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  • Dinosaurs
    by Barbara Feldman on September 28, 2022 at 12:00 am

    Named from two Greek words meaning “terrible lizard,” dinosaurs first appeared about 220 million years ago, and then disappeared rather suddenly 63 million years ago. Dinosaurs capture our imagination in many different ways. Their tremendous size, their fearsome looks, and

  • Koalas
    by Barbara Feldman on September 14, 2022 at 12:00 am

    Although often called koala bears because of their resemblance to cuddly teddy bears, koalas are marsupials, not bears. Koalas are native to Australia and related to kangaroos and wombats. Learn more at these adorable koala sites.

  • Tigers
    by Barbara Feldman on August 31, 2022 at 12:00 am

    As Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow followed the Yellow Brick Road, they feared the animals they might encounter. “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” Today, a more realistic fear is the animals we might never encounter. Sadly,

  • Monarch Butterflies
    by Barbara Feldman on August 17, 2022 at 12:00 am

    In all the world, no butterflies migrate like the monarchs of North America. They travel up to three-thousand miles twice a year: south in the fall, and north in the spring. To avoid the long, cold northern winters, monarchs west

  • Wright Brothers
    by Barbara Feldman on August 10, 2022 at 12:00 am

    On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers made the world’s first flight in a power-driven, heavier-than-air machine that cost about $1000 to build. With Orville at the controls and Wilbur on the ground, the plane flew 120 feet in twelve

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  • Event or not, Apple has a ton of new stuff coming in October
    on September 30, 2022 at 7:24 pm

    Obviously, September is one of the biggest months on the Apple calendar. At its September 7 “Far Out” event, Apple introduced the iPhone 14 line, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and second-generation AirPods Pro. Plus, we got the release of iOS 16 and watchOS 9. You might expect that October would pale in comparison, but Apple still has a lot going on. There’s still one iPhone 14 to come, and potentially a handful of iPads, Macs, and possibly more. We expect some really important operating system updates as well–especially as the iPad and Mac are a little behind the iPhone in getting their big yearly update. New hardware Apple’s still got some hardware to release this year. There could be an event in October, or perhaps none at all, just a steady stream of press-releases and website updates. Here’s what we think will be announced and released in October. iPhone 14 Plus: The one product we are sure is releasing in October is the iPhone 14 Plus, the 6.7-inch version of the standard (non-Pro) iPhone. Already available for preorder, it hits shelves and mailboxes on Friday, October 7. M2 Mac mini: The Mac mini hasn’t been updated since the M1 chip was launched in 2020, and for some reason Apple still sells the Intel version as well. It’s expected that new models are on the way with the M2 and M2 Pro, and possibly a slight redesign. M2 MacBook Pros: The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros are only a year old, but those M1 Pro and M1 Max chips are expected to get the M2 treatment. Otherwise, the laptops should be similar. M2 iPad Pros: The 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro still come with the M1 processor. Now that the M2 has been out for months, it’s time they were upgraded, which is expected to happen soon. Not much else about the iPad Pro models is expected to change, though, other than the possible addition of wireless charging. Apps and software updates Everyone’s iPhone got a huge upgrade with iOS 16, which was accompanied by watchOS 9 and tvOS 16. But the iPadOS release, which typically comes at the same time, was skipped–iPadOS 16.1 will be the first release for that hardware. It’s not uncommon for macOS to be a little behind the mobile devices, and we expect macOS Ventura to land this month, too. The iPhone’s first big update, iOS 16.1, will have a number of important features when it comes this month, too. iOS 16.1: The first big iOS update after iOS 16 will add some significant features, like Live Activities, improvements to the battery percentage indicator, a “Clean Energy Charging” feature, support for the Matter smart home standard (maybe), and more. It’s in beta now, and will probably release in October. ‌tvOS 16.1: There’s not a lot of big new stuff in tvOS 16.1, other than maybe support for the Matter smart home standard, but it will update to keep on pace with iOS. iPadOS 16.1: This will be the first public release in the iPadOS 16 cycle–Apple is skipping iPadOS 16.0. The biggest feature is the new Stage Manager feature, which Apple keeps making major changes to in the hopes of getting it into good shape for launch. macOS Ventura: Also known as macOS 13, “Ventura” brings a bunch of welcome features like using your iPhone as a wireless webcam, Passkey, shared iCloud Photo Library, lifting subjects from photos like on iOS 16, a new Settings app (which needs work), and more. We think it will launch together with iPadOS 16.1. Services Apple TV+ Here are the shows, series, and movies we expect to release on Apple TV+ in October. If you want to know what’s coming later, check our full guide to upcoming Apple TV+ content. Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show: Season 2 of this live-action kids show is back with Jack McBrayer. October 7 Shantaram: A fugitive pursuing redemption in 1980s Bombay will do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means letting his past seep back into his present. October 14 Ghostwriter (season 3): When a ghost haunts a bookstore and releases fictional characters into the real world, a group of friends works to solve a mystery surrounding the ghost’s unfinished business. Season 3 features an all-new cast. October 21 Acapulco (season 2): Season two picks up right on the heels of season one, telling the story of 20-something Máximo Gallardo, whose dream comes true when he scores the job of a lifetime as a cabana boy at the hottest resort in Acapulco, Las Colinas. October 21 Raymond & Ray: A film about two half-brothers living in the shadow of a terrible father. Starring Ewan McGregor and Ethan Hawke. October 21 Apple Arcade Apple releases new games to Apple Arcade on Fridays, but not every Friday is marked by a new game or significant update. Check our Apple Arcade FAQ for a full list of Apple Arcade games and more details on the service. Some games are released with no forewarning, but you’ll often see several projects listed in the Coming Soon section. NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition: As it did last year, developer 2K is bringing a mobile version of its popular basketball franchise to Apple Arcade. October 18 Apple

  • Apple Arcade FAQ: ‘GRIS+’ is now available
    on September 30, 2022 at 5:32 pm

