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  • Ash-West
    Ashburnham Westminster Community Media

    Ash-West MA Community Media has Informative Website

    Visit the Ash-West Community Media website for more information on Programming, Podcasts, and Live Streams. CLICK HERE

  • Ashburnham 5-6-22

    Official Ashburnham MA Election ResultsTrails – Meetings

    Official Ashburnham Town Election Results for 4-26-22 Results pdf; CLICK HERE Looking to do some things in Ashburnham.  Here’s the Ashburnham Trail Map.  It’s called the Ashburnham MA: Formal Trail Inventory. Here is the Ashburnham Rail Trail from 2017: CLICK HERE Here’s a list of upcoming meetings in Ashburnham on the official website.

  • Ashburnham Town Meeting
    Spotlight on Ashburnham MA

    Ashburnham MA Holds May 3, 2022 Town Meeting

    To be held at 7pm at Oakmont Regional High School Auditorium

    For the pdf of warrant articles, CLICK HERE.

  • Covid 4-1-22
    Massachusetts Covid Positivity 4-1-22

    Massachusetts Covid Positivity under 2% as of 4-1-22

    Trends bode well for the Greater Gardner area as shown by the map at left. The City of Gardner is identified by the red G.

    CLICK MAP for larger view.

  • School Closings

    Greater Gardner MA School Closings

    The three network TV affiliates in Boston each publish updated school closing information for our area: Here are the links: ABCNBCCBS

  • Library Flood
    Flooded building

    Ashburnham MA Library Damaged by Water

    On January 31, 2022, the Stevens Memorial Library in Ashburnham MA had to close due to a flood.   The Library announced: “We will be closed Wednesday 2/2 and Thursday 2/3 while we continue to address damage caused on Monday. The craft program scheduled for tomorrow night has been rescheduled for Wednesday 2/9.”

  • Saturday Blizzard
    Saturday Blizzard

    Is Greater Gardner MA in for a Saturday Blizzard?

    We’re ready at the Greater Gardner Weather Center. CLICK HERE We have several forecast services plus Interactive Maps which show you the various forecast models.

    PARKING BANS: Many communities will have parking bans in various areas. Times will vary, but the intent is the same, KEEP CARS OFF THE ROAD so plows can clear the snow.


  • Ashburnham Caucus
    spotlight on ashburnham ma

    Ashburnham MA Annual Town Caucus

    Annual Town Caucus for the purpose of nomination of candidates will be held Monday February 28, 2022 at 7pm at Stevens Memorial Library, 20 Memorial Drive, Ashburnham in the Malcolm Stewart Room.   For specific offices and details, CLICK HERE

  • Test Reimbursement

    UPDATE: Free Covid-19 Test Kits and Reimbursement for Greater Gardner MA

    The Federal Government has a website in effect NOW from which Americans can order free COVID-19 tests. This began on January 19th. For the site CLICK HERE. These kits are absolutely free (limited to 4 tests per address) and don’t require any payment upfront.

    In addition, private insurers must cover the cost of up to eight at-home Covid-19 tests per month. (This started   January 15, 2022.) Consumers pay for the tests up front and get reimbursed by insurance. Previous purchases don’t count and tests must be on approved government list: Rapid Antigen —- Molecular (PCR).

    The Biden Administration has also announced that FREE masks will soon be available through your local pharmacy. Ask your pharmacy for details.

    Additional suggestion: With many venues requiring proof of vaccination, we suggest the purchase of an inexpensive all-in-one printer (less than $70 from any major retailer) so you can scan your vax card. Back up any documents and keep a file on your phone. Now an even easier suggestion: Get a digital Vax Card through the State of Massachusetts. To visit the portal, CLICK HERE.


  • Advanced Library
    Library Ashburnham MA

    Stevens Memorial Library – Ashburnham MA at the top of the Library Endeavor

    Anyone making a trip to the Stevens Memorial Library website is immediately impressed by the wealth of opportunity and immersed in the online experience.  If  you have a valid library card, you can borrow so many items for FREE at the library.  Tech items you can borrow include chromebooks, hotspots, record playes, and ipads.  Here’s a link to the tech page: CLICK HERE

    The library says that patrons have access to more than 27,000 titles for FREE on Kanopy to watch video for kids, teens, and adults.   And of course, you can borrow books, lots of books.   For more about this incredible community resource, please visit the library website:  CLICK HERE.

    From the library website: “Ashburnham’s library is a town-wide resource for educational, cultural, historical, and recreational print and electronic information for citizens, businesses, and residents of Ashburnham, MA and neighboring communities.”


Around the Community of Ashburnham MA

Community Facts

Ashburnham MA is located in Worcester County Massachusetts and has around 6400 people It is home to Cushing Academy, several beautiful lakes, and Mount Watatic. Ashburnham was settled in 1736 and incorporated in 1765. From Winchendon, Ashburnham is accessed via Route 12, from Gardner via Route 101, and from Fitchburg via Route 12.



Town Administrator: (978) 827-4100 ext. 0 Select Board Fire Department: (978) 827-4021 Library: (978) 827-4115 Municipal Light Plant: (978) 827-4423 Police Department: (978) 827-4413 Police Dept. Community Resources Public Works: (978) 827-4120 Town Clerk: (978) 827-4100 ext. 3 Town Reports


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Ashburnham Marketplace
Ashburnham Town Hall
Ashburnham True Value Hardware
Ashburnham MA Welcome sign

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