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  • Higher Bird Ed
    Birds at MWCC 9 27 22 11
    Birds at Mount Wachusett Community College

    Birds Seek Higher Education at the Mount in Gardner MA

    Previously we reported on Wild Turkeys at the New Gardner Elementary School. See article. —Apparently this flock had higher aspirations.

  • Respectful Teenagers
    Jackson Skate Park 9 27 22 closeup
    Jackson Skate Park Gardner MA

    Respectful Teenagers in Gardner MA are Genuine Gardner Assets

    Our ongoing “Genuine Gardner” feature showcases what is genuinely good about Gardner. In this case, an observation of Genuinely Respectful Teenagers (GRT’s) at the Jackson Skateboard Park off School Street. These teenagers invited us to take a picture of their activities. They were kind to one another and it was another proud moment for Genuine Gardner MA. We were actually there to take a photo of the place where the portable ice skating rink will be located this winter, by the basketball courts at Jackson Playground.

    Jackson Playground Basketball 9 27 22 2
    Site of Portable Skating Rink this Winter
  • Conservation
    Conservation Commission 9 26 22
    Gardner MA Conservation Commission 9-26-22

    Gardner MA Conservation Commission Considers Work at Residence and Sludge Landfill-Again

    The Commission took up a matter regarding 231 Whitney Street Gardner and approved $700 for a 3rd Party opinion on the proposed Landfill Expansion. Agenda. Watch on YouTube or listen here on any device.

    Gardner Conservation Commission 9-26-22
  • Molina in Gardner
    FILE PHOTO – Gardner News Building

    Tony Molina of Molina Realty Group Investing in Gardner MA

    Tony Molina says he bought the Gardner News Building just under a year ago and recently has begun to undertake renovation of the building and going through the permitting process. He expects to close on the Bank of America Building by the end of October. He also recently purchased the land on which the restaurant Gabby’s Place is located.

  • Fourball

    Gardner MA Municipal Golf Course Readies for Columbus Day Weekend Fourball Championship

    The Gardner Golf Course has announced an entry deadline of Sunday 10-2-22 at 5pm. Entry fee is $100 per member or $120 per non-member.. Entry includes Practice Round, Flight Prize Pool, and Dog Fight Prize Pool. This is the Gardner Golf Course’s 11th Annual Columbus Day Weekend Fourball Championship. More details in pdf format, CLICK HERE.

  • Fields of Play
    Gardner High School 9 26 22 2
    Gardner MA High School Athletic Field
    Gardner High School 9 26 22 5
    Gardner High School Athletics 9-26-22

    As Flag Waves, Gardner MA High School Practices in Full Swing

    Part of the experience at Gardner High School is Athletics. Sports is a way to expel energy and stay healthy. According to Gardner Public Schools, “Athletics have always been an important part of education. Having real-life opportunities to teach collaboration, nurture the competitive spirit, and instill a deep-seated work ethic is essential in success on the field and in school. Here in Gardner, we strive to ensure that our student-athletes earn these essential skills for the future in a friendly environment that fosters self-esteem and encourages respect. “

    Dan Forte is the Athletic Director and has this message, “At Gardner Public Schools, we value a commitment to hard work, integrity, and personal growth in our athletic programs. As the A.D., I am inspired by watching our players and coaches push each other to new achievements, both on and off the field.  My commitment is to ensure that all of our student-athletes are challenged by the opportunity to excel in their sports, as well as in their classrooms and community.  Go Wildcats! “. For more information about Athletics at Gardner Public Schools, CLICK HERE.

  • Turkeys at GES
    GES Wild Turkeys 9 26 22 2 Closeup face
    Wild Turkeys at Gardner Elementary School 9-26-22

    Very comfortable group of Wild Turkeys infiltrates Gardner Elementary in Gardner MA

    Word might be spreading even through the Animal Kingdom of the New Gardner Elementary School. We asked the following question of the Mayor’s office: “What is the GES official position on accepting Turkeys in the classroom?”

    GES Wild Turkeys 9 26 22 8 closeup
    Turkeys at Gardner Elementary School

    Obviously a sign for drop off, but the turkeys didn’t know that. Some were waiting for Preschool at left and the others at right probably for a bus or van. Gardner may be a City, but this setting is beautiful.

  • Vote November 8th
    Vote Election 2022
    Election November 8, 2022

    Gardner MA Magazine Election Center

    Gardner Magazine has a special page dedicated to the upcoming November 8, 2022 election. Visit our Election Center 2022 page for lists and links for all you want and need to know. CLICK HERE.

  • Pumpkin Patch
    Pumpkins 4
    Huge Pumpkins in Gardner MA
    Pumpkins 3
    Pumpkins of Erica and Jason Bosse

    Gardner MA Erica and Jason Bosse Straight from the Pumpkin Patch

    They moved to Gardner less than 4 years ago, but their pumpkins are becoming topics of conversation Erica says, “Weights of the pumpkins are 142lbs, 72.2, 72.2, 83, 59.9, 52, the type is Atlantic F1 Giant Pumpkins, seeds from Johnny Seeds. These can get over 1000lbs if you feed them and pump lots of water to them. We also cut off small baby ones to focus the growth on the large ones. Those went to our friends farm for their pigs, so no waste (Ruschioni Homestead). They have the Homestead Market on rt140 Winchendon. We trade veggies with them all the time.”

    We had squash vine borers and I did some ‘surgery’ a few times to pull the worms out of the vines, we also use BT spray a few times which is an OMRI rated spray and kills them (same stuff we use on brasicas).

    Erica also states that they get their fertilizer from Emerald City in Westminster where owner Mike “helps us out all the time.” She says they only use organic methods with omri rated fertilizers.

  • October Events
    Greater Gardner Event Listings
    October Events including Trick or Treat Greater Gardner MA

    October 2022 Greater Gardner Event Listings

    Gardner MA Fall Yard Sale is This Saturday, October 1, 2022. As of 9/24/22, there were over 3 dozen homes already participating. Update: 9/27: 44 participating homes. Latest map, CLICK HERE. For links to getting your permit, Yard Sale resources, and Gardner Yard Sale Facebook page link, CLICK HERE for

    Gardner Magazine has a dedicated page for October 2022 Events including the Gardner Yard Sale on October 1, 2022, various events during the month, and Halloween Trick or Treat times for the area as we get the info from the various communities.

    October 2022 Listings Page, CLICK HERE. Send any info of your October event to and we will be glad to add it. No event is too small. All are important to us.

  • Successful Festival
    Fall Festival and Oktoberfest 19
    Chair Luge Contestant

    Gardner MA Fabulous Fall Festival – Oktoberfest Success in Photos

    Hundreds upon hundreds of people attended the September 24, 2022 event in Gardner Massachusetts. Complete Gallery of over 110 photos, CLICK HERE.

    The Chair Luge

    Gardner Ale House Owner Rick Walton stated that the Chair Luge crowd was the largest ever in its history. There were over a dozen contestants racing their various versions of a Chair Luge. First place: Gene’s Green Mean Machine Second Place: The Knievels Third Place: Gardner Ten Pins

    The entire day’s Festival/Oktoberfest event ran from 10am to about 9pm.

    Fall Festival and Oktoberfest 91
    Successful Festival

    The Oktoberfest

    The Oktoberfest taking place at the Gardner Ale House included the Moonlighter challenge in which the contestant is challenged with a device and attempts to maneuver the beer to be able to get at least a sip, thus claiming a free beer. More photos in the Complete Gallery, CLICK HERE

    The Beer Tent and various other vendors are seen in the Complete Gallery.

    Fall Festival and Oktoberfest 77
    Pops Sweet-Harts Ice Cream Truck & Cotton Candy

    The Food

    The Food Trucks were busy including the Ice Cream Lady at Pops Sweet-Harts, Tata’s Fonda, and Simmy’s Polish Express. People seemed to enjoy the food. And of course, lots more food was to be had at the German Beer Garden at Gardner Ale House.

    Fall Festival and Oktoberfest 73
    Simmy’s Polish Express
    Fall Festival and Oktoberfest 76
    Tata’s Fonda

    Hundreds and hundreds enjoyed the food in Downtown Gardner MA.

