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  • Eat out in Winchendon

    Winchendon Pizza Places and Restaurants in Winchendon MA

    We have a complete article on eating places in Winchendon. CLICK HERE.

  • School Closings

    Greater Gardner MA School Closings

    The three network TV affiliates in Boston each publish updated school closing information for our area: Here are the links: ABCNBCCBS

  • Small Business
    small business tools
    Think outside the box
    Business Idea

    We have an article describing some business ideas for Gardner Massachusetts. It’s called the Gardner Business Wish List. CLICK HERE. People love Gardner businesses and like to Share the Chair City. CLICK HERE.

    Small Business Tools Greater Gardner MA

    Starting or expanding your Greater Gardner MA Business in 2022? Or just trying to keep afloat in challenging times? Local, State, Federal, and Non-profit Small Business Tools are available to help.

    Local: A variety of resources and technical assistance is available from the City of Gardner Community Development and Planning Office. Webpage CLICK HERE. The office keeps a list of available property. CLICK HERE. Even an interactive MAP. Building Dept.: Online Building Permit Applications. City Clerk: Business Certificates.

    State: The Massachusetts Office of Business Development pays special attention to “jobs created, jobs retained, and capital invested. CLICK HERE. The Massachusetts Economic Development Council has helped professionals in the field for over 50 years. CLICK HERE. Mass.Gov has a great starting place for business resources. CLICK HERE. There’s even a Step by Step New Business Guide.

    Federal: If you need money to sustain or expand your business, the U.S. Small Business Administration has helpful resources including lender matching. CLICK HERE.

    Non-profit: Clark University has a Small Business Development Center from which you can receive free and confidential business advice from their team of advisors with FREE online registration. CLICK HERE. They also offer FREE Business Planning Tools such as various guides in pdf format, and even Start Up Expenses in excel format. A page of tools, CLICK HERE.

  • Covid Cases
    Massachusetts Covid Cases by Age – CLICK IMAGE for larger view
    Percent of Covid Cases by Age – CLICK IMAGE for larger view

    Covid reaching every age group in Greater Gardner MA

    Gardner Magazine has charted the State data in graphic form (just click on either image at left for large view) to illustrate the wide-ranging impact of Covid 19 among all age groups. Here’s the problem: Covid continues to spread because of unvaccinated people AND because vaccines are not 100% effective. While most younger people do survive, the average age of death is still 75. Conclusion: Getting the vaccine could save the life of your older relative, friend, or neighbor. Think about it.

  • Winchendon Election

    Nomination Papers for Annual Winchendon MA Town Election available January 10, 2022

    Nomination papers for the Annual Winchendon MA Town Election to be held on May 2, 2022 will be available starting Monday, January 10, 2022 at 8:00am. Nomination papers must be obtained and turned in on or before Monday, March 14 at 5:00pm. Available Offices:  ONE – 3-year term for Moderator, TWO – 3-year terms for the Board of Selectmen, ONE – 3-year term for the School Committee, ONE-2-year unexpired term for the School Committee, and ONE – 3-Year term for the Board of Health.

  • Fire Department
    Gardner Fire Department 2021 chart
    Gardner Fire Department Incidents 2021 Chart

    For the complete 2021 Gardner Fire Department Activity Report in printable pdf, CLICK HERE

    96% of Gardner MA Fire Department Calls NOT FIRE.

    While the Gardner Fire Department had over 5 thousand calls in 2021, only 4 percent were for fires or explosions. 70 percent of all calls were Rescue Calls. Unfortunately, more than 10 percent of all calls were False calls. False calls can be a crime, here’s a link to the law. CLICK HERE.

  • Dog Licensing

    UPDATE January 7, 2022 from City of Gardner: ” Dog Licenses Are Not Currently Available Due To Production Delay. Please be advised that 2022 dog licenses are not available at this time due to a production delay with our tag manufacturer. If you have mailed in your license request, your check will not be cashed until we receive the new tags, which could be as late as some time in February. We will periodically update the website or you can feel free to contact the City Clerk’s office at 978-630-4058. The time frame for late fees will be adjusted accordingly.”

    Dog with license Gardner MA

    Greater Gardner MA Dog Licensing 2022

    Dog licensing in the Greater Gardner MA area needs to be done every year. In Gardner MA, Fees are: Males/Females not fixed – $15, and neutered/spayed $11 Due dates, fees, and late penalties vary by community. All communities require proof of rabies. Wearing a dog license tag protects your dog, as your pet can be traced back to you in the event your dog gets loose. Here are the dates and dog licensing web links by community:


    Ashburnham  – by 5/31/22, — Ashby – by 1/1/22, — Athol  – by 2/28/22, — Barre – by 3/31/22,Gardner by 3/31/22, — Hardwick- by 4/1/22, — Hubbardston – by 5/1/22, — New Salem -date not listed , —Oakham  – 4/1 to 3/31, late after 6/1, — Orange  – by 3/31/22, — Petersham – by 1/1/22  (website as of 12/31/21 only listed 2020 info), — Phillipston  – by 3/31/22, —Princeton  by 4/28/22 (last business day in April), — Royalston – date not listed, — Rutland   by 3/31/22, — Templeton  by 3/31/22, — Warwick  by 6/1/22  a new town website is in progress  Old town website Fees were at this link, — Westminster by 4/15/22, —  Winchendon  by 3/31/22 

  • Freezing Rain

    Freezing Rain Morning

    Wednesday, January 5, 2022 was a busy morning for Gardner MA first responders as freezing rain caused extremely icy conditions leading to numerous accidents. As Gardner MA Fire Department reported, “As they came upon the first accident scene, they could look further down Rt 2 into Templeton and see multiple accidents and cars off the road.”

    “Gardner Fire Shift Commander Lt. Meagher advised they would be tied up with Multiple accidents on Rt. 2 and requested a group recall for station coverage. At this point, Gardner 911 dispatch began receiving multiple 911 calls for numerous motor vehicle accidents and pedestrians slipping and falling on the icy streets across the City….During an hour long period, Gardner 911 Dispatchers received and professionally handled over 100, 911 storm related calls while guiding Fire and EMS units to the scenes”


  • Land and Water
    CLICK IMAGE for larger view

    Learn more about the towns in the region. Using the Around the Towns menu, browse to the community of your choice for helpful information. We also have a page listing Greater Gardner MA community organizations.

    Greater Gardner MA – Land and Water Area

    Gardner MA makes up about 3 percent of the land area and 2 percent of the water area we cover. Much of the water in Petersham and New Salem is due to the Quabbin Reservoir. Ashburnham MA is known for Lake Wampanoag, Sunset Lake, Lake Watatic, Wallace Pond, and the Upper & Lower Naukeag Lakes. Westminster has Crocker Pond. Winchendon has Lake Dennison.

  • City Council
    Start of Gardner MA City Council meeting held on January 3, 2022

    The inauguration of the Mayor, City Council, and School Committee took place on January 3, 2022 at City Hall. Program is below. CLICK IMAGE for larger view.

    Inauguration program January 3, 2022

    Watch meeting on YouTube or our Gardner MA City Council Meeting page. CLICK HERE

    Faith-Based Gardner City Council Meeting is held January 3, 2022

    After Elizabeth Kazinskas recused herself, she was unanimously elected Gardner MA City Council President. Thereafter moderating the meeting, she started with a prayer and then the Pledge of Allegiance. Since Gardner’s inception in 1785, City Officials have traditionally asked for guidance from the Almighty in making good decisions for Gardner citizens.