    Gaming subscription services are all the rage now, but Apple Arcade isn’t quite like Google Stadia or Xbox Game Pass. So if you’ve got questions about it, we’ve got plenty of answers. Updated 09/30/22: GRIS+ is now available. What is Apple Arcade? Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription service for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and AppleTV that features more than 150 games. The games are a mix of genres and styles, and include original games you’ll only find on the service and others that can be found on the regular App Store or even other platforms. Apple Arcade isn’t a streaming service like Google Stadia. Games must be downloaded onto your device in order to be played. What do I need to run it? Apple Arcade is available as part of iOS 13, iPad OS 13, tvOS 13, and macOS Catalina or later. Some of the more visually-intensive games may only run well on newer hardware, though, and some Mac games require macOS 11 (Big Sur). How much does Apple Arcade cost? Apple Arcade costs $4.99 per month, and you’ll also get a one-month free trial. You can also sign up for the annual plan, which is $49.99. If you’re currently on the $4.99 month-to-month plan and want to switch to the annual plan, you can do so on your iPhone or iPad. Open the App Store app, then tap your account icon in the upper right. Tap Subscriptions, then tap the entry for Apple Arcade. Here, you can switch to the annual plan. Apple Arcade is also included in the Apple One subscription bundles, which range from $10 a month to $30 a month. How do I sign up for Apple Arcade? There isn’t an Apple Arcade app—it’s built into the App Store. On your iPhone, iPad, or Mac open the App Store and look for the Apple Arcade tab at the bottom of the screen (or in the left column on macOS). A sign-up screen with a Try It Free button will appear. After the trial you’ll be charged either the monthly or annual fee, depending on your selection. When subscribing, you’ll need to enter your Apple ID password or use Touch ID or Face ID to sign in, and you’ll have to confirm your subscription purchase a few times. Once you’re done with the sign up, the Arcade section of the App Store shows what games are available to you. To access a game, tap on it in the App Store, then tap the Get button. When the game is done installing on your device, the Get button turns into a Play button, and you can tap it to launch the game. The game app icon will also appear on your device’s Home page. On the Apple TV, there actually is an Arcade app. Open that to see the sign-up offer. You’ll also find an Arcade tab within the App Store. Does my subscription include family sharing? Yes. One $4.99 per month subscription can be shared between up to six people (including you). How do I cancel Apple Arcade? First off, keep in mind that if you cancel Apple Arcade (either before your free trial is up or after subscribing), you won’t be able to keep playing the games unless you re-subscribe. If you’re okay with that, you can use the same process you use to cancel any other subscription service. Here’s the easiest way to do it on the iPhone and iPad: Open the App Store app and tap on your profile photo in the upper right. In the screen that pops up, press Subscriptions near the top of the page. You’ll then see a list of active subscriptions, and Apple Arcade should be listed there. Tap it. You’ll either see Cancel Free Trial or Cancel Subscription toward the middle of the page that appears. Tap whatever option is available, then Confirm Cancellation.And here’s how to cancel Apple Arcade on the Mac: Open the App Store app and then press the icon with your profile photo in the lower left. The Account window will appear, and you should then click View Information at the top of the window. Enter your password when/if prompted.When your Account Information appears, scroll down to the Manage section and click the Manage link to the right of Subscriptions. When the list of your active subscriptions appears, click Edit to the right of Apple Arcade. Toward the middle of the page that appears, you’ll see a button that says either Cancel Free Trial or Cancel Subscription. Click it, then click Confirm Cancellation and Confirm.How do I access Apple Arcade games? Apple Arcade is its own tab in the App Store. You can find games to download there, and grab anything you like without fear of being charged, seeing ads, or having to later buy in-app purchases. Once downloaded, Apple Arcade games are found just like any other app on your device. You’ll find this tab on the Mac, too. Does Apple curate the games on Apple Arcade? Yes. Apple says it is “handpicking the games in Apple Arcade” and that it curates them “based on originality, quality, creativity, fun, and their appeal to players of all ages.” Do Apple Arcade games have in-app purchases? No. In Apple’s words, “since every game includes access to the full experience, including all game features, content, and future updates, no additional purchases will be required.” Even games that have in-app purchases on the App Store won’t have any in Apple Arcade. Do Apple Arcade games have ads? Also no. On a related note, Apple says Apple Arcade has no ad tracking. Is Apple Arcade a game streaming service like Google’s Stadia or Xbox Game Streaming? No. All Apple Arcade are downloaded. Are Apple Arcade games available on other systems? Apple Arcade games were originally exclusive to Apple Arcade—not in the regular App Store nor on any other mobile platform. Some would appear on PC or consoles, but never in a subscription service. Apple has since relaxed that policy somewhat, and you can find games in Apple Arcade that also exist in the regular App Store or on Android. They are usually denoted by a “+” at the end, to differentiate the Apple Arcade version (free to download with your subscription, and free from ads or in-app purchases) from the App Store version. For example Mini Metro (App Store) vs. Mini Metro+ (Apple Arcade). Will I still be able to buy games on the App Store without an Apple Arcade subscription? Yes. There’s no sign that the existing games model will be going away, as it works fine for freemium games like Idle Heroes or Toon Blast. Apple is focusing on “handpicked” games for Apple Arcade, so there’s little doubt that the library will be much smaller than the thousands of games available in the App Store. Are there demos for Apple Arcade games? No, and they’re not really necessary. Like App Store apps, games download quickly and can easily be removed if you don’t want to keep it anymore. Apple partly envisions Apple Arcade as a way of letting players try out games with more freedom than the App Store currently allows (which is basically none). In Apple’s words, “rather than pay upfront for each game, a subscription to Apple Arcade will give players the opportunity to try any game in the service without risk.” The service has a free trial, though, as we’ve seen with both Apple Music and Apple News+. Am I able to keep playing Apple Arcade games if I cancel my subscription? No. As with most subscription services, you only have access while you’re a subscriber. Can I use controllers with Apple Arcade games? Yes. In additional to traditional MFi (Made for iOS) controllers, you can pair some specific Bluetooth controllers for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with either your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Since many Apple Arcade games are playable on Mac and Apple TV (where controller support is more common), many games will support them. Some games, especially those that are also available in the broader App Store and only for iPhone or iPad, have no controller support. Recently Apple relaxed the requirements for MFi controller certification, which may have grown out of the Apple Arcade negotiations. How often are new games released? Games are typically released on Fridays, but not every Friday. The release schedule is sporadic—some Fridays there are no new games released, some see one game released, some more than one. Sometimes there will be no new game release, but existing games will get a big update with new content and features. On average, new games are released at a rate of about one every 2-3 weeks, though this may improve as Apple has loosened the rules around Apple Arcade exclusivity. What games have been released so far? There are over 150 games available for Apple Arcade, and the list grows all the time. TitlePublisherRelease DateA Fold ApartLightning Rod Games04/17/20A Monster’s ExpeditionDraknek Limited09/10/20Agent InterceptProdigy Design09/19/19Air TwisterYS Net Inc.06/24/22Alba: A Wildlife Adventureustwo12/11/20All of YouAlike Studio11/06/20Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost CityTeam Alto / Snowman07/16/21Alto’s Adventure—RemasteredTeam Alto / Snowman03/25/22Amazing BombermanKonami08/05/22Angry Birds ReloadedRovio07/16/21Asphalt 8: