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  • Gardner City-Wide Yard Sale (5/21/2022)

    Gardner Get Ready! The people are coming Saturday May 21st to the City-wide Yard Sale. They will be hungry….

    Yard Sales Gardner MA Panorama

    It’s Here!   Gardner MA City-Wide Yard Sale has 133 participating homes May 21, 2022 and hours are from 8am to 2pm

    With a final total of now 133 participating homes, Saturday’s Gardner City-Wide Yard Sale is destined to set records! The City-wide Yard Sale is taking place this Saturday May 21, 2022 from 8am to 2pm.   The event is slated to bring thousands of people to Gardner this Saturday.  

    Ways to view the list: Complete map on Google.

    Jpeg image of FInal List —- Printable PDF of Final List

    Gardner Spring Yard Sale 2022 PSA

    Super Computer Utilized to Plot Route to all Gardner MA Yard Sale Stops

    With 133 Homes having Yard Sales in Gardner on Saturday May 21, 2022 from 8am to 2pm, we needed to find a way for you to see them all. The route plotted by computer starts at the Blue Moon Diner (thought you might like breakfast before shopping) and then plots out all the stops which are completed in less than 4 hours. Printable in pdf format, Directions only. 41 pages of Turn by turn maps.

    Don’t worry. You can still Access the complete Google Map. Or print out a jpeg of the list. Or print out a pdf of the list.

  • Yardsale Fever (5/19/2022)

    Gardner Get Ready! The people are coming Saturday May 21st to the City-wide Yard Sale. They will be hungry….

    Gardner Yard Sale

    With a final total of now 133 participating homes, Saturday’s Gardner City-Wide Yard Sale is destined to set records! The City-wide Yard Sale is taking place this Saturday May 21, 2022 from 8am to 2pm.   The event is slated to bring thousands of people to Gardner this Saturday.  

    Ways to view the list: Complete map on Google.

    Jpeg image of FInal List —- Printable PDF of Final List

    Gardner Spring Yard Sale 2022 PSA

  • Wednesday Afternoon (5/19/2022)
    Park Downtown Gardner MA

    Simultaneous events in Gardner MA, the Chair City are chronicled for one Wednesday afternoon.

    DPW at Gardner Dog Park
    Sports at Gardner MA High School

    It was a Great Wednesday Afternoon in Gardner MA

    On the afternoon of Wednesday, May 18, 2022 in Gardner Massachusetts, Gardner was quietly being a Great place to Live, Work, Play, and Visit.   People were going about their business on City Hall Avenue.   Shoppers were enjoying stores on Main Street.  The Lion made it to a new location on Parker Street.  The Downtown Garage was being used for vehicles, but there were plenty of easy spaces for more Downtown Shoppers to enjoy.

    The DPW was sprucing up the Dog Park and the dogs were having a good time.  A Downtown park was green with life.  Senior Center Director Mike Ellis met people at the job fair. Priscilla’s Candy Shop looked inviting from outside.  Across the City at the Uptown Rotary, the flowers were blooming.  People were shopping at Walmart, Timpany Plaza, and the Gardner Plaza.  People were enjoying food at their favorite eating places.   The construction site at the new Gardner Elementary School was quiet, with the outhouses resting after a long day of use and construction had completed for the day.   Gardner High School was active with many students enjoying the outdoors.

    It was an ordinary afternoon, but there wasn’t really anything ordinary about it.  It was actually pretty great.  People just weren’t thinking about how awesome it was!  Enjoy Gardner, the Chair City.      All Wednesday afternoon photos in the Chair City, click here.

  • Countdown to Sign Up (5/18/2022)

    Countdown is On

    UPDATE 5-19-22 FINAL COUNT IS 126 Homes, list below. The countdown is on for Gardner households to get on the map for the City-wide Yard Sale taking place this Saturday from 8am to 2pm.   With the number of participants at 121 homes as of 8pm, the event is slated to bring thousands of people to Gardner this Saturday.   With that many people coming, it pays to participate.   Very easy:   Email with your address and then get a free yard sale permit from the City of Gardner tomorrow.  CLICK HERE.

    Ways to view the list: Complete map on Google. —–

    Jpeg image of FInal List —- Printable PDF of Final List

  • Gardner Yard Sale (5/15/2022)

    Gardner MA is poised to get a huge influx of visitors on Saturday May 21, 2022 as bargain hunters will have many homes to visit for Yard Sale items!

    Gardner May 21, 2022 Yard Sale Map as of 5/15/22 – Already over 100 homes signed up.

    Gardner MA City-Wide Yard Sale on May 21, 2022 from 8am to 2pm headed for huge participation success!

    Event organizer Julie Mazza reports that the definite number is 126  houses who have signed up.    Gardner Magazine registered to help and it has a link to Julie’s latest map and even posters you can use at your house to advertise your participation.  If you’re thinking of having a yard sale in Gardner this  year, don’t miss this event. 

    The deadline to sign up was Wednesday, May 18, 2022 – all you had to do was email your home address to and get a free Yard sale permit from the City of Gardner.   CLICK HERE  Note that Mayor Nicholson has stated that even though the City Code only allows yard sales to start after 9am, the City is making an exception and allowing this sale to start at 8am and the City Council just sent a corrected ordinance to First Printing.

    Yard Sale supplies. If you need some pricing stickers or sign materials we suggest the Dollar Tree in the Timpany Plaza, Walmart, Staples, Ocean State Job Lot, or Big Lots.

    Gardner Yard Sale Audio Ad

    As of 8pm on May 19 2022, the Gardner Yard Sale Map showed 126 participants and the online Gardner Yard Sale Map had been viewed about 2200 times. Gardner Businesses should be prepared for a large influx of people to the Chair City this Saturday.


  • Mayor’s Update 5-13-22 (5/13/2022)
    Nicholson gardner ma
    Gardner MA Michael Nicholson with weekly update and well-dressed man captured in reflection and enlarged at upper left.

    Gardner MA Mayor Michael Nicholson Updates City with either Secret Service Detail OR Attentive Aide.

    Captured just to the left of Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson is what appears to be a scene out of the movies. Given that the Mayor is still too young to run for President, we believe the individual is hard-working aide Colin Smith. This appears to prove what has been suspected – The entire team at the Mayor’s office is highly committed to working for the betterment of the City. Watch the video update yourself on the City’s YouTube page or on our Mayor’s Update page and see if you can identify the mystery man in the reflection.

    Candor Realty, Mayor Nicholson, Kazinskas
    Picture by Colin Smith- City Council President Elizabeth Kazinskas and Mayor Michael Nicholson stand with Jonathan Bombaci and Matthew Perimian of Candor Realty following the closing of the sale of 25 Main Street

    At the Building: One of the matters discussed by the Mayor is the very building he is standing in front of – the Flat Iron Building by Bull Nose Park which was recently sold to Candor Realty by Dean Marcus and which will soon be rehabbed and returned to its full potential. The Mayor announced that Candor Realty’s other property purchase on 88-98 Main Street will soon feature a Candor Realty office in one of the open storefronts. The City has been involved in facilitating several transactions recently which will result in former blighted buildings in Downtown Gardner becoming productive again, with either business or residential space. The Mayor stated,, “this building has officially been sold.”… “The City Council will vote on my proposal to close a small section of Pleasant Street to increase outdoor seating options.” View Mayor’s complete Press Release, CLICK HERE.

    man escaping grille fire

    Fire Safety: Mayor Nicholson stated, “We had a notice from the Gardner Fire Department asking us to remind people that as the weather gets warmer, do remember to be careful with grilles….or where you are depositing your cigarettes…. We had 4 different fires this past week, 2 of which happened because there were grilles on 2nd or 3rd floor portions that were enclosed, That is actually illegal here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In both of those instances, the grille started a fire on the porch, and in one case causing upwards of $20,000 in damage to the building. Two other locations, we had a mulch fire in which an individual threw a cigarette into some mulch over at Old English Village….or another one left a cigarette on a railing near a building and that caused a fire as well.” Here are some Grille Safety tips from the State of MA. CLICK HERE.

    Thanked Nurses: Mayor Nicholson thanked nurses at Heywood Hospital and noted that this week was Nurses Appreciation Week. “We really do owe our nurses a great deal of thanks.” The Mayor also congratulated various other individuals. Here is some more information on Nurse’s Week from Nursing World. CLICK HERE.

    Art Shows: “Gardner High School and Middle School joined together this past week to host an Art Show for our students, just like we had the Gardner Elementary School Art Show that took place this past Thursday.” At the Gardner MA School Committee Meeting of 5-9-22, several members commented on students and the Art Show. View article.