    The Council voted unanimously to establish the standing committee on appointments suggested by Mayor Nicholson due to the anticipated large number of appointments coming up in the next 2 years. New business consisted of counselors congratulating new Ward Two City Councilor Dana M. Heath and congratulating Kazinkas on her re-election to City Council President. Meeting adjourned after a prayer.

  • 24/7

    Gardner MA News Magazine available 24/7

    GardnerMagazine.com has been available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all of this year with continuously updated News, Sports, Weather, Articles, and interesting information. Access our resources anytime. Thank you to the over 13 thousand unique households who have read our pages this month, with over 75,000 pageviews and over 550,000 hits.* For more about us, including Advertising Rates, CLICK HERE.

    *source Awstats

  • Theater at Mount

    Little Shop of Horrors canceled, new Covid 2022 protocols in effect

    Gardner MA Theater at the Mount performance of Little Shop of Horrors performance scheduled for February 2022 has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. A notice on the website states, “We are working on plans for our next production and hope to make an announcement soon.”

    However, effective January 1, 2022  there are new Covid 19 protocols including a proof of full vaccination, negative PCR test within 72 hrs, or negative antigen test within 24 hrs. Details at link. CLICK HERE

  • City Fees
    Green checkmark Gardner MA

    Efficient City Government or what?

    Even with rising costs, the City of Gardner has endeavored to keep its fees the same. In fact, the Gardner MA City Clerk’s office confirms that the schedule of fees dated 12/1/13 (over 8 years ago) is still accurate. In these days of rising costs and inflation, we thought it was appropriate to acknowledge the efforts of Gardner City Government in keeping costs down for citizens and the business community. Here’s a copy of current fees. CLICK HERE.

  • Water Main Break
    Water Main Gardner MA
    barthel, leamy, baker street water main break gardner ma

    Gardner MA Water Main Break, again…

    Citizens on social media have reported yet another water main break, apparently occurring at the Leamy, Barthel, Baker intersection the morning of December 28, 2021.    Gardner Magazine called the DPW for any information.  We asked if the Water Department had any staffing shortages which would impede response and the staff member indicated there were none.  We were referred to email Dane Arnold, Director of Public Works, who is out of the office and we will pass along any information which we receive. 

    Gardner MA has had its share of water main breaks over the past year and has replaced some very old pipe in the repair process.   In many cases, the Water Department has been proactive in replacing pipe to avoid potential water breaks.  However, some citizens are frustrated over the ongoing issue. To report a water main break, please call the department at (978) 630-8195.  The water/sewer department has a dedicated page on the City of Gardner site.  CLICK HERE.


  • Guardsmen Deployed

    Guardsmen to Assist Gardner MA Heywood Hospital

    Gardner Mayor Nicholson and Council President Kazinskas were part of the welcoming team at Heywood Hospital on Monday December 27, 2021 as 9 members of the Massachusetts National Guard were deployed to the facility for the next 12 weeks.   The guardsmen who are all from the North Central MA area will assist in operations due to  Hospital staffing shortages.

  • 2022 Ahead

    Gardner MA – The Year Ahead

    The year ahead: What we see happening and what is possible. Our piece explores some of the priorities of 2022. For our complete article CLICK HERE.

  • Fire Safety
    Massachusetts Department of Fire Services

    Best Winter Fire Safety Practices

    This time of year is a good time to write about best Fire Safety practices.  The Massachusetts Department of Fire Services “provides the fire service, regulated industries, and citizens with training, education, prevention, investigation, and emergency response services.”   Download Winter Holiday Safety pamphlet.  CLICK HERE.   For more information on the Department of Fire Services, here’s a link to the official website, CLICK HERE.

  • Christmas Videos
    Christmas Music

    Listen to your Christmas Favorites

    We have a page of hand-selected videos from YouTube with hours and hours of your Christmas favorites. CLICK HERE

  • Elks Bingo
    Gardner MA Elks Bingo Night
    Gardner Elks Lodge 1426
    Gardner Elks Lodge 1426. Directions, CLICK HERE

    Have Fun for Charity on 12-22-21

    You can spell it the same forwards or backwards, 12-22-21. Does that mean this Wednesday at the Gardner Elks Bingo will be lucky for you?   The games, fun, and prizes start at 6:30pm, but you can have dinner too because the kitchen opens at 5pm.   The  Benevolent and Protective Gardner Elks Lodge 1426 is located at 31 Park Street in Gardner MA

    Elks cook Lisa Thompson says, “Don’t know what you’re doing? Haven’t played in a while? Kind of nervous? We have many volunteers that are more than happy to teach you what to do! Come on down this week, next week or any other Wednesday and we’d be happy to see you and show you around while you win BINGO!! Oh yea and come say hi to me I’m typically found in our kitchen!”  Proceeds from Bingo go towards the Elks charitable work in our community.  Learn more on the Gardner Elks Facebook page.  CLICK HERE

  • Wreath Laying
    Wreath Laying Winchendon MA
    Honor those who protected us

    Wreath Laying Winchendon MA

    Wreaths Across America was at the Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery in Winchendon MA on Friday  December 17, 2021 for the laying of wreaths to honor our country’s fallen heroes. Students from area schools and other area volunteers participated.  The organization states, “Remember the Fallen…HONOR those who Serve…TEACH our children the value of Freedom.” Wreaths Across America coordinates wreath-laying ceremonies each December at Arlington National Cemetery as well as more than 2500 additional locations in all 50 U.S. states, at sea, and abroad.   For more details on the organization, CLICK HERE. Winchendon details, CLICK HERE

  • Life-saving Tool
    Gardner MA Mask

    Advisory: Get the Covid Vaccine or Booster. Advisory: Wear a mask indoors in public to protect others. Advisory: Covid testing is generally FREE at area pharmacies.

    Save a life!

    This Gardner MA mask tool may just save your life or the life of someone you know. Mayor Mike Nicholson addressed the Gardner Board of Health’s indoor mask advisory in this week’s update. It is well-known that those contagious with Covid 19 can help prevent spreading it to others by wearing a mask. With many people not knowing they are contagious, the mask becomes a life-saving tool.

    “The Math of Covid”. Read our article. CLICK HERE

    Mayor Nicholson put this in perspective in his weekly address noting Gardner MA Heywood Hospital has 23 active Covid patients as of 12/17/21 and ICU is full. Leominster Hospital ICU is also full and has shipped ICU patients as far away as Philadelphia PA.   Another 2 to 3 dozen hospitals are FULL.  Heywood has cut elective procedures in half.  There is also a statewide blood shortage with the Red Cross rationing blood in Massachusetts.

  • Covid Cases
    Massachusetts and Gardner Covid Case Counts

    Gardner Magazine has a Vaccine News page containing automatically updated stories. CLICK HERE

    “The Math of Covid”. Read our article. CLICK HERE

    Gardner MA and Massachusetts Covid Cases Up

    With Covid Cases up, what’s the best advice for you and your family? Most experts still advise that vaccines provide the best ammunition and the CDC now favors Pfizer and Moderna over J&J. Vaccines are readily available.

