Winchendon’s Toytown Horse

At left is a closeup of the Toytown Horse, a community icon you can’t miss when coming to the town. Winchendon is a small town, but it is growing like a city and thus has an extensively engaged populous. Of all the communities profiled on Gardner Magazine, as of July 2021, Winchendon has the most comprehensive Citizen Action Center consisting of Agendas, minutes and past meeting videos, a facility to watch meetings live, the assessor’s database, a way to receive notifications, forms and documents, the Beal’s Library, online payments, trash and recycling, useful links, a contact us link, bid notices, job opportunities, local codes and ordinances, town manger budgets, the WInchendon Housing Authority, Government links, apply for building permits, and the weekly updates of the Town Manager. View the Winchendon MA website.