  • Orange Water Tank Funding (5/6/2022)
    Orange MA

    The Town of Orange has secured MA Grant Funding for Water Tank Project

    The $1 million in MassWorks grant funding for the Orange Industrial Park Water Tank Project  is designed to help protect employees, preserve business, and prepare for growth.  The award will be used to build a new water town for fire suppression serviced at the Orange Industrial Park.   There’s more information in the press release. CLICK HERE.

  • Gardner Brand (5/5/2022)
    The Gardner MA Brand Collage
    The Gardner Brand Audio Introduction

    Gardner Magazine launches Gardner MA Branding Initiative

    We’re asking for input from the greatest minds of Gardner MA for details on Vision, Successful Projects, Successful Startups, Active Development, Infrastructure Improvements, Government Transparency, Sound Fiscal Management, Cooperative Relationships, Community Amenities, Quality Education, Quality Health Care, and Resident Pride. Visit the page in progress, CLICK HERE

    The Plan is to also create Written Content espousing Gardner’s assets, Companion Audio, and High Definition video emphasizing the Gardner Brand and Gardner as a great place to Live, Work, Play, and Visit. Gardner MA is a quality brand. Thinking of coming to Gardner? Good Choice.

  • Gears of Industry (5/4/2022)
    Gears of Gardner Industry

    The State of Massachusetts most recent data as of March 2022 shows the Gardner Labor Force at 9.842 with 9,391 employed and 451 unemployed. Unemployment rate 4.6% vs. the MA rate of 3.8%.

    Gears of Gardner MA Industry Turning as Manufacturers Look for Workers

    A brief look at online postings for manufacturing HELP WANTED in Gardner MA turned up a number of positions as of 5-4-22. Molding Technician at Mack Prototype pays up to $49.7k/yr. Injection Molding, Mold Technician at Advanced Cable Ties pays up to $55.2k/yr.. Expert Staffing advertises Picker/Packer/Assembler jobs at up to $35k/yr. First Mate Printing and Converting is seeking a Press Assistant at up to $40.5k/yr.

    Companies advertising jobs with hourly rates including Garlock Printing & Converting which even offers a retention bonus, Standard Chair, NEWW Packaging and Display, Balance Staffing, Employer Solutions, Monroe Staffing, Expert Staffing, Continental Feed Screw Inc., , and Wood You Build It. Hourly rates range from about $15 to about $30/hr.

    Masshire North Central Career Center

    Gardner Spring Job Fair

    The Gardner MA Spring Job Fair will take place on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 from 2pm to 6pm at the Gardner Senior Center, 294 Pleasant Street, Gardner. Directions. You can Pre-register with a MassHire Career Counselor Website or register at the event. Event is free. Up to 2 dozen employers or more will meet job seekers and conduct on-the-spot interviews. More Information.

  • Update 4-29-22 (4/29/2022)
    Mayor's update 4-29-22

    For the Mayor’s weekly update, visit the City of Gardner YouTube page or our Mayor’s update page. CLICK HERE.

    Gardner MA Finances Get a Perfect Score, First time at least in Decades

    This week, Gardner MA Mayor Michael Nicholson delivered his weekly update from the site of the new Community Health Connections medical building on Timpany Boulevard. While the Mayor maintained his composure, his pride in the City’s Finance Team was evident: Here’s why. Gardner received its annual independent outside audit this week as required by Mass. General Laws.

    100 percent

    This is the first known year in the City’s history that not only were there no findings found, but also no suggestions of how things could go better. It’s the best audit result Gardner could possibly have received and objectively shows that the Chair City is well-managed. Mayor Nicholson said, “Big congratulations to our City Auditor John Richard and to the other Department Heads who are part of our Finance Team.   It will  help improve our bond rating as we move forward as well.”

    Gardner PD Investigation Executive Summary released. Nicholson stated, “As things are finalized, we’ll be sure to let the public know.” Gardner Magazine has 2 stories on the matter if you scroll down.

    Other items included in the weekly update were: At airport: The Mayor related the excitement of the plane which noticed it had a bullet on the wing near its gas cap.  Gardner was closest airport.  Airport is actually located within the Town of Templeton and that’s why Templeton PD responded. Paving: Mayor Nicholson went over various paving updates. Pearson Boulevard to be milled on May 3rd.  Pearl Street to be milled on May  9th. Congratulations: Congratulations to Isaac Knight and his family on the ribbon cutting for Knight’s Nutrition in Downtown Gardner.  Congratulations to Gardner’s own Dawn George who works for the Department of Corrections, who was recently inducted into the Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame. Light the Town Purple: Light the Town Purple Event coming to Gardner this coming Monday right before the City Council meeting at Gardner City Hall at 7pm.  This is the kick-off event for the Gardner Relay for Life event to be taking place in June. Keep Gardner Beautiful: Keep Gardner Beautiful Nip Hunt and litter cleanup  event taking place Saturday May 7th beginning at 9am.   Register through Keep Gardner Beautiful Facebook page. 


  • Mayor Nicholson 4-22-22 (4/22/2022)
    Gardner MA Mayor Michael Nicholson
    Trahan program at Williams Restaurant
    From left to right: Gardner City Council President Kazinskas, Patti Bergstrom, State Rep. Zlotnik, Congresswoman Trahan, and Mayor Nicholson
    Patti Bergstrom
    Patti Bergstom
    Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson in closing remarks, ““There’s never been this much opportunity in the City…”

    Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson updates City from Grant Event

    Once again not addressing the Gardner Police Investigation at all, Mayor Nicholson opened his update by speaking about growth in the Chair City, releasing that 300 Building permits have been pulled so far in 2022, a faster clip than 2021, which was a record-breaking year. He thanked residents and businesses for continuing to invest in the City and spoke about progress regarding blighted properties.

    Among his announcements: The Gardner Dog Park will get a 10 foot by 12 foot shade pavilion with grading issues and water improvement addressed. Various road projects were detailed. A new MART bus stop with be available soon in South Gardner in front of the old Prospect Street School. Knight’s Nutrition smoothie and tea shop in Downtown Gardner will have its ribbon cutting Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 1pm.

    Mayor Nicholson stated that he was doing the update from in front of William’s Restaurant because Congresswoman Lori Trahan was there for an event with various Grant announcements. 3 different programs offer funding for business impacted by Covid 19 from April 1, 2020 to the end of 2021. Details on the Economic Development page.

    Lori Trahan recognized the various individual leaders she works with stating, “small businesses are the the heart of any community.”

    Representative Zlotnik spoke on State Resources  which have been available to the City of Gardner.  He praised the Federal Government’s response to the Covid crisis is helping make funding available.

    Council President Elizabeth Kazinskas spoke and praised those who have worked on behalf of the City.  She specifically spoke about outdoor restaurant seating.   Restaurants had showed interest and an ordinance was passed by the City Council.  Permitting process is now live.

    Gardner Square Two President Patti Bergstrom spoke and stated she has had her shop (the Velvet Goose) for 35 years. She opened by stating, “It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood, made more beautiful by Congresswoman Trahan coming with all this grant funding.”    She stated there are 9 businesses in Downtown Gardner with agreements for changes in ownership, 6 businesses have opened since the start of the pandemic, “we have so much positivity in Downtown, it is just a beautiful day every day in our downtown.”

    Mayor Nicholson closed by stating that “this is how government should work.  A group of people at the local, state, and federal level coming together …our theme through all of this has been coming together to grow Gardner, and that’s really what this is.  It’s all of us coming together to build a place that people are proud to call their home, proud to open a business in, and proud to stay in.”

    Nicholson spoke on the number of businesses which have come to Gardner in the past 2 years and the opportunities coming with building renovations happening at various Downtown Gardner buildings. “There’s never been this much opportunity in the City to grow what we have here, to build on what we have here, and just put our next foot forward and set us forward into the next decade let alone generation and beyond here.” View the Mayor’s weekly update on the City of Gardner YouTube channel or on our Mayor’s update page. CLICK HERE.


  • Time Travel (4/18/2022)
    Center of Gardner MA 100 years ago
    Center of Gardner 100 years ago
    Main Street, Gardner mid to late 20th century
    Main Street Gardner Mid 20th Century
    Main Street Gardner MA 2020s
    Main Street Gardner MA in the 2020’s
    Gardner MA Circa 2200s
    Gardner MA Circa 2200s

    Fictional Time Traveler Journeys to Gardner MA Past and Future

    1900: Our time traveler is on a mission to find the perfect time in Downtown Gardner, Massachusetts. Journeying incognito to the Center of Gardner 100 years ago, he finds commerce in full swing. Some of the buildings exist to this day, some have been replaced.

    1950/60: Turning the crank of his time machine, our Time Traveler finds himself viewing a Gardner police officer directing traffic over 60 years ago, near the intersection people have been fussing about. Traffic existed then as it does now, but ideas of how to handle it have evolved and changed over time. Notice a thriving business district in Downtown Gardner.