    For those desiring Covid testing, Gardner Magazine has the following links for those needing Covid 19 tests. Walgreen’s: CLICK HERE, CVS: CLICK HERE, Price Chopper: CLICK HERE, Walmart: CLICK HERE. Chair City Pharmacy indicates they usually refer patients needing testing to CVS, Walgreen’s, or Walmart.

    The MA Covid Dashboard shows current Covid Cases.

  • Gardner Schools
    Gardner MA School Covid Cases 12-16-21
    Gardner Covid 19 cases 12-3-21
    Gardner Covid 19 cases 11-19-21

    Gardner MA School Covid Cases

    Gardner Public School Covid Cases up again in 12/16/21 Bi-Weekly Dashboard to 52 positive cases after falling in the previous two weeks. See reports at left.

    Other Covid Resources:

    City of Gardner Covid 19 page (not actively updated)

    Heywood Hospital YouTube update 12-8-21

    Gardner Magazine Vaccine News page

    State of MA Covid information page

    CDC Covid Information page including information on new variants.

  • Covid Dashboard
    Covid Overview 12-15-21 CLICK IMAGE

    MA Covid Dashboard

    MA Covid Dashboard shows current Covid cases for Massachusetts. For the current dashboard, CLICK HERE.

  • Winchendon Schools
    Covid Data for Winchendon Schools. CLICK IMAGE for larger view.

    Winchendon High School Goes Remote

    The Winchendon MA School system cites the number of positive Covid 19 cases for the return to remote learning for Murdock High School students effective now through at least after the start of the new year.  Current Covid data as of 12/13/21 shown at left.  It is unknown whether similar steps are being considered for other schools in the system if those cases also rise.

  • Planning Board
    Tim Slocum and engineer

    Gardner MA Planning Board Takes up Slocum

    Board met December 14, 2021 to receive presentation by Slocum Inc. and approved site plan for 6 commercial buildings off of Matthews Street. Watch the meeting, CLICK HERE.

  • Christmas Wish

    Gardner MA Christmas Wish

    Publishing an original poem for you entitled, “Gardner Christmas Wish.” CLICK HERE

  • School Committee

    School Committee Meets

    The City of Gardner School Committee met on December 13, 2021 for about 80 minutes. Watch the complete meeting on our Gardner School Committee page. CLICK HERE

  • Math
    Gardner MA Math

    Gardner MA Math in the News

    Why Does Gardner MA recommend Eureka Math?   According to the company website linked from Gardner’s official site it’s because “Eureka Math set a new standard for rigor, coherence, and focus in the classroom so students gain a deeper understanding of the why behind the numbers, all while making math more enjoyable to learn and teach.”

    Maybe Gardner teachers are actually creating smarter students in all subjects.  At a December 13, 2021 Gardner School Committee meeting, Dr. Goguen reported on “Learning Walk” results. From 2018 to 2021, she is reporting a 74% increase in higher order thinking and a 37% increase in student engagement with a 17% increase in all categories. And we thought you’d like to know the Why behind the math.  For more information on Eureka Math, CLICK HERE


  • Carriage House
    Photo posted on Facebook Saturday Dec. 11, 2021

    Update: 12/12/21 – The restaurant is having a soft opening and released a statement on Facebook which we publish in full here. CLICK HERE.

    Winchendon Carriage House Restaurant Opens

    The local favorite dining spot reportedly opened Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021. It wasn’t announced on their website which still says, “We are currently remodeling and will be reopening beginning of December.” It may have been a soft opening. Watch their website for further details, CLICK HERE. The restaurant had closed almost 2 months ago, citing a lack of ability to find help. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Industrial Park
    Pictured from left to right are: Jessica DeRoy (Economic Development Coordinator), Neil Janssens (Assistant Treasurer – Gardner Redevelopment Authority), Ronald Cormier (City of Gardner – Councilor At Large), Rob Swartz (Rob’s Dyno Service & Energica of New England Electric Motorcycles owner), Michael Nicholson (City of Gardner Mayor), Trevor Beauregard (Director – Dept. of Community Development & Planning), and Carol Jacobson (President & CEO – Greater Gardner Chamber of Commerce

    A Sign of the Times

    New signage recently erected at the Gardner Industrial Park is celebrated with officials and business leaders. The 132 acre site features such businesses at Rob’s Dyno Service and Energica of New England whose owner Rob Swartz is in the picture at left. Energica of New England is setting the trend of Gardner being home to Eco-friendly companies. Energica is a 100% solar facility and claims to sell the world’s most advanced zero-emission motorcycle. Visit the very interesting Energica website. CLICK HERE.

  • Ashburnham results

    Earlier, Gardner Magazine featured a lengthy Safety Zones article. CLICK HERE

    Ashburnham MA Town Meeting Approves All Articles

    On Tuesday, Ashburnham voters approved the acceptance of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter  90, Section 18B permitting the establishment of designated safety zones, in the interest of public safety….such safety zones shall have a posted  speed limit of 20 miles per hour. Other articles regarding public safety vehicles also passed. Complete results, CLICK HERE

  • Papa Gino’s d’angelo

    Sharing the Store

    The shuttered d’angelos in Gardner MA has reemerged as a combo location with Papa Gino’s in the Timpany Plaza, Apparently the location has been remodeled to make the change and as of today they are hiring. Corporate was kind enough to provide us this PRESS RELEASE

  • Gardner Tops 21K
    Complete Gardner Census Data from 2020.

    Gardner MA Population Statistics

    According to the U.S. Census, Gardner has a population of 21,287.    Median Household Income is about $50,000.   Those with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher is close to 1 in 5.   More than half of the population is employed.  98% have health care coverage.   There’s 9,411 total housing units with 691 vacant according to the Census Bureau.  Gardner’s median estimated age of 41 is slightly above the median age in Massachusetts.  One statistic to note: Average Gardner commute time is just under ½ hr. so there’s room for more local employers.  For the complete census data, click here.

  • City Council
    Free parking downtown Gardner MA
    Gardner City Council virtual session

    Watch the meeting. Click here.

    Free Parking through Dec. 31

    The Gardner MA City Council met in virtual session on December 6, 2021, extending free parking through the end of the year. In other actions, the 2021 re- precincting plan was approved. Various new, used, and junk auto license renewals were sent to the public safety committee for further study and report. A donation of $2000 from Yen Yen Restaurant was accepted and directed to the Gardner High School backpack program which seeks to help undernourished youth. View complete meeting.

  • Boucher passing
    Andrew Boucher
    Andrew Boucher from funeral home website.

    Respected Funeral Director Andrew Boucher passes away

    Andrew Boucher died December 6, 2021 at the age of 50 at Heywood Hospital. Mayor Nicholson ordered flags in the city be lowered to half staff concurrently with the Presidential order for Senator Dole and thereafter until Boucher’s internment. See order

    Obituary with Calling Hours and Services information, CLICK HERE

  • Fire Scare
    Gardner Elementary School

    Fire Scare at New Gardner Elementary School

    The emergency call was received just after 8am about a fire at the building site located off Pearl Street. The accidental fire caused at least several thousand dollars in damage. According to an online post by former Gardner Mayor Mark Hawke, “They were cutting some steel on the roof and some sparks caused some debris to ignite. The fire was out very quickly. There was no massive blaze, there were no injuries, all is well.”

