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Keep Gardner MA Beautiful Successful Event

Regarding the Keep Gardner Beautiful effort held Saturday 5-7-22 Mayor Nicholson was quoted on WGAW’s Hotline Radio program as saying, “We had a ton of individuals out today just helping Keep Gardner Beautiful as their organization’s name says.  It is our annual Nip Hunt and Litter Cleanup Day.”

Mayor Nicholson continued. “There’s several dozen people out in the community right now…it’s really a great event.”   “More  hands make for lighter work, we’ve got plenty of  hands out there, but there’s still quite a  heavy lift.”

City Council President Liz Kazinskas stated, ““It was nice to be able to go give out the kits to volunteers and speak with Dianne Leblanc, this morning, and her husband, she really does such a fantastic job with the Keep Gardner Beautiful initiative, and the City-wide cleanup is such a wonderful event to get so many people involved…I think it’s wonderful to help take some pride in the community.  Councilor Judy Mack was there as well as the Mayor of the City, many different groups, there was some students from Gardner High School as well, there was a Boy Scout Troop that was going to be doing Jackson Playground.  I think it’s such a wonderful thing.”

Kazinskas also had praise for James Kraskouskas of Anthony’s Liquor Mart who is providing financial support for the Nip Hunt part of the event.    Money raised will be used to help an organization involved in rescuing hundreds of orphans from the Ukraine War situation.

Event organizer Dianne Leblanc stated, “We’re looking forward to getting more and more volunteers every time we come out here…any litter we take off our streets is always a good thing.”