    2020s: Our Time Traveler journeys to present day and finds an attractive Downtown Gardner MA with a different traffic pattern and different businesses. The future of Gardner MA is only limited by the imagination and fortitude of its residents, community leaders, and government officials. With the recent progress made and additional projects announced, who knows what the future could hold for Gardner MA.

    2200: Our Time Traveler ends up in the year 2200. History shows that a forwarding-looking Gardner Mayor, City Council, and Business Community in 2022 continued to foster a period of positive growth in the Chair City. By the way, it is said that in the year 2200, Gardner MA is once again the undisputed Furniture Capital of the World.

    Residents of Gardner MA have every reason to believe the future of the Chair City is going to be bright as the community works together.

  • Furniture Turnings (4/13/2022)
    Furniture Turnings Plaza

    Furniture Turnings Plaza Conceived for Gardner MA

    Furniture Turnings Plaza is an inspirational concept. CLICK HERE.

  • Zoe’s on the Green (4/6/2022)
    Gardner License Commission

    Watch this 5 minute meeting on YouTube. CLICK HERE.

    The Gardner MA License Commission held a special meeting on 4-5-22

    Discussed was the seasonal alcohol license for Zoe’s on the Green to operate at the Gardner Municipal Golf Course.  It was approved subject to a facility inspection.  Angela DiPrima commented that it shouldn’t be a problem as the facility is City-owned and assumed to be in compliance.

  • Rietta Opening 2022 (4/4/2022)
    Jay Greene booth Rietta Flea Market

    Rietta Flea Market opens for another season

    Rietta Flea Market of Hubbardston MA opened for the 2022 season on 4-3-22. Even around noon time the parking lot was busy. Admission to the flea market is FREE. Vendors pay $35 for a space. Rietta celebrated its official 50 year anniversary in 2016. It started as a small music venue in 1966. Later, the flea market was added and has operated for well over 5 decades.

    Thousands of people visit Rietta Flea Market every week. There are usually hundreds of dealers offering a wide range of merchandise. People go to Rietta for “pleasure or treasure.” Rietta is also known for the quality food at its concession stand where you can get Fried Dough, Hot dogs, Burgers, French fries, and more.

    ALERT 4-4-22: Rietta Flea Market management has reached out to us to report that online crooks are attempting to sell Online Rietta Gift Cards. Please do not purchase as this is a SCAM. Rietta does not honor online gift cards. If you encounter any of these scams, please report to POLICE. Thank you.

    For the official Rietta Flea Market website, CLICK HERE


  • Construction (4/4/2022)
    Community Health Construction underway

    The facility is just to the right of the Gardner Walmart.

    Construction Season is Well Underway in Greater Gardner MA

    Community Health Connections anticipates December 2022 opening.

    Community Health sign
    Route 2A Home Construction facing Gardner MA
    Route 2A Home Construction facing Templeton MA

    Home Construction

    Home construction is humming along on Route 2A at the Gardner/Templeton line. Some of the homes are in Gardner and others are in Templeton. Groundbreaking happened last fall, but construction continued over the winter. Some of the properties are already noted as under agreement.

  • South Gardner (4/3/2022)
    Gardner Spirits

    Growth in South Gardner MA

    South Gardner MA is experiencing growth and revitalization. At left is the soon-to-open Gardner Spirits location. Below are photos of the South Gardner Laundromat and the South Gardner Fire Station.

    South Gardner Laundromat
    South Gardner Fire Station
  • Mill Street Corridor (4/3/2022)
    Former Garbose Metal site
    former site of Garbose Metals

    Mill Street Corridor in Gardner MA a mix of Success and Unfinished Business.

    Almost 10 years ago, the Mill Street Corridor Renewal Plan was published in August 2012 as prepared for the City of Gardner Redevelopment Authority.  As you read the report, you will see that a lot has been accomplished with some of the goals still to be achieved.   The website url highlighted on the sign no longer exists, but the report still does. Mill Street Report, CLICK HERE

    Success on Mill Street

    Superior Kitchens Gardner MA

    The Gardner Manufacturing Tradition is alive and well at Superior Kitchens of Gardner.

    Superior Kitchens at 166 Mill Street, Gardner just celebrated its 30th anniversary in February 2022. Their website states,”Superior Kitchens Designs often works as part of the team of contractors building new construction. We use our extensive experience and design knowledge to produce modern kitchens for new homes.” Visit the Superior Kitchens website: CLICK HERE

    Unfinished Business

    At the site of what was once the S. Bent Furniture Factory on Mill Street, Gardner, a sign indicates it will be the future home of Tetramed.  Almost 3 years ago, the company’s CEO stated Tetramed planned to invest 16 million dollars in the facility.  The company reached an agreement in 2018 with the Gardner Redevelopment Authority to buy the property in order to build a marijuana cultivation facility.

    So what’s happening with the project?   The Tetramed Facebook page was last updated in January of 2020. A domain mentioned on the Facebook page leads to a default landing page, but no website.


  • WGAW (4/2/2022)
    WGAW Programs – CLICK for larger view

    WGAW Programs can be heard on 1340 AM, 98.1 FM, and through a LIVE STREAM

    Gardner MA Radio Station WGAW Now available Everywhere

    Pictured is popular local host Steve Wendell of the Weekday Morning News program and Hotline Radio which airs Saturdays noon to 2pm. WGAW is now in its 76th year of service and can be heard on 1340 AM, 98.1 FM, and through Live Streaming. Programming is News and Talk 24/7.

    For the website, CLICK HERE. To Listen Live, CLICK HERE.

  • Tops in Coffee (4/1/2022)

    Gardner MA Residents Love Their Coffee

    Whether it’s making coffee at home, getting coffee to go, or drinking coffee at an area establishment, each has their own opinion. 

    We asked the following on  Gardner, MA, What’s going on Facebook page, “So many in Gardner LOVE Coffee. My question is: Where do you get your best cup of coffee in Gardner? I will put all of your positive comments in an article on Gardner Magazine. Let’s showcase another great part of the Chair City.” Here are the comments:

    “Home but otherwise dunkins.” – “I was just gonna say my kitchen LOL” – “Starbucks! Love their lattes!!” – “Café Edesia, Dunkin, Starbucks…all good” – “The new Starbucks is great! Coffee is amazing, inviting space, and cheerful staff!” – “Cumberland Farms. You make it the way you like it and it’s only a $1.” – “Home or dunkins” – “Dunkin’s” – “Home” – “Starbucks” – “The Dunkins…” – “My own!! Grind the beans and slow drip…” “Happy Trails on Parker St. also sells bags of their coffee. I can’t drive so I do the next next thing.” “Cumberland Farms. Exactly how you want it for $1.” “Our kitchen it’s perfect everytime” “Cup of Hope, they serve Dean’s Beans. My favorite  and I love that it supports something good.”- “29 pleasant St. Gardner ” – “Home and Starbucks. Coffee is always made correctly, and is great, staff is excellent, and friendly!!” We’ll keep adding comments as they come in.


  • Muscleworks (3/30/2022)
    Muscleworks Gym ribbon cutting gardner ma

    Muscleworks Gym Gardner MA in new location

    A ribbon cutting was held at the new location of Muscleworks Gym, now located at a larger facility at 34 Sanborn Street, Gardner behind CubeSmart. Directions.

  • Home Improvement (3/24/2022)
    Home Improvement a to z gardner ma

    Know whether you need to carry Workmen’s Compensation Insurance. Fill out the Workers Comp Affadavit. CLICK HERE

    Considering Home Improvements in Gardner MA for 2022?

    There are a couple ways you can go. You can hire a General Contractor who will take care of everything including permits and Workmen’s Comp. Or you can apply for a building permit as a homeowner and assume the responsibilities and liabilities.

    The City of Gardner is now using online permit and license tracking via Viewpoint Cloud for all building, electrical, plumbing, gas, and vacant/abandoned property permits. CLICK HERE. For Viewpoint cloud, click here. Other Links: Zoning RegulationsZoning MapMA State Building CodeBuilding Department page

    The majority of citizens signing the Homeowner’s Exemption Form are not aware of the responsibilities that go along with assuming the construction responsibilities.   You are now personally responsible for all work on this project.  You are responsible to see that all work meets the Massachusetts Building Codes. You must supervise all work.   You must call the Building Department to schedule all required inspections.  You have waived all rights to the Massachusetts Guaranty Fund.  You are the General Contractor of the project and a court of law will view you as such if you are sued, or if you should have the need to sue another party.   Your subcontractors may lien your property.   Any worker injured on your  project may sue you if you do not carry Workmen’s Compensation Insurance. – Failure to carry Workmen’s Compensation insurance may result in criminal penalties, i.e. fines and/or imprisonment.


  • Spring Has Sprung (3/21/2022)

    Many Gardner Project Listings have this message.

