Nicholson update 4-15-22

Gardner PD 2022 Issue Timeline:

2/1/22: Chief Braks and Deputy Chief Trifiro placed on Admin. leave following no confidence vote of 40/41 officers. Public not informed. 2/18/22: Published Reports that Vincent Alfano is Acting Police Chief. 2/25/22: In weekly update, Mayor discloses investigation by retired State Police Detective Paul L’Italien. 35 of what would end up totaling approx. 50 interviews already conducted. 3/2/22: At Finance Committee meeting, Mayor states vacancy of Police Dispatch Director will be filled when “everything’s ironed out with Chief and Deputy Chief.” Alfonzo Acting Chief through 3/11/22. Target date for report, ,”Potentially two weeks.” 3/12/22: 2 Lieutenants fill in to share Chief’s duties. Police issue not addressed in weekly updates of 3/4, 3/11, 3/18 announces Police Dog, not addressed 3/25, 4/1, 4/8, and 4/15. Where’s the report?

Gardner MA Mayor Nicholson Updates City, Police Report not addressed

Doing his update from the practice fields, Mayor Nicholson reported on the various meetings he had in Washington D.C. seeking monies on behalf of the City of Gardner to “make sure we that we can get as much of that Federal grant funding into Gardner so that we can really boost some of the programs we’ve had on the backburner for several decades now, to see if we can move Gardner forward and increase what we have to offer in that way.”  

The Mayor offered various congratulations, reminded regarding road work and that water main tie-ins would be done before paving work, spoke of the Keep Gardner Beautiful Nip Hunt on May 7th, and mentioned Greater Gardner Chamber of Commerce Award Winners.

Wondering when the Police Investigation Report will be released? Contact the Mayor’s office.

To reach the Mayor’s office at Gardner City Hall, Call (978) 630-1490 or via fax at Fax: (978) 630-3778 or via email at

Watch the Mayor’s Weekly update on the City of Gardner YouTube page or on our Mayor’s Update page, CLICK HERE.