Telephone Pole

Telephone Pole Approved by Gardner MA City Council January 18, 2022

A public hearing was held relating to to the installation of one single pole on Church Street by National Grid.  Purpose: to provide more reliable power service for 116 Church Street.   A representative from National Grid appeared.  No one from the public appeared in favor or in opposition to the pole.  Public hearing was then closed without further comment.  Later, a vote was held and the motion to approve the pole passed  unanimously.

Watch meeting on YouTube or on our City Council page. CLICK HERE.

Other matters Before the City Council

Various Mayoral appointments were placed on file. Mayor’s Executive Secretary Rachael J. Roberts was praised. Two new firefighters were announced and sworn in. It was noted there are now 18 National Guardsmen at Heywood Hospital. Council President Kazinskas announced that Mayor Nicholson has received the Innovation Award from the Massachusetts Municipal Association for Gardner’s Interactive Map showing active projects.