    Fall Festival and Oktoberfest 83
    Dot Line Curve Creations

    Merchants will now be getting ready for Gardner’s 100th Christmas Season as a City – Make It a Downtown Christmas coming soon….

    The Shopping

    One of the popular businesses frequented by Fabulous Fall Festival goers was Dot Line Curve Creations on Parker Street, a relatively new Gardner MA business. Other popular spots were the Velvet Goose and John’s Sport Shop. More photos in the Complete Gallery, CLICK HERE.

    Fall Festival and Oktoberfest 31
    The Velvet Goose
    Fall Festival and Oktoberfest 29
    John’s Sport Shop

    The Music Entertainment Ranged from a Bavarian Orchestra at the Oktoberfest to a One Man Singing Ensemble of Favorites on Main Street

    Fall Festival and Oktoberfest 85
    Ryan Hood Playing on Main Street Gardner MA
    Fall Festival and Oktoberfest 92
    Hofbrahaus Bavarians German Folk Band

    Hundreds turned out to hear the music in Gardner on September 24, 2022.

    An unfortunate incident did occur. Around 1pm, a vehicle accident occurred due to a medical issue. In our photo gallery, you’ll see the quick response from Gardner, Fire, Police, and Ambulance personnel. The driver was taken to Heywood Hospital. Driver is not shown in photos, just the vehicle and Public Safety Response. It has been reported that the driver is deceased. Our condolences to the family.


  • Mayor’s Update 9-23-22
    Mayor Michael Nicholson 9 23 22
    Mayor’s Update 9-23-22

    Watch the Mayor’s Update on the City of Gardner’s YouTube page or on our Mayor’s Update page, CLICK HERE. Or, listen right here, playable on any device.

    Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson 9-23-22
    Mariachi Band steps of City Hall 9 20 22 2
    Mariachi Band at City Hall
    Welcome to Gardner Sign Closeup 1
    Gardner MA Welcome Sign

    A Celebratory Gardner MA Mayor Michael Nicholson Addresses the Chair City

    The Mayor was full of thanks, congratulations, and reflection on a successful couple of years. However, he began by thanking those who came out to the Hispanic Heritage Event this past week and said he looks “forward to seeing how we can continue to grow that event year after year.”

    Mayor Nicholson congratulated the organizations which have had ribbon cuttings. He mentioned the ground breaking ceremony for the new Surgical Pavilion at Heywood Hospital and the dedication of Yavorsky Way.

    Nicholson reminded everyone about the Fabulous Fall Festival and Oktoberfest Saturday, September 24, 2022 in Downtown Gardner, and thanked those involved in the event’s organization. See other article, CLICK HERE. New this year will be a segment called New Kids on the Block to recognize all the new businesses which have opened up and the Mayor went through a big list of the new businesses and of the buildings which have been purchased for renovation.

    The Mayor also mentioned the Recovery Event taking place Friday, September 23, 2022 at 5pm in Perry Auditorium at Gardner City Hall featuring guest speaker Brandon Novak and told of the Domestic Violence Vigil taking place October 3rd at 6pm on the front steps of City Hall.

    Mayor Nicholson spoke of the pulverizing of Kendall Street and Warwick Street and the continuing paving work in the Douglas and Robillard Street area.

    Listen to the update on any device by clicking Play.

    Nicholson Update 9-23-22

    Interested in coming to Gardner? Contact the helpful folks at Economic Development. CLICK HERE.

  • Happy Birthday Mayor
    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday

    Amidst a City Bustling Anew with Activity, Gardner Magazine releases an original poem in honor of Mayor Michael Nicholson’s 28th Birthday. CLICK HERE

  • Win… Win..

    Gardner Magazine Releases Downtown Gardner Win Win Song and Narrative to celebrate the Fabulous Fall Festival and Oktoberfest. Play on any device.

    Downtown Gardner MA Win Win Win
  • Downtown
    Gardner MA Fabulous Fall Festival
    Octoberfest Gardner Ale House 9 24 22
    Gardner MA “Oktoberfest” Celebration

    Saturday, October 24, 2022 is it! The Fabulous Fall Festival and Oktoberfest in Downtown Gardner MA.

    Combined Event Flyer/Brochure pdf CLICK HERE

    Parker Street 9 18 22 4
    Parker Street Downtown Gardner MA
    Gardner Ale House 9 21 22 2
    Gardner Ale House Gardner MA

    Fabulous Fall Festival and Oktoberfest

    It is slated to be one of the biggest and most fun events of the year! Dozens of businesses and organizations are participating. It’s an opportunity to shop Downtown Shops and Restaurants, peruse the wares of various Street Vendors, enjoy the cuisine of Food Trucks, contribute pasta to the Gardner CAC’s Macaroni Mile, view creatures from Reptiles Shows of New England, partake in Sidewalk Art, Crafts, and Super Heroes, attend a paint party, rock painting, and crafts, take a chance on the Lions Club Raffle, use the Selfie Station on Central Street, View a Pottery Making Demonstration, meet Rocky the Police K-9, enjoy the German Beer Garden at the Gardner Ale House, listen to the GHS/GMS Band and Chorus, enjoy DJ Ryan Hood, participate in the Chair Luge, and hear LIVE MUSIC on stage. An event like this only comes up every once in a while. Don’t miss it.

    Event Schedule provides details on all participants and the times of every single event: Complete Event Schedule/Brochure, CLICK HERE

    Happy Trails 9 21 22
    Happy Trails Parker Street Downtown Gardner MA

    All the Happy Trails lead to Downtown Gardner MA this Saturday September 24, 2022

    The merchants of Downtown Gardner are ready to welcome you this Saturday, September 24th for the Fabulous Fall Festival and Oktoberfest. Happy Trails has been in Downtown for decades, and visibly has great looking merchandise.

    Dozens of shops with friendly store owners are waiting to greet you on Saturday. Don’t miss this great event for everyone in your family!

    Event Schedule provides details on all participants and the times of every single event: Complete Event Schedule/Brochure, CLICK HERE

    Valley Florist in Downtown Gardner MA 9 20 22
    Downtown Flower Pots

    The friendly folks from Valley Florist and Greenhouses were in Downtown Gardner putting out these fabulous flower pots for the Fabulous Fall Festival. Their smiles are contagious aren’t they?

    Schedule of Events Saturday, September 24, 2022Festival/Oktoberfest

    Highlights of Events at specific times include: 10:30 am – New Kids on the Block! hosted by Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson with a chance to meet the newest Downtown Business owners and Property owners, 10:45 am – GHS Cheer! and SAS All Stars Cheer! 11:00 am until 9:00 pm – German Beer Garden at the Ale House 11:00 am GHS Band Concert 11:20 am GMS Chorus Concert 12 noon to 2pm Ryan Hood plays all your favorites from the 1950’s to today. 11:30 am -Tapping of the Oktoberfest Keg 1:00pm – Men & Women’s Stein holding Competition 2:00 pm Gardner Chair Luge – on Parker Street in front of Gardner Ale House. 3:30 pm – Live Music on the Stage begins3:30pm – Headliner Gino Matteo, 5:15pm – Matt Swanton Band, 6:30pm New Pond Fondle. And it all wraps up by 9:00pm.

    Food Trucks expected include Pops Sweet-Harts, Tata’s Fonda, and Simmy’s Polish Express.

    Event Schedule provides details on all participants and the times of every single event. Printable Info: Combined Event Flyer pdf, CLICK HERE

    Parker Street 9 18 22 12
    Looking Great – Downtown Gardner MA – September 2022

    Fresh Paving & Sidewalks – Easy Shopping and Dining – Exciting Fabulous Fall Festival and Oktoberfest Saturday Sept. 24, 2022. … Don’t Miss It! Click on any photo for larger view.

