Parker Street and Connors Street, Gardner MA
Crestwood Drive, Gardner MA

Gardner MA Paving Work Announced for August and September 2022

Gardner DPW is using various Construction Companies to complete paving work. DPW released a tentative timeline which can change based on weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

August 15-17: Adjustment of structures on Parker Street and Connors Street, and, Lower and plate on Crestwood Drive. August 22: Pave Parker Street and Connors Street. August 25-26: Reclaim Crestwood Drive August 29: Binder Crestwood Drive. August 29 to September 2: Lower and plate structures in Coleman Street neighborhood. September 6-16: Reclaim Coleman Street neighborhood. September 12: Begin binder in Coleman Street neighborhood.

Definitions: (For those like me who never went to paving school)

Lower and plate structures – this is work done so the expensive drains don’t get ground up. Reclaim – this is when they pulverize the existing asphalt, ultimately reusing it as a base to save money for the City. Binder – This is the bottom of 2 coats of pavement, whereas the top coat is the finish coat. Berm – the curb on the side of the road.

Learn more with these resources: ACPLM Glossary —- US Pavement Glossary —- Asphalt Institute Glossary.