CLICK HERE.

Among other things, the mission of Community Development and Planning includes planning and managing sustainable growth, promoting economic development, and protecting and enhancing both the natural and built environment.

Our article on Gardner Growth from November 2021, CLICK HERE.

Gardner MA Infrastructure

Infrastructure Improvements

Gardner MA has made and continues to make improvements to its infrastructure which is a tremendous benefit to the Gardner brand.

Gardner won an award from the Massachusetts Municipal Association for its Online Map. For details, CLICK HERE.

To look up current City projects, CLICK HERE

It’s easy to look up parcels in Gardner. CLICK HERE. Interested in a zoning map? CLICK HERE

Transparency in government

Government Transparency

Gardner MA makes itself a great place to do business by keeping the workings of its government in the hands of the people, with a demonstrated policy of transparency.

Gardner makes its City Council Agenda and document packet available to the public ahead of meetings. CLICK HERE. The City of Gardner also maintains an active YouTube page featuring weekly Mayor’s updates, City Council Meetings, School Committee meetings, and other City meetings. CLICK HERE. The Mayor’s office is accessible and engaged. CLICK HERE. Gardner has an active Public Schools website. CLICK HERE.

Audit - Sound Fiscal Management

Sound Fiscal Management

Gardner MA practices sound fiscal management, taking its fiduciary responsibilities seriously. Gardner recently had its best external audit ever in its history.

This is the first known year in the City’s history that not only were there no findings found, but also no suggestions of how things could go better. It’s the best audit result Gardner could possibly have received and objectively shows that the Chair City is well-managed. Mayor Nicholson said, “Big congratulations to our City Auditor John Richard and to the other Department Heads who are part of our Finance Team.   It will  help improve our bond rating as we move forward as well.”

Cooperative Creative Process

Cooperative Relationships

Gardner MA fosters cooperative relationships with developers and thus delivers results closer to the business owner’s vision.

Gardner’s Mayor Nicholson says, “It’s not just can we replicate it, but who can we partner with on this.  The partners we have in the community is something that has grown in the past two years.”

Gardner is Community

Community Amenities

Gardner MA helps make it easier for its employers to attract great workers by making an effort to upgrade community amenities.

Gardner has attractive open space areas including hiking trails and scenic picnic areas. CLICK for DETAILS. Gardner has made a commitment to providing Playgrounds and Recreation for the community. CLICK for DETAILS. Gardner MA has a Dog Park at Pulaski Park which provides separate areas for large and small dogs, including an agility area. More Information.

Gardner has an active ART Community. Here’s our January Article on Thumbs Up for Art in the Chair City. CLICK HERE.

Eating Out in Gardner MA is a great experience with most restaurants achieving good Google ratings. Here’s our article on restaurants in Gardner MA. CLICK HERE.

Gardner MA Education

Quality Education

Gardner MA offers a quality education with a constant program of academic improvement.

Gardner MA Health and Medical Care.

Quality Health Care

Gardner MA offers quality Health Care with a state-of-the-art Community Hospital which is continually improving and expanding, plus a record of growth with other community health providers.

Gardner MA Home Improvement

Resident Pride and Home Improvements

In 2021, The City of Gardner approved a record number of Building permits, many of them for improvements to residential property in an unprecedented show of pride in the City.

The City of Gardner is now using online permit and license tracking via Viewpoint Cloud for all building, electrical, plumbing, gas, and vacant/abandoned property permits. CLICK HERE. For Viewpoint cloud, click here. Other Links: Zoning Regulations – Zoning Map – MA State Building Code – Building Department page

Gardner on the Move

Spread the Word About Gardner MA

Many great products are produced, many great businesses are found, and many groups do good. The growing Chair City has Industry on the Move, Progress in Business, A Community Working Together and Growing Together, with a Formula for Success.  A Mayor with the courage to challenge the status quo, a City Council open to change, a Healthcare system meeting today’s challenges, and a Community of Thinkers.   

There are many ways to interact with the City of Gardner online. For the complete article, CLICK HERE.

Gardner MA is a quality brand.

Thinking of coming to Gardner?

Good Choice.