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GES Update 8-26-22
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Gardner Elementary School 8-26-22

“We turn the school over in 1-2 weeks” says Construction Super at New Gardner MA Elementary School -8-29-22 Update – and he was wrong!

UPDATE: August 29, 2022: Construction Supervisor gave us bogus information as teachers were moving in on August 29, 2022.

The following information in our original story turned out to be incorrect: “It’s going to be close as the NEW Gardner Elementary School will get formally turned over to the School District just days before students are projected to start attendance. The construction company has allowed the District to move in some things ahead of time so starting things up may be a marathon, but should still be possible.”

Taking photos was complicated on August 26, 2022 as paving was underway at the school. There was a sign at the High School entrance saying to use the Pearl Street entrance. When we went there, we were redirected back to High School entrance and took photos of the various employee vehicles parked along the road, paving occurring around the new school, all the way to the Pearl Street entrance.

Gardner Public Schools has released a draft of bus routes (subject to change) CLICK HERE.

We wrote a previous article showcasing the Zippy construction taking place CLICK HERE

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GES Update 8-26-22 High School Entrance
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GES Update 8-26-22 Paving at Pearl Entrance