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Saving Money on your Greater Gardner MA bills

It’s easy to save money on your Greater Gardner MA monthly bills. Current Cable TV subscribers can save by cutting down on channels and using an alternative like Sling to get the same channels for less money. The author of this article has an internet only cable subscription, gets local channels with over the air tv (free), and subscribes to streaming services. Net savings about $35 each month. Save on electricity by switching to Energy Star appliances – in warm weather an energy efficient air conditioner can save you $50 per month. Save on Water and Sewer bills by limiting length of showers, washing full loads of laundry, not flushing with every #1, and creating a heartier lawn by not watering it. Net savings at least $20 per month.

Save on Fuel Oil by budgeting to pay in advance for the season and getting a lower rate (Very small percentage of customers do this) or at least getting a budget plan to guarantee a maximum price per gallon – and, perhaps, lower the thermostat by a couple of degrees. Save on your Gardner MA Phone bill: If you have a landline phone, switch to a VOIP provider like Vonage to save hundreds per year. Cell phone users who switch to alternate providers like Consumer Cellular can save off the bill, often using exactly the same network. Save on Home costs by shopping for a lower interest rate on your mortgage, a lower rate on home insurance, and making sure your property tax assessment is correct by checking the record. Furnish when possible with good used furniture, particularly non-upholstered items like dining room sets, saving you thousands and helping local charities. Save on a Car checking out prices in advance from services like Consumer Reports or simply negotiating. Shopping for Holiday purchases: With a little budget discipline, all Gardner MA shoppers can save by buying around Black Friday or even earlier in the year. Don’t borrow on credit cards to make purchases and compound the amount of the expense. Pay cash. Save money. Take advantage of discounts when they are available. And above all, be sure to save a little every week, even if it’s five dollars. To save money on recreation, use local FREE parks, bike paths, and walking trails. For more information on various topics, visit our Moving to the Area page.