Mayor's update gardner ma 4-1-22

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No word on Gardner MA Police, Good news on construction and Grants

The status of the Gardner Police Department and/or the Investigative Report remains unclear with no mention of the topic in this week’s update by Mayor Michael Nicholson. It is believed the report is currently being reviewed by the City Solicitor and will be released at some point very soon.

Mayor Nicholson outlined various construction projects including the 12 month Route 2 paving which will start in June and end next year at the same time. After 11 years in the pipeline, the State of MA will be paving Pearson Boulevard from the rotary just past William’s Restaurant – work starts May 1. And Route 140 gets paved up to the Winchendon border beginning in May. A brand-new Small Business grant program was announced for businesses of 50 employees or less, providing up to $25,000 in Covid impact funds. Past recipients not eligible.