Wishing you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

A message from the Author:

Gardner has always been a special place of cooperation leading to great accomplishments. It began from tracts of land from four communities – Ashburnham, Westminster, Templeton, and Winchendon.

Gardner has had its tough times just like many other places. However, right now with a great public will of love and future-looking outlook, Gardner’s trajectory towards excellence is all but assured.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas

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Gardner Christmas Wish

Original Poem by Werner Poegel

The City was once a town to be sure

And its substance became an allure.

First settled sixty four years after 1700,

Land gifted by nearby towns kindred.

Becoming as busy as a beehive

Incorporated thusly in 1785.

Twenty years more it only took

To become a great furniture nook.

20 Chair Factories, 4 million chairs

Each with legs 4, like grizzly bears.

Successfully brought 5 Heywoods together

Fashioning furniture like birds of a feather.

Tracking the time worked became an invention

Simplex Time Recorder industry convention.

Gardner home to those critically thinking,

Traditionally forward ideas in the making.

As if nature itself knew City’s future

23 square miles measured for sure.

Named after a brave Colonel named Thomas,

A Gardner city in 1923 came to pass.

It’s highest point is Reservoir Hill

New heights reaching ever still

Now 2 years from city centennial

So many projects on the window sill.

Now sending its love to folks near and afar

Gardner, Chair City, holds all of you dear.

A family of peoples assembled in love

Wishes Merry Christmas to you from above.