Boone’s appointment in 2020

We wrote an earlier article on this subject with more information on the timeline, and facts supporting that James Boone has been showing up at Monty Tech School Committee meetings.

The article contains the complete agendas for both meetings scheduled on 4-19-22 and the packets the Councilors receive.

Earlier article, CLICK HERE

Gardner MA City Councilor Boone asks for apology from Mayor Nicholson

At a February meeting of the Gardner City Council, James Boone was almost replaced as a Representative to the Monty Tech School Committee despite having been confirmed to an additional 4 year term in 2020.    Up for two positions that night were two relatives of the Mayor, one was given the term which was actually open.   To be fair, Councilor Boone admits he never got sworn in to the new term in 2020, that’s why he was sworn in on March 1, 2022.   However, Gardner holds 2 seats on the Monty Tech School Committee and the terms have always been staggered, so Boone feels they should have known and he still feels hurt, saying he doesn’t think the Mayor should resign over it, but, “an apology would be nice.”   The Gardner School Committee and City Council will meet tonight to discuss various allegations regarding the matter and the Gardner City Council will have a regular meeting as well. We gave Mayor Nicholson an opportunity to be interviewed on this and other issues, but have not heard back.