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  • Winchendon Town Wide

    Winchendon MA Town Wide Yard Sale

    Saturday August 13, 2022 from 8am to noon. Maps are available at Rescued Treasures, 200 Central Street, Winchendon. Yard Sale was organized by Ahimsa Haven Animal Rescue. Website

  • Board of Selectmen
    Winchendon Select Board

    Watch the Meeting on You Tube or click Play button at right to listen on any device.

    Winchendon MA has a YouTube channel, CLICK HERE.

    Winchendon MA Board of Selectmen met on July 25, 2022

    Listen to this meeting on any device. Just click PLAY. Audio starts about 7 seconds in.

    Winchendon Selectmen 7-25-22

    Older Meetings

    Board of Selectmen 6-27-22

    Winchendon School Committee

    School Committee June 16, 2022
  • Mosquitos

    Mosquito Control Team Back Again to Greater Gardner MA

    The Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project is sending its team to the area on August 4, 11, 18, 25, and September 1.  Dates are tentative and weather permitting.   Requests for service may be recorded by calling  the CMMCP office at (508) 393-3055 between 7am and 3:30pm weekdays.   For more info visit the website.  CLICK  HERE.

  • Storm

    Severe Thunderstorm with Tornado Warnings Hit parts of Worcester County including Greater Gardner MA on July 21, 2022

    Orange Airport had a wind gust of 58 miles per hour. Athol MA had a storm producing up to 1 inch hail. Route 2 West near Warwick MA closed due to trees falling across highway. The storm passed over many of the towns in the Greater Gardner area including the City of Gardner. A tornado warning was in effect until 4:15pm, having been issued an hour earlier. Tornado Warning now expired. Severe Thunderstorm Warning Eastern Worcester County and Southern New Hampshire until 4:45pm

    Strong storms are expected in other areas of Massachusetts including Middlesex County and Southern New Hampshire until early evening. It is unknown at the time of this report whether a tornado actually touched down. In Eastern Franklin County there were downed trees and some power outages.


  • Satellite Internet
    Starlink Map GardnerMA
    Starlink Cost

    Unlimited Satellite Internet now available in Gardner MA and some area towns

    Elon Musk’s venture Starlink Satellite Internet is available to Gardner residents, and other area towns such as Winchendon, Phillipston, and Templeton.  Currently, the price is $110 per month for residential plus the cost of equipment.  Other satellite services are available to Gardner, but here is the difference: the bandwidth limit and latency.  Starlink offers unlimited internet while others have considerable limits, making the use of streaming apps not feasible in the past.  With Starlink,  you can do whatever  you did before with Cable internet.    Cost is not cheap, but it is a viable alternative, and a great backup for any business relying on the World Wide Web.   Note that Fitchburg and Leominster still have to wait.   There is more information on their website and you can check your exact address for availability.   CLICK HERE.

    We checked out exact cost. You’ll pay a total of $686.44 upfront for equipment and then billing will start within about 2 weeks of shipping out to you. Currently $110 monthly.


  • State Primary

    Winchendon has announced the September 6, 2022 State Primary Early Voting Hours at the Town Hall, 2nd Floor Auditorium, 109 Front Street, Winchendon. SATURDAY, AUGUST 27: 9AM-3PM, MONDAY, AUGUST 29: 8AM-6PM, TUESDAY, AUGUST 30: 8AM-5PM, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31: 8AM-5PM, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1:  8AM-5PM


  • Winchendon Town Meeting Results

    Results: Winchendon Annual/Special Town Meeting May 16, 2022

    Results at left by percentage. For complete results, here’s the pdf. CLICK HERE.

    For other agendas, Minutes, and past meeting videos, CLICK HERE.

  • 988 Lifeline

    Nation including Greater Gardner MA has new number for National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    The new number, 988, is easy to remember and is designed to save lives. The number is accessible across the United States and will connect callers with a trained counselor at any time. You can even text the number and get a response.

    Gardner Magazine found it difficult to find a high quality image, so we’re making it available here in a pdf you can print for the office or workplace. CLICK HERE. Note: even if you have only a B/W laser printer, print and display this and you may just save a life.

    Note: To avoid confusion, we are not publishing the old longer number which is still working for now.


  • Winchendon 5-6-22
    Winchendon MA

    Winchendon MA 2022 Warrant Articles for Special and Annual Town Meeting on 5-16-22

    Special and Annual Town Meeting Warrant:  CLICK HERE

    Winchendon Proposed Zoning Bylaw Provisions CLICK HERE

    In other Winchendon Items: Winchendon is actively seeking a full-service grocery store.  “Our Food Retail Working Team has been working hard and we need your input one more time” Survey Form

    Winchendon is hiring a Treasurer/Collector   More Details.


  • Covid 4-1-22
    Massachusetts Covid Positivity 4-1-22

    Massachusetts Covid Positivity under 2% as of 4-1-22

    Trends bode well for the Greater Gardner area as shown by the map at left. The City of Gardner is identified by the red G.

    CLICK MAP for larger view.

Around the Winchendon MA Community

Community Facts

Winchendon is a town in Worcester County Massachusetts with a population of around 11 thousand people. Winchendon was incorporated in 1764.

Winchendon is also known as the “Toytown” from a history of toy manufacturing in the community.


Winchendon Public Schools:
 (978) 297-0031

Murdock High: (978) 297-1256

Murdock Middle: (978) 297-0509

Toytown Elementary: (978) 297-2005

Memorial Elementary: (978) 297-1305

Interactive Map of Winchendon MA

Town of Winchendon MA Photos

Lake Dennison
Aerial view of Winchendon
famous Toytown Horse
Old Murdock School

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