  • Operation Storefront

    Gardner MA Operation: Storefront Explained

    Others have put in the effort. We are giving it a name and encouraging greater participation in Operation: Storefront. Read the complete article, CLICK HERE

  • Christmas with the Animals

    Gardner MA Christmas with the Animals Video

    GardnerMagazine.com has licensed video of animals from all over the world and Christmas music to produce our 101.3 Studios presentation of “Gardner MA Christmas with the Animals’, a heartwarming tribute to nature’s most beautiful creatures. This 12 minute Full HD production is our Merry Christmas card to you. CLICK HERE to watch.

  • Christmas Caroling
    Gardner Mayor Mike Nicholson in Caroling with the Mayor
    Submissions for this year’s Caroling with the Mayor 2021 video need to be received by 12/13/21 at csmith@gardner-ma.gov

    Caroling with the Mayor Video Still A Big Hit!

    Last year’s Virtual Caroling with the Mayor has been viewed almost 1000 times.  It’s a real treat, And here’s a hint, you’ll hear Mayor Mike sing, you’ll be joyful, and you will believe!  Here’s the YouTube link.

  • Visit Gardner

    Visit Downtown Gardner Video Released

    To celebrate a great place to shop, Gardner Magazine has released a Downtown Gardner MA video. Watch it in full HD. CLICK HERE.

  • Local Artist
    Local artist Carolyn Kamuda

    Local Artist featured at Library

    Carolyn A, Kamuda’s work will be on display for the Month of December at the Levi Heywood Memorial Library in Gardner MA during normal library hours. Kamuda is known for her beautiful photography and has on online portfolio. CLICK HERE

  • Heywood A

    Editor’s Note:

    Reading the complete Leapfrog Safety Report will provide you with a complete understanding of what the score actually covers. Read the complete report, CLICK HERE.

    Gardner MA Excellent Medical Affirmed

    In the G.N.A.M.G.A. Week (Good News About Gardner MA Week) which keeps on giving, Heywood Hospital received its Leapfrog Safety Grade. The Grade: an A, for the third consecutive time, a gigantic achievement considering the challenges of the pandemic. Other area hospitals did not score as well. Complete 11 page Heywood Report in pdf, CLICK HERE

    Other hospitals scoring an A included Nashoba Valley Medical Center in Ayer, Marlborough Hospital, Emerson Hospital, Baystate Wing Hospital, Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Milford Regional, Lahey Hospital, Newton-Wellesley, Holyoke Family, Beth Israel Deaconess, Winchester, Mercy Medical Center of Springfield, Holy Family, Massachusetts General, and Tufts Medical Center. View grades of hospitals within 50 miles, CLICK HERE

    Some Health and Medical Links

    Heywood Hospital, 242 Green Street, Gardner Website Link

    Heywood Urgent Care, 266 Main Street, Gardner Website Link

    Community Health Center, 175 Connors Street, Gardner Website Link

    Cornerstone Family Direct (subscription model) 250 Green Street, Suite 200, Gardner Website Link

  • More Money!
    officials in Gardner MA at announcement of grants
    Temptations Boutique June 2008
    Temptations Boutique June 2008 during prime Wedding season in Gardner MA

    Watch the entire MassWorks Grant Awardees Ceremony. Includes many State and Local officials. For video, CLICK HERE.

    And then there was more!

    MA Lt. Governor Karyn Polito and other officials showed up in Gardner on Giving Tuesday to formally announce the $4.1 million MassWorks Grant, plus an award of over $900,000 for the NEW Underutilized Properties Program Grant.  The look of Downtown Gardner will improve again as some funds will be used to rehab the Temptations and Ryan Block Buildings at the corner of Parker and Connors Streets.

    Mayor Nicholson has a stated goal of renovating buildings when feasible. When this solid building is put back into service it will enhance the look of Downtown. However, some citizens have expressed concerns that not enough effort is being made to directly support more retail store fronts.

  • Gardner Growth
    Gardner MA City Council Special Meeting November 29, 2021
    Watch this meeting. CLICK HERE.

    Gardner MA Growth Better than GRAND, literally!

    In a true showing of unprecedented growth, Gardner has issued 1027 building permits thus far in 2021, first time breaking 1000. Normal year is usually 20 to 25% less. And what may be good news, the Gardner City Council voted Monday night to approve the requested property tax rate of $18.59, lowest since 2013. Residential, commercial, and industrial will continue to be taxed at same rate.

  • Giving Tuesday
    Giving Tuesday - Join the Generosity Movement

    Join the Generosity Movement! Start with Giving Tuesday.

    Help a non-profit organization in the Greater Gardner MA region. Here’s a list.

    Make Giving Tuesday Year Round Generosity!

    Donation bins are set up at Gardner MA City Hall to collect toys and clothing for the needy. Gardner PD and Fire have a Toy Drive. Local Organizations throughout the region are listed here. Helpful Ideas for Companies, Nonprofits, and Individual Donors can be found at Charities.org. Area food pantries and organizations like the Gardner CAC need support year round. Thank you for caring.

  • Gardner Tree Lighting

    Holiday Tree Lighting Begins Christmas Season in the City of Gardner MA

    We have a complete photo chronicle of Sunday, November 28, 2021 including photos of Tree Lighting, the start of the Shopping season, and Tree Lighting ceremony video. CLICK HERE

  • Code Red

    Get Gardner MA notifications !

    Sign up to receive Gardner MA notifications regarding parking bans, snow removal, or severe weather notifications. CLICK HERE

  • Ashburnham Decision Day
    Town of Ashburnham MA Town Meeting

    Ashburnham MA Town Meeting December 7, 2021 at 7pm

    Upcoming town meeting has a safety theme.    One article instructs the town to opt-in to establish safety zones with a 20 mile per hour speed limit.   Another asks to use 150k of free cash towards maintaining town-owned dams.  Other separate warrant articles seek to improve Fire Department access to roads by leasing a new Ladder Truck, replacing 16 year-old fire engine truck with a new one, buying a new Hybrid utility truck for the fire chief to replace a rusted one taken out of service, and buying a hybrid police vehicle.  Complete Town Warrant pdf CLICK HERE


  • Plain View Farm

    Plain View Farm wants to SOCK IT TO YOU in a good way!

    Located on 130 Gardner Road in Hubbardston, the farm raises Alpacas and sells its own wooly goods online including popular $24 Survival socks. Alpacas are sheered in May yearly and a Massachusetts based mill processes the fleece. Plain View Farm website. Read our complete article.

  • Sunday Happenings

    Enjoy your day today. Support your local churches, retailers, and restaurants.

    Things to Do Sun. Nov. 28, 2021 in Greater Gardner

    Gardner: Attend your church and/or church event. Patronize a local restaurant. Do some local shopping. Attend the Tree Lighting at 4:30pm. Propose at the “LOVE” station across from the Gardner Ale House. Visit the Festival of Trees at the Gardner Museum.

    Small Brewer Sunday Gardner MA

    And don’t forget. It’s Small Brewer Sunday. Shown at left is Gardner Ale House owner Rick Walton and staff along with Mayor Nicholson and City Council President Kazinkas. For the restaurant’s website CLICK HERE

  • Toy Town Tree Festival
    Toy Town Winchendon MA Tree Festival

    Hours Mondays – Thursdays 1 to 8, Fridays 9 to 5, Saturday 9 to 1.  Holiday Open House is Sat. Dec. 11th  9am to 1pm

    Third Annual Toy Town Tree Festival – Winchendon MA

    taking place at the Beal’s Memorial Library Auditorium from November 29 through December 11th.   More Details on our Holiday Events 2021 page, CLICK HERE!

