firetrucks Ashby 082522
Gardner and other Fire Trucks in Ashby MA

Fire Danger very Real in Greater Gardner MA

From the Gardner Fire Department August 26, 2022: “A few photos from Gardner Engine 3 responding with the Mass District 8 tender task force to Ashby. Crews battled a fire in a very large stump and debris dump. 19 water tankers hauled well over 600,000 gallons of water up to the scene so crews could maintain a flow onto the fire of 1750 gallons a minute!”

Gardner FIre Dept. continued,, “That’s a very impressive task to be able to maintain in an area with no fire hydrants. Gardner’s Engine 3 was dispatched at 8 a.m. and was back in the City by 3 p.m.

Unfortunately due to our extreme drought and dry conditions, the fire has re kindled and Ashby and surrounding towns are back fighting the fire again today. We need rain and lots of it!!”

Fire Ashby 082522
Stump and Debris Fire Ashby MA
Fire 2 Ashby 082522 2
Putting out Fire Ashby MA