Houses Route 2A April 2022
Houses Route 2A April 2022
Houses Route 2A July 28, 2022
Houses Route 2A July 28, 2022

Ideas > Concepts > Planning > Construction > Successful Conclusions in Gardner MA

There’s pent-up impatience in Gardner MA for approved projects to be completed. At left we show the results of a completed construction project started in 2021 at the Gardner/Templeton line. First, there was land, which was subsequently cleared. Now, there are families living in these homes, adding to Gardner’s “New Growth.” All projects take time and when successful, they are a beautiful thing. Patience is too.

Main Street project
Project Underway on Main Street, Gardner Progress 7-28-22
Parker Street project
Project Underway on Parker Street, Gardner Progress 7-28-22

In the next couple of years, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised as already approved projects get underway or reach completed status, additional projects get approved, and new project ideas are revealed for the very first time. It’s an exciting time for PROGRESS in the Chair City and its citizens are living witnesses to it. Note that in an interview with Gardner MA Mayor Michael Nicholson on July 6, 2022, he told us that he has 5 to 6 ideas in his head he hasn’t told anybody about – we’ll keep you posted…


Want to hear exactly what the Mayor said about projects? Drag the slider to 45 minutes in. Click the Play Button.

Nicholson On Projects 7-6-22