  • Mayor’s Update 11/26/21

    Mayor’s Address focuses on Small Business – Helping less fortunate – Holiday Celebrations – Lower Tax Rate

    Gardner MA Mayor Mike Nicholson
    Press PLAY button and then full screen if desired.


    In this week’s update Gardner MA Mayor Nicholson prominently showcases the Support your Community, Shop Small banner to the left of his head and sports a Gardner Wildcats sweatshirt to celebrate Gardner High School Cheerleaders advancing to the National Championships in Dallas, Texas at the end of January after an impressive score in the MA state finals. Nicholson reminds us that this is Small Business Month in the City of Gardner from now through the end of December which gives citizens a chance to support local businesses who have been so vital in supporting the community during the pandemic. 


    If all goes as expected, the City Council will vote on Monday November 29th to retain a single tax classification system. Tax rate is expected to drop from $20.08 to $18.59. Your overall tax will also go down if your assessment remains unchanged – no info on that. Check your property tax bill.


    Sunday 11/28 at 4:30pm is TREE LIGHTING with a parade proceeding to the Tree at the Spanish-American war monument. Attendees can also take selfies at the new “LOVE” station across from Gardner Ale House.

    Helping Each Other

    The mayor spoke about Giving Tuesday and the various donation bins set up at City Hall including toys and clothing for the needy. In addition, on Dec 4th 5-8pm there is a Toy Drive with Gardner Fire and Police Departments at Brookside Drive & Christmas light Show,  for benefit of the CAC. Nicholson also spoke about other programs to aid homeless veterans.


    The mayor spoke about a visit from the lieutenant governor this week regarding mass work funds. He also said a one million dollar grant to help Downtown Gardner will be announced but said he couldn’t go into details yet. Details here as soon as they become available.

  • Queen Lake Bridge
    Queen Lake Bridge

    Bridge Closed for Winter

    Phillipston DPW has reported that the Queen Lake Bridge in Phillipston which has been closed all summer will remain closed for the winter and they are planning a reopening some time in late spring. There are detours set up that will stay in place.  Bridge was closed due to rot, particularly of one particular beam. The bridge was constructed in 1939. Cost of the work is in the million dollar range.

  • Small Business Month
    Gardner MA Mayor Mike Nicholson and City Council President Kazinskas
    Mayor Nicholson and Council President Kazinskas at John’s Sport Shop, 38 Main St., Gardner

    Small Business Month Gardner MA

    Shown at left is Gardner MA Mayor Mike Nicholson and Gardner City Council President Liz Kazinskas at John’s Sport Shop in Downtown Gardner. Mayor Nicholson and Council President Kazinskas have declared this Saturday through the Christmas holiday 2021 as Small Business Month in Gardner. And every Saturday from today through the end of December will be “Small Business Saturday.” Both have asked members of the community to “Please be sure to support our local businesses as you get ready for the upcoming holidays.” For the mayor’s full statement, please watch the video at the official Gardner City Hall Facebook page.

  • Holiday Events

    Holiday and Christmas Events – Greater Gardner MA

    ‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly. We will keep adding to our page of Greater Gardner Holiday and Christmas events in the 19 communities we serve. — If you have an event, contact us. —- CLICK HERE for the Holiday Event page.

  • Emergency Housing
    Gardner MA Emergency Housing Mission


    Happy Thanksgiving Gardner MA

    Gardner Emergency Housing Mission

    As we get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this year and give thanks for having housing and food, let us also recognize that some people and families need help.

    The Gardner Emergency Housing Mission helps to provide short-term housing for families with children located in the Gardner MA schools system. A Summer 2021 newsletter stated ,”housing becomes a crucial crisis for many in our community and we are here to offer a bridge to resources that could help or overcome homelessness for families..” GEHM funds its efforts with grants, fundraisers, and private donations. To learn more, visit their website. CLICK HERE.

    Happy Thanksgiving Greater Gardner MA

    Thank you for our shelter and food.

    Thank you for less bad and more Good.

    Thank you for friends and family.

    Thank you for health and prosperity.

    Thank you!

  • Event Machine

    Greater Gardner MA Event Machine

    This time of year there are many events. We want to remind our readers that our Greater Gardner MA Event Machine automatically pulls up google searches of events occurring in area towns. Just click on your town and events will appear! ASHBURNHAMASHBYATHOLBARREGARDNERHARDWICKHUBBARDSTONNEW SALEMOAKHAMORANGEPETERSHAMPHILLIPSTONPRINCETONROYALSTONRUTLANDTEMPLETONWARWICKWESTMINSTERWINCHENDON. A great tool to quickly find out what’s going on in the Greater Gardner region. For public meetings CLICK HERE.

  • About Gardner MA

    Living, Working, Playing, and Visiting Gardner MA

    Our complete article on Gardner MA as a community whether it’s daily life, work, recreation, or visiting for the day. Gardner growth, business, safety, and shopping. For article, CLICK HERE

  • Treat or Treat Hours

    Greater Gardner MA Trick or Treat Hours

    Gardner Magazine is publishing the Halloween Trick or Treat Hours for the 19 communities covered by this site. For Details, CLICK HERE.

  • WGAW 75th

    WGAW – Happy 75th!

    WGAW makes 75. Get Facts on the iconic Gardner radio station.

    For complete details of who listens, CLICK HERE.

  • Fundraiser at Salvadore
    Time for Teamwork - Fundraiser

    Fundraiser at Salvadore to benefit family of Dan D’Angelo.

    On Friday, Oct. 22 & Saturday, Oct. 23 Salvadore Auto Group will host a Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular! Complete event details click here!

  • Upcoming Gardner Election

    Tuesday, November 2, 2021 is the date of the election in Gardner MA. Voters will select the mayor,city councilors and school committee. Some polling locations have changed. For complete details, list of candidates, and polling places, CLICK HERE.

  • Westminster Event

    The Westminster Cracker Festival

    Mark your calendars for October 16, 2021 for 10am to 5pm rain or shine. Held in the village center of downtown Westminster, MA, this celebration has food, fun, crafts, kids activities, and music. For more information, visit the Westminster Cracker Festival site.

  • The Lost Murals

    The Lost Murals of Main Street

    Artists in the Greater Gardner MA area are amazing. And so are the Lost Murals of Main Street.

    View these amazing works of art on this special page.

  • Gardner Mural

    Have you seen this?

    Complete Details CLICK HERE.

  • Gardner MA Comments

    People Really Love Gardner

    Real people really love Gardner. We’ve compiled comments from Facebook and Google. And you can even hear them in a dramatic audio reenactment. Click for the complete information!

  • Making you Hungry!

    Eating out in Gardner MA

    Are you thinking about eating out in the Greater Gardner, Massachusetts area tonight? Well, we thought we’d make you hungry by showing some of your favorite dishes. View them all on our “Making You Hungry” page. And enjoy your night out! We salute all the great cooks.

  • Live – Work – Play -Visit
    Gardner Massachusetts
    Share the Chair City, Gardner MA
    Gardner Massachusetts - Live, Work, Play

    Spread the word by printing a poster and displaying it. Thank you for living or visiting Gardner MA!

