Massachusetts Covid Death Data
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Deaths from covid since December 2020
Covid Deaths since December 2020CLICK IMAGE for larger view

(We credit the Boston Herald for a records request from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health which shed light on the issue.)

The Real Risk of Dying From Covid in MA is Finally Out

First, direct from the Covid Dashboard, there have been 22,188 deaths in MA as of February 13, 2022, Click on Chart at left for larger view.

Cases by Vaccination Status

Unvaxed Cases since December 2020: 928,178 – Hospitalizations: 19,766 – Deaths: 6,515 – .70%

Fully Vaccinated breakthrough Cases since December 2020: 325,204 – Hospitalizations: 5,299 – Deaths: 1,319 – .41%

Cases in Boosted Individuals: 69,398 – Hospitalizations: 586 – Deaths: 180 – .26%

Printable pdf combining two recent Covid Articles, CLICK HERE.

Bottom Line – Risk of Death

So what does this all mean? it means that if you get vaxed, you cut your risk of death from Covid by 41%. If you get boosted, you cut your risk of death from Covid by 62%. Note: Underlying illness is a great risk as of all breakthrough deaths, 63% had underlying illness.

Overall risk of getting covid since December 2020
Overall Risk of Getting Covid – CLICK IMAGE for larger view
Mask Gride

How Do Masks Work?

Masks are helpful in reducing viral transmission. But, it’s important to know the entire story.

We have a very complicated 11 page PDF from the National Institutes of Health. CLICK HERE.

Risk of Getting CovidDo Vaccines Work?

The differences are much greater when we unpack the overall risk of having to deal with what all agree can be a very unpleasant illness. More than half of unvaxed people get Covid. Only 1 in 16 vaxed people get the disease. And only 1 in 38 people who are boosted get the disease.

The Details

Unvaxed in MA: 1.7 million, Cases 928,178 since December 2020 54% get Covid —- Vaxed in MA: 5,200,000, Cases 325,204 since December 2020 6.3% get Covid —– Boosted in MA: 2,700,000, Cases 69,398. 2.6% get Covid