Magic Mike Nicholson with photo

Mayor Magic Mike Nicholson of Gardner MA

As various mandates have been lifted and case counts are lower, area residents are hoping that we are reaching the end of the Covid 19 pandemic.   For the past two years, the insidious scourge of this infectious virus has affected all of our lives.  

“Magic Mike Nicholson” was born

Adversity often brings out the strengths in people, and we believe it has with Gardner Mayor Michael J. Nicholson.    Dubbed “Magic Mike Nicholson” by Gardner Magazine, this young Mayor came in to office during one of the most challenging times.   He helped lead the Chair City through the pandemic, championed vaccine clinics, worked with other area government, business, and community leaders, and even handed out Covid 19 test kits himself.   Throughout it all, his weekly updates were a reassuring message every week, that somehow everything was going to be OK.  

Informed us of Progress

Mike Nicholson informed us of progress occurring in so many different areas simultaneously.   This  Magic Mike Photo Gallery captures  Mike Nicholson in action during his Weekly Updates, as he highlighted various attributes of the Chair City in his varied attire, and demonstrated his support of the Chair City’s heritage, its people, its health care, public safety workers, and Small Businesses simply by the props he used behind and around his weekly messages. 

A Big Thank You

Thank you Mayor “Magic Mike” Nicholson for a job well done!   Thank you for your much needed leadership behind the “Magic Mike.” Gardner Magazine promises to help keep you on top of your game by criticizing whenever we can, however difficult it might be to point out and/or find faults in what you do!

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To view the Mayor’s updates and other videos from Gardner’s YouTube channel, CLICK HERE.

Mayor Nicholson Behind the Magic Mike in Weekly Updates

Mayor Nicholson’s First update July 24, 2020
Mayor Nicholson’s update March 4, 2022

“Magic Mike” Update Gallery

Second update with Flags
Supporting the Chair City
A Patriotic Display of Flags
Supporting Police and Fire
Supporting the Cause by Growing some Fuzz
Supporting Local Business
Rooting for the Gardner Wildcats
Showing off Perfect Teeth

A Mayor About the City

On location at Greenwood Pool
On location at Gardner Golf Course
On location at New Gardner Elementary School site
On location at Ovila Case Park
On location at Gardner High School Studios
Christmas Day Message 2020

As Leader and Cheerleader

Explaining the Topic at Hand
Supporting Heywood Hospital
As a Serious Official
Words of Reassurance
Explaining Challenges
Beginning the Holiday season
The Man in Charge
Projecting City Positivity

In the Spirit of the Season

As the Man in the Red Suit
Dressed as a Tree
‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

The Changing Wardrobe

Gardner MA Mayor Michael Nicholson Inauguration 2022 with Governor Baker and others in attendance
Mayor Nicholson Inauguration 2022 with Governor Baker and others in attendance.

Thank you Gardner Mayor Michael J. Nicholson for your efforts in comforting, guiding, leading, and managing the Chair City and for your words behind the “Magic Mike”.