Airborne+Gameloft08/27/21Assemble With Careustwo09/19/19ATONE: Heart of the Elder TreeWildboy Studios09/19/19Badland PartyHypeHype Oy05/06/22Baldo: The Guardian OwlsNaps Team08/27/21Ballistic BaseballGameloft10/18/19BattleSky Brigade: HarpoonerBattleBrew Productions09/19/19Beyond a Steel SkyRevolution Software06/26/20Beyond BlueE-Line Media04/17/20Big Time SportsFrosty Pop Games09/19/19Bleak SwordDevolver Digital09/19/19Bridge Constructor+Headup GmbH02/04/22Butter RoyaleMighty Bear Games01/24/20Card of DarknessPendleton Ward09/19/19CardpocalypseVersus Evil09/19/19Castlevania: Grimoire of SoulsKonami09/17/21Cat Quest IIThe Gentlebros.09/19/19Charrua SoccerBatovi Games02/07/20ChuChu Rocket! UniverseSega09/19/19Clap Hanz GolfClaphanz04/02/21Construction Simulator 2+Astragon Entertainment04/15/22Cooking Mama: Cuisine!Office Create Corp.06/17/22Cozy GroveSpry Fox03/18/21Crashlands+Butterscotch Shenanigans, Inc.01/14/21Crayola Create and Play+Red Games Co.10/29/21CreaksAmanita Design07/10/20Cricket Through the AgesDevolver Digital09/19/19Crossy Road+Hipster Whale10/08/21Crossy Road CastleHipster Whale02/28/20Cut the Rope RemasteredPaladin Studios04/02/21Dandara: Trials of Fear+Raw Fury12/03/21Dead End JobHeadup GmbH, Ant Workshop09/19/19Dear ReaderLocal No. 1209/19/19DecoherenceEfecto Estudios10/11/19Detonation RacingElectric Square07/30/21DiscoloredShifty Eye Games & Jason Godbey11/08/19Disney Melee ManiaMighty Bear Games12/17/21Dodo PeakMoving Pieces Interactive09/19/19Don’t Bug Me!Frosty Pop Games09/19/19Doodle God UniverseJoyBits07/16/21Doomsday VaultFlightless01/03/20Down in BermudaYak & Co09/19/19Dread NauticalZen Studios09/19/19EarthNightCleaversoft09/19/19Exit the GungeonDevolver Digital09/19/19ExplottensWRP Pvt.09/19/19Fallen KnightFairPlay Studios10/25/19FantasianMistwalker04/01/21Farm It!Tummy Games03/26/21Fledgling HeroesSubtle Boom09/19/19Frenzic: OvertimeThe Iconfactory06/18/21Frogger and the Rumbling RuinsKonami06/03/22Frogger in Toy TownKonami09/19/19Galaga Wars+Bandai Namco11/12/21Game Dev Story+Kairosoft Co., Ltd06/18/21Game of Thrones: Tale of CrowsDevolver Digital08/07/20Garden Tails: Match and GrowPlaydots, Inc.09/16/22Gear.Club StradaleEden Games04/08/22Gibbon: Beyond the TreesBroken Rules02/25/22Goat Simulator+Coffee Stain Publishing05/13/22GrindstoneCapybara Games09/19/19GRIS+Devolver09/30/22GuildlingsSirvo Studios, Inc.11/08/19Hanx101 TriviaBlueLine Studios Inc.09/02/22Hearts: Card Game+MobilityWare01/07/22HEROishSunblink07/22/22Hexaflip: The Action PuzzlerRogue Games, Inc.09/19/19Hidden Folks+Adriaan de Jongh01/28/22HitchHikerVersus Evil03/26/21HogwashBossa Studios10/25/19Horizon Chase 2Aquiris Game Studio09/09/22Hot LavaKlei Entertainment09/19/19HyperBrawl TournamentMilkey Tea Limited09/19/19INKS.+State of Play Games06/25/21INMOSTChucklefish Limited10/11/19Jenny LeClueMografi09/19/19Jetpack Joyride+Halfbrick Studios07/23/21Jetpack Joyride 2Halfbrick Studios08/19/22Jigsaw Puzzle by MobilityWare+MobilityWare06/10/22Jumper JonOgre Pixel11/01/19King’s League IIKurechi Sdn. Bhd.09/19/19Kingdom Rush Frontiers TD+Ironhide Irl11/12/21Kingdom Rush Vengeance TD+Ironhide Irl07/29/22Kings of the CastleFrosty Pop01/17/20Layton’s Mystery Journey+Level-5 Inc.09/03/21Legend of the Skyfish 2Crescent Moon Games04/03/20Legends of Kingdom RushIronhide Game Studio06/11/21LEGO BrawlsThe Lego Group09/19/19LEGO Builder’s JourneyThe Lego Group12/19/19LEGO Star Wars BattlesTT Games09/24/21LEGO Star Wars: CastawaysGameloft11/19/21Leo’s Fortune+1337 & Senri LLC06/25/21Lifelikekunabi brother10/25/19LifeslideDreamteck09/19/19Little OrpheusSumo Digital06/12/20Love You to Bits+Alike Studio08/26/22LumenLykkegaard International02/05/21Manifold GardenWilliam Chyr Studio10/18/19Marble It Up: Mayhem!Marble it up11/08/19Marble KnightsWayForward09/18/20MasterChef: Let’s Cook!Tilting Point09/03/21Mind SymphonyRogue Games, Inc.10/11/19Mini MotorwaysDinosaur Polo Club09/19/19MonomalsPicomy11/01/19Monster Hunter Stories+Capcom08/06/21Monument Valley 2+ustwo games03/11/22Moonshot – A Journey HomeNoodlecake04/22/22Murder Mystery MachineBlazing Griffin09/19/19MutazioneDie Gute Fabrik09/19/19My Bowling 3D+iWare Designs07/01/22My Talking Tom+Outfit7 Limited08/12/22NBA 2K21 Arcade Edition2K Sports04/02/21NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition2K Sports10/19/21NecrobaristaRoute 5907/17/20Neo CabChance Agency09/19/19NeversongSerenity Forge05/01/20Next Stop NowhereNight School Studio08/14/20Nickelodeon Extreme TennisViacom International01/21/22Nightmare FarmHit-Point Co., Ltd.10/05/19No Way HomeSMG Studio01/10/20NUTSNoodlecake Studios01/22/21Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost RealmCornfox & Bros.09/19/19Oceanhorn: Chronos DungeonCornfox & Bros.01/08/21Oddmar+Mobje Ltd.12/03/21Operator 41Shifty Eye Games09/19/19OutlandersPomelo Games09/19/19Over the AlpsStave Studios09/19/19OverlandFinji09/19/19PAC-MAN Party RoyaleBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment10/18/19Painty MobDevolver Digital09/19/19PatternedBorderLeap09/19/19PilgrimsAmanita Design10/05/19Pocket Build+MoonBear LTD04/01/22Populus RunFIFTYTWO01/29/21PossessionsNoodlecake Studios09/19/19Pro Darts 2022+iWare Designs05/27/22Pro Snooker & Pool 2022+iWare Designs Ltd.04/15/22Projection: First LightBlowfish Studios09/19/19Prune+Joel McDonald04/29/22Punch PlanetSector-K Games09/19/19Rayman MiniUbisoft09/19/19Red ReignNinja Kiwi Limited09/19/19Redout: Space Assault34BigThings10/05/19Reigns: BeyondDevolver Digital11/06/20Rosie’s RealityRosieReality11/15/19RoundguardWonderbelly Games03/13/20Samorost 3+Amanita Design07/08/22Samurai Jack: Battle Through TimeCartoon Network08/21/20Sayonara Wild HeartsAnnapurna Interactive09/19/19ScrappersQ-Games04/10/20Secret Oops!Mixedbag01/31/20Shadow Blade+Crescent Moon Games03/04/22Shantae and the Seven SirensWayForward09/19/19Shinsekai: Into the DepthsCapcom09/19/19ShockRodsStainless Games10/11/19Shovel Knight DigYacht Club Games09/23/22Simon’s Cat – Story TimeTactile Games Limited04/02/21Skate CitySnowman09/19/19Slash QuestNoodlecake Studios10/01/20Sneaky SasquatchRAC709/19/19Sociable SoccerRogue Games, Inc.11/08/19Solitaire StoriesRed Games Co.07/02/21SongPop PartyGameloft04/02/21Sonic Dash+Sega04/08/22Sonic RacingSega09/19/19South of the CircleState of Play10/30/20Sp!ngSMG Studio03/05/21SpacelandTortuga Games09/19/19Spades: Card Game+MobilityWare01/07/22Speed DemonsRadiangames09/19/19SpekRAC7 Games09/19/19SpelldrifterFree Range Games09/19/19SpidersaursWayForward09/19/19Spire BlastOrbital Knight sp.01/22/21Splitter Critters+RAC7 Games12/10/21Spongebob SquarePants: Patty PursuitNickelodeon05/28/20SpyderSumo_Digital03/20/20Star FetchedCrescent Moon Games11/01/19Star Trek: LegendsTilting Point LLC04/02/21StelaSkyBox Labs10/11/19Stellar CommandersBlindflug Studios09/19/19Steven Universe: Unleash the LightCartoon Network11/27/19Stranded SailsShifty Eye Games09/19/19Subway Surfers TagSybo Games07/15/22Super Leap DayNitrome08/06/21Super Impossible RoadRogue Games, Inc.09/19/19Super Mega Mini PartyRed Games Co, LLC11/01/19Super Stickman Golf 3+Noodlecake08/06/21Survival ZEmber Entertainment02/19/21Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap BeatBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment04/02/21Takeshi and HiroshiOink Games Inc.11/08/19Tales of MemoTendays Studio10/25/19Tangle TowerSFB Games09/19/19Temple Run: Puzzle AdventureScopely, Inc.09/17/21Tetris BeatN3twork Inc.08/20/21The Bradwell ConspiracyBossa Studios10/05/19The Collage AtlasRobot House Games Ltd10/16/20The Enchanted WorldNoodlecake Studios09/19/19The Get Out KidsFrosty Pop Games09/19/19The Last CampfireHello Games08/27/20The Loud House: Outta ControlNickelodeon02/14/20The Lullaby of Life1 Simple Game07/24/20The MosaicRaw Fury11/01/19The Oregon TrailGameloft04/02/21The OthersideThe Label05/08/20The PathlessAnnapurna Interactive11/12/20The Pinball WizardFrosty Pop Games09/19/19The SurvivalistsTeam1710/08/20Things That Go BumpTinybop Inc.10/18/19Thumper: Pocket Edition+Drool LLC10/01/21tint.Lykkegaard International09/19/19Tiny Wings+Andreas Illiger10/15/21Transformers Tactical ArenaRed Games Co11/05/21Towaga: Among ShadowsNoodlecake Studios09/19/19Towers of EverlandCobra Mobile Limited05/22/20UFO on Tape: First ContactRevolutionary Concepts11/08/19Ultimate Rivals: The CourtBit Fry Games07/09/21Ultimate Rivals: The RinkBit Fry Games12/12/19Various DaylifeSquare Enix09/19/19Warp DriveSupergonk11/27/20Warped Kart RacersElectric Square05/20/22Way of the TurtleIllusion Labs09/19/19What the GolfFig09/19/19Where Cards FallSnowman09/19/19Winding WorldsKO_OP05/15/20Wonderbox: The Adventure MakerAquiris04/01/21Word Lacesminimega09/19/19World of DemonsPlatinumGames04/02/21World’s End ClubIzanagiGames09/04/20WurdwebAran & Adriaan08/13/21Wylde FlowersStudio Drydock02/22/22YagaVersus Evil10/25/19Zen Pinball PartyZEN Studios09/03/21Zombie Rollerz: Pinball HeroesFirefly Games12/04/20Zookeeper WorldKiteretsu Inc.09/10/21 Personal Software