    Connors Street including Tanguay Jewelers 9 16 22
    Tanguay Jewelers on Connors Street, Downtown Gardner
    Gardner Outlet Furniture 9 14 22
    Gardner Outlet Furniture Downtown Gardner
    Parker Street Central Street Gardner 9 18 22
    Parker Street Towards Central Street, Downtown Gardner
    Levi Heywood Memorial Library 9 15 22 1
    Levi-Heywood Memorial Library Downtown Gardner MA
    Pleasant and Main 9 2 22 1
    Main and Pleasant Streets, Downtown Gardner MA
    Pops Sweet-Harts Ice Cream Truck to be at Festival/Oktoberfest
    Tatas Fonda
    Tata’s Fonda Food Truck will be at the Festival
    Simmys Polish Express
    Simmy’s Polish Express will be at the Festival

    Decanted Wine Truck was granted a special one day Liquor license at a special meeting of the Gardner License Commission on 9-22-22.

    Decanted Wine Truck 9 24 22
    Decanted Wine Truck will be at the Festival offering Signature Cocktails

    Don’t Miss the Gardner MA Fabulous Fall Festival and Oktoberfest – All Events: Combined Event Flyer pdf, CLICK HERE

    Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson made a statement about the combined event including traffic considerations: Click Play.

    The Mayor has another reason to celebrate on 9-24-22. It’s his 28th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Mayor Nicholson. We wish you many more!

    Mayor Nicholson Regarding Fabulous Fall Festival and Oktoberfest.
  • Heywood Construction
    Heywood Hospital 9 16 22 2
    Heywood Hospital Gardner MA 9-16-22

    Heywood Construction Making Progress in Gardner MA

    Sometime in the next year or so, Heywood Hospital will have a new Surgical Wing. During the past months, employees, patients, and visitors to the Hospital would hear announcements about upcoming blasting which was to be done. Operating Rooms would receive special warnings 30 seconds before a blast to avoid costly mistakes in ongoing surgeries or procedures. Now, the next phase has begun and we have a complete Photo Gallery, CLICK HERE.

    UPDATE: 9-22-22 – Heywood Hospital has held the ground breaking for the Surgical Pavilion and dedicated a new access road. We obtained these photos from a Social Media post of Mayor Nicholson. Click on any photo for larger view.

    Heywood Groundbreaking 2
    Heywood Ground Breaking
    Heywood Groundbreaking 3 Yavorsky Way
    Yavorsky Way dedicated in honor of late Director of Facilities Frank Yavorosky
    Heywood Groundbreaking 1
    Heywood Ground Breaking
  • City Council 9-19-22
    Informal City Council 9 19 22
    Informal City Council Meeting September 19, 2022
    City Council Regular Meeting 9 19 22
    City Council Regular Meeting 9-19-22

    Gardner MA City Council Meets Twice on September 19, 2022

    Informal Meeting of 9/19/22 – The City Council met to hear a presentation on the Gardner Fire Department Audit. Scope of the audio included 4 major items: Emergency Medical System Review, Overview of Facility Needs, Civil Service Pros and Cons, and Current Staffing Model. Mayor Nicholson introduced presenter Chief John Parow of the consulting firm which did the audit over the last 6 months. Following the presentation, Councilor Walsh complimented the thoroughness of the report. Agenda,, CLICK HERE. Watch the meeting on YouTube, on our City Council page, or listen on any device by clicking Play.

    Informal City Council Meeting 9-19-22

    Regular Meeting of 9/19/22 – The Gardner MA City Council met in its regular meeting on September 19, 2022.

    The City Council reviewed and approved various appointments, approved payments for two bills received for an expense for last year, took up the appointments of two firefighters who were sworn in, and Council President Kazinskas reminded the Council that the Charter item will be taken up in an October informal meeting. Agenda, CLICK HERE.

    Councilor New Business and Comments

    In new business. Councilor Heath invited the Greater Gardner Community to the Fabulous Fall Festival this Saturday. He reminded everyone that the Chair Luge was back. Also, that the Gardner Price Chopper’s 10th anniversary was this Sunday. Councilor Mack commented on the amount of donations that we’ve had the last couple of months. “It’s great that they’ve been so in the fore front of our agenda lately.” Councilor Walsh commented on the plan to buy a new ambulance with ARPA funds and that those funds are not subject to appropriation by the City Council. He stated that City Council should know where the funds are being spent. Gardner has received just under $6.2 million. Curious to know how money has been spent. Mayor Nicholson stated that the City has about another $1 million in unobligated ARPA funds. And the City just received a perfect audit for the second year in a row. Hear the new business right here. Just click Play.

    City Council Regular Meeting 9-19-22
    City Council 9-19-22 New Business
    Councilor Dana Heath 9 19 22
    Councilor Dana Heath Invited all to the Fabulous Fall Festival
  • Community Center?
    Council on Aging 9 12 22
    Council on Aging September 12, 2022
    Gardner Community Center
    Gardner Community Center (under consideration)

    News of possible Gardner MA Community Center shared at Council on Aging Meeting

    At the Gardner Council on Aging Meeting of 9-12-22, Gardner MA Mayor Nicholson and State Representative Zlotnik spoke about the possibility of Waterford Street School becoming a Community Center for Gardner Residents as well as a place to relocate a much roomier Senior Center.

    View the entire meeting on YouTube, CLICK HERE, or listen on any device by clicking Play.

    Council on Aging September 12, 2022
  • Hispanic Heritage
    National Hispanic Heritage Month
    Hispanic Heritage Month

    What did the Mariachi Band sound like? Well here’s a short sample.

    Mariachi Band At City Hall

    Many Gardner Residents Had Supper at City Hall on Tuesday September 20, 2022

    The City of Gardner celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 5:30pm on the front steps of City Hall on Pleasant Street. In addition to exciting Hispanic Food Trucks, there was live Mariachi music. Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson posted the day after the event, “Great time last night for the City’s second annual Hispanic Heritage Month celebration! Great to see people enjoying the music. Thank you to Holy Family Academy MA for providing by coffee from Brilla Coffee Roasters and to Stephen DiNatale – Mayor of Fitchburg for joining as well! Also thank you to the Gardner High School Senior Nelli Esquedero for writing a poem for the event as well!”

    National Hispanic Heritage Month runs from September 15th to October 15th nationwide. The Library of Congress hosts a website with more information. CLICK HERE. (This article was updated after the event)


  • Mayor’s Update 9-16-22
    Gardner MA Mayors Update 9 16 22
    Mayor’s Update 9-16-22

    Watch the Mayor’s Updates on the City of Gardner’s YouTube page or on our Mayor’s Update page, CLICK HERE. Or, listen on any device. CLICK Play.

    Mayor’s Update September 16, 2022

    Mayor Nicholson reminded the public that the Gardner City Council will meet on Monday, September 19th. Informal Meeting 6:30pm re the Gardner Fire Department Audit. Agenda and Packet CLICK HERE. Regular Meeting at 7:30pm. Agenda and Packet, CLICK HERE.

    Rear Gardner City Hall 9 15 22
    Rear of City Hall Gardner MA

    Enthusiastic Gardner MA Mayor Michael Nicholson speaks from Gardner Elementary School library.

    In a lengthy, but fast-moving, exciting, informative, and interesting update, Mayor Nicholson spoke first about the Gardner Elementary School. He spoke about initial pickup issues. The Mayor also explained the safety protocols in place to protect students stating, “It’s a very safe school. A very effective 21st Century environment.”

    The Mayor thanked Tender Heart Veterinary Care and Dr. Wood for offering to provide free checkups for K9 Rocky of the Gardner PD.

    Nicholson explained that due in part to watering restrictions being eliminated, flower boxes are being deployed in Downtown and South Gardner. Sponsorships through mid-November are $75.

    The Mayor spoke of various milestones, dates, and events including: SK Pierce Mansion had their ribbon cutting after 12 years of renovations and is now open to public tours. Monday, 9-19 is adult care day. Edward Jones Ribbon Cutting is 9-21. On September 23rd, Prevention month will be celebrated at Gardner City Hall. The Fabulous Fall Festival and Octoberfest is Saturday, September 24th with the Chair Luge back this year as well.

    2nd Annual Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

    Tuesday, September 20, 2022 will be a celebration at City Hall with live Mariachi music this year.

