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Greater Gardner MA Drought Map

Gardner MA Under Extreme Drought Conditions

Over 40 percent of Worcester County is suffering an Extreme Drought, which is one step below an Exceptional Drought. According to the U.S. Government’s site, this was just the 26th driest July on record over the past 128 years and the 30th driest year to date on record.

Outdoor watering is completely prohibited in a Level 3 area such as Gardner MA and City Ordinance provides for monetary and other penalties for violators. Images below provide more information. CLICK each for larger view.

Drought History – 2000 to date

Historical Drought Conditions Worcester County 082422 1200
Drought History

Water Supply

Water Supply Worcester County 082422 1200
Water Supply

Massachusetts Drought Map

Drought Conditions Massachusetts 082422 1200
Massachusetts Drought Map

Gardner MA is in one of the areas hardest hit by the drought this year. According to the 4 week drought forecast, conditions are expected to improve somewhat.

4 week Drought Forecast

Drought Forecast 4 weeks 082122 1200 1
4 week Drought Forecast

What Does This Mean For You?

This means that currently Gardner MA has enough water for drinking and bathing. However, it means that non-essential outdoor watering is against the law. It means that people should be taking shorter showers to conserve water, using the washer for as few loads as possible, and making sure the dishwasher is completely filled up before being used. The USDA estimates that over 13 thousand acres of hay are in the drought area in Worcester County. Animals are affected too with over 3500 cattle and 3300 sheep estimated to be in drought in the County. Streamflow conditions for Gardner MA right now are at Low, which is the worst designation. 100 percent of Massachusetts is expected to have below normal amounts of rain this month. Please be extremely careful as the fire hazard is very high – example – outdoor burning would be extremely stupid at this time.

What the Future Holds

The 4 week Drought Forecast is for conditions in the Gardner area to improve to a D2-Severe Drought from the current D3-Extreme Drought. Should the State then lower the Drought designation, it may be that in time for Gardner’s Fabulous Fall Festival, the beautiful 24 inch flower pots which have been ordered could legally be watered with a hose after 9pm and before 5am daily. Latest Statistics for Gardner MA and Worcester County, CLICK HERE