    Gardner Magazine will soon be releasing an HD video produced at our Route 101.3 Studios from footage gathered over the last few months. Come back for details.

    Live, Work, Play, Visit

    Gardner Massachusetts

    Share the Chair City

    Gardner Massachusetts is a great place to live, work, play, and visit. Route 101.3 Studios is diligently working on several video releases including the full Live, Work, and Play video movie. Watch the 2 1/2 minute trailer here. We have released “Journey to the Future”, a fictional time travel short about what Gardner might look like in 3000 AD. To watch, Click for video.

    It’s time to “Share the Chair”. Downtown Gardner of the Chair City has much to offer you, your family, and your friends. Downtown Gardner has endeavored to extend a warm welcome mat to all who choose to visit. Check out Downtown Gardner MA for a delicious meal, a shopping experience, or your daily needs. Read our full article...

    Great Place to Live, Work, Play, and Visit!

    Gardner Massachusetts is a great place to live, work, and play, AND, a great place to visit. Gardner is a great place to live with a multitude of housing, shopping, and dining choices as well as a safe, nurturing learning environment with excellent medical care, city services, opportunity to participate in government, socialize, and worship as desired. Gardner is a great place to work with a growing and stable base of business and industry offering opportunity for diverse occupations. Gardner is a great place to play with the amenities to interact and connect with each other through activities, sports, parks, facilities, the arts, recreation, and nature. Download 300 dpi 8 1/2 x11 pdf poster to print. And, Gardner is a great place to visit. Go to Visiting Gardner MA page.


    The Gardner Museum is a great place to visit when you visit Gardner MA. Click here for the complete article on the Gardner Museum.

    Watch a video about the Gardner Magazine site. Click here.

  • Gardner Yard Sale
    Gardner City Wide Yard Sale

    Gardner City Wide Yard Sale

    The City of Gardner will be home to yard sale shoppers this Saturday for the Gardner City Wide Yard Sale Saturday, October 2, 2021. Taking place beginning at 8am, the sale has more than 75 listed homes. Google Map of participants.

  • Winchendon Fall Festival
    4th Annual Winchendon Fall Festival with Local Live Music October 9, 2021
    Winchendon Fall Festival Saturday October 9th 10am to 4pm

    Winchendon Fall Festival

    The Winchendon Fall Festival is being held Saturday October 9, 2021 beginning at 10am. With live bands, great food from local restaurants and food trucks, and over 150 vendors, the event is sure to be a great time! Download vendor packet as provided by town. Fall Festival Facebook page.

  • Oktoberfest – Ale House
    Gardner MA Fall Festival

    Festival 9am to 4pm

    Oktoberfest 11am to 8pm

    Sat. Sept. 25, 2021

    Party in the Street!

    Once again for the 15th straight year, the Gardner Ale House is doing its part to help make Downtown Gardner a destination with Oktoberfest Saturday September 25, 2021. More details on the Gardner Ale House website. It’s a big part of the Fall Festival taking place in downtown Gardner on this special day starting off with FREE Apple Crisp at the Blue Moon Diner at 9am. Here’s the detailed complete schedule on the Gardner MA website.

  • Ashburnham Historical

    Ashburnham Historical Society presents:

    The Ashburnham Historical Society will be presenting a free Historical presentation at 79 Main Street Ashburnham on October 16, 2021 at 6 pm. “People, Events and Strange Happenings of the Past” Also on October 29, 2021, a reservation only presentation of “Bizarre Paranormal Events” will be held at 79 Main Street at 6 pm. 40 seats are available at $10.00 each. Tickets are available Saturday mornings 9 am to noon at 79 Main St. or by mail to P.O. Box 692, Ashburnham, MA 01430, please include phone and email info.

  • Journey to the Future
    Journey to the Future

    What will the “Chair City” of Gardner MA look like in 3000 AD? Gardner Magazine took its fictional Time Machine for a spin and the result is the Time Travel video short “Gardner MA, Journey to the Future”. To watch, CLICK HERE for video page.

  • Live,Work, and Play (trailer)
    Gardner MA Live, Work, and Play

    Gardner MA Live, Work, and Play

    WebTech Online announces the release of the Route 101.3 Studios trailer of Gardner MA Live, Work, and Play. This short 2 1/2 minute HD video production is a preview of a much longer Movie Video coming out soon. Click for more details and to watch the video.

  • Vaccine News Page
    Vaccine icon

    Interested in Vaccine News? Visit our new Vaccine News page.

  • Visiting Gardner?

    Visiting Gardner – Revealing Secrets

    If you’re visiting Gardner Massachusetts, you’ve probably already heard some good things about the “Chair City.” But, do you know the insider information which will make your visit a completely fulfilling one? Do you know the great places to eat? Are you aware of the superb places to shop or where to go for recreation? Do you know what great things you can bring home with you? We’re glad you stopped here. Click for complete article.

  • 7 voice Ad
    Chair City Real Estate 7 Voice Ad released 9-14-21

    To play the real estate ad, just click PLAY.

    7 Voice Ad released by Chair City Real Estate

    Chair City Real Estate announced today the release of a unique 7 voice radio ad describing its Gardner MA real estate services.

  • Gardner MA School Calendars

    Gardner Massachusetts School Calendars

    Here are some helpful links to Gardner MA School and College Calendars: Gardner High SchoolGardner AcademyGardner Middle SchoolElm Street SchoolWaterford Street SchoolHoly Family AcademyMonty-Tech – Mount Wachusett Community College: Events and Academic

  • Why get vaccinated? Vax Facts

    Massachusetts has a high Covid vaccination rate which has protected much of our population. However, since the vaccine is not 100% effective, getting the shot to the rest would be helpful. We understand hesitant people need facts, So here’s a page of the best facts we found…. CLICK HERE

  • Live Work and Play, or Visit
    Gardner MA
    Great place to live, work, and play
    Gardner MA Live Work and Play

    Spread the word by printing a poster and displaying it. Thank you for living or visiting Gardner MA!

    Gardner Magazine will soon be releasing an HD video produced at our Route 101.3 Studios from footage gathered over the last few months. Come back for details.

    Gardner MA – Live, Work, and Play

    Gardner Massachusetts is a great place to live, work, and play, AND, a great place to visit. Gardner is a great place to live with a multitude of housing, shopping, and dining choices as well as a safe, nurturing learning environment with excellent medical care, city services, opportunity to participate in government, socialize, and worship as desired. Gardner is a great place to work with a growing and stable base of business and industry offering opportunity for diverse occupations. Gardner is a great place to play with the amenities to interact and connect with each other through activities, sports, parks, facilities, the arts, recreation, and nature. Download 300 dpi 8 1/2 x11 pdf poster to print.

    Thank you for living in or visiting Gardner MA!

  • Real Estate Report
    Example rates on 9/4/21 – Actual rate depends on factors relating to individual borrower.

    With today’s low interest rates, Buying may be cheaper than renting.

    Chair City Real Estate Report 9-4-21

    Chair City Real Estate agent Chris Poegel was recently spotted at locations in the Chair City.

    Chris Poegel notes it is a great time in Real Estate for both buyers and sellers. Why? To buyers’ delight, mortgage interest rates have been at all time lows for the past 3 weeks. And this is good for sellers because lower payments mean more buyers can qualify to buy their homes.

