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Gardner MA Michael Nicholson Reveals Community Super Heroes in Weekly Update July 15, 2022

He didn’t say those words, but he revealed the Best of the Gardner Community in this week’s Uplifting Update just the same. Mayor Nicholson complimented his Super Hero Aide Colin Smith who organized this year’s successful Gardner Food Truck Festival. The Chair City Mayor also thanked all those who helped make it possible.

Mayor Nicholson spoke of the Phoenix Cross Fit Class held Tuesday Nights at 7:30pm this summer at Fitness Concepts for “those who are in recovery, those who want to support those in recovery, or those who just want to live a sober lifestyle.” Nicholson was invited this past Tuesday by the Alyssa’s Place Recovery Center (Super Heroes).

Nicholson told of the Heywood Surgical Pavilion Progress. He also mentioned a Super Effort, the new island in place at the intersection of Woodland Avenue and Green Street to help cut down on accidents. (by DPW Super Heroes)

NoWoCo Pride held an event at Gardner City Hall attracting dozens of people. (NoWoCo Super Heroes)

Mayor Nicholson explained that several Eagle Scout projects have made a difference in Gardner this summer including from newest Eagle Scout Quinton Lemmick (Scout Super Heroes)

Turns out the DPW has some Super Heroes of their own. We call them the “Mulch Makers”, turning trees they’ve had to take down into wood chips to be used at the Dog Park and at the Golf Course, saving the City lots of money by not having to purchase them.

Mulch at Gardner Dog Park
Beautiful Mulch Job at Dog Park completed with the “Mulch Makers” Mulch – made in Gardner MA by DPW Super Heroes

The DPW has also been instrumental in other Super Hero work including starting construction of 2 new Shade Pavilions at the Gardner Dog Park, replacing 4 dead ash trees at Monument Park with new trees, and replacing Downtown Gardner sidewalks. However, the City was faced with a Super Villain who went under the caution tape to walk on the wet concrete. The Villain was promptly arrested by Gardner PD Super Heroes and will be held financially responsible for the repairs which needed to be made.

Pavilions at Gardner Dog Park
The 2 Concrete Pads Installed as part of Covered Pavilion Construction.

Many in the community who serve Gardner are Super Heroes, don’t you think?

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