    Pageholder on Gardner MA projects without information.

    The Map of Gardner MA projects is listed here.

    Gardner MA Projects

    With Spring here, Gardner is eagerly awaiting more information on various projects currently showing “Information on Project Coming Soon!” including: Sampled 175 Stormwater Outfalls, Keyes Road Culvert Replacement, 2020-2022 Water Main Replacement and Paving Project, Downtown Table and Chairs, Rome Square Development, Seaman Paper/Garlock Commercial Expansion, Chelsea Summer Bridge, Wayside Pond Dam Design, and others…. It’s going to be a busy Spring in Gardner MA!

    Other Projects in the works include:

    New Community Health Center

    New Community Health Center

    For more details, CLICK HERE

    Park Street Park and Parking Lot

    Park St. Park and Parking Lot

    For more details, CLICK HERE

    Timpany Crossroads

    The Timpany Crossroads Construction project has already produced the new 99 Restaurant and the new Starbucks, with more storefronts coming soon. For more details, CLICK HERE.

  • Blue Moon (3/17/2022)
    Blue Moon Diner Gardner MA

    Meals are still being served every day at this Gardner MA Historic Landmark.

    Blue Moon Diner News in Gardner MA

    Blue Moon under agreement: The Blue Moon Diner property was listed for sale at a price of $300,000 in October 2021 by owner Jamie Brouillet who has owned it since buying it on July 13, 2000 from Dennis P. Scipione for $100,000.

    In an announcement of the sale of two other properties, Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson related that the Blue Moon was “under agreement.” It was also stated that it was expected the diner would continue operations. This is especially likely considering the Blue Moon’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places as “Miss Toy Town Diner.”

    Blue Moon interior from public real estate listing.

    Blue Moon Facts

    The Blue Moon Diner was built in 1949 by the Worcester Lunch Car Company.   Originally located in Winchendon and called the Miss Toy Town Diner, it was moved to Gardner in 1954 and became known as the Blue Moon.  

    The Blue Moon Diner has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2003, with the historic names of Miss Toy Town Diner – Blue Moon Diner and the common names of Bernier’s Diner – Skip’s Blue Moon Diner.    Map to Diner.  Here is the link to the historical building detail from the Massachusetts Historical Commission. CLICK HERE. Gardner Property Record Card. CLICK HERE. Wikipedia Article, CLICK HERE. Google search including customer reviews, CLICK HERE.

    Historic Places in Gardner MA and the Nation

    Historic Places listed in Gardner include: Miss Toy Town Diner, First Minister’s House, Gardner News Building, Levi Heywood Memorial Library Building, Jabez Partridge Homestead, F.W. Smith Silver Company, Lake Street Fire Station, Elm Street Fire Station, Garbose Building, Heywood-Wakefield Company Complex, West Gardner Square Historic District, and Gardner Uptown Historic District. We have obtained a complete list of the almost 100,000 historic places on the list in the entire country and you can download it. CLICK HERE


  • Triple Play (3/15/2022)
    Downtown Gardner MA Triple Play
    Garbose Bldg. – Flat Iron – Blue Moon Diner
    Downtown Gardner MA is a great place to stop
    Downtown Gardner MA is a great place to STOP.

    Triple Play Win for Downtown Gardner MA

    Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson has announced that Candor Realty has purchased 2 properties in Downtown Gardner MA and is under agreement for a third, a Triple Play Win for Downtown Gardner.

    The Garbose Building and The Flat Iron Building have been purchased with intentions to renovate and the Blue Moon Diner building is under agreement. The business itself has not been sold and plans to stay open as the Blue Moon Diner after the sale of the building.   Mayor Nicholson has a stated mission of improving Downtown Gardner and has had a number of noteworthy successes since assuming the office.

  • Gardner Yard Sale (3/13/2022)

    We will promote the City of Gardner City-Wide Yard Sale with the new website AND with banner ads here. With our circulation of more than 10,000 households, we hope to increase attendance and encourage households to participate. In Gardner, Yard Sale permits are FREE.

    Gardner MA Spring City-Wide Yard Sale has registered and is donating web space to promote the Spring City-Wide Gardner Yard Sale taking place Saturday May 21, 2022 from 8am to 2pm. Visit site. CLICK HERE – On the site, we will also be listing links to Public and Private Facebook Marketplace pages and Craigslist listings.

  • Gardner on the Move (3/12/2022)

    Spread the Word – Greater Gardner MA

    Gardner Magazine is interested to know what your company, business, or group is doing so we can spread the word to the region and the rest of the nation. Many great products are produced, many great businesses are found, and many groups do good. The growing Chair City has Industry on the Move, Progress in Business, A Community Working Together and Growing Together, with a Formula for Success.  A Mayor with the courage to challenge the status quo, a City Council open to change, a Healthcare system meeting today’s challenges, and a Community of Thinkers.   

  • Mayor- Chair (3/12/2022)
    Mayor Nicholson brought the “Magic Mike” to Landry Auditorium at Gardner High School for his 3-11-22 Weekly Update. He is showing one of the chairs now made at Gardner High School.

    Watch the Mayor’s Updates on YouTube or on our Mayor’s Update page. CLICK HERE.

    Gardner MA Mayor Michael Nicholson Shares the Chair, Highlights Gardner Manufacturing, Focuses on Improvements, and Channels Gardner Culture.

    Mayor Nicholson reported on a visit to Vivitide in the Suffolk Industrial Park on the Gardner/Ashburnham line. (previous name: New England Peptide).

    Vivitide – Gardner MA Website: CLICK HERE

    Notable Gardner Industry

    The Mayor reports that the company is notably currently working on  targeted chemotherapy for cancer treatments.    Gardner might do a manufacturing month during the month of May to highlight Gardner manufacturers.


    Mayor Nicholson reminded the Chair City that soon construction will be underway again in Gardner. Map of Gardner projects, CLICK HERE.

    There’s various roadway improvements, development starting at Parker and Connors Street, the rear Main Street corridor, and other existing buildings. There will be contractor bids requested for 14 Leamy Street, and a City-owned land sale on April 13th. Should be a busy Spring in Gardner MA.

    Gardner Massachusetts Live, Work, Visit, and Play

    Ordinances of Note

    Mayor Nicholson reviewed the various ordinances passed by the Gardner City Council at its last meeting including an increase in fees for the Fire and Building Departments, updates to Animal Control, options for Blighted Buildings, Restaurant Outdoor seating, and getting rid of an archaic arcades code.

    He reminded citizens that ordinances are only FINAL after the second printing, which is simply the term for a second vote. The Mayor thanked Acting Chief Alfano, says the investigation is wrapping up, “should have public resolution to everything that’s happening at the Police Department by the end of next week.”

    Channeling Gardner MA Culture

    Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson channeled Gardner culture, remarking that the first musical will be held at Gardner High School in 3 years. He mentioned the Community and Culture Festival coming up on March 16th and other events. To view the complete Gardner High School Calendar with details of upcoming events, CLICK HERE.

    You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

    The Gardner High School Spring Musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” will be held Thurs. March 17, Fri. March 18, and Saturday March 19, all shows start at 7pm at Landry Auditorium. Tickets at the door: Adults $10, Students and Seniors $8. Advanced tickets: Adults $8, Students and Seniors $5.

  • Oil Prices (3/8/2022)
    Screenshot from local oil company websites 3-8-22

    Local Oil Prices Hit the Roof Topping $5 per gallon!

    Wow! We just got these screenshots from local oil company websites in the Greater Gardner area. Lowest price just over 5 bucks per gallon. UPDATE 3/12/22 – Local home heating oil prices have dropped a bit to around $4.50 per gallon.

  • Gardner E-Commerce (2/28/2022)

    E-Commerce with Gardner MA

    There are many ways for individuals and businesses to interact with the City of Gardner MA online. We have a complete article with lots of links. CLICK HERE.

  • Paycheck Protection (2/23/2022)

    According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Paycheck Protection Program is an SBA-backed loan that helps businesses keep their workforce employed during the Covid-19 crisis.  U.S. Government page, CLICK  HERE.   Information from the U.S. Treasury Department – CLICK HERE.

    Paycheck Protection Program for Greater Gardner MA Gets Watchdog

    Who in Gardner got PPP loans and how much?   A searchable website called PPP Detective was started to make sure businesses who received the money actually existed.  The paycheck protection program was intended to offset the dire consequences many businesses faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Search

    While most all of the names on this list obviously exist, the PPP detective asks that citizens flag any which were made to non-existent businesses or to businesses who grossly overstated the number of employees. Here’s a link to PPP Loans for Gardner.  You can customize the search for your community. CLICK HERE We also have pdfs of all the Gardner MA loans. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7


  • Help Wanted (2/19/2022)
    Employment in Words

    A great site to use in looking for work is as you can easily search by area and type of job desired. CLICK HERE. Another great source for employers and job seekers is the MassHire North Central Career Center. CLICK HERE

    Here's why you should work for our company
    Gears of Gardner MA Industry

    Gardner MA Employers Competing for Workers

    If you are a hard worker or have unique talents, right now might be a great time to look for work as many Greater Gardner MA employers want you! See links to resources at left.