    Mayor’s Update 9-16-22
  • Road Safety
    Road Safety Grant Awards
    Road Safety Grand Awards

    Greater Gardner MA Communities to Receive Municipal Road Safety Grant Awards

    State Senator Anne Gobi announced on 9-15-22 that just over $300,000 is being awarded to Police Departments across the Worcester and Hampshire District who completed a highly competitive application process which included plans to improve traffic safety training, upgrade equipment and increase enforcement efforts.

    The Senator stated, “The data shows that drivers continue operating at high rates of speed, distracted and impair driving puts lives needlessly at risk. ….I look forward to my towns and cities being able to take action to keep our communities safe.”

    Area communities receiving funding include Barre, Gardner, Oakham, Princeton, Rutland, and Westminster.


  • Cronin Book
    Just Policing My Journey to Police Reform Cronin 9 17 22
    Just Policing – Edward F. Cronin

    Former Gardner MA Police Chief Edward Cronin Writes “Just Policing; My Journey to Police Reform.”

    The self-published book is dedicated “For Sue, My love and partner.” and acknowledges a number of individuals. Cronin states, “Writing this book has been a very long process that began several years ago. It wasn’t until I met and talked with my co-author Dayna Kendall, that this book finally came to life. “ Cronin met often with Kendall at various coffee shops.

    The forward to the book was written in March of 2022 by Dr. Sayra Pinto, the Chief Practitioner of Moon Jaguar Strategies, who writes in part, “I think you should read this book because I had goosebumps the entire time that I read it….story of a man who taught me, over four years, the difference between the police in Honduras and what the police can be in the United States….This book tells the story of what America can be: A land where laws, votes, relationships, and visions count….a teaching tool in the creation of the America that will belong to all of us.”

    The kindle version with a short preview of the book is available on Amazon. CLICK HERE

    There is also a website for the book: CLICK HERE

    Revealing is who Cronin thanks. Chair of the Criminal Justice Program, Dr. Eve. Buzawa at Umass. For inspiring his critical thinking. Friends including Renee Berrian from Project Harmony in Waitsfield, Vermont. Former Fitchburg Police Department supervisor, Captain Joseph Carbone for quietly mentoring, encouraging, and guiding Cronin. Attorney Ed Ryan for critical assistance in becoming a a police officer and for supporting and assuring Cronin’s appointment as Fitchburg Police Chief. To Systems thinking expert Carol Sharicz who he credits to helping reduce crime in Fitchburg. To Board Chair of Moon Jaguar Strategies and Chief Restorative Practitioner Syra Pinto for helping him understand the consequences of systemic racism and applying corrective methods. His daughter Jessica for her birth, love, presence, enjoyment, helping to sustain him and inspire him to lead a life of growth and support of others. To his stepchildren Aaron and Cicely. And to his wife Susan, who has been at his side for 37 years.

    Chapters in the book include: 1. Epiphany: A Christmas Nightmare 2. Growing Up: Sorting Through Bedlam 3. Learning Policing: The Real Story 4. Umass Lowell: Putting in the Extra Effort 5. Learning the Job: Trying to Organize Chaos 6. Oxford: What I Thought I Knew 7. Russia: Shock and Awe 8. Gardner Police: Careful What You Ask For 9. Project Harmony: Taking it to the International Community 10. Return to Fitchburg; Executing the Plan 11. Bag Job: Or Who Stole My Cheese! 12. Sayra and Systems: Finally, There was hope! 13. Searching for Answers: Unexpected Results 14. In the Shadows: Negotiating the Pain 15. A Virus Takes Leave: Back to the International Arena 16. My Stay at the Lodge: More Success for Fitchburg 17. Moldovan Life and Politics: Proving Myself Again! 18. The Plan and the Mission: From Corruption to Success! 19. Just Police Reforms: History Tells Us So!


  • SK Pierce Mansion
    SK Pierce 9 16 22
    SK Pierce Mansion 4 West Broadway Gardner MA

    Complete Property Record Card, CLICK HERE Architectural Digest has a listing of the most beautiful haunted places in the world, CLICK HERE

    Reportedly Haunted 150 Year-old SK Pierce Mansion Renovated and Open for Tours

    Built in 1875, the SK Pierce Mansion was purchased on July 22, 2015 by Robert J. and Allison M. Conti of Manalapan, New Jersey for the purpose of eventually opening it as a Bed and Breakfast while also offering Historical/Haunted tours. While many original features of the property were intact, it has taken 7 years of renovation to restore the place.

    A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on September 15, 2022, and now the SK Pierce Mansion is now open for tours which cost $25. According to Robert Conti, “The Pierce Mansion is considered the most haunted house in Massachusetts and the 9th most haunted house in America.” The Mansion employs caretaker Marion Luoma, Curator Ken Watson, resident psychic Memie Watson, and a recently hired staff of 11 tour guides. Bookings can be made through the website, CLICK HERE.

  • Genuine Gardner Today

    It was a time to celebrate what is genuinely Gardner on the beautiful day of September 15, 2022

    This is our regular feature, “Genuine Gardner.” What is special about the Chair City.

    42 52 Parker Street 9 15 22 Closeup flag
    U.S. Flag of Respect at 42-52 Parker Street, Gardner

    Patriotism is Genuine Gardner

    Work continued at 42-52 Parker Street, but only the eagle eye would spot the United States flag on the building.

    Undoubtedly, the owner put it there out of a sense of respect, not knowing it would be noticed. But it was. And it is this sense of goodness which is Genuine Gardner. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

    Gardner Elementary School 9 15 22
    Gardner Elementary School 9-15-22

    Education is Genuine Gardner

    The pristine and majestic new Gardner Elementary School stood as a testament to Gardner’s bright future. This hall of learning welcomed students on September 15, 2022 and is Genuine Gardner.

    Monument Park Gardner MA 9 15 22
    Monument Park 9-15-22

    Monument Park

    Monument Park was utilized over the summer for concerts enjoyed by many. In fact, it was a summer with no Saturday rain outs. On this day, Monument Park was a source of information from the Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center.

    Supporting our veterans is also Genuine Gardner.

    Chair Parker and West Lynde Street 9 15 22
    The Chair sign Downtown Gardner MA

    Embracing Gardner’s Heritage

    The Chair was hardly noticed by most who passed it by. But this Chair in the sign at Parker Street and West Lynde Street serves to illustrate the wonderful heritage of furniture making which has graced Gardner MA over the course of time.

    This heritage is Genuine Gardner.

    View our article on Gardner’s Big Chair, CLICK HERE

    Levi Heywood Memorial Library 9 15 22
    Levi-Heywood Memorial Library

    Learning and Knowledge is Genuine Gardner

    Serving those who thirst for knowledge was the Levi-Heywood Memorial Library, also proudly displaying the Star Spangled Banner.

    This wonderful repository of culture and learning is Genuine Gardner.

    Man with Transit at Future Maki Park 9 15 22
    Transit Man

    The new Maki Park will be using a terraced approach due to the slope of the terrain. It is expected to be a beautiful addition to Downtown Gardner.

    The Start of Maki Park

    The Transit Man and his fellow Surveyor became part of the cycle of Gardner MA History on September 15, 2022 as they marked off part of the future Maki Park on Parker Street. It will be another way for Gardner to be a great place to Live, Work, Play, and Visit.

    Surveyor at Future Maki Park 9 15 22
    Surveying Future Maki Park
    Crystal Lake large group of ducks 9 15 22
    The Happy Ducks of Crystal Lake

    Nature is Genuine Gardner

    While everyone in Gardner did their thing, the creatures of Crystal Lake enjoyed a beautiful day quacking about.

    Yes, even the ducks of Crystal Lake are Genuine Gardner.

    More Crystal Lake photos, CLICK HERE

    Paramount Cafe 9 15 22
    Paramount Cafe

    Paramount Cafe 46 Main Street, Gardner MA

    Launched in the 30s about a decade after Gardner became a City, the Paramount Cafe is Genuine Gardner.

    With a 4.5 and 55 reviews on Google, customers generally love the place. Some comments, “Been going to this place for over 40 years…”, “…great grill cook and friendly server, this is your place.”, “Small Town diner with hearty meals at reasonable prices.”, “…good old fashioned breakfast and lunches”, “Real old school diner good food great prices”, “We go here almost once a week”, “First cafe in town to open up shop each morning, 5AM”, “Great classic diner food”, “The best place for breakfast and lunch”. The building housing Paramount Cafe is part of the 46-54 Main Street parcel and has been owned by Local 154 UFWA AFL CIO since 1977.

