Gardner MA School Committee 2-14-22
Teacher Alison Lombardi honored.

The Gardner MA School Committee meetings can be watched on YouTube or on our School Committee page. CLICK HERE.

The meeting ended with positive comments by School Committee members:

Shannon Ward-Leighton thanked the Central office staff for getting her up to speed. Impressed with school improvement plans.

Anne Hurst – stated that there was a lot to be proud of in this district and she was proud to be part of it. “The people who think so negatively about things are not informed, and don’t realize what is actually happening. I appreciate everybody and all they do.”

Gardner MA School Committee meets for Valentine’s Day session

The tone of the Valentine’s Day School Committee meeting was overwhelmingly positive as a successful teacher was recognized and the various school principals chronicled the successes of the various programs which have been put in place to improve learning in the Schools. The common theme was one of stressing continual evaluation through constant data gathering to improve academic performance, attendance, and discipline. It was stated that when students feel supported, they come to school more.

Next year’s Junior class will be the first class where financial literacy will be a graduation requirement. Goal: Students can balance a checkbook, cook a meal, and sew a button. Superintendent Pellegrino added, “No credit cards, don’t be in debt.” Other discussions focused on the positive aspects and development and increased parental involvement including the PTO.

Robert Swartz reported that the School District had ordered 90 tons of salt for the winter and had already used 65 tons due to the type of winter we’ve had.

Student Representative Gino Divito announced that the High School had begun practice for the yearly Musical which this year will be “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” to be performed March 17-19. Also, the National Honor Society inducted 24 new members.

Supt. Pellegrino indicated he’ll be making a decision on masks on Friday after the Safety Committee Meeting, noting the masking mandate is done as of February 28, 2022.

The School Committee voted unanimously to accept students for School Choice in the coming year and approved School Calendar 2022-23 Option 1 which features 4 full days of professional development up front and 4 1/2 days at other times in school year. A survey of parents and staff had been held with 59% desiring Option 1.

Calendar option 1 excerpt

Jennifer Pelavin -“Everything is starting to come together. It’s just all positive news and I’m glad to see it.”

Gino Divito – “It’s a lot cooler to see how much things have changed over the years.”

Robert Swartz – “Thanks for the nurses who are working very hard to keep us healthy.”

John LaFreniere – “Thanks to the Principals and their staffs for putting together these programs and presenting to us. Looks great, proud of them.”

Rachael Cormer – ” I have praise for Alison Lombardi.”

Mayor Nicholson – “Rockwell committee committed just under 100 grand.”