Gardner High School from space
Gardner High School from Satellite
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Gardner High School
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Gardner High School Athletic Fields Improved in 2022
Gardner High School Sports

Gardner MA High School Still Among Most Beautiful

With the focus on the new Gardner Elementary School, it’s easy to forget just how wonderful the Gardner High School complex is. The design of the building is stunning when viewed from high resolution satellite as shown in this article.

However, beneath the surface is a story even more incredible: the emergence of a truly great educational atmosphere fueled by savvy curriculum updates over the last couple of years. Gardner High School students have so many options whether they are on a pure academic path or take an Innovative Pathway.

Evidence of Great School System is Overwhelming

Some of our articles to check out: Key dates for the upcoming Wildcats Season, CLICK HERE. The projected 2022-2023 School Calendar, CLICK HERE. Educators in Gardner tackling the Education Puzzle, CLICK HERE. Article on School Committee June meeting at which Superintendent Pellegrino received substantial praise. CLICK HERE. Even the School Resource officer was honored, CLICK HERE. At the Gardner City Council meeting on June 6, 2022, the music program received a $100,000 boost. CLICK HERE. The School Budget Session in June revealed “an efficiently-run system.” CLICK HERE. There was tremendous pride in the graduating class of 2021, CLICK HERE. We have proof even sports has its act together as Fall Sports Registration was announced in May of 2022, CLICK HERE. Gardner High had pride in its music program with a Spring Concert, CLICK HERE. Gardner announced in the Spring that it was improving athletic fields, CLICK HERE. Gardner High School now even makes the souvenir chairs formerly made elsewhere, CLICK HERE. Athletics is strong at Gardner High. In January 2022, it was announced that the Gardner MA Varsity Cheerleading Team got 5th place at the National Competition. CLICK HERE.

Great High School Education

Gardner MA is destined to continue improvement upon its great high school education formula. Here is the 83 page Program of Studies for 2022-2023 in pdf format, CLICK HERE History/Social Science, CLICK HERE. Mathematics, CLICK HERE Arts Curriculum, CLICK HERE. FYI: Gardner does not allow political views in teaching stating in its guide, “The teachers’ right to introduce controversial issues in classroom presentations does not include the right of advocacy.” Complete guide, CLICK HERE. Gardner High School has other bases covered as well including a Full Technology policy, CLICK HERE. And a complete guide for professional practices, CLICK HERE. The Gardner School District does not allow complacency either and has a Professional Development Plan, CLICK HERE.

Positive Gardner High School Future


Gardner MA Public Schools, including Gardner High School, are getting higher ratings all the time. You could say that just like construction going on in all parts of the Chair City, education in Gardner has been revitalized and its best years are yet to come.

Yes, the new Gardner Elementary School is exciting and wonderful. Let’s not forget just how wonderful Gardner High School is and how committed the Gardner School District is to delivering an excellent High School educational experience. For more on Gardner Public Schools anytime, visit the official website, CLICK HERE.