    The Chair City of Gardner, Massachusetts is Genuinely Special. Visit our Gardner is a Great Place page, CLICK HERE. Our Share the Chair page, CLICK HERE.


  • GFC 9-15-22
    Finance Committee 9 15 22
    Gardner MA Finance Committee September 15, 2022

    Watch the meeting on YouTube or listen to it right here on any device. CLICK PLAY.

    Finance Committee 9-15-22

    Gardner MA Finance Committee Goes Over a Wide Range of Topics

    Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson appeared before the Finance Committee regarding various funding requests. He also detailed that Tender Heart Veterinary Care is donating regular office visits for K-9 Rocky and discounting any future procedures by 30%, and went over his request to handle Senior Center finances in such a way that funds are available as unanticipated expenses come up.

    The Mayor explained the Flower Pots in Downtown and South Gardner are featuring flowers from Valley Florists. Sponsorships are $75 for remainder of this year.

    Inquisitive Counselors asked the Mayor to change his hat to that of Chairman of the School Committee for an update on the New Elementary School. Mayor Nicholson indicated that the inside was 98% done, explaining that hot lunches are now available. However, the outside construction will take an additional 8 months to a year and they are working on getting one playground operational. Student dropoff and pickup is getting better after a chaotic first day.


  • Drought Outlook
    Drought Predictions 9 15 22
    Seasonal Drought Outlook Greater Gardner MA

    NOAA Releases Seasonal Drought Outlook including Greater Gardner MA.

    Gardner Massachusetts is currently in Severe Drought (D2), after having recently improved from a D3. Drought conditions are expected to remain but improve over the next 3 months.

    Droughts come and go as you can see from the graph of the last 100 years. The graph links to an HD version of the graphic.

    Drought Conditions 1922 to 2022
    Greater Gardner Drought 1922 to 2022 – source CLICK IMAGE for HD view.
  • 40 under 40 Award
    Mayor Nicholson 40 under 40 closeup rendered 1200
    Mayor Accepts Award

    Gardner MA Mayor Nicholson Accepts Award

    At the age of 27, Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson was recognized by the Worcester Business Journal as one of this year’s 40 under 40. Photo shown is the Mayor accepting the award at a recent banquet.

    Natalia Oliver, Chief of staff for the City of Fitchburg, was also part of the group. To view the publication’s article on all of this year’s 40 under 40, CLICK HERE.

    To view our previous article on this, CLICK HERE

  • Art of Confusion
    Conservation Commission 9 12 22
    Conservation Commission 9-12-22

    Gardner MA Conservation Commission Perfects Art of Confusion at “Something” of 9-12-22

    It is presented as a meeting of the Conservation Commission, but it is more like a conversation. Watch it on YouTube. Or listen to it right here. Just click play.

    Conservation Commission September 12, 2022

    Rarely is a meeting of individuals a recipe for confusion. Gardner Magazine has no idea what the purpose of this gathering was. Was it to have a meeting, a discussion, complain about something, or were they putting on a play? It’s hard to tell. So we present the recording here for you to listen to, and we also had a transcription done of the entire conversation. View Transcript. CLICK HERE.


  • City Council 9-19-22
    Gardner City Council 9 7 22
    Gardner City Council at last meeting

    Gardner MA City Council to Address Fire Department Audit in Informal Session

    The Gardner MA City Council will have two meetings on Monday September 19, 2022. The first will be an informal meeting at 6:30pm to go over the Fire Department Audit. Complete Packet and Agenda, CLICK HERE. The second meeting at 7:30pm will be the regular meeting. Complete Packet and Agenda, CLICK HERE.

  • Gardner – People are Back
    Population Density per square mile
    Gardner Centennial as a City 1923 – 2023

    Gardner MA Population Highest in History: 21,499, but still more open space than elsewhere.

    Annual Growth rate now .5%: 100 years ago, Gardner’s population was about 17,000, rising to over 19,000 by 1930. Population was up and down over the years, rising to over 20,000 by 1940 and back to just under 18,000 by 1980. By 1990, the number of people in Gardner was back over 20,000 again, 50 years after it first had that distinction. Over the next 20 years, numbers rose gradually, with a consistent annual growth rate of .5% since 2011. It is estimated that Gardner added just over 100 residents per year in the last decade. With a land area of 22.1 square miles, Gardner’s population density is 974 per square mile. In contrast, Fitchburg has 1519 per square mile, Leominster 1540 per square mile, Worcester 5,664 per square mile, Springfield 4,910 per square mile and Boston 14,217 per square mile. Gardner has more open space and more breathing room than any nearby City.

    Labor Force: Over 90 percent of Gardner residents were born in the U.S. and more than ¾ were born in Massachusetts. Just under 3% of Gardner residents are not U.S. citizens. Just under 60 percent participate in the Labor Force with an Unemployment rate of about 5 percent – highest among youths 16-19, young adults 20-24, and those 60-64.

    Veterans: Gardner has 1,266 veterans: Vietnam -448, Second Gulf War-211, First Gulf War-188, Korea-149, and World War II-70

    Languages: 86% of Gardner residents speak only English, while 14% speak other languages. Spanish is spoken by just under 7% of the population.

    Data source: World Population Review


  • Women – Gardner PD
    Gardner PD Officers Dorval Morgan Laderoute 9 3 22
    Officers Dorval, Morgan, and Laderoute

    Gardner PD Celebrated Women in Law Enforcement Day on September 12, 2022

    From Gardner PD, “The GPD is honored to have Officer Dorval, Officer Morgan and Officer Laderoute as members of this department. Thank you for your continued service and top notch professionalism. This picture was taken on September 3rd when all three women had worked their first shift together!”

    Nationally and in Massachusetts, approximately 1 in 8 police officers are women. More on the history of Women in Law Enforcement in the United States from wikipedia. CLICK HERE.

  • Go Forward Gardner
    Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson at school 9 12 22
    Gardner Mayor Michael Nicholson September 12, 2022

    Listen to this interview and discover the greatness of the Chair City and why Gardner is drawing so much interest from prospective residents, businesses, and industry. Read the entire interview and article, CLICK HERE. Or, Listen on any device.

    Interview: Michael Nicholson – Go Forward with Gardner

    Go Forward with Gardner MA – An Interview with Mayor Michael Nicholson

    In an interview with Gardner MA Mayor Michael Nicholson conducted by Publisher Werner Poegel on Monday September 12, 2022, the Mayor spoke candidly about how Gardner is meeting the challenges in its present and why the Chair City has become so attractive to individuals wishing to relocate, businesses interested in a place for success, and industries desiring a good place to make things. While in the process of evolving from its past, Gardner has inadvertently drawn a huge amount of attention and has even become a model to some for how a small City should operate. Our interview is with one of the City of Gardner’s greatest cheerleaders, Mayor Michael Nicholson. Entire interview and article text, CLICK HERE.

    We asked the Mayor about apartments, jobs, family safety, open spaces and parks, culture including music and the arts, highway access, public transportation, restaurants, roads and bridges, infrastructure, schools, libraries, wellness/exercise, and even raising a family. We spoke about the increasing draw Gardner is having to bring in business and industry. And we spoke about Gardner’s future. Read the entire interview and article, CLICK HERE. Or, Listen on any device. Just click Play.

    Go Forward with Gardner – Michael Nicholson 9-12-22
  • GES Open
    Gardner Elementary 9 12 22 1
    Gardner Elementary September 12, 2022

    Gardner’s new Elementary School is now filled with students, ready to learn. Click on any image for larger view, also view complete Gallery.

    Gardner Elementary Opens to Enthusiastic Students, Staff, and Faculty

    On the day before the opening, Gardner Public Schools posted, “Are you ready?! We are! The last few weeks have seen construction, inspections, moving, cleaning, planning, furniture building; it’s been a nerve-wracking time for our team, but it will all be worth it tomorrow. Will there still be dirt and construction equipment? Yes. But will there be smiling students and teachers as well? Also yes, and we couldn’t be more excited. As an aside, thank you to everyone on our team who has worked overtime, going above and beyond to get this done. We wouldn’t be here without your passion and willingness to pitch in.”

