City Clerk opens meeting
City Clerk opens meeting
Pro Tem elected
City Council elects a President Pro Tem for the meeting
Ronald Cormier takes the gavel
Ronald Cormer takes the gavel

Watch this meeting on the City of Gardner YouTube page or our City Council page. CLICK HERE

What the Gardner City Clerk’s office does:

Issues Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates. Issues Marriage Licenses. Issues Business Certificates. Issues Dog Licenses. Issues Raffle and Bazaar Permits. Elections Administration and Supervision. Administers the Annual Street Listing. Administers the Voter Registration Process. Provides administrative support to the City Council and its 4 Standing Committees. Certifies Municipal documents as Keeper of the Seal.

Titi Siriphan proved once again at this meeting just how valuable she is to the Chair City.

Gardner MA City Council met on Monday April 4, 2022

The meeting started off in an unusual fashion. The YouTube recording shows a placeholder for the first minute or so. City Clerk Titi Siriphan opened the meeting and then the City Council elected Ronald Cormier as President Pro Tem to act as Chair for the meeting due to the absence of President Kazinskas.

18 appointments from the Mayor were combined in one motion and unanimously referred to the appointments committee.

In new business, 3 councilors had comments:

Councilor Craig Cormier “I would just like to thank Councilor Ronald Cormier and the Mayor who have been helping Holy Family Academy continue their tradition of Student Government, it goes way back, I sat in my father’s chair in 8th grade many years ago.   Assembly April 13th in Perry Auditorium at 9:30.”

Councilor Boudreau. “Public welfare committee will be attending a pledge presentation and tour of Monty Tech tomorrow at 5 (4-5-22 5pm)”

Councilor Walsh, “Just as a follow up to appointments committee matters.  We will be scheduling a meeting I expect for next Monday where most, if not all of the appointments will be considered. We hope to have a report on most, if not all of them for our next meeting.”

The meeting closed with a prayer and adjourned.