The Sentient Soul of American Freedom

original poem by Werner Poegel

sentient soul of american freedom

The Sentient Soul of American Freedom

The sentient soul is only free amidst absolute equality.

White, black, brown, or blue, every color of the rainbow too.

Differences embraced as perfect creations of a loving God.

Discrimination disgraced as perpetrating the ultimate fraud.


Each of us with an inner glow, a sentient soul to show.

Beauty transcending physical form whatever it may be.

True love of others practicing no visible discernment

Instead cherishing the joy of what always lies within.


View those around you with a much more careful eye.

Appreciating the unlimited variety of human existence.

Upholding our freedoms with determined persistence.

Understanding that rights for the one is rights for us all.


No one being is less and all of us together are more.

Loving what is different as much as what is the same.

Brings energy to the equality of the sentient soul.

Achieving freedom for all as the American goal.


By Werner Poegel

“The Sentient Soul of American Freedom” – a Poem by Werner Poegel