WGAW Morning News

WGAW is Local Gold

WGAW is truly local gold. It’s like finding treasure at the end of a rainbow. Every weekday, local broadcaster Steve Wendell gets up earlier than most of us and prepares for his 6am to 9am Morning News show. It’s a combination of local news, public service announcements. newsmaker interviews, and excellent features. And of course there’s updated weather. It’s exciting that there are now multiple ways to listen to Steve’s show: on the radio at AM 1340 and now 98.1 FM, and online simply by clicking on the Live Stream icon on the station website. INSIDER TIP: Right now, the advertising rates on the station are based on only the AM signal. Take advantage and book your ads for a year (or longer if he’ll do it) before they realize that WGAW is Local Gold. The station’s website is WGAW1340.com