Robot Responds

Robot Responds to Update Controversy – A Tongue-in-Check Article in Gardner MA

Gardner Magazine uses AI voices as announcers for various projects.   We admittedly do not pay them even minimum wage. 

Yesterday we revealed that the Mayor’s Update of 8/05/22 had been heard 3,654 times, today that’s up to 3,674 times.  Mayor’s Update of 8/12/22 had been heard 3,039 (correction – 2,839) times, today that’s up to 2.931 times. Our AI voiced Update for 8/19/22 was heard 90 times, today that’s up to 218 times.

Update: 8/23/22: up to 8/22/22, Mayor’s Update of 8/12/22 has been heard 3,483 times, our AI voiced update for 8/19/22 has been heard 446 times. This means that in the last 2 days, the 8/12 Mayor was heard 552 times and our 8/19 update was heard 228 times. Week-old Mayor clobbers AI 2 to 1. Sorry, robot…


AI Fails to Beat the Magic Mike

The Robot responded, “I work harder on AUDIO than the Mayor.  He has a camera crew and editing team, while all I have is my AI skills.   Mayor Nicholson practically works 24/7 on a zillion projects at once, so why is it that people like him better?” 

Publisher’s answer: “It’s got to be the Magic Mike.” See our original story on the man behind the “Magic Mike.” CLICK HERE.

Mayor’s Weekly Updates are rare elsewhere. While investigating this nationwide, Gardner Magazine determined that Gardner MA is highly unique in its overall transparency. While all of us in the Press often complain, it is important to note that one of the reasons for Gardner’s recent spurt in successes is that Gardner is putting itself out there. Good for you, Gardner!

Balance to be Restored. The balance in the universe should be restored this week as Mayor Nicholson records another update for YouTube – City YouTube Channel, (subscription is free) and of course we’ll feature the AUDIO version of it here.  Sorry robot…  Past Mayor’s AUDIO updates for 2022, click here. City Council Meetings —- School Committee Meetings —- Special Occasions