Conservation Commission August 23, 2022
Gardner MA Conservation Commission August 23, 2022
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Commission member looking at camera to apologize while Chairman rises to shut equipment off.

Gardner MA Conservation Commission Discusses Landfill Expansion Again

Conservation Commission met on August 23, 2022.  During the meeting, the subject of the Gardner Landfill Expansion came up with various questions from the public.   The chair reiterated the desire of the Commission to have a Third Party provide recommendations prior to implementation of the expansion.   Listen to the meeting here. Just Click Play

Gardner Conservation Commission 8-23-22 (Note: Our recording starts at actual beginning of meeting. We omitted all the private conversations recorded before the meeting started)

Members of the Public in Attendance

A member of the public asked “If you gentlemen were actually opposed to the sludge…, how would you go about stopping it?” The Chair answered, “The hard part is when we’re a commission like this, we can’t go and say yes, we’re here and we put blinders on, and it’s very hard to do that. “  After discussion about possible timelines for a third party review, the matter was continued until October 24th.

Meeting Ends with Thud

At end of the meeting after it was adjourned and while the recording was still continuing, one of the commission members stated, “ I want to apologize to everybody here.  This system is terrible. It isn’t a system, I don’t know what it is”  Then the Chair is seen going in front of the camera and the recording stops with a thud.

Watch meeting on YouTube if desired. CLICK HERE