    On February 19, 2022 there were a number of Administrative jobs available:

    Seaman Paper Company is looking for an Executive and HR Administrator, Mount Wachusett Community College is looking for Clerk IV ACT (Academic, Career, and Transfer), Patient Scheduler, Secretary -Radiology at Heywood Hospital, After School Program Coordinator at House of Peace & Education, Inc., Transfer Station Monitor for city of Gardner, Transportation Coordinator at NRT Bus Inc., Payroll Administrator at Temp-Secure Staffing, Maintenance Clerk at Garlock Printing & Converting, Furniture Warehouse Manager at Lachance Interiors, and Clerk III Box Office at Mount Wachusett Community College, Database Administrator at Gardner Public Schools

    If you’re looking for Healthcare, we found these:

    Patient Registrar, Patient Registration at Heywood Hospital, Lab Assistant at vivitide in Gardner, Dental Office Manger at Javad Mirzai DMD  PLLC, Dental Assistant at Gardner Family Dental Care, and Behavior Technician at Behavioral Health Links.

    Do you like to be involved in the making of things? Manufacturing Jobs available include:

    Packer at Garlock Printing and Converting, General Laborer at Titan Transportation Services, Packers at Advanced Cable Ties, Machine Operator at Standard Chair of Gardner, Polisher at Continental Feed Screw, Door and Window Manufacturing at Specialty Wholesale Supply/Maki Building Centers in Gardner, and Wood Department Group Leader at Standard Chair.

    apply now

    Customer Service, Retail, and Food Industry Jobs are available at a number of locations in Gardner MA:

    customer service

    KFC Team member, Cashier at Price Chopper, Barista at Starbucks, Crew Team member at McDonald’s, Retail Store Associate at CVS, Store Associate/Stocker at Big Lots, Crew member at Dunkin Donuts, Ice Cream Preparer at Friendly’s (16+), Footwear Fitting Sales Associate at Dow Shoe Store, Entrance Screener at Heywood Hospital, Store Associate at Hannaford, Greeter and Customer Service Representative at SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service, Host Staff, Bartender, Dish Machine Operator, and Servers at Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub, Retail Sales Associate at Staples, Wedding Hostess, Restaurant Server, and Banquet Server at Colonial Hotel, Domino’s Pizza Delivery, Retail Staff at Gamestop, Sales Floor Associate at Dollar Tree, Delivery Driver at Papa Gino’s, Asset Protection Coach Trainee/Manager at Walmart, Team Member at Tractor Supply, Furniture Delivery Driver at Lachance Interiors, Verizon Wireless Sales Consultant, T-Mobile Retail Sales Associate, Lumber Yard Worker at National Lumber.

    Work force

    Interesting Jobs available outside of the City of Gardner MA include a Radio Show Morning Host, a Library Director, an Athletic Director, or a Surveillance Investigator

    Radio Show Morning Host at WPKZ Radio in Fitchburg, Library Director for the City of Fitchburg or Town of Erving, Hall Monitor at the Ralph C. Mahar School District in Orange, Landscape Gardener at Fassett Farm Nursey in Jaffrey NH, Reading Tutor at the Village School in Barre, Railroad Laborer in Worcester, Middle High School Athletic Director in West Boylston, Board Clerk/Secretary – Town of Lunenburg, Camera Shader, Worcester Red Sox, Worcester – , Photographer for the Worcester Red Sox, also Technical Director and Broadcast Audio Operator, Automotive Detailer at Bouchard Automotive Group in Fitchburg, Barn Help at Highland Hill Farm in Berlin, Heavy Equipment Operator at Accura Construction Corp in New Ipswich, NH, Police Officer at Barre Police Department, Doggie Daycare Attendant at Destination Pet LLC, Shrewsbury, Entry Level Surveillance Investigator at DigiStream New England, Fitchburg and Worcester, Athletic Director at Camp Atwater in North Brookfield, Director of Finance and Operations, Winchendon Public Schools, Horseback Riding Instructor at Century Mill Stables in Bolton, Academic Recruitment Counselor at Fitchburg State University, Canine Center Attendant at NEADS World Class Service Dogs in Princeton, Bridal Consultant at Country Bridals and Formal Wear in Jaffrey, Art Model at SharonKnettell in Worcester, and Crew member at Sisco Timber in Winchendon.


  • Win 10 Grand! (2/18/2022)

    Huge Drawing Looms in Greater Gardner MA Super Raffle

    On February 23, 2022 at 7pm, 11 lucky tickets will be drawn out of no more than 400 tickets sold.  Top prize is $10,000.   See image at left. For more information, you can visit the Greater Gardner Chamber of Commerce website. CLICK HERE.

  • Gardner Zoning Board of Appeals (2/16/2022)
    From left: Randall Heglin, Raymond F. LaFond, and Michael Gerry

    In Gardner MA, the approval process regarding construction and property improvements is designed for a result fair to all concerned parties. Input is possible from the public at Meetings.

    Inside the Gardner MA Zoning Board of Appeals

    During the meeting of February 15, 2022, the Gardner Zoning Board of Appeals is chaired by Raymond F. LaFond.   Michael Gerry is the Clerk.  The other member is Randall Heglin.  Rachael Taylor is the Administrative Coordinator. To watch the meeting on YouTube  CLICK HERE.

    We’re highlighting this meeting because it showcases just how carefully and just how seriously this Board takes their duties to advance progress while at the same time protecting the community.  The main topic in this meeting was a multi-family property located at 163-165 Pine Street in Gardner – CLICK FOR MAP – for which Gardner Holding Company was seeking a special permit.   Essentially, the contractor will be bringing one of Gardner’s blighted buildings back into use, benefitting potential renters and the tax rolls. 

    However, citizens of Gardner should be aware of the careful process.   There are nine requirements for special permits:  In summary, it shall be suitably located in the neighborhood, provide convenient and safe vehicular and pedestrian movement, provide adequate space for parking etc., provide adequate and appropriate facilities and utilities etc., shall not constitute and nuisance etc., shall not be a substantial inconvenience or hazard etc., shall not have a significant detrimental impact on city etc., and be consistent with City’s community development plan or master plan.    For complete official list of  9 requirements, CLICK HERE.

    The Board approved the variance after reviewing each of the required elements and even hearing from the applicant again.  This was also after a site visit which the Board did on its own time on a weekend day. The Board can take 14 days to write its decision.   Once the applicant receives a time-stamped decision, it must wait 20 days to allow for potential appeals from others. Once 20 days has expired, the applicant can move forward.   Often an applicant may work with various other City Departments including the Planning Board, Building Department, and others. For the official page of the Gardner Zoning Board, CLICK HERE


  • Local Flower-Gift (2/16/2022)

    Last Minutes Gift and Flowers of Gardner MA Gets Perfect Score

    Gardner Magazine publisher Werner Poegel wrote this on Social Media, “Not sure how they did it, but Gardner’s Last Minute Gifts and Flowers has a perfect customer review score on Google. I don’t know them myself, but I plan a visit to learn something about customer service, because evidently they have mastered it, all in the middle of a hectic Holiday. Congratulations!”    Reaction was swift with over 117 likes and over 57 comments of praise for the merchant on “Gardner What’s Going On” and  51 likes with 21 comments of praise on “Gardnerites United.” Congratulations on a public well satisfied!


  • White Cloud (2/11/2022)
    White Cloud menu board
    White Cloud Diner Menu Board 2-11-22

    More of the Diner Experience

    Other diners in the area with decent Google reviews include Blue Moon Diner, Gardner MA Facebook Directions – Kellies, Athol MA Website Directions – Ruschioni’s Cruisin 12 Diner, Winchendon MA Website Directions – Hometown Cafe, Winchendon MA Directions – Hubb Town Diner, Hubbardston MA Website Directions – Heavy Evies Diner Rutland MA Website Directions – The Hen House East Templeton MA Directions -Westminster Cafe Westminster MA Facebook Directions

    White Cloud Diner in Orange MA Knows How to Communicate

    Occasionally we come across a business which can serve as a positive lesson to others. In this case, the White Cloud Diner located at 627 E. River Street Orange, MA 01364 Directions.

    The diner posted its menu board on Facebook with the most graceful and clear penmanship we’ve seen in a long time. And that’s not the only communication art at which the diner excels. With a 4.6 Google Rating consisting of 315 Reviews, these courteous business owners recently responded to a 4 star rating with “Thank you, we hope you come back and we can earn that last star.” And here’s what one reviewer said, “Do not sleep on this little gem. This cozy spot will leave you floating on a little bliss cloud.” Check the reviews out yourself. CLICK HERE.