    View the complete Image Gallery, CLICK HERE

    Gardner Elementary School Classroom
    GES Classroom
    Gardner Elementary School Murals
    GES Murals
    Gardner Elementary Kindergarten
    GES Kindergarten
    Gardner Elementary Stairs
    GES Stairs
    Gardner Elementary 9 12 22 Buses
    Buses at Gardner Elementary School September 12, 2022

    From Nothing to a Beautiful School in 14 months!

    Gardner Elementary June 2021 Nicholson Kazinskas
    Mayor Nicholson and Council President Kazinskas June 2021
    Gardner Elementary September 2022 Nicholson Kazinskas
    Mayor Nicholson and Council President Kazinskas 9-12-22
  • Blue Moon
    Blue Moon Diner Gardner MA

    It’s the next phase of the Blue Moon in Gardner MA: New owners take over

    Blue Moon Kathleen Wright
    Kathleen Wright

    Kathleen and Robert Wright of Orange purchased the popular Blue Moon Diner from Jamie Floyd, who ran the business for 22 years. What’s on the menu? Stop in an find out.

    Blue Moon Robert Wright
    Robert Wright
  • Balance Staffing
    Balance Staffing Nicholson Bergstrom
    Balance Staffing

    Balance Staffing Opening Soon at 40 Main Street, Gardner MA

    The company had been in Gardner, moved to Orange, and now will be back in the Chair City. Mayor Nicholson posted, “Great to see all the new businesses opening up downtown, especially ones like these filling up storefronts….” Click on the photo for a large version and you’ll see Patti Bergstrom taking the picture amidst a very nice-looking part of Downtown Gardner.

Looking for an older story? Or just want to read them? CLICK HERE for more Greater Gardner MA Local News Stories.

Stories on this page and more:

Go Forward with Gardner Nicholson Interview —- Listen to any Mayor’s Update Mayor’s Updates Articles: 9-16-22 9-9-22 9-2-22, 8-26-22 8-12-22 —- ZBA 9-7-22 —- City Council: City Council 9-7-22 —- 8-1-22 —- New Elementary School: School Starts, Activity at Gardner Elementary School —- Two Worlds —- Moving In —- Convocation —- Photos Update —- High School —- School Bus Routes School Calendar —- School Puzzle Tackled Businesses: Taco Rey Coliman —- Two Buildings Sold Gardner Tour Video View from Above —- West Lynde Street —- Storefronts —- ProgressTwiddling Thumbs —- Appointments Committee: 9-6-22 —- Public Service Committee: 8-25-22 —- Finance Committee: 8-31-22 —- Planning Board: 8-9-22 Jobs: Work for the City —- Health: Drought Update 9-8 —- Overdose Awareness —- Needed Rain —- Fire Danger —- Extreme Drought —- Sludge Landfill Discussed Again —- Topic of Sludge —- Sludge Explained —- Public Safety: Flag at Gardner PD —- Gardner New Police Chief —- Junior Police Academy —- Suicide Hotline —- Rocky —- Gardner PD —- History of Gardner and City Centennial: 5 minute History Ain’t We Got Fun Tune —- Song of ’23 —- Events: Fall Festival and Octoberfest —-Gardner MA Museum Fall Lineup —- Vendors Wanted —- Fall City-Wide Yard Sale Upcoming Wildcasts Season —- Real Estate: Home Sales —- Housing Market —- R.E. Taxes Explained —- Tax Inversion —- Downtown: Parker Paving —-Pleasant Street Reopens —- Local Treasures —- Storefront Revitalization —- Share the Chair —- Infrastructure: Satellite Internet —- Bus Stops —- Entertainment: PACC Bands —- Gardner Upside: Gardner MA in the Zone —- Magic Mike—- Gardner Is a Great Place to Be a Puppy. —- Interviews: Questions Answered —- Nicholson Citizen Concerns and City Departments Interview —-  All AUDIO. Life: Remmy and Zeus —-

News Around Massachusetts – New England – Nation

  • Hurricane Ian strikes Cuba, Florida braces for winds, floodsHurricane Ian strikes Cuba, Florida braces for winds, floods
    HAVANA (AP) — Hurricane Ian tore into western Cuba as a major hurricane Tuesday and left 1 million people without electricity, then churned on a collision course with Florida over warm Gulf waters amid expectations it would strengthen into a catastrophic Category 4 storm. Read more »
  • Blasts precede Baltic pipeline leaks, sabotage seen likelyBlasts precede Baltic pipeline leaks, sabotage seen likely
    WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Denmark said Tuesday it believed “deliberate actions” by unknown perpetrators were behind big leaks — which seismologists said followed powerful explosions — in two natural gas pipelines running under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. Read more »
  • Local roundup: Falcons earn first win of fallLocal roundup: Falcons earn first win of fall
    An outstanding showing from a Lunenburg native helped lift the Fitchburg State men’s soccer team to its first win of the season Tuesday evening, a 2-1victory over Russell Sage College at Elliot Field. Forward Gabriel Teixeira netted a pair of first half goals and the Falcons (1-6-1) never looked back, fending off a surge by […] Read more »
  • UMass Lowell signs campus health treatyUMass Lowell signs campus health treaty
    LOWELL — Health and wellness are essential elements for a successful college campus, a fact again underscored at UMass Lowell with the formal adoption of the Okanagan Charter. Read more »
  • Kremlin announces vote, paves way to annex part of UkraineKremlin announces vote, paves way to annex part of Ukraine
    KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — The Kremlin paved the way Tuesday to annex more of Ukraine and escalate the war by claiming that residents of a large swath overwhelmingly supported joining with Russia in stage-managed referendums the U.S. and its Western allies have dismissed as illegitimate. Read more »
  • Looking for mental health support? Megan Thee Stallion’s new website is for youLooking for mental health support? Megan Thee Stallion’s new website is for you
    "Bad B — Have Bad Days Too" has multiple meanings for Megan Thee Stallion. First, it was a line from her song "Anxiety." Now, it's the name of her mental health website, which the "Her" rapper launched over the weekend. Read more »
  • Festive first day kicks off academic year at Page Hilltop Elementary in AyerFestive first day kicks off academic year at Page Hilltop Elementary in Ayer
    AYER/SHIRLEY – The Ayer Shirley Regional School District – like many others across the region – launched its first day of school on the last day of August this year, including at Page Hilltop Elementary School on Washington Street in Ayer, where a festive scene awaited students Wednesday morning. Busloads and carloads of first- through […] Read more »
  • Jan. 6 sedition trial underway for Oath Keepers leaderJan. 6 sedition trial underway for Oath Keepers leader
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Jury selection began Tuesday in the trial of the founder of the Oath Keepers extremist group and four associates charged with seditious conspiracy, one of the most serious cases to emerge from the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. Read more »
  • Over 194,000 Russians flee call-up to neighboring countriesOver 194,000 Russians flee call-up to neighboring countries
    TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — It took Vsevolod four days to drive from Moscow to Russia's southern border with Georgia. He had to abandon his car at one point and continue on foot. Read more »
  • Lottery officials activated by sales stumbleLottery officials activated by sales stumble
    As economic uncertainty and an expanding menu of gambling options send lottery sales into a slide in Massachusetts and across the country, officials here are thinking about making changes to "adjust to the current market structure" and will dive deeper into the trends they are worried about next month, the head of the Mass. Lottery said Tuesday. Read more »

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Greater Gardner MA News Extras

  • Gardner Tops 21K
    Complete Gardner Census Data from 2020.

    Gardner MA Population Statistics

    According to the U.S. Census, Gardner has a population of 21,287.    Median Household Income is about $50,000.   Those with a Bachelor’s Degree or higher is close to 1 in 5.   More than half of the population is employed.  98% have health care coverage.   There’s 9,411 total housing units with 691 vacant according to the Census Bureau.  Gardner’s median estimated age of 41 is slightly above the median age in Massachusetts.  One statistic to note: Average Gardner commute time is just under ½ hr. so there’s room for more local employers.  For the complete census data, click here.