    Owners thinking of selling can get a FREE CONSULT through Chair City Real Estate and a FREE MARKET EVALUATION. Anyone thinking of buying a home will get FREE assistance in obtaining preapproval for financing. Chris Poegel says the best way to reach him is through his website at ChairCityRealEstate.com or by calling (978) 212-9860.


    Chris Poegel of Chair City Real Estate says he is proud to represent the “Chair City of the World” and would love a phone call from Gardner Magazine readers. We’d like that too so please give Chris a call at (978) 212-9860

  • Share the Fireworks
    Share the Fireworks Gardner MA

    Gardner Magazine Shares the Fireworks

    While working on Greater Gardner MA videos, we came across some of the best Fireworks footage we’ve ever seen and have used it to create Share the Fireworks, a dazzling display of Fireworks! Featured in this 18 minute production are some of the best Fireworks you’ll ever see backed by an incredibly uplifting musical score. Fireworks Video page.

    Enjoy the spectacular colors of the Fireworks. Enjoy the uplifting music. Whenever you feel the need to celebrate or would like to feel great, watch this video and turn up the sound! Here’s the Share the Fireworks page with this Fireworks video.

  • Gardner Museum
    Gardner Museum Chair

    Gardner Museum Shares Its Chair

    As part of our Share the Chair initiative and campaign, Gardner Magazine visited one of our local treasures, the Gardner Museum. We focused on chairs and our complete article has more information including a photo of Gardner’s very first chair made over 200 years ago AND a Gardner Museum HD video. For the Complete article on the Gardner Museum click here.

    Share the Chair Image

    For more information on Share the Chair, click here.

  • New Gardner MA Furniture Store

    Gardner MA gets new Furniture Store!

    Location of New Manzel Furniture & Rugs location
    Manzel Furniture and Rugs
    Manzel Furniture & Rugs current Peabody Location

    Manzel Furniture & Rugs to come to Gardner MA

    Soon the void left by the departure of Rome Furniture in 2019 will be filled by Manzel Furniture & Rugs, set to open in Gardner before, on, or after the first of the year. Location: 562 Main Street, Gardner, MA.

    Gardner Magazine met with a spokesman for the company who indicates that the company will be bringing a unique store to Gardner. If it’s anything like their current Peabody location, he may well be right. The photo at left shows a beautiful store selling furniture and fine rugs.

    Manzel Furniture & Rugs has a website. For more information on what they may be selling in Gardner visit the Manzel Furniture website.

    More Good News: Manzel will also be hiring some staff from the Greater Gardner area in the coming months. To reach the company call (978) 826-5605

  • Getting the Vax – Setting the Record Straight
    Opinion - Editorial - Gardner MA

    Vaccine Information Resources

    So What do Masks Actually Do?

    We’ll keep it simple: Studies show droplets of from 20 to 500 micrometers are generated when saying a simple phrase AND nearly all can be blocked by putting a simple damp washcloth over the mouth. Similar studies showed reduction in droplets by wearing a mask by those having the flu or a common cold. However, mask wearing has been shown to slow down Covid transmission only by single digits, typically by about 2 percent over the 3 weeks following a mask mandate.

    So that’s why some people say masks don’t work. They DO work, just not as well as advertised. What does work very well is a vaccine. And that’s easy to prove.

    Getting the Vax – Setting the Record Straight

    Why is there vaccine hesitancy?  It’s understandable as so many figures are thrown around like hotcakes and consistency and transparency are lacking.   But let’s be very clear.  The overall risk in the United States of dying from covid (after getting it) from 12/15/2020 through 8/25/2021 has been a relatively consistent 1.7%% to 1.8%.   The risk was higher early on due to the larger number of older Americans being infected and also that the medical community has gained more experience in treating patients.  

    Risk of Covid 60,000 times greater than risk of Vaccine

      In any case, the current risk of dying if you get Covid is still about 60,000 times the risk of dying if you get the vaccine which some numbers show is .0032%.  (And that number is disputed as being way too high by the medical community.  So to be clear, even using the ant-ivaxers numbers, the risk of dying from Covid 19 (once infected) is still 60,000 times the risk of dying from the vaccine.)  

    Risk in the young, therapeutics, and candor

    Yes, it is true that the  younger you are, in general, the risk of dying from covid is relatively low with the death rate being almost non-existent in young children.   But there is a substantial risk in all adults over 18, still thousands of times higher than any risk of getting the vaccine.  We urge adults to get the vax.   We also urge the medical community to work at a quicker pace to get proven therapeutics to patients to improve the survival rates for those who do get Covid.  And, we encourage government officials to be more transparent with data irrespective of whether it supports their narrative.  Lack of government candor has caused more vaccine hesitancy and thus arguably more covid deaths.  Honesty is still the best policy.

    What About the Masks?

    The extremely small number of covid deaths in children overall is why there has been a huge objection by parents to the practice of forcing young children to wear masks in schools.  However, there have been some areas with an alarming number of children suffering with covid.  Put that on TV and fear fuels the mask mandates.   So what about the rest of us?   If we got the vax, why should we wear a mask.    Well, it depends on your appetite for risk.   A vaccine which is 95% effective means your chance of getting covid is only 5% of the risk taken by an unvaxed person.    But, there is still a small risk.  – Fortunately, if you do get covid after getting the vaccine, you will likely survive it, because severe cases are the exception rather than the norm.  The decision on whether to wear a mask is an individual one, unless your rights are usurped by a mask mandate.

    The Record is Straight

    Adults getting the vaccine helps and we encourage it, based strictly on the math.  Mask wearing can make sense indoors in close quarters.   But having kids wear masks can do more harm than good so why are we doing it?  We haven’t seen any science supporting a kid masking policy. We know  fear is driving vaccine hesitancy.   Fear is driving mask mandates.   Fear drives human behavior in general.   Public policy should be based on fact rather than fear.   Each of you have a unique medical history and we encourage you to consult with your doctor regarding any important medical decisions. 

    Where to get the vaccine?

    Here’s a link to places to get the vaccine within 25 miles of Gardner MA: from Vaccines.gov search – You can also do your own search here: Vaccines.gov custom search

    Please get the VAX.

    We love you.

    Beautiful Trees are enjoyed by those who are alive because they got the covid 19 vaccine.
    Autumn Trees enjoyed by those who got the Covid 19 vaccine because they are still alive.

  • Vinyl?
    Vinyl Records
    Cassette tape
    Hard Drives
    CDs, DVDs, and Flash Drives

    What Happened to Vinyl

    So what  happened to vinyl, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, and Hard Drives?   Well, vinyl is still around, albeit sought after by certain collectors.  CDS and DVDs are not even selling well at the flea market.   Hard Drives are increasingly being replaced by Solid State Drives which have no moving parts and are much faster.  

    And flash drives?  They are still around and still popular, along with a few varieties of digital memory cards for phones, digital cameras, and camcorders.

    Gotta love technology!   Oh, could somebody hand me that 8 track tape over there.   Thanks.


  • Thanks for Nature
    Family near Quarry and Nature

    Thanks for Nature

    Sometimes it’s a good idea to pause for a moment and give thanks for the truly beautiful world we live in. It’s a world populated by billions of humans, AND, of course by wonderful animals. For a complete look at just some of God’s best work in the world of animals, continue here..


