Gardner MA Real Estate Taxes

Gardner Property Taxes: First two quarterly bills higher, second two quarterly bills lower. Mayor Nicholson explains.

Due to a slight conflict in the way the laws regarding municipal taxation are set up, Gardner property owners will get the first two quarterly real estate tax bills based both on the $18.59/thousand tax rate set by City Council AND the new higher property valuations. Therefore, the first two quarterly bills will be higher than expected (7/22 and 10/22), but as the tax rate is lowered by the City Council to adjust for the higher values (once new growth and free cash are certified around November/December), the next two quarterly bills (1/23 and 4/23) will be much lower than expected.

Tax for the year will be the correct total and residents will not pay more in total than expected. As the Mayor stated, “In the end, the amount collected is still capped at the same amount.” Mayor’s full Press Release is attached for your convenience and has an example which gives a clear explanation.. CLICK HERE