Main Street (left) and Pleasant Street (right) in Downtown Gardner MA

Pleasant Plaza Now History and Street open again in Gardner MA

The experiment lasted less than 2 months and at least one Downtown Business owner is happy the street is open again. Parker House of Pizza posted, “We’re so excited that Pleasant Street is reopened.  Thank you Mayor and his staff for listening to all the small businesses in Downtown that have been affected from the closure of Pleasant Street.” Parker House of Pizza website, CLICK HERE.


The change happened abruptly and without notice to the public sometime between August 15 and the morning of August 16, 2022. We have reached out to Mayor Nicholson for comment.

What Changed Since Saturday?

On WGAW’s Hotline Radio on Saturday August 13, 2022, Mayor Nicholson stated, “You know we had a meeting with the Business owners this past week to just feel out their thoughts and ideas on it, see what’s working, see what’s not, So I met with my team on Friday. We’ll be meeting again on Monday, seeing how we can make improvements to the area to best help the businesses there, so I do want to thank the businesses for meeting with us too, they’re the ones who are there so it’s always good to get their perspective …” Host Steve Wendell then asked, “But the Pleasant Park will continue til at least October.” and the Mayor responded saying, “Yeah, it’ll be reevaluated every 30 days. So the original plan was October 1st., taking the feedback that we get from the businesses and we’ll see how we can keep it going.” However, less than 3 days after this interview, Pleasant Plaza disappeared without explanation.