Mark Flanagan – Owner and Mechanic of Five Star Mobile Repair

Five Star Mobile Repair is a unique new business which comes right to you to fix your car.

Call Mark’s cell at (978) 870-9590

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Five Star Mobile Repair comes to you in Greater Gardner MA

Mark Flanagan, or “Coach Mark” as the kids call him is the owner and mechanic of Five Star Mobile Repair.  Mark has been a mechanic for 27 years and has worked on a wide range of vehicles including diesel vehicles.  He knows all about budgets as he is married with six wonderful kids.  He started Five Star Mobile Repair when he noticed there was such a demand for automotive work, deciding to make it a Mobile Repair shop due to the costly price of renting/owning a garage space in today’s economy. According to Mark, this allows his pricing to be lower than taking a vehicle to a traditional garage. Mark’s hourly rate is $80.00 an hour.  Call Mark’s cell at (978) 870-9590

List of services from Five Star Mobile Repair:  Foreign and domestic cars/trucks including some diesel work , electrical issues, diagnostic ( check engine lights) brakes, tune ups, head gaskets, timing belts, timing chains, engine & transmission replacement, suspension parts, headlight restoration, stereo systems, remote starters, body panels replacement( hoods fenders ), and minor body work. 

If the repair is something Mark can’t do on site he will do at his personal garage. If a customer prefers he not do it at their house (some people don’t want to have the mess) or if he feels the job will take more than a day, they will pick up the vehicle and return the vehicle when it’s completed. If a customer needs a ride to work then they will be more than happy to provide transportation.  Five Star Mobile Repair states, “It’s a one stop auto business.  We will take care of all your auto needs. Our motto is to fix it right the first time. We are a family oriented business and we just want to serve our community with the best and most honest repair business around. We want to grow within our community. We are insured and all jobs have a full warranty. At this time for payments methods, we accept cash, PayPal and Cash App. We are in the process of being able to accept major credit cards and checks.”