  • Apple TV+: ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’ is now streaming
    on September 30, 2022 at 5:09 pm

    Apple has planted its own flag in the streaming wars with Apple TV+, its in-house streaming service that focuses almost entirely on original programming rather than an extensive library of existing TV shows or movies. The service launched on November 1, 2019, and has been steadily releasing original content ever since. The COVID pandemic had a big impact on production throughout 2020, but new releases should start to pick up again in the fall. This resource will list all the Apple TV+ content you can watch today, grouped by TV shows, limited series, and movies. There’s also a ton of new content in the works for Apple’s $4.99-a-month service. If you want to know what’s on the way, check out our list of upcoming Apple TV+ shows and movies. Updated 09/30/22: The Greatest Beer Run Ever, starring Zac Efron, Russel Crowe, and Bill Murray, is now streaming. u003cbru003eMentioned IN THIS story Apple TV 4K (2021) Read our review MSRP: 32GB $179 | 64GB $199 Best Prices Today: $168.79 at Amazon | $179.00 at Apple | $179.99 at Best Buy Shows and series These are all the episodic, recurring series you can currently watch on Apple TV+, ordered from the most recent premiere date to the oldest. Apple Sago Mini Friends (season 1) Welcome to Sagoville, where Harvey loves to play and discover ways to have silly fun! He and his closest friends explore, imagine, and express true thankfulness for all things, big and small, through creative adventures and unforgettable songs. Watch here Premiered: September 16, 2022 Central Park (season 3) The animated musical comedy continues for a third season. It’s about Owen, the manager of Central Park who lives there with his family, and a wealthy hotel heiress who wants to buy the park and build over it. Watch here Premiered: September 9, 2022 Life by Ella After a life-changing experience, 13-year-old Ella is eager to seize the day. As she learns to appreciate each moment, she faces the fears that once defined her–and encourages others to do the same. Watch here Premiered: September 2, 2022 See (season 3) The final season of Apple’s post-apocalyptic epic, starring Jason Momoa, about a far-future world where humans have long since lost their sight. Watch here Premiered: August 26, 2022 Bad Sisters The tight-knit Garvey sisters have always looked out for each other. When their brother-in-law winds up dead, his life insurers launch an investigation to prove malicious intent–and set their sights on the sisters, all of whom had ample reasons to kill him. Watch here Premiered: August 19, 2022 Amber Brown Between her parents’ divorce and best friend moving away, Amber Brown is having a tough time. But her art, video diary, and new friend Brandi provide outlets for Amber to express her feelings and find gratitude in the love that surrounds her. Watch here Premiered: July 29, 2022 Best Foot Forward John Dubin is thrilled to switch from homeschool to public school, and being the only kid with a prosthetic leg is a challenge he’s ready to face. As he carves out a place among his peers, his friends and family are with him every step of the way. Watch here Premiered: July 22, 2022 Trying (season 3) Nikki and Jason finally got their adopted kids, and that’s just the start of their troubles. Watch here Premiered: July 22, 2022 Duck & Goose (season 1) Feathered friends Duck and Goose couldn’t be more different, but in this preschool show, they learn how to bring out the best in one another. Based on books by Tad Hills. Watch here Premiered: July 8, 2022 Loot (season 1) After divorcing her husband of 20 years, Molly Novak must figure out what to do with her $87 billion settlement. She decides to reengage with her charitable foundation and reconnect with the real world—finding herself along the way. Watch here Premiered: June 24, 2022 Home (season 2) Discover the groundbreaking ideas and inspiring stories behind the world’s most imaginative dwellings. In this globe-spanning docuseries, meet the visionaries who are challenging conventional concepts of “home” and rethinking how we live. Watch here Premiered: April 17, 2022 For All Mankind (season 3) Nearly ten years after the events of Season 2, this season sees the space race extend to Mars, and take on new challengers from the private commercial spaceflight arena. Watch here Premiered: June 10, 2022 Lovely Little Farm Nestled in lavender fields is a lovely little farm where sisters Jill and Jacky nurture and love all their animals—including the talking ones. Being a young farmer isn’t easy, but every day brings adventure and a chance to grow. Watch here Premiered: June 10, 2022 Physical (season 2) Shelia Rubin is a quietly tormented housewife in the ’80s San Diego. Behind closed doors, she battles extreme personal demons and a vicious inner voice. But things change when she discovers aerobics, sparking a journey toward empowerment and success. Watch here Premiered: June 3, 2022 Now & Then (season 1) On the eve of college graduation, six best friends embark on an epic weekend the celebrate—but it takes a fatal turn. Nearly 20 years later, the survivors are reluctantly reunited by a blackmail text threatening to expose the truth about that fateful night. Watch here Premiered: May 20, 2022 Greatness Code (season 2) Iconic athletes pull back the curtain on a pivotal career moment when they touched greatness. A stylized hybrid of live action and visual effects, this short-form docuseries sheds new light on the sports legends you thought you knew. Watch here Premiered: May 13, 2022 Tehran (season 2) Glenn Close joins the cast in the second season of this action-packed Israeli spy thriller. Watch here Premiered: May 6, 2022 Shining Girls (season 1) Years after a brutal attack left her in a constantly shifting reality, Kirby Mazrachi learns that a recent murder is linked to her assault. She teams with veteran reporter Dan Velazquez to understand her ever-changing present—and confront her past. Watch here Pinecone & Pony (season 1) Kate Beaton’s beloved book comes to life in this animated series. As a warrior in training, Pinecone fears no challenge. Thankfully, Pony always makes sure Pinecone never gets in over her head. Together they learn life and be a fun-filled adventure. Watch here Premiered: April 8, 2022 Slow Horses (season 1) This quick-witted spy drama follows a dysfunctional team of MI5 agents—and their obnoxious boss, the notorious Jackson Lamb—as they navigate the espionage world’s smoke and mirrors to defend England from sinister forces. Watch here Premiered: April 1, 2022 Stillwater (season 2) Siblings Karl, Addy, and Michael have a very special next-door neighbor: a wise panda names Stillwater. His friendship and stories give them new perspectives on the world, themselves, and each other. Watch here Premiered: Season 2 premiered on March 18, 2022 The Snoopy Show (season 2) Charlie Brown’s famous beagle is back for more animated adventures. Watch here Premiered: Season 2 landed on March 11, 2022 The Problem with Jon Stewart (season 1) Jon Stewart is back on TV with his new one-hour show. Each episode covers a single topic, and speaks to experts and advocates about the systems that cause them and how we can affect change. Watch here Listen to the companion podcast. Premiered: September 30, 2021, came back from break with new weekly format March 3, 2022 Central Park (season 2) The animated musical comedy from the creators of Bob’s Burgers continues, as the family that lives and works in the park continues their quest to stop an evil old woman from buying the whole thing and filling it with skyscrapers and stores. Watch here Premiered: June 25, 2021, continued March 4, 2022 after an extended break Dear… (season 2) The second season of this documentary series inspired by the “Dear Apple” ad campaign. Celebrities read letters by people whose lives they have changed through their work. Watch here Premiered: March 4, 2022 Severance (season 1) Mark leads a team of office workers whose memories have been surgically divided between their work and personal lives. When a mysterious colleague appears outside of work, it begins a journey to discover the truth about their jobs. Watch here Pretzel and the Puppies (season 1) Meet Pretzel, the world’s longest dachshund and a playful, supportive dad to five frisky puppies. Together with his wife, Greta, they encourage their pups to get their paws up to solve problems and “make their bark” on the world. Watch here Premiered: February 11, 2022 Suspicion (season 1) Four ordinary Brits are accused of kidnapping the son of a prominent U.S. media mogul. They embark on a desperate race against time to prove their innocence, but will anyone believe them—and are they telling the truth? Watch here Premiered: February 4, 2022 The Afterparty (season 1) When a high school reunion’s afterparty ends in a stunning death, everyone is a suspect. A detective grills the former classmates one by one, uncovering potential motives as each tells their version of the story—culminating in the shocking truth. Watch here Premiered: January 28, 2022 Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock (season 1) Jim Henson’s fun-loving, musical Fraggles are back! Jon Gobo, Red, Wembley, Mokey, Boober, and new Fraggle friends on hilarious, epic adventures about the magic that happens when we celebrate and care for our interconnected world. Watch here Premiered: January 21, 2022 Servant (season 3) From M. Night Shyamalan, Servant follows a Philadelphia couple in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home. Watch here Premiered: January 21, 2022 El Deafo (season 1) Going to school and making new friends can be tough. Having to do both while wearing a bulky hearing aid on your chest? That takes superpowers! With a little help from her superhero alter ego, El Deafo, Cece learns to embrace her differences. Watch here Premiered: January 7, 2022 Harriet the Spy (season 1) Outspoken and perpetually curious. That’s 11-year-old Harriet in a nutshell. But if she’s going to be Harriet M. Welsch, future writer, she’ll need to know everything. And to know everything means she’ll need to spy…on everyone. Watch here Premiered: November 19, 2021; additional episodes on May 20, 2022 Snoopy in Space (season 2) Black off with Snoopy as he takes on a new frontier: space! Joined by Charlie Brown, Woodstock, and the rest of the Peanuts gang, Snoopy embarks on epic adventures of interstellar exploration and discovery. Watch here Premiered: November 12, 2021 Dickinson (season 3) The third and final season of this period drama with modern sensibilities and references, a coming-of-age story about one of America’s greatest poets. Watch here Premiered: November 5, 2021 Hello, Jack! The Kindness Show (season 1) Jack is one of Clover Grove’s most thoughtful and caring residents, greeting everyone with kindness and humor. His ability to spread compassion, creativity, and imagination inspires everyone in town to do the same. Watch here Premiered: November 5, 2021 Swagger (season 1) From NBA star Kevin Durant, filmmaker Reggie Rock Bythewood, and the team behind Friday Night Lights. A basketball prodigy must navigate a maze of pressure if he’s going to overcome the odds against him and learn what it truly means to have swagger. Watch here Premiered: October 29, 2021 Invasion (season 1) Earth is visited by an alien species that threatens humanity’s existence. Events unfold in real time through the eyes of five ordinary people across the globe as they struggle to make sense of the chaos unraveling around them. Watch here Premiered: October 22, 2021 Puppy Place (season 1) Charles and Lizzie Peterson have found the perfect way to foster their love of dogs–literally. The siblings take on the tough but rewarding task of fostering puppies and finding their forever homes. WIth every new pup, a new adventure begins. Watch here Premiered: October 15, 2021. Acapulco (season 1) In 1984, Maximo Gallardo’s dream comes true when he gets the job of a lifetime at Acapulco’s hottest resort, Las Colinas. But he soon realizes that working there will be far more complicated than he ever imagined. Watch here Premiered: October 8, 2021 Get Rolling with Otis (season 1) Welcome to Long Hill Dairy Farm, home to Otis the tractor and all his friends. Otis may be little, but he has a big heart. Whenever he sees a friend in need, he hits the brakes to see what’s wrong and rolls into action to help. Watch here Premiered: October 8, 2021 The Problem with Jon Stewart (season 1) Jon Stewart is back on TV with his new one-hour show. Each episode covers a single topic, and speaks to experts and advocates about the systems that cause them and how we can affect change. Watch here Listen to the companion podcast. Premiered: September 30, 2021 Foundation (season 1) Based on the classed Isaac Asimov novels, Foundation chronicles a band of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire. Watch here Premiered: September 24, 2021 Wolfboy and the Everything Factory (season 1) William Wolfe is no ordinary human boy. Down in the magical spryte realm of the Everything Factory, he’s Wolfboy. And with his new spryte friends, he learns his vivid imagination and limitless creativity have the power to change the world. Watch here Premiered: September 24, 2021 The Morning Show (season 2) The second season picks up where the first left off, with The Morning Show reeling from sexual misconduct allegations and about to run right into the COVID pandemic. Watch here Premiered: September 17, 2021 Doug Unplugs (season 2) The second season of this 3D animated show for kids about a curious robot named Doug is split into two halves. Watch here Premiered: The first half of season 2 started on September 17, 2021. Episodes 8-13 landed on April 1, 2022. See (season 2) In the second season of this post-apocalyptic epic thriller, Dave Bautista joins the cast, playing the brother of Jason Momoa’s character Baba Voss. Watch here Premiered: August 27, 2021 Truth Be Told (season 2) Season 2 has Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer) investigating