Holdin' Back Band
Holdin’ Back Band

Monument Park Concerts are held on Saturdays through the end of August. Schedule: CLICK HERE.

Holdin’ Back to play at Monument Park this Saturday July 2, 2022

Coming up this Saturday July 2, 2022 at 6pm is Holdin’ Back for a “feel good” performance to include rock ‘n’ roll, oldies, patriotic, and pop, featuring classically trained vocalist Emma Riffelmacher . Band website.   Here is the Monument Park Concert Schedule for 2022, CLICK HERE.

From the band’s website, “Holdin’ Back was created specifically as a Bandstand Band in 2013 by seasoned Worcester County Musicians Craig Smith (bass, keys) and Paul “Blakey” Blaquiere (guitar, uke, vocals) to feature “Crowd pleasing” music for all audiences.  In 2016, they were joined by vocalist Emma Riffelmacher and drummer Joe Ostrenga. “