    From White Cloud: ” Our family owned and run diner has been in operation since 1958, although the newest family has only started in December 2018. We are across from the Orange Airport, and offer a delicious selection of breakfasts and lunches. Come check us out!”

    White Cloud Diner has a Facebook page: CLICK HERE

  • Bud Barn (2/10/2022)
    Bud Barn logo

    Cannabis Business – Grand Opening Winchendon MA 2-12-22

    At the site of what was the Cozy Cupola Gift Shop for over a decade, Co-owner Marla LaGrassa is now in the POT business. The Bud Barn, located at 682 Spring Street Winchendon has a website for more information. CLICK HERE.

  • National Pizza Day (2/5/2022)

    Celebrating Pizza in Greater Gardner MA February 9, 2022.

    National Pizza Day is celebrated in the Greater Gardner MA area on February 9, 2022.   With over 90 percent of Americans eating pizza at least once a month, it’s no wonder we all compare notes on PIZZA. And this area certainly has its fair share of pizza places. On any given day, more than 1 in 10 people aged 2 and over eats pizza.

    Restaurant Owners Facing Challenges

    Gardner Pizza places include Parker House, Domino’s, Sorrento’s, Garden, Papa Gino’s, West Broadway, Gardner Ale, and Patriot’s among others. Online reviews show that even the most popular pizza joints are having recent customer service issues on occasion due to various issues. Common complaints in the last month include lack of attention to quality of food, wrong orders, long waits or slow service, bad staff attitudes, and even bad attitudes when owners respond to reviews – never a good idea. There is one positive stand out to be noted: The Gardner Ale House is consistently getting great reviews in the last month. As far as other places, customers often note that the problem they faced was something new. So this week is a great time to turn things around.

    So on National Pizza Day, owners and pizza place staffers take notice: PAY ATTENTION, your future good business depends on it. And to the public: Please consider addressing the issue in person with the business before leaving a bad review online as most owners really want to please customers. Please staffers, owners, and customers, have patience with each other! And this week, try your pizza place again. You might just be pleasantly surprised.


  • Real Estate (1/26/2022)
    Gardner MA Real Estate 1-26-22

    It’s a seller’s REAL ESTATE market in the Greater Gardner area.

    Real Estate in Gardner MA

    On January 26, 2022, there are less than 20 real estate listings for Gardner MA. For the 01440 Zillow page, CLICK HERE. On the Worcester County Craigslist Real Estate page, there were less than 500 listings. CLICK HERE. For those looking to rent, there were several hundred listings on Craigslist. CLICK HERE.

    In fact, the Massachusetts Association of Realtors reports that in December 2021, there were less homes for sale than in any period in the last 17 years. See report, CLICK HERE. —- Real Estate Search, CLICK HERE.

  • Supply Chain (1/20/2022)
    Supply Chain Producers Sellers Transporters

    Supply Chain Issues Not Affecting Consumer to Consumer Used Junk in Greater Gardner MA

    We’ve all heard about the Supply Chain issues affecting New car and electronics prices.  But what about junk?  Is regularly priced junk now high priced junk?  A cursory look on Craigslist says no.  For example, on the Worcester County site,  if you’re willing to buy a box full you can get 3 music cds or 3 VHS tapes for about a dollar,  cassette tapes for about a quarter, DVD’s for about 50 cents (more or less).

    In appliances, you could get an almost new washer and dryer pair for 500 bucks, a like new fridge for under 300 bucks, or even a Roomba robot vacuum for 100 dollars.  If you want to save money on baby and kids stuff, there were about 500 listings.   Even the FREE stuff hasn’t gone up in price due to inflation.  There are about 300 listings for FREE things.  We even saw a beautiful antique-style couch being sold for Zero, as in FREE.   So if it doesn’t have to be perfect or BRAND NEW, and sometimes if you don’t mind paying NOTHING at all,  the Supply Chain of Used Junk (Stuff) is very healthy and budget friendly.


  • Small Business (1/13/2022)
    small business tools
    Think outside the box
    Business Idea

    We have an article describing some business ideas for Gardner Massachusetts. It’s called the Gardner Business Wish List. CLICK HERE. People love Gardner businesses and like to Share the Chair City. CLICK HERE.

    Small Business Tools Greater Gardner MA

    Starting or expanding your Greater Gardner MA Business in 2022? Or just trying to keep afloat in challenging times? Local, State, Federal, and Non-profit Small Business Tools are available to help.

    Local: A variety of resources and technical assistance is available from the City of Gardner Community Development and Planning Office. Webpage CLICK HERE. The office keeps a list of available property. CLICK HERE. Even an interactive MAP. Building Dept.: Online Building Permit Applications. City Clerk: Business Certificates.

    State: The Massachusetts Office of Business Development pays special attention to “jobs created, jobs retained, and capital invested. CLICK HERE. The Massachusetts Economic Development Council has helped professionals in the field for over 50 years. CLICK HERE. Mass.Gov has a great starting place for business resources. CLICK HERE. There’s even a Step by Step New Business Guide.

    Federal: If you need money to sustain or expand your business, the U.S. Small Business Administration has helpful resources including lender matching. CLICK HERE.

    Non-profit: Clark University has a Small Business Development Center from which you can receive free and confidential business advice from their team of advisors with FREE online registration. CLICK HERE. They also offer FREE Business Planning Tools such as various guides in pdf format, and even Start Up Expenses in excel format. A page of tools, CLICK HERE.

  • Beware the Air (1/12/2022)

    We used this old graphic so you could not guess at what location I had the problem. I also made sure they had posted an “out of order” sign before running this article.

    Some Compressed Air Stations Not Working in Greater Gardner MA

    This publisher had his own experience today at a Greater Gardner area location after finding a few out of order due to the cold weather. The air didn’t work, but unlike most locations, it wasn’t posted as out of order. When I reported it and asked for my money back, I found out that an employee knew it wasn’t working. The location manager asked me to look on the side of the machine, get the number to get a refund. I had to call the owner who is known for integrity – the owner called the manager and told him to refund what I paid and to put out a sign so no other folks would get cheated. I’m not mentioning the location because 1. They ultimately did the right thing and 2. Gardner Magazine is about being positive. 3. If we can’t say something nice about a business, we just don’t say it, period. Here’s what I told the manager of the location. It doesn’t make sense to lose customers over a small amount of money. I would have refunded the customer immediately, posted an out-of-order sign immediately, and gotten the location’s money back from the third party vendor. In the end, it’s a really good customer service lesson for any retailer in a similar situation.

  • Community Park (1/12/2022)
    Winchendon  MA Community Park lgo

    Winchendon MA Community Park Performing Arts Center Closer to Reality

    Winchendon MA is inviting sealed bids from contractors for the $2 million Arts Center slated to be built at 86 Ingleside Road in Winchendon. Along with site work, the project consists of the construction of an outdoor amphitheater with covered stage.

    Winchendon Amphitheater

    A pre-bid conference and site visit is taking place Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 10am in front of the existing barn at 86 Ingleside Road, Winchendon.

    The Winchendon Community Park has a website. CLICK HERE View the complete plans for the project. (12mb) CLICK HERE.

  • Laundry (1/9/2022)
    Alone with the Laundry Gardner MA

    Our Comedy Graphics page has 64 different choices to print. CLICK HERE.

    Alone with Gardner MA Laundry

    Have you ever been alone with the laundry?  I mean, really alone, just you, dirty socks, shirts, slacks, and towels?   Have you thought of the Laundromat?   Michelle says of Horrigan Premium Laundromat at 9 Peason Boulevard, “Always clean and the machines are great.” Rachael says of Out Back Laundry at 24 Main Street, “Staff is very attentive and respectful.” Chris says of Oski’s Washatorium, 19 Baker Street, “Never that busy, kind of a hidden spot.”  Bridget says of South Gardner Laundromat, 55 East Broadway, “Since it has been redone, it is always very clean and maintained.”  So there you are, if you don’t want to be alone with the laundry in Gardner MA.

  • Art (1/8/2022)

    Links below go to relevant website or Facebook page.

    Thumbs Up for Art in Greater Gardner MA and the Chair City

    The area is replete with artists, galleries, and art-related businesses. Visual Arts, Music Arts, Performing Arts, Martial Arts….

    The Gardner Area League of Artists, known as GALA, is having a Juried Art Exhibit starting January 12, 2022. For website, CLICK HERE

    Art Studios/ Galleries

    Surroundings Gallery, 377 Main Street, Gardner

    School Street Art Studios

    Lori MacDonald Fine Art Acrylics, 205 School Street Rear, Gardner

    Chair City Community Workshop

    Studio 4 Potters & Gallery, 4 West Lynde Street, Gardner

    The Gardner Museum, 28 Pearl Street, Gardner

    Levi-Heywood Memorial Library, 55 West Lynde Street, Gardner

    Plant Art

    Last Minute Gifts and Flowers, 9 West Street, Gardner.