the murder of the husband of her childhood friend Micah Keith, a successful lifestyle guru played by Kate Hudson. Watch here Premiered: August 20, 2021 Mr. Corman With better luck, better choices, better posture…Josh Corman could’ve been a rock star. Now he teaches fifth grade, and though he loves his students, he still struggles to find happiness and meaning in a world that sometimes feels short on both. Watch here Premiered: August 6, 2021 Ted Lasso (season 2) Apple’s breakout hit continues as AFC Richmond finds itself struggling to break an unprecedented streak of tie games and earn its way back to the Premiere League. Watch here Premiered: July 23, 2021 Schmigadoon! In this parody of 1940s musicals, backpacking couple Melissa and Josh get trapped in Schmigadon, a magical town filled with singing and dancing townspeople, and learn they can’t leave without finding true love—which they thought they already had. Watch here Premiered: July 16, 2021 Central Park (season 2) The animated musical comedy from the creators of Bob’s Burgers continues, as the family that lives and works in the park continues their quest to stop an evil old woman from buying the whole thing and filling it with skyscrapers and stores. Watch here Premiered: June 25, 2021 Physical A half-hour drama/comedy series set in a 1980s Southern California beach community. It’s about a tortured woman who finds a path to power in the world of aerobics. Watch here Premiered: June 18, 2021 Home Before Dark (season 2) In season two, when a mysterious explosion hits a local farm, reporter Hilde Lisko begins an investigation that will lead her to fight a powerful and influential corporation—with the health of her family and Erie Harbor in the balance. Watch here Premiered: June 11, 2021 Trying (season 2) In the eight-episode second season of Trying, Nikki and Jason are continuing to navigate the adoption process. Watch here Premiered: May 21, 2021 Mythic Quest (season 2) With the quarantine finally over, the second season of Mythic Quest finds everyone back in the office, attempting to build upon the success of Raven’s Banquet by launching an epic new expansion. Watch here Premiered: May 7, 2021 The Mosquito Coast (season 1) Adapts the bestselling novel The Mosquito Coast, to star Justin Theroux. The novel was published in 1981 by Theroux’s uncle, Paul Theroux, and made into a movie five years later starring Harrison Ford. Watch here Premiered: April 30, 2021 Mythic Quest ‘Everlight’ special A special bonus episode in advance of Season 2. With the COVID pandemic over, the Mythic Quest crew returns to the offices for the company’s annual “Everlight” party. Watch here Premiered: April 16, 2021 Tiny World (Season 2) Six more episodes of this nature documentary narrated by Paul Rudd, featuring spectacular footage of some of the smallest creatures in nature. Watch here Premiered: April 16, 2021 The Earth at Night in Color (Season 2) Tom Hiddleston narrates six more episodes showcasing the nighttime activities of wild animals, shot using a new technique that enables full color in the dark. Watch here Premiered: April 16, 2021 For All Mankind (Season 2) The story continues in the 1980s, almost a decade after season 1. Tensions escalate with the Soviets, and NASA struggles to push forward into the next generation of spaceflight. Watch here Premiered: Feb. 19, 2021 The Snoopy Show (Season 1) An animated series all about Snoopy, Charlie Brown’s famous dog. Watch here Premiered: Feb. 5, 2021 Losing Alice (Season 1) The series follows Alice, a 48-year-old female film director, who feels irrelevant since raising her family. She becomes obsessed with 24-year-old screenwriter Sophie, and eventually surrenders her moral integrity in order to achieve power, relevance, and success. Watch here Premiered: Jan. 22, 2021 Servant (Season 2) Continuing the mystery around Jericho’s disappearance. Watch here Premiered: Jan. 15, 2021 Dickinson (Season 2) The story continues as Emily struggles with her burgeoning notoriety. Watch here Premiered: Jan. 8, 2021 Stillwater (Season 1) A CG animated kids’ cartoon about three siblings who live next door to a wise panda named Stillwater, who teaches them new perspectives on life through Eastern philosophy. Watch here Premiered: Dec. 4, 2020 Earth at Night in Color (season 1) A six-part nature documentary series that films animals at night using new technology to capture full natural color. Narrated by Tom Hiddleston. Watch here Premiered: Dec. 4, 2020 Doug Unplugs (Season 1) A CG animated kids’ series that follows the robot Doug and his human friend Emma as they go on adventures and learn how the world works. Watch here Premiered: Nov. 13, 2020 Helpsters (Season 2) An educational series produced by Sesame Workshop. A group of monsters work together to help solve the problems of customers who enter their shop through teamwork and problem solving. Watch here Premiered: Oct. 20, 2020 Ghostwriter (Season 2) More mysteries for the kids in the bookstore. This season is only seven episodes. Watch here Premiered: Oct. 9, 2020 Tiny World (season 1) A six-part nature documentary about the lives of some of the smallest creatures in the wild. Narrated by Paul Rudd. Watch here Premiered: Oct. 2, 2020 Tehran (Season 1) An espionage thriller that tells the thrilling story of a Mossad agent who goes deep undercover on a dangerous mission in Tehran that places her and everyone around her in dire jeopardy. Watch here Premiered: Sept. 25, 2020 Ted Lasso (Season 1) Jason Sudeikis plays American college football coach takes over as head coach of U.K. Premiere League soccer team AFC Richmond. Watch here Premiered: Aug. 14, 2020 The Oprah Conversation (Season 1) Oprah leads intimate discussions with today’s foremost newsmakers, thought leaders, and masters of their craft. Watch here Premiered: July 30, 2020 Little Voice (Season 1) A romantic comedy-drama about a singer-songwriter who struggles to be heard and find herself. Watch here Premiered: July 10, 2020 Greatness Code (season 1) Seven famous athletes discuss their moments of greatness. Presented in a hybrid of live action and special effects. Watch here Premiered: July 10, 2020 Dear… (season 1) A documentary series inspired by the “Dear Apple” ad campaign. Celebrities read letters by people whose lives they have changed through their work. Watch here Premiered: June 5, 2020 Central Park (Season 1) A musical comedy animated series from the creators of Bob’s Burgers, about the family of the Central Park groundskeeper and their attempts to foil the wealthy old woman who wants to buy and destroy the park. Watch here Premiered: May 29, 2020 Fraggle Rock (Seasons 1-4) Apple will reboot the classic Jim Henson show from the 1980s, but in the meantime, it has all four original seasons. This is a rare case where Apple TV+ has a library of old content. Watch here Premiered: May 27, 2020 Mythic Quest (Quarantine Special) A special filmed remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, detailing how the Mythic Quest staff is dealing with remote work. Watch here Premiered: May 22, 2020 Trying (Season 1) A British comedy series that follows a couple who want to become parents but are struggling to conceive. Watch here Premiered: May 1, 2020 Home A documentary series that examines the inspiration behind some very creative living spaces. Watch here Premiered: April 17, 2020 Home Before Dark (Season 1) Based on the life of young Hilde Lysiak, a girl moves from New York to the small lakeside town her father is from, and investigates the town’s old mystery. Watch here Premiered: April 3, 2020 Amazing Stories (Season 1) An anthology of fantastical tales, reviving the acclaimed 1985 TV series. Executive produced by Steven Spielberg, among others. Watch here Premiered: March 6, 2020 Mythic Quest (Season 1) A comedy that follows the video game studio that produces the popular fictional online RPG Mythic Quest. Watch here Premiered: Feb. 7, 2020 Little America (Season 1) An anthology series based on the true stories of immigrants in America. Watch here Premiered: Jan. 17, 2020 Truth Be Told (Season 1) A true crime podcaster investigates the case of a convicted killer she previously painted as the murderer, who now claims he was framed. Watch here Premiered: Dec. 6, 2019 Servant (Season 1) A psychological horror series executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan. Watch here Premiered: Nov. 28, 2019 Helpsters (Season 1) An educational series produced by Sesame Workshop. A group of monsters work together to help solve the problems of customers who enter their shop through teamwork and problem solving. Watch here Premiered: Nov. 1, 2019 Oprah’s Book Club (Season 1) A stand-alone version of the popular “Oprah’s Book Club” segment on her talk show. Watch here Premiered: Nov. 1, 2019 Ghostwriter (Season 1) A revival of the 1992 TV series, where four kids help a ghost in a bookstore solve mysteries that bring to life characters from the books. Watch here Premiered: Nov. 1, 2019 Dickinson (Season 1) A half-hour comedy-drama about the life of Emily Dickinson that blends period-era trappings with modern sensibilities, music, and dialogue. Watch here Premiered: Nov. 1, 2019 See (Season 1) Hundreds of years after a plague kills most of humanity and robs the rest of their sight, a pair of twins are born who can see. Jason Momoa plays their adoptive father. Watch here Premiered: Nov. 1, 2019 The Morning Show (Season 1) A drama about the production of a fictional morning news show amidst a sexual misconduct scandal. Features big-name stars like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Steve Carell, and Billy Crudup. Watch here Premiered: Nov. 1, 2019 For All Mankind (Season 1) How would history play out differently if the Soviet Union landed on the Moon before the United States? Watch here. Premiered: Nov. 1, 2019 Limited series These limited series are comprised of multiple episodes, but are not expected to have multiple seasons or continue in an ongoing basis. Apple Gutsy Take an unforgettable journey with Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton as they go on adventures with some of the world’s boldest and bravest women—from household names to unsung heroes—who make us laugh and inspire us to be more gutsy. Watch here Premiered: September 9, 2022 Five Days at Memorial Based on actual events from Hurricane Katrina. When the floodwaters rose, power failed, and heat soared, exhausted caregivers at a New Orleans hospital were forced to make profound, heart-wrenching decisions. Watch here Premiered: August 12, 2022 Surface A traumatic head injury leaves Sophie with extreme memory loss. In her quest to put the pieces of her life back together–with help from her husband and friends–Sophie begins to question the truth behind her picture-perfect life. Watch here Premiered: July 29, 2022 Black Bird Inspired by actual events. As Jimmy Keene begins a 10-year prison sentence, he gets an incredible offer: If he can elicit a confession from suspected killer Larry Hall, Jimmy will be freed. Completing this mission becomes the challenge of a lifetime. Watch here Premiered: July 8, 2022 Prehistoric Planet Experience the wonders of our world like never before in this epic series from Jon Favreau and the producers of Planet Earth. Travel back 66 million years to when majestic dinosaurs and extraordinary creatures roamed the lands, seas, and skies. Watch here Premiered: May 23, 2022 The Essex Serpent London widow Cora Seaborne moves to Essex to investigate reports of a mythical serpent. She forms a surprising bond of science and skepticism with the local vicar—but when tragedy strikes, locals accuse her of attracting the creature. Watch here Premiered: May 13, 2022 The Big Conn Eric C. Conn was a lawyer living a little too large in eastern Kentucky…until two whistleblowers realized he was at the center of government fraud worth over half a billion dollars, one of the largest in U.S. history. And that was just the beginning. Watch here Premiered: May 6, 2022 Make or Break Dive into the world of pro surfing as the best in the sport travel the globe to compete for the World Championship title. With unprecedented access, this docuseries captures the athletes’ lives on tour and the sacrifices they make to get to the top. Watch here The Long Game: Bigger Than Basketball Makur Maker was a five-star NBA prospect heading to the Draft—until an unexpected detour led him to Howard University. This inspiring docuseries follows Makur’s journey and his determination to rewrite his story with the help of his family. Watch here Premiered: April 22, 2022 They Call Me Magic Earvin “Magic” Johnson is an icon for the ages—from humble beginnings to the Dream Team to business titan. Featuring interviews with President Obama, Larry Bird, Pat Riley, and more, this docuseries charts the life and career of a legend. Watch here Premiered: April 22, 2022 Roar Featuring an all-star cast, this genre-bending anthology series waves together eight darkly comedic feminist fables that take unexpected approaches to subjects like gender roles, autonomy, and identity. Watch here Premiered: April 15, 2022 Pachinko Based on the New York Times bestseller, this sweeping saga chronicles the hopes and dreams of a Korean immigrant family across four generations as they leave their homeland in an indomitable quest to survive and thrive. Watch here Premiered: March 25, 2022 WeCrashed Inspired by actual events—and the love story at the center of it all. WeWork grew from a single coworking space into a global brand worth $47 billion in under a decade. Then, in less than a year, its valuation dropped $40 billion. What happened? Watch here Premiered: March 18, 2022 The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Suddenly left without his trusted caretaker, Ptolemy Grey is assigned to the care of orphaned teenager Robyn. When they learn about a treatment that will restore Ptolemy’s dementia-addled memories, it beings a journey toward shocking truths. Watch here Premiered: March 11, 2022 Lincoln’s Dilemma Discover a side of Abraham Lincoln you’ve never seen before. In this four-part docuseries, a diverse