  • Visit Gardner

    Visit Downtown Gardner Video Released

    To celebrate a great place to shop, Gardner Magazine has released a Downtown Gardner MA video. Watch it in full HD. CLICK HERE.

  • Shop Local

    Save GAS, Shop LOCAL

    Shopping Locally in the Greater Gardner area is the new vision for the 2020’s. It’s a way to support the local economy and another way to LOVE Your Neighbor. Start shopping locally now, well before Small Business Saturday.   We have a great list of reviewed local businesses for you to shop. (Hint: Most of downtown and most of the city!)  Save GAS, Shop LOCAL. Sure, online can be easy, but shopping at a store in  your community is much more thrilling.  For a list of reviewed businesses in Gardner, CLICK HERE.

  • Open Business in Gardner

    Want to open a business in Gardner? Here’s what you need to know.

    Gardner MA welcomes new businesses.
    Business Startup
    Business Words

    Gardner Massachusetts is a city in Massachusetts with a population of 21,287 as of the 2020 census. Gardner was incorporated as a town in 1785 and became a city in 1923. Gardner is known as the Chair City. People really love businesses in Gardner. Here’s proof.

    Gardner Magazine spoke with Jessica DeRoy, the Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Gardner MA. Jessica tells us Gardner is poised for a period of growth based on the desirability of bringing a business to Gardner and she has some suggestions on where to start.

    The Economic Development team maintains a list of available rentals and properties for sale and will release the current list upon request. Under Mayor Nicholson’s leadership, Gardner is continuing efforts to help facilitate the sale of properties in need of repair to new owners who may have the desire and/or resources to improve the buildings, thus making them more appealing to potential renters. In addition, Jessica says, the Gardner Building Department can assist people in obtaining information on what to do in constructing a new business building.

    Reach the Economic Development Coordinator Jessica DeRoy at (978) 630-4074 ext. 1 or via email at The Building Department suggests a phone call to them is a great place to start. They suggest calling them before buying a property. Roland Jean Jr., the Building Commissioner, can be reached at (978) 630-4007, via email at, or via fax at (978) 632-3313. You can send a fax without a fax machine by using Visit the Gardner MA Building Dept. official page. Visit the Gardner MA Starting a Business page.

  • Expanded News

    Gardner Magazine news pages are generally updated twice per day and contain about 10 news stories per page. Let us know how we are doing. Contact Us.

    Announcing Expanded NEWS Coverage

    Added News pages include: About the U.S.: Breaking, FDA, Top Showbiz Stories, Top U.S. Stories, U.S. Economy News, U.S. News Alternate Sources: CNN, Fox, BBC. Countries of Interest: Australia, Canada, China, European Union, Mexico. Health: Health, Cancer, CDC, Climate, Covid. Neighboring States: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York. Politicians and Politics: Bernie Sanders, Capitol Hill, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, U.S. Politics. Topics: Aliens, Money, Science, Travel, UFOs.

    All News pages are listed under the tab LOCAL-STATE-U.S.-WORLD NEWS

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News : NPR NPR news, audio, and podcasts. Coverage of breaking stories, national and world news, politics, business, science, technology, and extended coverage of major national and world events.

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  • Hurricane Ian strikes Cuba, Florida braces for winds, floods
    by Associated Press on September 28, 2022 at 12:05 am

    HAVANA (AP) — Hurricane Ian tore into western Cuba as a major hurricane Tuesday and left 1 million people without electricity, then churned on a collision course with Florida over warm Gulf waters amid expectations it would strengthen into a catastrophic Category 4 storm.

  • The Five Minute Read
    by Melanie Gilbert on September 27, 2022 at 11:31 pm

    LOWELL — In partnership with Christie Campus Health, Middlesex Community College is providing students with free, additional mental health support and resources. The 24/7, year-round access to services includes a support line (833-434-1217), counseling services and a suite of self-help materials.

  • UMass Lowell signs campus health treaty
    by Submitted article on September 27, 2022 at 11:29 pm

    LOWELL — Health and wellness are essential elements for a successful college campus, a fact again underscored at UMass Lowell with the formal adoption of the Okanagan Charter.

  • Cornhole for a cause: Pitch for Prevention attracts larger than expected crowd
    by Scott Shurtleff on September 27, 2022 at 11:25 pm

    LOWELL — The sixth annual Pitch for Prevention drew a higher-than-expected 400 visitors and competitors to the U.S. Bunting and Cricket Club Saturday.

  • Kremlin announces vote, paves way to annex part of Ukraine
    by Associated Press on September 27, 2022 at 10:27 pm

    KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — The Kremlin paved the way Tuesday to annex more of Ukraine and escalate the war by claiming that residents of a large swath overwhelmingly supported joining with Russia in stage-managed referendums the U.S. and its Western allies have dismissed as illegitimate.

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In-Depth Massachusetts News Stories

Massachusetts – NECN The latest news from around the state

  • Framingham City Council Bans Aggressive Panhandling, Sets $50 Fine
    by Michael Rosenfield on September 27, 2022 at 7:27 pm

    City councilors in Framingham, Massachusetts, have voted to ban aggressive solicitation after an apparent increase in panhandling on busy streets. “The idea behind the ordinance is to convince people it’s really not the best way to help people who are in real need, and there’s some question as to whether some of these people are even in real need,” said Framingham City Councilor George King. City officials believe this is organized panhandling. “What we’re seeing is people being bussed in,” said City Council Chairman Phil Ottaviani Jr. “Getting dropped off on Route 30, six to eight people coming out of a car and panhandling, it’s gotten out of control.” Dylan Crites, who says he asks for money nearly every day, says he’s not part of any organized effort. “I’m just trying to survive,” said Crites. “I’m trying to get clothes, food, hotel, eventually get back to a real place to live in.” More on people in need clear the shelters Aug 5 Many Unhoused People Would Choose Their Pet Over a Shelter. Can Shelters Change? homelessness Jul 7 Lawrence Asks for Help Amid Influx of Unhoused People City council member Janet Leombruno says the panhandling has been happening on some of the city’s most traveled thoroughfares, like on Speen Street and in downtown Framingham, and with panhandlers darting in and out of traffic. “This has probably been the number one issue that we’ve been hearing about from people throughout the city,” said Leombruno. The new ordinance means pedestrians like panhandlers cannot walk on the road on almost 20 city streets when a sidewalk is available, and they must stay at least five feet away from a driver. It’ll be up to police to enforce the new ordinance. Fines start at $50 for the first offense and go up from there.

  • Man Reported Missing in Wilmington Found Safe
    by Thea DiGiammerino on September 27, 2022 at 5:48 pm

    The man that was the subject of a large missing persons search in Wilmington, Massachusetts on Tuesday has been found, Massachusetts State Police said. Police said the 54-year-old man, who they did not name, was involved in a crash on 93 overnight, and for some reason abandoned his vehicle at the scene. When he did not return home from work his family reported him missing, and the search began, including a check of area hospitals. Around 7:25 p.m., after hours of searching, state police said the man contacted his family and was returning home. Police are still investigating where he went after the crash. There was a large police presence in town as K9 units, a marine unit watercraft and the Air Wing helped with the search. No other details were immediately available. NBC10 Boston & NECN have a crew on scene and will provide updates as they come into the newsroom. This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in your web browser.

