Dream of new Gardner MA Elementary School fast becoming Reality

Project Leader spokesman Tim Alix stated at 6-15-22 Building Committee meeting, “We feel comfortable that we’ll be ready, if not for the contractual date of substantial completion of July 15th, if not by then, certainly by the time school opens and we have occupancy prior to the start of school.” “Financially we’re doing well.  We’re on target.”

IT Infrastructure Possible Issue and Biggest Project Challenge

Tim Alix announced that they are making a switch from HP equipment for the switches in the closets for IT infrastructure. “HP is just not being able to provide us with delivery dates, so we switched, and as it turns out, we’re switching to the District’s preferred option, which is a Cisco product, a Cisco system, so right now the contractors are confirming that they have the quantity that we need, and that we’ll have it in the time that we need, …we’re going down that road because when they checked a week ago, they had the equipment we’d be needing and they were able to get it in on time….It will just able to coordinate with everything that we have.  That was our biggest challenge.  And it looks like that’s been resolved. ..As soon as we get confirmation 100 percent, we’ll let people know.

Some Photos of Progress at the New Gardner Elementary School

Building B – Southwest Corner
Building B – Northwest Corner
Building B – Insulating and Gym Ductwork
Building B – East Canopy Footings
Building B – Gym Divider
B to C Connector
Building B – Stair Number 3 Wall
Building B – Art Room with polish Concrete slab
Building A – South Elevation
Building A – Second Floor Looking East
Building B – Cafeteria Skylight
Building C – Typical Classroom Floor

Public Meeting Open to Public Attendance

UPDATE: (As long as you sign a waiver)

Mayor Nicholson was kind enough to personally call us at Gardner Magazine to advise that the General Public is most welcome on the tour of the new Gardner Elementary School on June 27th. They just need to sign a waiver. The reason is that it is a full Public Meeting that is not being adjourned for the tour, it is actually being convened for the purpose of the tour. Any public meeting may be attended by any member of the public. We were previously advised by both City Hall and the Superintendent’s office that the public could not attend due to safety protocols – however, the Mayor has now stated that as long as the waiver is signed, full public meeting rights apply. So in case any of you are wondering if the Mayor is always working, that question just got answered – he knows what’s going on even when he is out of town.

So the Gardner School Committee, Gardner City Council, and members of the General Public will be touring the new Gardner Elementary School on June 27th. Hard hats to be worn by all. Dr. Hemman was asked about this during a Building Committee meeting and answered “yes’ regarding whether the public could attend the meeting. Gardner Magazine will attempt to screenshot any video of the meeting to provide you with as many photos of the new school as possible or we may just attend after signing our waiver.

Next meeting of the Building Committee will be on July 20th after the substantial completion date. Watch the entire meeting, CLICK HERE.