    Performing Arts

    Just Dance Performing Arts Center, 48 Parker Street, Gardner

    Gardner Danceworks, 213 School Street, Gardner.

    Theatre at the Mount, 444 Green Street, Gardner

    Graphic Arts

    Kamuda Photography Gallery, 400 Pleasant Street, Gardner

    Logo Artists Enterprise, Kelton Street, Gardner

    Paul Gaj Design, 40 Montvale Road, Gardner.

    Body Art

    The Exclusive Aesthetic (Make-up artist) 205 School Street, Gardner

    Main Street Tattoo Parlor, 94 Main Street, Gardner

    Martial Arts

    Gardner Martial Arts Academy, 104 East Broadway, Suite 2, Gardner

    Borgest Martial Arts, 122 West Street, Gardner

    Britt’s Tae Kwon Do, 205 School Street, Gardner.

    Cobra Self Defense Central MA, 122 West Street, Gardner.

    Music Arts

    City Music, 240 Main Street, Gardner

    Mark Connors, 54 Main Street, Gardner

    Troy Price Music, 90 Intervale Road, Gardner

    Gardner Bandstand Committee

  • $5,000,000 Bike Bridge (1/6/2022)

    Gardner $5,000,000 Bike Bridge

    Now in the design phase, the more than $5 million bike bridge to go over Route 140 for the North Central Pathway is slated to begin construction in 2026. We have all the details. For the complete article, CLICK HERE.

  • Carriage House (1/3/2022)

    Carriage House Restaurant officially open!

    After being closed for two months, purchased by a new owner and having a soft opening in December, the iconic Carriage House Restaurant in Winchendon is now officially OPEN. It also seems they want everyone to know they serve Prime Rib as evidenced by the prominent sign displayed on their website. Hours shown on their website as of 1/3/22 are Monday through Wednesday 4pm to 9pm, Thursday and Friday 4pm to midnight, Saturday 11am to midnight, and Sunday 11am to 9pm.

    Gardner Magazine wishes the new owners well. For more information, visit their website. CLICK HERE.

  • Eating Out (1/2/2022)

    Restaurants in Gardner MA

    Gardner has enough restaurants for you to try a new one every day. We have the Gardner MA Search Engine Ratings for the nearly 3 dozen restaurants in the Chair City and easy links for online ordering. For the article, CLICK HERE.

  • 2022 Ahead (12/26/2021)

    Gardner MA – The Year Ahead

    The year ahead: What we see happening and what is possible. Our piece explores some of the priorities of 2022. For our complete article CLICK HERE.

  • Visit Downtown Gardner (12/13/2021)
  • Journey to the Future (12/13/2021)
  • Great Place to Live – Work – Play (12/13/2021)
  • Carriage House (12/12/2021)
    Photo posted on Facebook Saturday Dec. 11, 2021

    Update: 12/12/21 – The restaurant is having a soft opening and released a statement on Facebook which we publish in full here. CLICK HERE.

    Winchendon Carriage House Restaurant Opens

    The local favorite dining spot reportedly opened Saturday, Dec. 11, 2021. It wasn’t announced on their website which still says, “We are currently remodeling and will be reopening beginning of December.” It may have been a soft opening. Watch their website for further details, CLICK HERE. The restaurant had closed almost 2 months ago, citing a lack of ability to find help. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Industrial Park (12/11/2021)
    Pictured from left to right are: Jessica DeRoy (Economic Development Coordinator), Neil Janssens (Assistant Treasurer – Gardner Redevelopment Authority), Ronald Cormier (City of Gardner – Councilor At Large), Rob Swartz (Rob’s Dyno Service & Energica of New England Electric Motorcycles owner), Michael Nicholson (City of Gardner Mayor), Trevor Beauregard (Director – Dept. of Community Development & Planning), and Carol Jacobson (President & CEO – Greater Gardner Chamber of Commerce

    A Sign of the Times

    New signage recently erected at the Gardner Industrial Park is celebrated with officials and business leaders. The 132 acre site features such businesses at Rob’s Dyno Service and Energica of New England whose owner Rob Swartz is in the picture at left. Energica of New England is setting the trend of Gardner being home to Eco-friendly companies. Energica is a 100% solar facility and claims to sell the world’s most advanced zero-emission motorcycle. Visit the very interesting Energica website. CLICK HERE.

  • Premium Quality (12/11/2021)

    Are you aware of the increasing number of awesome products being made in Gardner MA and the surrounding area by some very talented people?

    Gardner MA Premium Quality

    Since 1785, Gardner MA has stood for premium quality. Premium quality products. Premium quality, caring people. And in the years ahead, premium quality potential. It is a 5 star City, on the way up, towards a new trajectory of unparalleled success. It is a welcoming Chair City and a generous “Share City.” As we celebrate the Holiday season, let us reflect on what is GOOD all around us. And let us make it even BETTER together. Want to print a HIGH RES image. CLICK HERE

  • Santa’s Property List (12/10/2021)

    Santa’s Property List

    For those thinking about a new business or expansion, we present Santa’s Property List, maintained by the City of Gardner Office of Community Development and Planning. Chief Elf is Jessica DeRoy who can be reached at (978) 630-4074 ext. 1. Some space for part of Gardner’s Business Wish List. View the complete article. CLICK HERE

  • Top 10 Best (12/9/2021)

    Home Fruit Wine of Orange MA Gets Award

    Made with locally grown fruit and berries, their wine has just been recognized as one of the 10 best wineries in Massachusetts. According to the review, “these wines will rock your tastebuds with concentrated flavors and nicely defined textures.” See the award review. Go to Home Fruit Wine website, CLICK HERE.

  • Papa Gino’s d’angelo (12/8/2021)

    Sharing the Store

    The shuttered d’angelos in Gardner MA has reemerged as a combo location with Papa Gino’s in the Timpany Plaza, Apparently the location has been remodeled to make the change and as of today they are hiring. Corporate was kind enough to provide us this PRESS RELEASE

  • Slocum (12/7/2021)

    Quoting from the company website, Tim Slocum says,This company is faith-based regarding the way we do business.  The core values of honesty, integrity and selfless service are what we are committed to.  We are dedicated to the basic principle of doing our best on every contract.  I believe that a satisfied client will be my partner in helping to grow T. Slocum Incorporated.”

    Quoting from Monique Connor, “Growth is always good, especially in the right percentages of what is needed in the community.”

    Eco-Friendly Winter Company Coming to Gardner

    If all goes well at a Gardner Planning Board Public Review Meeting on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 7pm, Slocum Inc. of Ashburnham will be well on its way towards building six commercial buildings to be located off Matthews Street in Gardner. According to Slocum Business Manager Monique Connor, each of the buildings will be approximately 124 feet by 61 feet and feature big bays suitable for commercial companies who need storage for large equipment or would like to open offices. Construction would begin after all approvals are obtained and progress would depend on weather. Slocum plans to use one building as their office and training area.

    Slocum is known in the area as a contractor specializing in the winter management of snow and ice. With all the complex chemistry involved in the eco-friendly management of roads and parking lots, Slocum is proud to make their own brine which includes rock salt and a non-corrosive additive, so salting is less harmful to equipment. The company is also a distributor for winter-related products which are eco-friendly. The company has a comprehensive website for more information. CLICK HERE.

  • Gardner Business (12/6/2021)
    Gardner MA Business

    Gardner MA Business Wish List

    We know Gardner citizens would like more businesses in Downtown Gardner MA and the rest of the Chair City. The question is, what types would you like to see? In our article you can download our spreadsheet of over 2000 business categories and see our list of dozens of potential new retail, restaurant, industrial, manufacturing, education, and attractions we’ve dreamed up. For complete article, CLICK HERE.

  • Operation Storefront (12/3/2021)

    Gardner MA Operation: Storefront Explained

    Others have put in the effort. We are giving it a name and encouraging greater participation in Operation: Storefront. Read the complete article, CLICK HERE

  • Free Parking (12/1/2021)

    Save your Quarters for the Kettle!

    Mayor Nicholson signed an Executive Order suspending Parking Meters in the City of Gardner MA from Dec. 1st to Dec. 7th. The City Council will consider a further suspension at its regular meeting on Dec. 7, 2021. VIEW PDF of Mayor’s order.

  • More Money! (11/30/2021)
    officials in Gardner MA at announcement of grants
    Temptations Boutique June 2008
    Temptations Boutique June 2008 during prime Wedding season in Gardner MA

    Watch the entire MassWorks Grant Awardees Ceremony. Includes many State and Local officials. For video, CLICK HERE.