  • Rietta Fresh Going 55
    Produce at Rietta Sunday 8/15/2021 from Howe’s Country Store Rt122a at the Holden-Rutland line Vendor Facebook page. Rietta website.

    Rietta Flea Market Still Fresh

    Some things stay fresh with time, and one is fresh produce at Rietta Flea Market in Hubbardston, MA. Also, fresh burgers, hot dogs, fried dough at the Snack Bar. And always fresh bargain finds among the hundreds of vendors. Read more….

  • Gardner Magazine Video

    Gardner Magazine Video

    This video about the site is the first of what we hope will be many videos. We have been collecting video footage from around the Greater Gardner area and plan a video tour in full HD video. Watch large size

  • Share the Chair

    Share the Chair

    It’s time to “Share the Chair”. Downtown Gardner of the Chair City has much to offer you, your family, and your friends. Downtown Gardner has endeavored to extend a warm welcome mat to all who choose to visit.

    Gardner Magazine encourages you to check out Downtown Gardner MA for a delicious meal, a shopping experience, or your daily needs. Read our full article…

  • Who’s on First?
    Bud Abbott and Lou Costello
    Who’s On First Abbott and Costello 3/24/1938

    Who’s on First Communication Follies

    Sometimes today’s news feels like the communication follies with many newsmakers seemingly not knowing “Who’s on First”. So, we found the classic routine of Abbott and Costello and have it available for you to enjoy at left.

    The routine reminds me of the rift in true idea exchange which is occurring today with Americans disconcerted over the repeated disparaging comments coming from all political circles. Just like this comedic routine of 83 years ago, people are not listening to one another, creating a frustrating atmosphere for them and the public they serve. Would it be so hard to really listen, learn, reflect, and then better problem solve?

    Listen to this classic sketch and you’ll understand what we mean.

    Maybe by listening to the genuine concerns of others we can better find common ground and then ultimately common solutions.

  • Lower Speeds

    Lower Speeds. Save Lives.

    Save Lives and slow down

    Gardner Massachusetts area cities and towns can immediately save lives by designating more side streets as safe zones.   MA MGL C.90 S17C allows “thickly settled” cities and towns to adopt a 25 mph default speed limit by ordinance for all streets unless otherwise posted.

    MA Cities and towns can also set 20mph safety zones, which they can use their own criteria to create.   Many people don’t know that an 85 percentile rule has been used for ages in determining road speeds, effectively letting what speed a super majority of drivers drive to set the road speed.  View NACTO 50 page report pdf. Many cities and towns indicate a desire to set road speeds based more on actual objective safety criteria.


    Fatality with Speed

      Unfortunately, people tend to drive as fast as the law allows, so this hasn’t worked.   Why are some proposed changes a good idea?  It’s simple physics.  According to the NACTO report, a person hit by a car at 35 miles per hour is 5 times more likely to die than a person hit by a car at 20 miles per hour.   And “The Highway Safety Manual” cited by NACTO found that a 10% reduction in the average speed resulted in 19% fewer injury crashes, 27% fewer injury crashes, and 34% fewer fatal crashes.  View Highway Safety Manual pdf.  (1000+ pages)While they have been defeated in legislatures, proposals have been made in states such as Maryland to limit speed to 15mph in some residential areas. 

    Braking Distance with Speed, Gardner MA

    Sadly, the U.S. has the highest traffic fatality rate in the industrialized world, double that of Canada, and quadruple that of Europe.  So, is it unreasonable to ask folks to slow down in Greater Gardner MA residential areas and save some lives?   Many would say, I think not.

    MA Speed Laws


  • Furniture in Gardner
    The Gardner MA Big Chair
    The “Big Chair” Gardner MA
    Gardner Outlet Furniture
    Gardner Outlet Furniture

    On the subject of furniture…

    The subject of furniture in Gardner is always a story of transformation. The changing Gardner “Big Chair”, manufacturing scene, and emergence of new furniture stores. View our big article on Gardner MA furniture “Time to Share Stories of the Big Chair.”

  • A.I. – An Editorial
    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence – Should You Be Concerned?

    The concerns about A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) go back decades. And we are exposed to it every day.

    Whether it’s when we hear prompts when refilling prescriptions or experience an interactive voicemail system staffed with an A.I., we are exposed to it. Some of us use Alexa devices which launch audio, video, or even turn on an outlet with the sound of our voice. So, I decided to try an experiment. Could I create a sixty second commercial for Gardner Magazine using only Artificial Intelligence voices. The answer is yes. You can listen to the result below. Just press the play button.

    Gardner Magazine Sixty second radio ad using only A.I. voices

    My example at left was produced in a relatively simple studio using readily available A.I. voices online.

    Gardner Magazine Sixty second radio ad using Premium A.I. voices

    This second example was produced using upgraded A.I. voices from a premium service. GIve it a listen!

    If I were to pay a premium price, I could get continued access to premium voices which are at the top of the AI spectrum and sound almost identical to human voices. The concern about A.I. is that bad actors could hide behind A.I. voices in doing bad things. And, there’s concern about computer manipulation of video called “Deep Fakes” which could possibly make innocent people look like they did something wrong. Yes, I think there is reason to be concerned and vigilant about any technology this powerful.

  • Public Service

    Public Service Organizations

    Gardner Magazine has completed a guide to Public Service Organizations in the Greater Gardner MA area.

    We ask our readers to let us know about any needed additions. Greater Gardner MA Area non-profit organizations concern animals, religion and churches, land conservation, preservation of history, recreation, sports, ministry, nature, health, television, radio, commerce, service groups, water preservation, fishing, food needs, libraries, sportsmen, community action, veterans, music, disabilities, artists, golf, museums, schools, social issues, clubs, motorcycles, fairs and events, senior centers, theater, horses, dogs, cats, birds, turtles, produce, town improvement, agriculture, and orchestras.

  • Public Meetings

    Public Meetings Calendars

    Gardner Magazine has a new page highlighting Public Meetings Calendars. Most communities list all upcoming meetings in handy formats. Some communities either have few meetings or are not as comprehensive. Being aware of Public Meetings is a great way to be involved in your community.

  • Back – to – School Festival Gardner

    Gardner Back-to-School Festival

    The Gardner Public Schools Back-to-School Festival 2021 takes place Thursday, August 26, 2021 from 5-7pm. Join the Staff and community partners at Watkins Field as students and their families come together to ring in the new school year with music, fun, and games!. Please call (978) 632-1000 for more information or visit the Gardner Public School official Facebook page.

  • Greater Gardner Event Machine

    Easily find Greater Gardner Events

    Click on the name of a town for an EASY Google Events Search for events taking place in that community. ASHBURNHAMASHBYATHOLBARREGARDNERHARDWICKHUBBARDSTONNEW SALEMOAKHAMORANGEPETERSHAMPHILLIPSTONPRINCETONROYALSTONRUTLANDTEMPLETONWARWICKWESTMINSTERWINCHENDON. A great tool to quickly find out what’s going on in the Greater Gardner region.

  • Concerts on the Common – Princeton

    Princeton is featuring Concerts on the Common. Dates this summer include July 21 – 6-8pm Slograss, a relaxing, yet tight-as-they-come New England Bluegrass Band and August 11 – 6-8pm Jake McElvie and the Countetops, a unique indie rock, stream of consciousness band. For more details, click here.