Gardner MA  City Council in informal budget session 6-6-22

Gardner MA City Council Hears Superintendent Pellegrino speak of “an efficiently -run system”

Dr. Mark Pellegrino went over the budget adjustment process and went over each page of the budget in detail. Members of the school committee asked questions regarding the budget, which were answered by Superintendent Pellegrino, stating one goal is “Make sure students stay in Gardner” and encourage “teachers planning together.”

Dr. Pellegrino demonstrated that the City of Gardner School District is spending an average of 23% less on Administration costs than comparable School Districts. It spends 50% less than the average on Instructional Leadership.  “We’re trying to keep administration down and make sure that we’re an efficiently-run system.” “We’re paying a lot less per student on administration as well as school administration.” Pellegrino pointed out that the City of Gardner is under spending on Teachers and Other Teaching Services by about 16% as compared to Districts similar to Gardner.

Other notable items:  The City of Gardner spends 63% less on Instructional Materials and Technology.  However, when it comes to Guidance Counseling and Testing, Gardner spends $665 per student when the average among comparable districts is $628. Pellegrino also went over the other categoriesThe Superintendent pointed out that Operations and Maintenance efforts have been bettered and Gardner spends only 5% less than the average comparable District. .   “We’re really trying to make it so we are maintaining our buildings.” 

Pupil Services expenditures are at 69% less than average and Pellegrino stated, “Pupil Services is more transportation and things like that and so again it’s something we wanna  be more efficient in. “ Dr. Pellegrino went over the various school positions in detail and explained the rationale behind needing the various positions.