panel of historians and rare archival materials offer a more nuanced look into the man dubbed the Great Emancipator. Watch here Premiered: February 18, 2022 The Line In covert modern warfare, the line between right and wrong has blurred. This docuseries examines the moral ambiguities of war as embodied by the 2018 case in which a U.S. Navy SEAL platoon accused its chief, Eddie Gallagher, of war crimes. Watch here The Shrink Next Door Inspired by the true story of Marty and the therapist who turned his life around…then took it over. When he first meets Dr. Ike, Marty just wants to get better at boundaries. Over 30 years, he’ll learn all about them—and what happens when they get crossed. Watch here Dr. Brain From visionary filmmaker Kim Jee-Woon. Brilliant brain scientist Sewon (Lee Sun-kyun) suffers a horrific personal tragedy. Desperate to uncover what happened to his family, he conducts “brain syncs” with the dead to access their memories for clues. Watch here Blush When a horticulturalist-astronaut crashes onto a desolate planet, he encounters an ethereal visitor and discovers the joy of building a new life–realizing the universe has delivered something astonishing. Watch here Premiered: October 1, 2021 Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson Oscar and Grammy award-winning producer Mark Ronson explores the intersection of technology and musical innovation with his heroes and fellow hitmakers—including Paul McCartney, DJ Premier, Charli XCX, Dave Grohl, and Questlove. Watch here Premiered: July 30, 2021 Lisey’s story Based on the Stephen King novel and adapted by King himself. A series of unsettling events causes Lisey (Juliette Moore) to face memories of her marriage to novelist Scott Landon (Clive Owen) that she has deliberately blocked out of her mind. Watch here Premiered: June 4, 2021 The Me You Can’t See A collaboration between Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry, this five-party documentary series explores mental health in our modern world. It talks to experts, celebrities, and everyday people about the challenges of mental health across the world. Watch here Premiered: May 21, 2021 1971: The Year That Music Changed Everything In a tumultuous era, 1971 was a year of musical innovation and rebirth fueled by the political and cultural upheaval of the time. Stars reached new heights, fresh talent exploded on the scene, and boundaries expanded like never before. Watch here Premiered: May 21, 2021 Calls Based on the French series of the same name, using audio and minimal abstract visuals to tell nine short-form stories. Each episode follows a mystery that unfolds through a series of seemingly average, unconnected phone conversations that quickly become surreal. Watch here Premiered: March 19, 2021 Becoming You Told through the eyes of hundreds of kids around the globe, this six-part documentary series shows how kids grow up from birth to age five. Watch here Premiered: Nov. 13, 2020 Long Way Up Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman ride Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles up from Argentina to Los Angeles. It is similar in style and scope to their previous outings in Long Way Round and Long Way Down. Watch here Premiered: Sept. 18, 2020 Helpsters Help You A remote-produced version of Helpsters made during the COVID-19 pandemic, staring the helpful monster Cody as she helps kids deal with what to do when life doesn’t go as expected. Watch here Premiered: April 24, 2020 Defending Jacob Based on the novel of the same name, parents deal with the accusation that their 14-year-old boy may have committed murder. Stars Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery. Watch here Premiered: April 24, 2020 Fraggle Rock: Rock On! A series of six shorts filmed remote during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the Fraggles talking to each other in remote caves. Watch here Premiered: April 21, 2020 Oprah Talks COVID-19 Oprah has remote conversations with experts and people facing challenges to provide insight, meaning, and tangible advice for the human spirit. Watch here Premiered: March 21, 2020 Visible: Out on Television A five-episode documentary series about the representation of LGBTQ+ people in television, on-screen and off. Watch here Premiered: Feb. 14, 2020 Snoopy in Space A dozen animated shorts in which Snoopy becomes a NASA astronaut and goes into space. Watch here Premiered: Nov. 1, 2019 Movies, short films, and specials Apple TV+ is home to a fair number of original movies, too. Some of the movies saw a limited theatrical release, but are listed here by the date they were made available on Apple TV+. Apple The Greatest Beer Run Ever Chickie (Zac Efron) wants to support his friends fighting in Vietnam by doing something wild—personally bringing them American beer. What starts as a well-meaning journey quickly changes Chickie’s life and perspective. Based on a true story. Watch here Premiered: September 30, 2022 Sidney From producer Oprah Winfrey, this revealing documentary honors the legendary Sidney Poitier—iconic actor, filmmaker, and civil rights activist. Featuring interviews with Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Barbara Streisand, and more. Watch here Premiered: September 23, 2022 Lucy’s School The Peanuts gang is nervous about going to a new school, so Lucy starts her own. She soon learns that teaching is tougher than she thought—and that change can be a good thing. Watch here Premiered: August 12, 2022 Luck From Skydance Animation and the creative visionary behind Toy Story and Cars comes the tale of Sam Greenfield, the unluckiest person in the world! Sam’s quest to turn her luck around leads to a magical adventure in the never-before-seen Land of Luck. Watch here Premiered: August 5, 2022 Cha Cha Real Smooth Fresh out of college and stuck at his New Jersey home without a clear path forward, 22-year-old Andrew begins working as a party starter for bar/batmitzvahs-where he strikes up a unique friendship with a young mom and her teenage daughter. Watch here Premiered: June 17, 2022 To Mom (and Dad), With Love Mother’s Day is almost here, and the gang is excited—except Peppermint Patty. For her, it’s a reminder that she didn’t grow up with a mom. But good pal Marcie helps Peppermint Patty see that families come in all shapes and sizes. Watch here Premiered: May 6, 2022 It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown Charlie Brown is determined to win the big baseball game. But things turn into a fiasco right before the matchup, when Sally bonds with a little flower on the pitcher’s mound and vows to protect it at all costs. Watch here Premiered: April 15, 2022 The Sky is Everywhere Lennie is a teen musical prodigy grieving the death of her sister when she finds herself caught between a new guy at school and her sister’s devastated boyfriend. Through her vivid imagination and conflicted heart, Lennie navigates first love and first loss. Watch here Premiered: February 11, 2022 The Tragedy of Macbeth Denzel Washington and Farnces McDormand star in Joel Coen’s bold and fierce adaptation–a tale of murder, madness, ambition, and wrathful cunning. Watch here Premiered: January 14, 2022 Swan Song In the near future, Cameron Turner is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Presented with an experimental solution to shield his wife and son from grief, he grapples with altering their fate in this thought-provoking exploration of love, loss, and sacrifice. Watch here Premiered: December 17, 2021 Snoopy Presents: For Auld Lang Syne After finding out her grandmother wont’ be visiting for Christmas, Lucy decides to cheer herself up by throwing the ultimate New Year’s Eve party. Meanwhile, Charlie Brown tries to fulfill one of his resolutions before the clock strikes midnight. Watch here Premiered: December 10, 2021 Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues The Queen of Christmas returns with a blast of holiday cheer in this special. Mariah performs her enchanting original song “Fall in Love at Christmas” with Khalid and Kirk Franklin, chats with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, and signs off with a festive classic. Watch here Premiered: December 3, 2021 ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas In this true-life twist on a holiday fable, Jeremy Morris brings a whole new meaning to Christmas spirit when his extravagant seasonal display sparks a dispute with his neighbors that lands them all in court. Watch here Premiered: November 26, 2021 Finch Tom Hanks if Finch, a man who embarks on a moving and powerful journey to find a new home for his unlikely family—his beloved dog and a newly created robot—in a dangerous and ravaged world. Watch here Premiered: November 5, 2021 The Velvet Underground Experience the iconic rock band’s legacy in the first major documentary to tell their story. Directed with the era’s avant-garde spirit by Todd Haynes, this kaleidoscopic oral history combines exclusive interviews with dazzling archival footage. Watch here Premiered: October 15, 2021 Come From Away Filmed live on Broadway, the Tony Award-winning musical tells the remarkable true story of 38 flights grounded in a small Canadian town on September 11, 2001. As the locals host these “come from aways,” they come together and find hope. Watch here Premiered: September 10, 2021 9/11: Inside the President’s War Room Experience the events of September 11, 2001 through the eyes of President Bush and his closest advisors as they personally detail the crucial hours and key decisions from that historic day. Watch here Premiered: September 1, 2021 CODA As a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), Ruby is the only hearing person in her home. When she discovers a passion for singing, Ruby must choose between family obligations and her dreams. Watch here Premiered: August 13, 2021 Who Are You, Charlie Brown? Lupita Nyong’o narrates a documentary about Peanuts and its creator, Charles M. Schulz. Famous fans—including Drew Barrymore, Kevin Smith, and Al Roker—share its influence on them, and a new animated story finds Charlie Brown on a quest. Watch here Premiered: June 25, 2021 Fathom Two biologists set out on an undertaking as colossal as their subjects—deciphering the complex communication of whales. Dr. Michelle Fournet and Dr. Ellen Garland journey to opposite hemispheres to uncover a culture eons older than our own. Watch here Premiered: June 25, 2021 The Year the Earth Changed Narrated by David Attenborough, this documentary special highlights the way nature has started to recover during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch here Premiered: April 16, 2021 Cherry A young Ohio man takes a wild journey through love, military service, PTSD, drug addiction, and crime. Watch here Premiered: March 12, 2021 Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry A documentary that tells of the meteoric rise of singer-songwriter Billie Eilish. Watch here Premiered: Feb. 26, 2021 Palmer Former high-school football star Eddie Palmer gets out of jail and tries to put his life together, and finds himself taking care of a unique young 7-year old kid. Watch here Premiered: Jan. 29, 2021 Wolfwalkers An animated film in which a young apprentice hunter journeys to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last wolf pack. While exploring the forbidden lands outside the city walls, she befriends a member of a mysterious tribe rumored to have the ability to transform into wolves by night. Watch here Premiered: Dec. 11, 2020 Mariah Carey’s Magical Christmas Special Mariah Carey talks to a big list of celebs as she moves from one musical number to the next. Watch here Premiered: Dec. 4, 2020 Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds A documentary about the study and cultural impact of meteorites and deep impacts sites. Watch here Premiered: Nov. 13, 2020 On the Rocks Laura thinks she’s happily married, but when her husband starts logging late hours at the office with a new co-worker, Laura begins to fear the worst. She turns to her father Felix, who insists they investigate the situation. Watch here Premiered: Oct. 23, 2020 Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You Behind the scenes of the recording of Springsteen’s latest album “Letter To You.” Watch here Premiered: Oct. 23, 2020 Boys State A documentary film that dives into a week-long annual program in which a thousand Texas high school seniors gather for an elaborate mock exercise: building their own state government. Watch here Premiered: Aug. 14, 2020 Greyhound Tom Hanks stars as a longtime Navy veteran who is tasked with protecting a convoy of ships across the treacherous waters of the Atlantic during World War II. Watch here Premiered: July 10, 2020 Dads A documentary film celebrating fatherhood featuring testimonials of Judd Apatow, Jimmy Fallon, Neil Patrick Harris, Ron Howard, Ken Jeong, Jimmy Kimmel, Hasan Minhaj, Conan O’Brien, Patton Oswalt, Will Smith and more. Watch here Premiered: June 19, 2020 Beastie Boys Story A live documentary retrospective of the Beastie Boys, as told by Michael Diamond (Mike D) and Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock). Watch here Premiered: April 24, 2020 Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth An animated short family film where a seven-year-old learns about the wonders of the world from his parents and the Museum of Everything. Watch here Premiered: April 17, 2020 The Banker Businessmen Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris devise a plan to take on the racist establishment of the 1960s by helping other African Americans buy homes. They train a working-class white man to pose as the face of their real estate and banking empire. Watch here Premiered: March 20, 2020 Hala Hala Masood is a seventeen year old Pakistani American Muslim girl struggling with the clash of her family’s values versus her desires. Watch here Premiered: Dec. 6, 2019 The Elephant Queen Follow elephant matriarch Athena as she leads her family across the African landscape in search of water during a drought. Watch here Premiered: Nov. 1, 2019 Apple TV

