Don’t illegally dump in Gardner. You will get caught. You will pay for your crime.

Illegal Dumpers in Gardner MA soon to get Rude Awakening

The fine is $250 for the first offense. The problem has been capturing the crooks in the act. That’s about to change. The Gardner Board of Health is going high-tech, employing sophisticated cameras rotating throughout the city to capture license plates of people dumping illegally.

At a recent Board of Health meeting, Director Lauren Saunders said “looking to catch people who are illegally dumping in the city. It’s a big problem.  I think we’ve talked about it before. …There are certain hot spots that people are continuously dumping furniture, televisions, electronics, big items like that. “  Have one camera, will work with PD and DPW to get it up, will move locations. “  Board member Susan Avalon also commented saying she walks down Betty Spring Road “and there’s toilets, chairs, all kinds of things.”