    And then there was more!

    MA Lt. Governor Karyn Polito and other officials showed up in Gardner on Giving Tuesday to formally announce the $4.1 million MassWorks Grant, plus an award of over $900,000 for the NEW Underutilized Properties Program Grant.  The look of Downtown Gardner will improve again as some funds will be used to rehab the Temptations and Ryan Block Buildings at the corner of Parker and Connors Streets.

    Mayor Nicholson has a stated goal of renovating buildings when feasible. When this solid building is put back into service it will enhance the look of Downtown. However, some citizens have expressed concerns that not enough effort is being made to directly support more retail store fronts.

  • Gardner Growth (11/30/2021)
    Gardner MA City Council Special Meeting November 29, 2021
    Watch this meeting. CLICK HERE.

    Gardner MA Growth Better than GRAND, literally!

    In a true showing of unprecedented growth, Gardner has issued 1027 building permits thus far in 2021, first time breaking 1000. Normal year is usually 20 to 25% less. And what may be good news, the Gardner City Council voted Monday night to approve the requested property tax rate of $18.59, lowest since 2013. Residential, commercial, and industrial will continue to be taxed at same rate.

  • Wachusett opening (11/26/2021)
    Trails open Wachusett Mountain

    Need more info? Fortunately, Wachusett has a website. Click here.

    Wachusett Mountain opens for season

    Wachusett Mountain Ski area Princeton MA snow making machine

    With cooperating temperatures and an able snow-making machine, the iconic ski destination in Princeton MA opens Saturday November 27, 2021.

  • Queen Lake Bridge (11/23/2021)
    Queen Lake Bridge

    Bridge Closed for Winter

    Phillipston DPW has reported that the Queen Lake Bridge in Phillipston which has been closed all summer will remain closed for the winter and they are planning a reopening some time in late spring. There are detours set up that will stay in place.  Bridge was closed due to rot, particularly of one particular beam. The bridge was constructed in 1939. Cost of the work is in the million dollar range.

  • Small Business Month (11/21/2021)
    Gardner MA Mayor Mike Nicholson and City Council President Kazinskas
    Mayor Nicholson and Council President Kazinskas at John’s Sport Shop, 38 Main St., Gardner

    Small Business Month Gardner MA

    Shown at left is Gardner MA Mayor Mike Nicholson and Gardner City Council President Liz Kazinskas at John’s Sport Shop in Downtown Gardner. Mayor Nicholson and Council President Kazinskas have declared this Saturday through the Christmas holiday 2021 as Small Business Month in Gardner. And every Saturday from today through the end of December will be “Small Business Saturday.” Both have asked members of the community to “Please be sure to support our local businesses as you get ready for the upcoming holidays.” For the mayor’s full statement, please watch the video at the official Gardner City Hall Facebook page.

  • Shop Local (11/19/2021)

    Save GAS, Shop LOCAL

    Shopping Locally in the Greater Gardner area is the new vision for the 2020’s. It’s a way to support the local economy and another way to LOVE Your Neighbor. Start shopping locally now, well before Small Business Saturday.   We have a great list of reviewed local businesses for you to shop. (Hint: Most of downtown and most of the city!)  Save GAS, Shop LOCAL. Sure, online can be easy, but shopping at a store in  your community is much more thrilling.  For a list of reviewed businesses in Gardner, CLICK HERE.

  • Open Business in Gardner (11/10/2021)

    Want to open a business in Gardner? Here’s what you need to know.

    Gardner MA welcomes new businesses.
    Business Startup
    Business Words

    Gardner Massachusetts is a city in Massachusetts with a population of 21,287 as of the 2020 census. Gardner was incorporated as a town in 1785 and became a city in 1923. Gardner is known as the Chair City. People really love businesses in Gardner. Here’s proof.

    Gardner Magazine spoke with Jessica DeRoy, the Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Gardner MA. Jessica tells us Gardner is poised for a period of growth based on the desirability of bringing a business to Gardner and she has some suggestions on where to start.

    The Economic Development team maintains a list of available rentals and properties for sale and will release the current list upon request. Under Mayor Nicholson’s leadership, Gardner is continuing efforts to help facilitate the sale of properties in need of repair to new owners who may have the desire and/or resources to improve the buildings, thus making them more appealing to potential renters. In addition, Jessica says, the Gardner Building Department can assist people in obtaining information on what to do in constructing a new business building.

    Reach the Economic Development Coordinator Jessica DeRoy at (978) 630-4074 ext. 1 or via email at The Building Department suggests a phone call to them is a great place to start. They suggest calling them before buying a property. Roland Jean Jr., the Building Commissioner, can be reached at (978) 630-4007, via email at, or via fax at (978) 632-3313. You can send a fax without a fax machine by using Visit the Gardner MA Building Dept. official page. Visit the Gardner MA Starting a Business page.

  • WGAW 75th (10/15/2021)

    WGAW – Happy 75th!

    WGAW makes 75. Get Facts on the iconic Gardner radio station.

    For complete details of who listens, CLICK HERE.

  • Fundraiser at Salvadore (10/14/2021)
    Time for Teamwork - Fundraiser

    Fundraiser at Salvadore to benefit family of Dan D’Angelo.

    On Friday, Oct. 22 & Saturday, Oct. 23 Salvadore Auto Group will host a Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular! Complete event details click here!

  • Making you Hungry! (10/5/2021)

    Eating out in Gardner MA

    Are you thinking about eating out in the Greater Gardner, Massachusetts area tonight? Well, we thought we’d make you hungry by showing some of your favorite dishes. View them all on our “Making You Hungry” page. And enjoy your night out! We salute all the great cooks.

  • Oktoberfest – Ale House (9/24/2021)
    Gardner MA Fall Festival

    Festival 9am to 4pm

    Oktoberfest 11am to 8pm

    Sat. Sept. 25, 2021

    Party in the Street!

    Once again for the 15th straight year, the Gardner Ale House is doing its part to help make Downtown Gardner a destination with Oktoberfest Saturday September 25, 2021. More details on the Gardner Ale House website. It’s a big part of the Fall Festival taking place in downtown Gardner on this special day starting off with FREE Apple Crisp at the Blue Moon Diner at 9am. Here’s the detailed complete schedule on the Gardner MA website.

  • New Gardner MA Furniture Store (8/26/2021)

    Gardner MA gets new Furniture Store!

    Location of New Manzel Furniture & Rugs location
    Manzel Furniture and Rugs
    Manzel Furniture & Rugs current Peabody Location

    Manzel Furniture & Rugs to come to Gardner MA

    Soon the void left by the departure of Rome Furniture in 2019 will be filled by Manzel Furniture & Rugs, set to open in Gardner before, on, or after the first of the year. Location: 562 Main Street, Gardner, MA.

    Gardner Magazine met with a spokesman for the company who indicates that the company will be bringing a unique store to Gardner. If it’s anything like their current Peabody location, he may well be right. The photo at left shows a beautiful store selling furniture and fine rugs.

    Manzel Furniture & Rugs has a website. For more information on what they may be selling in Gardner visit the Manzel Furniture website.

    More Good News: Manzel will also be hiring some staff from the Greater Gardner area in the coming months. To reach the company call (978) 826-5605

  • Rietta Fresh Going 55 (8/15/2021)
    Produce at Rietta Sunday 8/15/2021 from Howe’s Country Store Rt122a at the Holden-Rutland line Vendor Facebook page. Rietta website.

    Rietta Flea Market Still Fresh

    Some things stay fresh with time, and one is fresh produce at Rietta Flea Market in Hubbardston, MA. Also, fresh burgers, hot dogs, fried dough at the Snack Bar. And always fresh bargain finds among the hundreds of vendors. Read more….

  • Furniture in Gardner (7/25/2021)
    The Gardner MA Big Chair
    The “Big Chair” Gardner MA
    Gardner Outlet Furniture
    Gardner Outlet Furniture

    On the subject of furniture…

    The subject of furniture in Gardner is always a story of transformation. The changing Gardner “Big Chair”, manufacturing scene, and emergence of new furniture stores. View our big article on Gardner MA furniture “Time to Share Stories of the Big Chair.”

  • Unemployment Rate (7/12/2021)

    Return to the Gardner MA Work Force

    Gardner residents continue to return to the work force. While the Gardner – Fitchburg – Leominster unemployment rate is hovering at 7% and is 3.2% higher than the March 30, 2020 rate of 3.8%, it is much lower than the pandemic high of 17.6% reported for April 2020.

    The Massachusetts Unemployment rate before the pandemic was 2.7%, but that quickly rose to 16.4% one month later as reported for April 2020. The current Massachusetts unemployment rate is still higher than before the pandemic and is hovering around 6%. Each of the charts can be viewed in large size by clicking the image.