  • Family of Molly Bish Wants New Investigators Assigned to Her Case
    by Kathy Curran on September 27, 2022 at 5:36 pm

    The family of murdered lifeguard Molly Bish is demanding new investigators be assigned to the case decades after the horrible crime.  Molly’s family tells the NBC10 Investigators they’ve lost faith in Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early Jr. and his team.  Molly’s parents and sister, Heather, say they’re concerned the Worcester DA lacks the resources and isn’t pushing to use the latest technology to help solve Molly’s murder. In a letter to District Attorneys across the state Heather Bish wrote, “I am writing to formally request the movement of my sister, Molly Anne Bish’s abduction and murder case from Worcester County to Hampden County Massachusetts. I understand this is an unusual request.” Heather Bish cites years of frustration, lack of communication and “tunnel vision” when it comes to persons of interest as some of the reasons for the request. The letter comes after years of heartache and living with the unknown. Molly vanished from her lifeguard post in Warren on June 27, 2000. Her killer has never been found.  Heather Bish, right, holds a letter she wrote requesting a change of investigators in her sister Molly Bish’s case. NBC10 Boston’s Kathy Curran looks on. “I’m trying my hardest to find the person who killed my sister and I’m trying to work with the people who are educated and trained in this area. I’m also trying to bring any resource that I can in to support their work,” Heather Bish said. Frank Sumner was named a suspect in Molly’s murder last year but DNA tested so far hasn’t matched, leaving investigators unable to link him to the crime. Sumner is a convicted rapist who died in 2016. Heather Bish says Worcester County investigators lack the resources and technology to solve the case. She’s asking them to use a private lab to test DNA and to speak with outside experts who have offered to help.  “I’ve asked them to work with renowned DNA experts that are willing to talk to them and talk to them about what they’ve done for DNA tests and what could be done with what evidence we have. I don’t understand why that wouldn’t be something that would be valued in Worcester, not just for Molly’s case but there’s a lot of other unresolved cases.” Molly disappeared from Comins Pond in Worcester County but her remains were found a few miles away in the woods of Palmer which is in Hampden County, the county where the Bish family hopes the case will be moved.  More on the Molly Bish case Molly Bish Dec 4, 2021 Investigators Collect DNA in Molly Bish Case: ‘They Really Do Want to Solve This' Molly Bish Dec 3, 2021 Investigators Travel to Ohio Prison in Connection to Molly Bish Case Massachusetts Jun 4, 2021 Parents of Molly Bish Issue Statement After Break in 21-Year-Old Cold Case “I have a sister that I loved and she deserves to have justice and she deserves someone to fight for her,” Heather Bish said. A spokesperson for the Worcester County District Attorney’s Office said,  “The State Police continue to investigate the murder of Molly Bish. They have worked diligently and professionally on this case for the last 22 years. We have made several significant advancements in the case, including evidence that has led to a person of interest.”  They add that while they work to keep families informed unfortunately, they’re not able to accommodate every request for information to maintain the integrity of investigations. Anyone with information about the Molly Bish case is asked to call the anonymous tip line at 508-453-7575.

  • Lynn Business Owner Says Deteriorated MBTA Bridge is Hurting His Businesses
    by Abbey Niezgoda on September 27, 2022 at 5:17 pm

    A Lynn, Massachusetts, business owner is going head to head with the MBTA and their fight has ended up in court.  Cisco Meneses, the owner of roughly 20 storefronts on Mount Vernon Street, claims the deteriorating Mount Vernon Street Bridge is the reason why he can’t open any of his businesses. The businesses are located directly under the bridge for the commuter rail in Lynn.  Meneses said city inspectors told him over the summer that his properties were not safe.  “They told me it’s dangerous to be there and I said yeah, but the bricks that are falling on me belong to the MBTA,” Meneses said.  Meneses pointed to water damage, mold and rotting beams that he said are the result of years of deferred maintenance by the MBTA.  “They’ve examined this bridge so many times and they’ve never fixed it,” Meneses said.  But the MBTA said Meneses is the one who did not give them access to fix it. The agency took him to court last week and a judge ruled he has to let them in.  In the complaint, the agency also said it has suffered damages as a result of construction Meneses did to the viaduct they own.  Meneses said he has never stopped them from coming in, but he is glad a judge is getting involved if it means something will be done.  “We’ve always given them access. The next step is to give this to a judge and hold the MBTA accountable. Fix what you’ve inspected already four times,” Meneses said.  A spokesperson for the MBTA said now that a judge has granted their motion to permit access on an emergency basis, structural engineers will perform a thorough assessment of the viaduct to help determine the level of repair work that will be necessary.    More on the MBTA and infrastructure mbta Sep 26 Gov. Baker: ‘I Was More Timid Than I Should Have Been' About Fixing MBTA highways Sep 19 INTERACTIVE MAP: Fixing ‘Structurally Deficient' Bridges Will Cost Mass. Billions

  • As Mortgage Rates Jump, Boston Real Estate Market Starts to Normalize
    by Brian Burnell on September 27, 2022 at 5:07 pm

    It wasn’t that long ago when buying a house was something of a feeding frenzy.  The seller’s market brought on by low interest rates and the pandemic left a lot of buyers out in the cold.  “We couldn’t keep listings on the market very long and we had buyers that were very disappointed when they couldn’t get it,” Annette Dardeno Givens with The Charles Realty said. She said people were bidding, not simply buying. “It was just a matter of how much more over asking you’d pay and there’d always be someone else who might pay more.” Interest rate hikes put the kibosh on that.  A 30-year-fixed mortgage in September of 2021 sat at 2.88%.  By mid-March of 2022 it was up over 4%. Three months later the rate had risen to 5.75% and now it sits at 6.29%  “Rates have more than doubled in the last six months which is pretty much slowed refinancing down to almost zero,” avi Pahuja with the Mortgage Network explained. But, he said, it’s also normalized the real estate market.   “There’s opportunity out there now. Maybe the people that couldn’t buy a year or two ago are now going to be more able to be more proactive and get their offer accepted.” Dardeno Givens said that’s good.   “I was concerned for the next generation coming in if this continued to happen. That they were not going to be able to afford to buy.” More on housing and interest rates Business 12 hours ago These Are the 10 U.S. Cities Where Housing Markets Are Cooling the Fastest—and Only One Is in Florida Business 10 hours ago Homebuyers Are Backing Out of Deals at Record-High Rates in These 10 U.S. Cities Business Sep 23 As 30-Year Mortgage Rates Hit 6.7%, Homebuyers Are Facing ‘Payment Shock.' Here Are Ways to Save

Boston Herald Boston news, sports, politics, opinion, entertainment, weather and obituaries

  • Nets Notebook: Ben Simmons ‘strong as hell’ in Day 1 of training camp
    by Tribune News Service on September 27, 2022 at 11:54 pm

    Nets head coach Steve Nash said All-Star forward Ben Simmons“ looked great” on the first day of training camp at the HSS Training Facility in Industry City on Tuesday. Simmons, who missed the entire 2021-22 NBA season due to a combination of mental health issues and a herniated disc that ultimately required offseason surgery, completed his first official Nets...

  • Markieff Morris said the Nets were soft last year — and he’s here to change that
    by Tribune News Service on September 27, 2022 at 11:51 pm

    New Nets forward and self-proclaimed“ very tough guy,” Markieff Morris said the perception about the Nets last season was that they were“ soft.”. He pointed to the time last season when the Heat were without both All-Stars Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowry and still beat the Nets thoroughly. Just point-blank period,” said the veteran forward, who won an NBA championship as a...

  • Tom Thibodeau on vetting of ass’t coach Rick Brunson: ‘Very comfortable with who he is’
    by Tribune News Service on September 27, 2022 at 11:49 pm

    Tom Thibodeau said the Knicks vetted Rick Brunson like any other employee but wouldn’ t disclose if the team investigated allegations of harassment and sexual abuse levied against the assistant coach. Pressed further about whether the team investigated specific accusation s, Thibodeau redirected the question to team president Leon Rose, who wasn’ t made...

  • Why Knicks’ Evan Fournier will probably start at shooting guard again
    by Tribune News Service on September 27, 2022 at 11:45 pm

    We can already stop speculating about the Knicks starting shooting guard. Incumbent Evan Fournier was revealed as the frontrunner by Tom Thibodeau, who said Tuesday the lineup requires the Frenchman’ s specialty. Second-year guard Quentin Grimes is a Thibodeau favorite and considered a better defensive option than Fournier, especially with...

  • Pete Alonso, NL’s co-Player of the Week, continues to makes life hard on pitchers
    by Tribune News Service on September 27, 2022 at 11:44 pm

    When trying to describe the leadership abilities of Pete Alonso and Francisco Lindor, Showalter needed a few more words to get to his point but he made it— their actions speak louder than their words. Their actions speak so loudly that you can’ t hear anyone say anything,” Showalter said Tuesday before the Mets opened a two-game series against the Miami Marlins at...

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