  • The M2 iPad Pro is likely arriving very soon–here’s what to expect
    on September 30, 2022 at 2:05 pm

    Apple last updated the iPad Pro line in April 2021, bringing the M1 processor to the platform for the first time and Liquid Retina XDR mini-LED technology to the 12.9-inch model. Development of the next model is well underway, but when will the new iPad Pro launch, and what design changes, new features and tech specs can we expect? Reports suggest that an M2 processor is on the way. Other changes could bring a glass back and MagSafe charging. Here’s everything you need to know about a new iPad Pro that could arrive in just a few weeks. iPad Pro release date: When will the next iPad Pro arrive? We expect new iPad Pro models to be launched in fall 2022, possibly at an Apple event in October or released as an update to Apple’s website. The iPad Pro doesn’t really have much of a predictable release schedule, but we’re due for an update as it’s been about 18 months between releases. Apple has never gone a full two years between iPad Pro releases: iPad Pro (5th generation): April 20, 2021 (11-inch and 12.9-inch)iPad Pro (4th generation): March 18, 2020 (11-inch and 12.9-inch)iPad Pro (3rd generation): October 30, 2018 (11-inch and 12.9-inch)iPad Pro (2nd generation): June 5, 2017 (10.5-inch and 12.9-inch)iPad Pro (1st generation): September 9, 2015 (12.9-inch); March 21, 2016 (9.7-inch)In March, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggested that a fall 2022 launch for a new iPad Pro is likely – he actually predicted a launch between September and November 2022. He claimed it would be the most significant update since the all-screen redesign in 2018. However, as of September, Gurman thinks that it’s possible there will be no event and instead Apple will just issue a press release about new products launching in October—but he does at least still expect the iPad Pro to be one of these new products. Logitech seems convinced that two new iPad Pro models are launching soon, accidentally publishing product listing page for Logitech’s Crayon stylus were updated to include compatibility with two new tablets: the “iPad Pro 11-inch (4th gen)” and the “iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th gen).” iPad Pro price: How much will the new iPad Pro cost? If a new larger screened, 14- or 15-inch model is launched then we anticipate a higher price for that model. As for the rest of the iPad Pro line up, we expect pricing will change in the US, but pricing in the UK and elsewhere is likely to be adjusted for inflation. We can use pricing for the last few generations as a guide. Here’s how the baseline models lined up at launch: iPad Pro 11-inch (2021): $799/£749iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2021): $1,099/£999iPad Pro 11-inch (2020): $799/£769iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2020): $999/£969In previous years you’d have seen equivalent prices for U.K. and U.S., e.g. $999/£999, or even a lower price point for the U.K., but those days seem to be long gone as we saw with the iPhone 14. With that in mind, we think Apple will increase the price in the U.K., so expect the U.K. prices to be either the same as or, more likely, more than the U.S. equivalent. iPad Pro 2022: Rumors The iPad Pro had quite a significant redesign in 2018 when it was the first iPad to gain Face ID and a full-screen thanks to smaller bezels and the removal of the Home button. Are more design changes in the pipeline? M2 processor Apple always likes to bestow the best of its processor line-up into its pro tablets, which is one of the reasons they are so ridiculously powerful. The iPad Pro was the first iPad to get an M1 chip. However, not long after the iPad Air made the same move. Now Apple needs a new processor for the iPad Pro to set it apart from the iPad Air. Now that Apple has unveiled its M2 processor for the MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro, the new chip will almost certainly make an appearance in the iPad Pro. Expect slightly faster speeds of around 20 percent better than the M1. Glass back Gurman and others have indicated that the new iPad Pro will have a glass back rather than aluminum for the first time. However, there are also suggestions that Apple has dropped plans for a glass back because it would be too fragile. More recent rumors say that only the Apple logo will be made of glass but still support wireless charging. Wireless charging and MagSafe Various news outlets, including Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, are reporting that the new iPad Pros will feature glass backs rather than the current aluminium ones. This is to allow the introduction of wireless charging and MagSafe for the first time on the iPad range. There have been other reports though that suggest the glass backs have proved problematic, as they make the iPads more prone to breakages and may also add to the weight. Apple is said to be considering just making the Apple logo glass, which may address some of these issues. While it’s long been rumored that Apple would like to do away with all ports on its devices, we can’t see this being the time when it happens, as Pro users like to have the option to plug accessories into their devices to expand their capabilities. Reverse wireless charging The introduction of wireless charging could also usher in another feature that’s been popular on Android devices for a while: reverse wireless charging. This rumor is much more tentative, but we could see Apple allowing the back of the new iPad Pros to act as a wireless charging pad for devices like the iPhone 14 or AirPods Pro. New colors Apple has recently introduced some new shades to the Mac line up that could be shared with the iPad Pro. For example, Basic Apple Guy shared a concept design of the iPad Pro in Midnight: A M2-based iPad Pro in Midnight. 🌑— Basic Apple Guy (@BasicAppleGuy) July 25, 2022It’s also possible that Apple expands the color line like it did with the iPad mini and iPad Air with Starlight and the iPhone 14’s new Deep Purple color, especially if it switches to glass like the iPhone. iPad Pro 2024: What is Apple working on for future models? While this update will likely be a smaller refresh, Apple has bigger things planned for future iPad Pro models. Liquid Retina XDR for 11-inch iPad Pro There were early rumors that Apple would equip the new 11-inch iPad Pro with a mini-LED display like its larger sibling. However, this may not happen in 2022: analyst Ross Young tweeted that Apple’s mini-LED products probably won’t launch in 2022, which suggests that the 11-inch iPad Pro won’t be getting a miniLED display until 2023 or 2024. Panel production has started for the new 27" MiniLED display to launch mid year. Assuming it will be called Studio Display Pro…I have insight on the 12.9" MiniLED iPad Pro as well. It is doing really well. They don't need to do one at 11". Don't expect it this year.— Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) March 10, 2022Kuo followed this up with a clarifier, “More precisely, there may be no new products with the new mini-LED display size in 2022.” So, it looks like the 11-inch iPad Pro will go another generation before the transition to Mini-LED. A notch in the display Another rumour posted by 9to5Mac states that Apple has been experimenting with a new design for the iPad Pro that would see the infamous notch come to the platform for the first time. We’ve seen other reports that say Apple is thinking of positioning the cameras on the longer side of the chassis, essentially making them landscape orientated devices. With that move, the notch could become a reality, much as it did with the 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro. While those devices get away with it thanks to the menu bar along the top of the screen, it would seem more intrusive on the iPad Pro. With the introduction of the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14, it’s possible that Apple introduces something similar on the iPad Pro. Apple Touch ID under display Fans of Touch ID may be hoping that the technology will make a return to the iPad Pro. Apple is said to have been working on under screen Touch ID for some time but hasn’t introduced the tech in any device. Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like this will make an appearance on the iPad Pro yet—but it may well arrive on the iPad before it arrives on the iPhone. Display analyst Ross Young shared in the MacRumors Show in July 2022 that he expects under-display Face ID to first arrive on the iPad. However, it won’t be this year: Young suggests that a future iPad Pro would be the first candidate for the technology. Lighter, OLED, dry etched display The 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro currently weigh in at 466 grams and 682 grams. If Apple switches from aluminium to glass on the back it could actually increase the weight of the iPad Pro. However, the company is said to be investigating a technology that could mean the iPad Pro can be lighter. According to ET News, Apple is looking into adopting “dry etching,” which is a process that can lead to thinner and lighter displays. This technique, coupled with an OLED screen, is more likely to arrive in the next iPad Pro update in 2023 or 2024. Giant 14- or 15-inch screen There is a rumor that Apple will increase the maximum screen size of its iPad range from 12.9-inch to 15-inch. The iPad Pro screen size has been capped at 12.9in since the first iPad Pro launched in 2015. Sources in the supply chain have indicated that an Apple supplier (BOE) is working on gigantic 15-inch OLED panels that could plausibly end up in an iPad at some point in the future. What’s more, the respected Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman claimed in June 2021 that Apple itself has been testing 14-inch-16-inch iPads, and that devices in such a form factor will “continue to blur the lines between tablet and laptop”. At the time Gurman wrote: “The 12.9in display is far too small for someone accustomed to a 16in MacBook Pro”. More recently, in July 2022, DSSC analyst Ross Young has claimed that a 14.1-inch iPad Pro is in development at Apple that could launch in early as 2023. Confirmed the 14.1" iPad Pro is being developed with our supply chain sources. It will have MiniLEDs and ProMotion. Not sure of the timing, but early 2023 may be more likely.— Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) June 9, 2022The problem is primarily one of timing. When the report was published in January 2022 BOE was said to still at an early stage of development, and the project is unlikely to yield actual commercial products for another year or two – and may never do so at all, sources say, “due to the difficulty of the technology”. As for Apple’s own testing, that may be more promising, but bear in mind that the company routinely tests a wide variety of screen sizes for all of its products, just to see if a tweak would help. That doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen. We love the idea of a giant iPad Pro just as much as Mark Gurman does. But considering how expensive the 12.9-inch model already is, and how much more commercially successful the company’s cheaper and small alternatives are, it seems like a long shot for a 14- or 15-inch iPad Pro to appear in the near future. iPad Pro: Further reading As you can see, there is plenty to be excited about for the next iteration of Apple’s iPad Pros. We’ll be updating this article as more news comes to light, so be sure to check back regularly to see what we find. In the meantime, if you don’t want to wait to get your hands on the flagship tablet, take a look at our roundups of the best iPad deals and the best iPad Pro deals. iPad

