Map Showing Worcester County in Critical Drought Area COMPLETE MAP, CLICK HERE

Current Drought Status from the State of MA, CLICK HERE.

Greater Gardner MA now in Critical Drought – Non essential water use banned July 23, 2022

From the State of MA, “With the majority of the state currently experiencing elevated temperatures and forecasts predicting little to no meaningful precipitation, Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Beth Card today declared a Level 3-Critical Drought in the Northeast and Central Regions of the state. The Southeast, and Connecticut River Valley Regions will remain at a Level 2-Significant Drought, and the Cape Cod Region will join the Islands and Western Regions at Level 1-Mild Drought.”

Non-essential Water Use is Completely Halted

What this means is people who were watering their plants or lawns after 5pm or before 9am have to stop that too. No non-essential water use is advisable during a Critical Drought. Water Restrictions Map from 7-6-22