  • The best iPhone 14 cases for iPhone 14, Plus, Pro and Max we found so far
    on September 30, 2022 at 11:28 am

    If you’re buying a new iPhone, the next stage after deciding which iPhone to buy is to get a case to keep your device safe when you inevitably drop it. Another good reason to use a case is that when you want to upgrade in a few years’ time you’ll get more money if you trade in an iPhone that’s in good condition. There are so many different kinds of cases you can buy. Most offer protection for your iPhone, but some are more versatile than others. You can buy cases that double up as wallets, cases that are super thin so they don’t add a load of bulk to your iPhone, and cases that are clear so you can see what color your iPhone is. Whether you’re looking for a protective case, a clear case, a MagSafe case, a designer case, or a wallet case for your new iPhone, we’re ‘on the case’ to help you find the best. Below you’ll find details of the best iPhone 14-series cases from some of the best brands in the industry. Most of the cases we’ve listed are available to buy from the manufacturer or Amazon, if you want to get faster shipping with Prime. While we haven’t been able to thoroughly test all these cases, they are from trusted manufacturers who have manufactured cases we have tested in the past. Do I really need a case for my iPhone? Apple loves to emphasise the durability of its iPhones. For example, their screens are protected by a Ceramic Shield front, and the latest iPhones are water-resistant to a maximum depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes. But iPhones do get broken–and it is costly to repair them. Read: Apple repairs: price guide and how long repairs take. You might think you can avoid buying a case if you sign up for AppleCare+, Apple’s insurance policy that costs from $79/£69 for two years depending on your iPhone. If you have an AppleCare+ policy Apple will replace or fix an iPhone that gets broken accidentally–but you’ll still have to pay $29/£25 for screen damage and $99/£79 for other damage. Read: Will Apple replace a broken iPhone? Your rights explained. With this in mind, our recommendation is clear: get a case! 1.  Folio Case: Shieldon Folio Case MSRP: $30.99 Best Prices Today: $30.99 at Amazon | $30.99 at Shieldon This leather folio case from Shieldon protects your iPhone and doubles up as a wallet with three card slots and a cash compartment–there’s even RFID-blocking technology included for the particularly cautious. Your iPhone is protected with shockproof edges and lips around the camera lenses. There’s also a handy kickstand so you can position your phone at the ideal viewing angle. Shieldon offers a lifetime warranty. Available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max: US: iPhone 14 / UK: iPhone 14US: iPhone 14 Plus / UK: iPhone 14 PlusUS: iPhone 14 Pro / UK: iPhone 14 ProUK: iPhone 14 Pro Max / UK: iPhone 14 Pro MaxMagSafe compatible? No. 2. Antibacterial Case: OtterBox Symmetry+ Clear Antimicrobial Case with MagSafe MSRP: $49.95 Best Prices Today: $49.95 at Amazon | $49.95 at OtterBox The Symmetry+ case from OtterBox doesn’t just protect your iPhone, it also banishes germs! (It features antimicrobial technology that helps protect against many common bacteria.) OtterBox puts its cases through thousands of hours of drop testing, so you can be sure that, despite being ultra-slim, it can protect your iPhone from drops and scrapes. In addition the case has raised edges to protect your camera and screen. It’s compatible with MagSafe and comes in a range of colors. There is no screen cover included, so we suggest getting a screen protector too. Available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max: US: iPhone 14 / UK: iPhone 14US: iPhone 14 Plus / UK: iPhone 14 PlusUS: iPhone 14 Pro / UK: iPhone 14 ProUK: iPhone 14 Pro Max / UK: iPhone 14 Pro MaxMagSafe compatible? Yes. 3.  Rugged Case: Tech21 Evo Max MSRP: $49.95 Best Prices Today: $49.95 at Tech21 | Not Available at Amazon Tech21’s Evo Max is designed to protect an iPhone in extreme conditions: it can withstand a drop from 20ft (6.1m), according to the company. It’s made from rugged materials with extra layers of super-strong impact protection. There’s a clip-on holster so you can attach it to a belt, with the clip doubling up as a kickstand for viewing the screen. There’s also a sliding camera cover to keep dust and dirt away from the lenses. Available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max: US: iPhone 14 / UK: iPhone 14US: iPhone 14 Plus / UK: iPhone 14 PlusUS: iPhone 14 Pro / UK: iPhone 14 ProUK: iPhone 14 Pro Max / UK: iPhone 14 Pro MaxMagSafe compatible? Yes. 4. MagSafe Case: ESR Classic Kickstand Case with HaloLock MSRP: 39.99 Best Prices Today: $22.99 at Amazon | $39.99 at ESR Gear ESR’s Classic Kickstand case has powerful built-in magnets, making it a good option for use with MagSafe and also Evo’s own magnetic HaloLock accessories. In terms of iPhone protection, it’s made from a durable zinc alloy and features raised edges and extra protection on the corners. There is a camera cover on the rear that doubles up as an adjustable kickstand that’s adjustable between 0 and 85 degrees. Available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max: US: iPhone 14 / UK: iPhone 14US: iPhone 14 Plus / UK: iPhone 14 PlusUS: iPhone 14 Pro / UK: iPhone 14 ProUK: iPhone 14 Pro Max MagSafe compatible? Yes. 5. Thin Case: Totallee Thinnest Clear iPhone Case MSRP: $39 Best Prices Today: $39 at Totallee | $39.00 at Amazon The Totallee Thinnest Clear iPhone case is transparent, so you can still see the color of your iPhone. Plus it’s thin and lightweight, so it won’t add bulk or weight. The case has a raised lip around the camera to prevent damage to the lens. It doesn’t include a screen protector so you might want to buy one separately. Available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max: iPhone 14iPhone 14 PlusiPhone 14 ProiPhone 14 Pro MaxShips to UK, including approx $7.80 taxes. MagSafe compatible? Yes. 6.  Protective Case: Casetify Bounce Case MSRP: $92 Best Prices Today: $92 at Casetify If you’re looking for a protective case, consider Casetify’s Bounce Case: it’s called that because it’s designed to withstand being dropped. Actually, it’s tested to withstand over 156 drops on all angles and falls from up to 21.3 feet, according to the company. But the protective nature of the case doesn’t mean it’s not fun: Casetify have some lovely unique designs as well as options inspired by Sailor Moon and Harry Potter. The case includes “Bounce Corners,” which Casetify describes as the result of drop-testing hundreds of smartphones and identifying that a device’s most vulnerable points were located in the four corners. The compression ribs with three air cavities allow for a cushioned contraction and bounce-back in the event of a fall, according to the company. They are constructed from a material called EcoShock that is 40% plant-based and made sustainably, so they have great environmental credentials too. Available for iPhone 14, 14 Plus, Pro and Pro Max: iPhone 14iPhone 14 PlusiPhone 14 ProiPhone 14 Pro MaxShips to the UK. MagSafe compatible? Yes. 7. Leather Case: Mujjo Full Leather Case MSRP: $59 Best Prices Today: $59 at Mujjo Made from Ecco leather with clickable metal buttons on the side, this slim case from Mujjo looks stylish and also keeps your iPhone secure. There’s a 1mm raised bezel around the screen and a raised camera bump on the rear to protect the lenses. Inside the cases are strategically placed bumps for even greater protection. There’s also an option with a wallet attached to the rear. Available for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max: iPhone 14 iPhone 14 PlusiPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Pro Max Ships to the U.K. MagSafe compatible? Yes. iPhone